Global Warming Heat Wave

And for all you folks suffering through global warming in upstate and western New York, here's the snow miser:


Kyoto Treaty is Dead

Supporters of the Kyoto treaty, give up. When NPR runs a segment that shows that Kyoto is as dumb as everyone else knows it is, it's time to give it up.

The Ugly American has a post with all the details. It seems that scientists just now discovered that plants produce methane. And one of the requirements of the Kyoto treaty is to reduce your country's methane levels.

So, loony environmentalists, in order to effectively comply with Kyoto, each country needs to raze their leafy plants and trees. Nice.


I didn't think so.


bucket.jpgThis evening, I'm going to Kentucky Fried Chicken to buy a big bucket of chicken. I don't usually get chicken from KFC -- in the south, Bojangles usually does much better. But all the morons bringing KFC to my attention has just made me hungry. I suggest you help KFC and go buy a bucket today.

Maybe we should have a blogospheric-wide "Buy a KFC Bucket" day...

Factually Challenged Journalists

In case you're wondering what point of view is being taught in places of "higher learning," things like this pass as factual information:

There is no question that the world is warming at an unprecedented rate, due largely to the burning of fossil fuels.

Actually, Kim Curtis, that idea is quite in question. There is little data and a large number of scientists that do question the idea that fossil fuels are responsible for global warming, and a large number that question that global warming is even occurring.

But, Ms. Curtis teaches political science at Duke University. Keep that in mind next time you hear from a candidate who attended Duke with a poly sci major -- they're being taught that ideas are facts. Who knows what other agenda-driven political lies are being passed off as facts?