BoyCott The 2008 Olympics

Well, it's time to see if America has any guts left at all. If they did, America would immediately boycott the 2008 Olympics in China. Why? Because China has banned Bibles. That's right, a simple religious BOOK has been banned on the premises of the Olympics in China.

America, if it were still a world power with morals, would immediately protest the religious crack down. America would stand up and say, "We will not participate with a country that refuses to allow ANY freedom of religion." America would lead the world and tell China, "If you want to ban religious books, you have your games without us, because we will not participate and support that action."

I'm not holding my breath.

Instead, I bet a couple people will say, "Gee, China shouldn't do that." Then all the athletes and corporations and corporate sponsors will join up and go for the green -- the cash from the games. That just goes to show where morals are in the world today -- absolutely nowhere.

I wonder if any individual athletes will have the courage to tell China where they can stick their religious intolerance. I sure hope so.

Update (Thanks to HoosierArmyMom): Contact information for the US Olympic Committee:
U.S. Olympic Training Center - Colorado Springs
National Headquarters
1 Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Tel: 719.632.5551

More info here.

Please do let me know if you contact them, and if you get a response from them. I'd like to keep up with that sort of information.

Philadelphia Demands Man-Boy Anal Sex

The City of Philadelphia has come out with open opposition to NOT having man-boy anal sex in public buildings. They have voted to kick out an organization that doesn't openly support man-boy anal sex from all public buildings. I guess the "City of Brotherly Love" takes it's motto seriously. They claim it's "discrimination" to openly say that man-boy anal sex is wrong.

I was once asked by someone if I discriminated. I said that I discriminated all the time -- against actions. For example, I discriminate against rapists. I discriminate against those who murder innocent people. And yes, I discriminate against any male who wants to have anal sex with a boy. But according to the City of Philadelphia, that makes me "abhorrent" and "at opposition with the city's principles." I'm glad to be on the right side of this one; but I'm amazed that the City of Philadelphia can openly support man-boy anal sex in public buildings.

Supreme Court Decision

I know some people have gone absolutely bananas over the recent decision of the supreme court allowing a legislature to make it illegal to chop open the heads of little babies. I know some people honestly believe they have a right to suck the brains out of innocent babies because they want to. But I think this cartoon really says it all regarding that decision.


Standing Up

Indeed, it is good to see when people stand up for what is right. Apparently people have been reading Ogre and are now trying to stand up and be heard. Two news articles today that show all is not completely lost.

First up is California Representative Duncan Hunter. This week he has called for Senator Harry Reid (Surrender Party, France NV) to step down as majority leader of the Senate. How about these words:

Even if you sincerely believe it to be true, your pronouncement of failure will undoubtedly be used by terrorist leaders to rally their followers — inevitably leading to increased attacks on U.S. and coalition forces.

Some might claim that this is just politics because Hunter is running for president. While that may be part of the reason for this, it still takes real guts to stand up and say what's right. There is no question that what Reid is doing IS providing aid and comfort to the enemy. And Reid knows it, but he doesn't care. Reid is with the rest of the Democrats -- against Bush at ANY cost.

Good job, Mr. Hunter, to stand up as an elected official and tell it like it is.

Next up is St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke. He resigned his position on a charity board because the charity openly supported abortion -- and that was at odds with his faith. In what was a difficult position, Mr. Burke was faced with supporting children through the charity -- and supporting abortion; or standing up for his principles against killing the unborn -- and not getting the charity money to the children. He said:

A Catholic institution featuring a performer who promotes moral evil gives the impression that the church is somehow inconsistent in its teaching

Absolutely outstanding. We need many, many more who claim to be religious, who will stand up for their beliefs -- no matter the cost. Other board members and the charity itself -- including Bob Costas, Sheryl Crow, and Event organizer Allen Allred all remained steadfast in their support for abortion.

Good job, Mr. Burke. People, STAND UP for what you believe. Suffer the consequences, but do it with a clear conscience.

AZ Rapist

So, if you live in Chander, AZ, and you're aware that a serial rapist is loose in the area, what do you do? You may sit back and call the police after he has struck your daughter and hope they use the "evidence" gathered to catch and convict him; feeling safe in the thoughts that he will be put in jail; provided with free health care for life; provided with better exercise equipment than you can afford; excellent library services; free food; and, of course, all the cable TV channels.

