NC Rejects Home Tax

By an overwhelming margin, citizens in 16 counties resoundingly defeated a real estate transfer tax on Tuesday night. The proposed transfer tax, also known statewide as the home tax, would have resulted in property owners being forced to pay an additional tax just for the privilege of selling their home or property.

The taxpayers of North Carolina spoke loud and clear across the state Tuesday, said Tim Kent, executive vice president of the N.C. Association of REALTORS. As we have stated all along, the transfer tax would have been grossly unfair, singling out one group of people those selling their homes to pay for infrastructure, programs and services that benefit everyone.

Citizen groups in the 16 counties initiated grassroots efforts to inform their friends and neighbors about the negative implications of a transfer tax.

The more than 44,000 realtors in North Carolina care deeply about the communities in which they live, Kent said. They are keenly aware that our local governments have real needs, and they will continue to work with local officials to find the best solutions for these needs. But they, like those who voted Tuesday, realize the transfer tax is not the answer.

The legislature during the 2007 session voted to give counties the option to place the transfer tax issue on the ballot. Only 16 of North Carolinas 100 counties chose to put a referendum on the November 6 ballot.
We hope the large margin by which these measures were defeated will send a strong message to other counties considering a transfer tax referendum for the future, Kent said. The bottom line the home tax is a bad idea.

As Jim Puckett of Charlotte points out -- the Real Estate industry spent a lot of money supporting trains in Charlotte. Now they've got to be paid for, so when the real estate industry shows up to oppose these sorts of taxes, they're just claiming that they want something, but THEY don't want to pay for it!

Charlotte Communism Continues

"Election" results in Charlotte continue the communist trend. Go ahead, claim we're free and Democratic, but you're just fooling yourself. Also note I said election "results" not the people voting. As usual in Mecklenburg, there were very late return from some precincts and various people are questioning the results. One very odd result is that over 48,000 people signed a petition to put the sales tax repeal on the ballot, but less than 35,000 votes appeared for the repeal.

So what are the real results of the election? Well, nothing. The transit tax increase passed, so the city will build a train. Well, they were going to build the train whether the tax increase passed or not. While the tax increase was claimed to be for the train, it raised $70 million last year -- most of which was spent on buses. Oh, and the train will cost over a billion dollars -- very little of which will be paid for with the tax. Say hello to property tax increases, anyway.

Results also showed the exact same politicians holding their seats. Three communists who believe the only government that is good is one that spends MORE "retained" their seats (as if there were ever any doubt).

Election results also handed the city and county another $600+ million in "bonds." Hello, property tax increase, again. But you see, you're too stupid to understand that only government knows how to spend money, so you should just shut up and let government tell you how much money you should have.

Again, seriously, this will continue communism in Charlotte. What is communism? It's a system of government where the few control all means of production and every aspect of people's lives. That's what Charlotte is doing. Charlotte, with their "transit plan," is deciding exactly which type of business will exist and where it will exist. You absolutely cannot for a business that disagrees with government. They also will determine exactly which type of housing will be built where. No, there are NO property rights in Charlotte. Instead, they will built soviet-style apartment buildings because THEY want them, not because people want them.

The other part of communism is the election process -- it is closely controlled by government, and if you're not a member of The Party (Republicrats), then you have no power. You get no government contracts. You cannot participate in public debate -- gee, just like Charlotte.

Another aspect of communism is the state threats of force. In order for the government to retain power in such a system, they have to effectively threaten the people. Know why a lot of people voted the way they did? "I was afraid they would raise my property tax if I voted against it [sales tax increase]."

And it will fail, just like communism fails everywhere else. Gee, I wonder what it would be like to live in a free state.

Why Government Stinks

Wow. I just happened upon a news report for a small town school board race. Voters had to pick one of the following candidates. Using their own words, translated from newspeak, here are your choices:

Candidate #1: Incumbent. Has been board member for 8 years. Was a teacher in the education system for 25 years. Goals: raise test scores, no matter whether kids actually learn anything. Use racist hiring practices to discriminate against people based on the color of their skin. Find more cash to spend on "education." Stop people from having the freedom to build houses on their own land.

Candidate #2: Incumbent. Board member for 10 years. Be nicer to teachers. Spend more taxpayer money on teachers. Spend more "corporate" money on teachers. Will make decisions for everyone else based on what he, personally, wants for his child, no matter what anyone else actually needs.

Candidate #3: College professor since 1982. Wants to shake down private companies and force them to "donate" land to schools. Wants to shake down private companies for "donations" for schools. Also wants to base hiring decisions on the color of someone's skin, rather than on their actual qualifications.

