Taxpayer Bill


I just don't understand why so few others feel this way. It's simply true -- but I guess as long as little Johnny gets to soccer practice on time -- and as long as government lets me keep enough to buy McDonald's, everything is just okay. Either that, or it's just too hard to fight these bastards who want you to work to give them money.

Government Taxes

Take a close look at this one. And note the nurse. This is SO accurate.


Pay Taxes or Die: Ed Brown

In breaking news, it appears the federal government is preparing to kill another citizen for failure to pay taxes. Ed Brown asked the government to show him a law, any law, that required him to pay taxes. The government refused and took him to trial. Then Mr. Brown attempted to use the fact that there's no law in his defense. The judge told him to shut up and sentenced him to jail time. Ed refused.

Since that time, Mr. Brown has remained on his own property. He has hurt no one. He is no danger to himself or anyone else. He has not, at any time, endangered any person's life. He has simply refused to comply with a government that will not answer his basic questions about the law. I've been following his story for a few months now. It appears the government is tired of his non-compliance with their rules.

Reports as of noon eastern daylight time claim that the state police have cleared the area of residents; are banning the press from flying in the area; and have denied the press access to the area at all. Various police and "armored vehicles" have headed towards Mr. Brown's house. In addition, his phone has been cut off. If you'd like to ask the US Marshall what's going on, his number is 603 225 1632. They are currently refusing to talk to reporters or anyone else.

It does appear that Mr. Brown will soon be killed for failure to pay income taxes to a government that cannot answer one simple question: "What Law?" The message from the federal government is very, very clear:

Pay taxes or die

*** Update: It seems this was just a drill for law enforcement. Details are few because the government kept reporters at bay during the operation. The government claims they were just serving a federal warrant (yeah, that usually requires dozens of agents and officers and armored vehicles) and they've now backed down. They did arrest Ed Brown's dog walker for "aiding the Browns."

I still strongly suspect Mr. and Mrs. Brown's days on this earth are seriously numbered.