Great Olympic News!

Yesterday I posted about the 2008 Olympics in Communist China. The news reports were that Bibles were going to be banned for athletes in the Olympics. Lindsey Graham from South Carolina reportedly asked the Chinese ambassador to the US about the ban and didn't get any answers.

Well, I wrote the US Olympic committee, and I'm happy to say I got a very quick response:

We have received confirmation from both the International Olympic Committee and the Beijing Organizing Committee that Bible and other religious materials will be permitted in the Athletes Village for personal use.

The news reports that the Beijing Organizing Committee was considering a prohibition were completely incorrect and stemmed from a miscommunication between a journalist form Italy and a representative of the organizing committee.

In addition, there will be an area in the Athletes village where athletes, coaches and officials can worship - as is always the case at the Olympic Games.

Excellent news! This is great especially because I really like the Olympics. Well, again, I like amateur athletes and don't care much for sports where professionals play one bit. And I do like the winter games a little better than the summer games. But still, this year I think I'm going to support the amateur athletes by joining The Sixth Ring -- which is a group of people financially supporting athletes training for the 2008 Olympics. Now I just need a new Olympic hat...