Candidate #4: Clerical assistant at the school. Wants to reduce class sizes even though it does absolutely nothing to increase learning. Wants to increase test scores, no matter the cost or actual learning. Wants to base more decisions on which kids go to school based on their skin color. Wants to "prevent" teachers from leaving the school.

Candidate #5: Former Assistant superintendent. Wants to spend more money on teachers. Wants to spend more on technology, no matter what people need. Wants to force corporations to "give" money to education. Wants to maximize spending opportunities.

Holy crap, what choices, eh? Remember -- the government education system, as can be very clearly seen here by school board candidates -- is about SPENDING MONEY. It has NOTHING to do with educating children, learning, or anything else. They just want more money so they can spend it.

Think I could win this one?

Candidate #6 (Ogre): Thinks the government-run monopoly on education is crap. Will vote against spending any more money for anything related to education. Will not discriminate based on skin color.

Yeah, me neither.

Oh, how I yearn for freedom.

Election Day in Mecklenburg

Well today is the big day in Mecklenburg County. The people are supposedly voting to decide whether to raise taxes in order to pay for a train set. Of course, in reality, they're not -- because the uptown boys' club IS building a train, no matter what any of the scum peons voters want. If you don't give them the money in the form of sales taxes, they'll just raise some other taxes. And of course, the campaign to raise taxes has been HUGE -- paid for by corporate interests and yes, giant contributions from taxpayers. Yes, taxpayer money was used in large amounts to fund the campaign to support higher taxes. But well, that's the way government works today, whether you like it or not.

Just a few examples:

With the willing assistance of the Charlotte Observer, they have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, including an out of state PR firm in an attempt to overwhelm the voter with an avalanche of television, billboards and mailings filled with misleading information.

DECEIT: By calling itself a Grassroots campaign, they were mired in deceit from the beginning. A look at their contributors shows that over 90 percent of their funds come from two sources: (1) large uptown corporations, developers, builders etc who stand to gain from the expenditure of billions of tax dollars----for example Bank of America gave $60,000, Wachovia $60,000 and Duke Energy $50,000 and (2) companies who are in business to plan, engineer and build mass transit lines, including companies who have sold these services or equipment to CATS---- for example Siemens builds light rail cars that are being used on the South Line. Siemens contributed $50,000, which at best shows a conflict of interest and comes close to being a bribe. In order to appear grassroots, the employees of many of these large contributors were solicited for small contributions---another example of deceit. Several employees of uptown law firms who do business with city/county government or these same big corporate givers, gave small amountsl


1. This against repeal campaign was involved in a conspiracy involving the head of Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, the president of the University, officials of the Universitys transit department and executive in residence, Dennis Rash risking besmirching the good name of UNC-Charlotte.
2. Several instances where government employees risked breaking the law in an effort to aid this campaign. For example, members of the hired PR firm met with employees of County Department of Social Services, most likely an illegal activity, which resulted in threats to senior citizens that repeal of the tax would mean reduction of their much needed bus service.
3. The Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority made an illegal contribution of $5,000 to this corrupt campaign. The money was returned after the CRVA was confronted and the city attorney ruled the contribution to be illegal.

THREATS: This campaign verbally or through written material has threatened reduction in bus service to the handicapped, the aged and the Black communities. A Westside community gathering was told that repeal of the tax would mean reduction in bus service to folks who work uptown, especially those who work uptown at night. Bus drivers were told that many might lose their jobs. Taxpayers throughout the city and county have been threatened with property tax increases. They say that economic development will be threatened.


1. Cost of the South Line: This campaign tells the voters that the cost is about $462 million dollars, but this figure does not include $73.2 million which came from budgets outside the transit budget. At least

$50 million came from 2002 and 2004 bonds that you, the voter, approved for infrastructure throughout the city.

2. Their advertising states that repeal of the tax will mean worsening of congestion and air quality, which is simply not true.

3. Their advertising misleads by implying that light rail will relieve congestion----also not true.

4. This corrupt campaign has labeled those of us in favor of repeal, as being opposed to public transportation-----absolutely not true.

5. This campaign attributes all the development in the South End to the light rail/trolley line. This of course is absurd.

tAll the above are just a few of the many examples of the willingness of the against repeal committee to deceive the public in their desperation to continue this mammoth waste on light rail. Our mayor and his political friends are sold out to powerful uptown crowd that contributes to their campaigns-----a crowd that will benefit from continued light rail spending. Light rail is not about a solution to transportation problems. It is all about land development and lining the pockets of those involved in this development.

