Random Yankees Thoughts

Thomas Sowell has a bunch of Random Yankees thoughts up. I like the Yankees. They've got a great history. And no, I don't just like them because they're winning, I've been a Yankees fan since back in the 1980s. A couple samples:

During Alex Rodriguez's great season this year, he became the first player in a quarter of a century to have more than 150 runs batted in. But Lou Gehrig had more than 150 RBIs in 7 of his 14 full seasons. That's the record. Even Babe Ruth had only 6.

Gehrig was probably the greatest clutch hitter of all time. Even though more than 20 players hit more home runs during their careers, Gehrig still holds the lifetime record for the most home runs with the bases loaded.

Go read the rest, it's neat.

Jason Bourne vs. Johnny English

Sorry, this is NOT a post to discuss which James Bond is the coolest, or whether Chuck Norris could beat Jack Bauer (he could). Instead, just a quick note on a couple spy movies.

I don't see many movies. In fact, it is a rare year when I watch more than two in the entire year. It's just not that common. And it's not because I'm trying to make a political statement against Hollywood or actors (they would NOT get it). I just don't see many movies. But in the past week I saw two spy movies: The Bourne Ultimatum and Johnny English. If you're looking for a good spy movie, I'd suggest Johnny English.

Yes, I realize Bourne is making millions. And I know the actors there are using that cash to crush freedom -- and I'd be willing to bet that the irony of using capitalism and freedom to destroy freedom never dawns on those doing it.

Besides all those points, I'd suggest Johnny English simply because of the story. In the Bourne Ultimatum, pure evil is one thing, and one thing only: America. Not only is America completely and totally evil; not only is America the protagonist; but this movie is so twisted that even the HERO turns out to be utterly and totally evil America. That was very disappointing.

It was especially disappointing considering the movie had absolutely nothing to do with the book. The book was much, much better -- evil was an evil person and NOT America. In Johnny English, the protagonist is a silly Frenchman megalomaniac. I'd much rather watch a movie with an individual who is evil than a movie that completely and totally paints anyone and anything associated with America as evil. But apparently I'm rather alone in my opinion. That's sad.

Ride Amtrak?

So, isn't the train wonderful? It's so relaxing and scenic, right? I like riding the train. Did you know that Amtrak, the wonder of the train world, only survives because your tax dollars pay for it? It's a business that simply DOES NOT WORK in today's economy. But that doesn't stop government Government honestly doesn't care about supply and demand, instead, they will FORCE you to pay for Amtrak.

So at least it's good, right? Well, you might want to ask Kender about his experience with their customer service and the attitude of the permanently employed government people working for Amtrak:

[W]hen I say Amtrak Sucks I mean that Amtrak sucks in the worst way it is possible for anything to suck:
They are the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked a sucked.