Or you can provide actual justice yourself. If I lived there, I'd be wondering how many shotgun slugs it actually takes to disintegrate bone.

Sure, I read the report. I realize that the rapist waits until the parents of 12-14 year old girls aren't home, then he attacks. If, for some reason, I were to leave my 12-14 year old girl home alone; I'd be sure she was well-trained in how to fire the shotgun herself. What? Arming a child? Am I insane? Once again, I draw your attention to the first paragraph of this post.

Oh, and if you choose that option, you will have to deal with the loss of innocence and the "post-traumatic stress syndrome" and all the other mental and emotional problems this monster caused -- all while he sits in jail, watching the live Diamondbacks game.

There is evil in this world. The only logical response to true evil is to destroy it.

A Nation of Wimps

Just look around, and you can see -- we're nothing but a nation of wimps. Where are the real men like John Wayne and Ronald Reagan? Where are the men with the guts to stand up and declare right from wrong, no matter the cost? I mean, of course, besides Chuck Norris. Just look around and you can see what the feminization of men has wrought:

Joe Francis, of Girls Gone Wild fame, cried for 45 minutes before a judge. He cried as he apologized for calling the judge a name. Now there's nothing wrong with apologizing, but crying for 45 minutes? Sorry Joe, you're a complete and total wimp. Someone check his pants, because I think there's something missing there.

After the VT murder-spree, I was interested in the victims. I was tired of hearing about the evil murderer, I wanted to hear about the victims. So I checked out the MySpace pages and the like. The very first one I came to had a woman crying to a male victim: "I'm sorry you never got to cry on my shoulder." What the heck is that all about? Women, if there's men crying on your shoulder, they've got serious issues. And men, if you're thinking about crying on a woman's shoulder, you have serious, serious issues and honestly do not know how to be a man.

We've got the National Democrat party doing all they can to get the US to hand Iraq over to terrorists, despite Iraq's own leadership asking for help. We've got John Edwards, presidential candidate, getting $400 haircuts and claiming that getting those haircuts is the "American Dream."

We need more people like Chuck Norris and fewer like Dennis Kucinich. We need more who still stand up to evil like Liviu Librescu and a lot fewer like John McCain.

As Bonne Tyler said:

Where have all the good men gone
And where are all the gods?
Where's the street-wise Hercules
To fight the rising odds?

Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed?

I need a hero.

America need a real hero.

Apology: Only Step 1

The North Carolina Legislature, in true liberal stupid form, recently apologized for something that none of them did; to people who had nothing done to them. Yes, it was the stupid liberal trend sweeping the nation: apologizing for slavery -- even though NONE of the current legislators owned slaves, and there's no living people in the state who ever were actually slaves. But style is always more important than substance in the liberal world.

Oh, but that's not good enough. The racist blacks (again, these are the racist bastards who continue to judge and see people ONLY by the color of their skin), like Senator Malcolm Graham, wants MORE racism. He wants to judge MORE people by the color of their skin. He wants to PUNISH people who have a certain skin color and reward some with a different skin color -- oh, and he wants the government, with their monopoly on force and utterly unlimited funds via taxation, to do it.

He and other racists like Representative Earline Parmon DEMAND piles of free cash be taken from white people and given to black people. How in the hell can anyone NOT call these bastards racists? SENATOR MALCOLM GRAHAM IS A RACIST. REPRESENTATIVE EARLINE PARMON IS A RACIST. And of course, they're both registered Democrats.

They want free cash to be taken by force from white people and given to black people at "historically black" colleges. They want the government to use their guns to take money from people with white skin and spend it on government contracts awarded by skin color instead of ability to actually do a job. They want to steal money that white people work for to build a new city for blacks where the 1898 race riots happened in Wilmington (NOTE: Those race riots were WHITE DEMOCRATS who attacked and killed BLACK REPUBLICANS).

These people are nothing more than slimy racists. And yes, I'll call them that to their face, because they're trying to destroy this once-great country by using government to punish people SOLELY based on the color of their skin. That's plain wrong, even if you are a Democrat.

