Schip. Again.


Well, it's coming back again. Folks, we ARE going to have socialized medicine. It doesn't matter that it doesn't work. It doesn't matter that it will hurt and kill people, just like socialism does every single place on the planet it's ever been tried. You see, socialism works for two reasons: because it's for the "greater good" (even if it kills some people, others will be better off) and because, at least in America, there's many good people.

You see, there's a lot of people in America still left that just won't give up. There's a lot of people who still see the value in hard work, so they're going to work hard, no matter what. There's people who, even if the income tax rises to 75%, are still going to work hard. Of course, that number continues to shrink as more people find out that if they don't work, government will provide, well, everything for them.

But there's still that mass of people who just ignore government, ignore politics, and continue working. There's the mass that doesn't realize that 20-50% of their earnings are being taken from them -- they just don't care because they're going to work hard. As long as there is this mass, socialism and socialist medicine will continue to expand, and will continue to work in America.

Of course, once more students from public schools graduate -- who have not been taught that hard work is good -- and more people retire and simply give up -- it will be harder to sustain the socialist system. The next generation is in serious trouble -- but no one cares about them. And after all, socialized medicine will "help" some people.

So socialism continues. Socialist medicine (SCHIP) will be implemented. And good people will continue to work hard -- at least as long as they can. And freedom will continue to decline until it just simply doesn't exist -- but you won't know, because you'll be working too hard.

Raven has more gory details.

Boxer Politicizes Fire



The nations largest pro-troop organization, Move America Forward (website: is speaking out to condemn Senator Barbara Boxer for politicizing the southern California fires.

Earlier on Tuesday in comments on Capitol Hill, Boxer attacked the mission in Iraq, laying blame on Americas effort to destroy terrorism with the deployment of U.S. troops in Iraq for hindering fire-fighting efforts in California.

Shame on Barbara Boxer for trying to take a political shot at the missions and abilities of our troops during a time of crisis in San Diego, said Howard Kaloogian, San Diego County resident and founder of Move America Forward.

Former State Assemblyman Howard Kaloogian was part of thousands of people evacuated from their homes in San Diego County on Monday. Kaloogian lives in San Elijo Hills. Move America Forwards Vice Chairman, Lt. Colonel Buzz Patterson (USAF, Ret.) has prepared his family for evacuation in Simi Valley, CA, as the Malibu fire is threatening to come over the mountain into populated parts of Ventura County. The family of Move America Forward Grassroots coordinator, Joe Wierzbicki, was forced to evacuate from their homes in Fallbrook to the ocean after flames approached.

Now is a time for people to come together to help one another during this awful natural disaster. Thousands of Californians have lost their homes, or may lose them in the next 24 hours, and the focus should be on how to help these people, not play petty and pathetic political games, said Colonel Patterson, Move America Forward Vice Chairman.

Patterson also pointed out that if, Senator Boxer was so concerned about insufficient military equipment, she should stop voting against military appropriations.

Besides being shameless, Senator Boxers comments are also inaccurate. As Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense Paul McHale declared today:

"I can tell you unequivocally that the ongoing war-fighting activities ... have had no negative effect at all (on) our ability to provide sufficient forces to assist civilian authorities in fighting the wildfires.... There is no manpower shortage, McHale has publicly stated.

Smoke: For the Children

We simply HAVE to save the children. Even if you have to die to do it.


Anti-War Democrats

I wonder, since the news media claims that over 60% of the United States is anti-war, now that the Democrat presidential candidates (with just one exception) are all anti-war, whom shall they vote for?


Mom: Hate Speech

The drive against freedom continues. Now if I use the word "Mom" in the wrong place and the wrong time, I might be jailed. I really think that Lex Luthor had the right idea. Someone needs to mine the San Andreas fault and get California away from a country that wants freedom -- because they despite it there.

If you have children in California, you are doing them a disservice. If you want to raise them with your morals and values, you will not be allowed to. Yes, I realize there are many who have insane morals and values in CA, but most of them don't procreate. I strongly suggest if you care about your children and want them to see freedom, that you move to New Hampshire. That seriously looks like the ONLY hope for freedom left on this planet.

A family is meant to be two parents of different sexes. No, it really doesn't matter what you think. That's a family, even if you don't like it. Men and women are different (again, if you don't like it). They were created with different purposes, values, and abilities. Study after study shows that children ARE better when raised by two parents: a MOTHER and a FATHER. ANYTHING else is just plain wrong.

Now I realize that there are single-parents that are raising children. And sometimes it's because something happened that was out of that parent's control. That's a completely different situation -- but it's still NOT a good situation.

Now California wants to completely and totally disrupt any semblance of order remaining in society. That's fine, if they'd keep it to themselves. Unfortunately, they won't. I'm sure the middle school boys are happy -- because now they are allowed to use either the boys' locker room or the girls' locker room. Gee, I wonder if there will be any increase in sexual activity?

Once again, this is about making some people "more equal" or more protected than other people. This is a very clear government action that shows that certain people and activities are preferred by government -- and in this case, it's the abnormal that government is supporting at the expense of the family.

Do you realize that a science textbook that says that people are born male or female is now banned in CA? Let's see the anti-religious science people get upset about CA refusing to allow facts in textbooks this time. Oh, right, this advances the liberal agenda, so it's perfectly okay to destroy science if it's in the worship of liberalism.

Ironically, this law also supposedly increases punishments (and definitions) for harassment. Gee, do you think that by allowing boys into the girls locker room that there might be more harassment?

The law also removes any state funding for any religious organization that might help people -- unless the religion is anything but Christian. The state will continue giving money to their approved religions, but not to other religions. Sure, go ahead, try and convince me this law has even one speck that's Constitutional (I know we don't use that document any more, but in theory we do).

What a puss-filled cesspool the state of California really has become.

Democrats & Cigarette Taxes

Apparently, to Democrats and those who support them, once you say "For The Children," nothing else matters. ANYTHING is perfectly okay, if you claim it's "For The Children." Heck, North Carolina (and many other states) support state-sponsored, monopolized gambling "For The Children." Now, national Democrats are supporting smoking For The Children.


Soon, if national Democrats have their way, you can go to the C-Store and buy some cigarettes. If you're thinking they're expensive, you can think to yourself, "Well, at least it's helping the children." Perhaps we can work out the numbers soon to determine exactly how many children you'll be helping with each purchase. Maybe the Democrats can put out promotional signs: "Each 10 cartons you buy is one medical visit for a poor child of a parent who earns only $75,000 a year."

And to continue with the utter and total disconnect from reality, the Democrats continue to claim that if they massively increase a tax on something, then people will buy less of it -- which helps their program earn money because their new program will get money from the sales of the item that will be decreasing because it's a bad item that people shouldn't buy in the first place but when they do, it will be For The Children.

Democrats -- is there anything they won't lie about to get more cash of working people to spend themselves?

Patreaus Truth


Democrats, BDS, and Iraq

Why does the last few months of Democrats talking feel like an Abbot and Costello skit?

Bush: We need to finish this war.

Democrats: We vote to go to war.

Bush: Excellent, let's kill those who want to kill us.

Democrats: No war! Withdraw the troops!

Bush: What?

Democrats: War is bad. No war! Withdraw the troops!

Bush: But you just voted to go to war.

Democrats: That's before we knew you wanted to go to war. Withdraw the troops!

Bush: But...

Democrats: Withdraw, withdraw, withdraw!

Bush: Okay, fine. Let's withdraw the troops.

Democrats: No wait, withdrawing the troops isn't what we want.

Bush: But you just said...

Democrats: No withdrawl! No withdrawl! No war!

Bush: Do you even listen to yourselves?

Is this What you voted for?

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Patreaus Report Reaction

Very, very sad -- but incredibly true:


Democrats on Morals

Wow. How true is this one?


DNC on Craig


Indeed. As Cao points out, it's quite interesting. We have a two-party system. One party claims to have morals, while the other does not. So those who are in the morals party are held to high standards, while the those who are in the other party are held to no standards. So if you have morals and standards, if you'll only support those who are in the morals party who actually have morals, you're not left with very many people to support, are you?


I think this one is one that William Teach will quite enjoy:


And while it may not be actually true, it certainly seems that way.

Dodd's Jobs

Oh, we just HAVE to vote for this guy. Seriously. Chris Dodd, running for the Democrat nomination for president, has real solutions.

There's about 7 million unemployed in the US. According to Mr. Dodd, if we surrender in Iraq, he, personally, will create 480,000 jobs a month. So, if we elect Mr. Dodd, in just over a year, the US Unemployment rate will drop to absolutely zero.

Government. Is there anything they can't do (to you)?

Laser Printers are Deadly!

Stop printing or you will die!!!

That's the message from Lidia Morawska, PhD, director of the International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, and colleagues. They have done some testing and determined that some printers -- and they cannot identify which ones -- emitted high levels of particles.

To show that Ms. Morawska is completely biased, she declared:

There should be regulations

In other words, she wants more, bigger government to protect people from themselves. A person interested in freedom would have declared, "Here is the information and the risk. Now people are smart enough to decide if they want to take risks or not." But not Ms. Morawska. She demands that government quickly start passing new regulations. I wonder if she'd prefer a new government department of "printer emission regulation." Of course they'd need hundreds of employees, all paid a "living wage" of at least $50,000 per year. And they'd need enforcement agents with arrest powers.

Oh, how I yearn for freedom.

Give Up Surge

Now I'm no big fan of the war in Iraq, but I like baseball, so this cartoon really got me--


Democrat Plans

Did anyone else notice this sign in the office of Harry Reid? It sure appears accurate based on the results Democrats (who are in the majority) are getting in the Senate these days...