Best Buy Lawsuit Lottery

Welcome again to Lawsuit Lottery. This week it's another lottery entrant who wants to make millions off someone who didn't do anything to them. Enter our first contestants, Sarah Vasquez and her mother Natalie Fornaciari.

Sarah and Natalie want Best Buy to give them some money. Why? Because Best Buy is a big, evil corporation and they have more money than Sarah and Natalie. So they want to punish Best Buy for working and earning money and they want to force Best Buy to share cash with them.

So, what did Best Buy DO to Sarah and Natalie? Absolutely nothing. That's correct, not a single, solitary thing.

However, Sarah and Natalie claim that a person, one Hao Kuo Chi, did enter their home (with permission from Sarah and Natalie) and proceed to record Sarah in the shower. Oh, and they didn't give permission for him to do that. For those who are a little slow on the uptake, Best Buy did not order Hao Kuo Chi to record Sarah in the shower.

So, do Sarah and Natalie go after the person who actually did something wrong, Hao Kou Chi? Well gee, Hao's only 26 and doesn't likely have a lot of money, so they don't want to sue him. Heck, I bet there's not a slimy, bottom-feeder lawyer who would sue Hao because they wouldn't make enough money from him. So instead Sarah and Natalie (and their slimeball servant, Gloria Allred) have decided to sue Best Buy for "compensatory and punitive damages for alleged fraud, negligent misrepresentation and hiring, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress."

What a pile of you-know-what. If there were justice in this country, Gloria Allred would be fined tens of thousands of dollars and Sarah and Natalie would also be personally fined for wasting the court's time and my tax money.

I'm not saying Sarah and Natalie weren't victims and that there was nothing wrong here -- I'm just saying that Sarah and Natalie are nothing but greedy, money-driven bastards for attacking a company who did absolutely nothing wrong except attempt to help Sarah and Natalie. I hope companies in Pomono, CA learn from this and refuse to do business with these two again. I know I would.

Imus and the Nappy Head

I've been reading a lot about this issue in the news and on a number of blogs. I haven't seen my point of view, so I think it's time I weigh in.

Every single one of you, from Obama and Clinton on down to bloggers; that has said that Imus is racist because he said "nappy-headed" is a damn racist. I'm so sick of people trying to divide this country. When you say, "Gee, what Imus said is a racist thing," you're judging him by his skin color. That's racist.

I don't see anyone calling out Big V and Ron Clutch for singing, "Hey, its Nappy Roots Day!/we are on a holiday." What about Skinny Deville singing "I am gonna keep it Nappy 365 and 7 days a week?" Go ahead, condemn Wyclef for "Yo, hey nappy head." Someone demand Lauryn Hill apologize for "I got a head full of problems and a hand full of nappy roots." I could go on for a long time here.

But hey, there's Linda Jones who DARED to publish a book and a web site called "A Nappy Hair Affair!" How in the hell is that not "offensive?" And don't forget Carolivia Herron who wrote a book called "Nappy Hair!" If you think Imus was offensive to blacks, then most certainly so was Caroliva Herron! Then there's Rosario & Erica who have a salon (and are offering franchises) called "Oh! My Nappy Hair!" That's GOT to be offensive and derogatory, right?

Sorry, miserable, racists -- every single person who claims that Imus was racist and all those people listed above are not. Why? Because all those people listed above happen to have a darker color skin. Therefore, if Imus cannot say this word and all those others can, you ARE applying your judgement based solely on skin color -- and that makes you a damn racist. And yes, despite their claims to the opposite, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharton ARE racists -- they view people and their actions ONLY by the color of their skin.

Martin Luther King, Jr. would be embarrassed to be associated with such blatant racists.

So, if you want to condemn Imus for saying that word, be sure you condemn EVERYONE who says that word, regardless of the color of their skin. Otherwise, you are being a racist, too.

If, on the other hand, you are condeming Imus because of the "ho" part of his statement, that's a perfectly legitimate claim which has nothing to do with skin color. I imagine those that are offended by the use of the word "ho" are offended no matter who uses it.