Border Movie Today

Dear Immigration Activists:

I would like to invite each of you to view two screenings of the movie "Border" here in NC that our organization ALIPAC is bringing to the state. We need as many lawmakers, citizen activists, and members of the media to attend as possible.

Many of you may have heard about this movie on CNN, Fox, and CBS or in the New York Times.

This film will be of interest to people that favor enforcement and those that favor amnesty.

The two showing are also being supported by Bill Lumaye of WPTF radio's Bill Lumaye Show and by Jeff Katz of WBT Radio in Charlotte, NC.

You can view a trailer for the film and order advance tickets online at

I will be speaking briefly at these showings and the film's creator, Chris Burgard, is coming to NC on his national tour with the film and will be glad to answer questions after each showing.

These show times are for 6:30pm EST, but an 8:30 showing will be added if the first sells out. That is why advance tickets are important.

This movie shows you what is really happening at the border in graphic detail. This movie shows you what North Carolina will be dealing with soon. People are planning to come from across the state and from SC and VA to see this film here with us.

Hope to see you there.

William Gheen
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

NC Raw Milk

This story is for those people who think the people of North Carolina have any freedom at all. It's just beyond comprehension to someone who wants a country that is based on freedom. Apparently, at least in North Carolina, if someone milks a cow, you're not allow to buy that milk from them. Yes, the North Carolina government actually had discussions about your right to buy milk from someone. Wow.

But to show even more insanity, did you know there are "Raw milk activists?" Holy crap. I just seriously cannot imagine what planet these Democrats live on. They actually believe it is dangerous and that it's their job to STOP people from buying milk from a cow. I'm speechless. Just holy crap.

Even worse, there's actually an underground economy for milk! Seriously, if you want to buy raw milk, you have to act like a drug dealer and make secret deals in the night! How incredibly insane is this?

Un-freakin-believable. I wonder how soon before they make it illegal to even DRINK milk in North Carolina. Go ahead, try and convince me you have any freedom in this state. Give it a shot.

NC Biotechnology

Great news! The North Carolina Biotechnology Center is expanding! Hooray. So what is this center? It's called "a private, non-profit corporation." Of course in today's newspeak, what that really means is that it's a government front group. Seriously.

Here's how it works: the Democrats in the North Carolina Legislature create a "corporation." They register it as "non-profit." They make it "private." Then they appoint their friends (or even themselves) on the board that runs the corporation. Since it's "private," no one is allowed to see the records of the "corporation." Then they pass laws providing the funding for the "private non-profit corporation." And yes, they often draw personal salaries from these "corporations."

So in North Carolina, when you see "private, non-profit corporation" what that really means is "a company that the Democrats in the Legislature use to launder taxpayer cash to their personal pocketbooks." And again, since they're private, no one is allowed to see their records. And since they're "non-profit," they can just exist to pay out cash to their board of directors.

If I did anything like that, I'd be arrested. But this is the Democrat Legislature of North Carolina, and they answer to no one. Just keep paying your taxes, these legislators just need more money to spend on themselves.

Halloween & Charlotte Cemetaries

Mayor Pat McCrory

Office of the Mayor
600 E. Fourth Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

Re: Urgent Matters of Elmwood and Pinewood Cemetery.

October 30, 2007

Dear Mayor Pat McCrory:

We agree with your statements on crime and not tolerating it. We hope the same does apply towards Elmwood and Pinewood Cemetery. We have express our concerns about the welfare of Elmwood and Pinewood Cemetery for several years now.

Since tomorrow night is Halloween hope you will have the police department keep a special eye on both cemeteries. For the past several years the cemeteries have had various occurrences of vandalism that has occurred. We do not need any more vandalism in Elmwood and Pinewood Cemetery. It sickness us find these headstones broken on purpose. This type of criminal activity is horrible an outrage to the families and citizens of Charlotte.

The vandalism has consisted of statues on burial plots broken, some beheaded, various headstones broken, and some bashed into pieces. Even monuments have had pieces chipped, which have lead to further cracking. Elmwood and Pinewood Cemetery has been the victim of vandalism for too long.

We are concerned regarding the lack of responsibility we have encountered in the past. The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department hasn'tt followed up on reports filed. A police officer only has contacted us once and left a message. We have tried to contact him back, several times and have not heard from him. There havent been any arrests in regards to the vandalism. The aloof behavior is why people do not take the time to become more involved. This has not been an uncommon behavior by police or city officials.

The Homeless has become bigger problem in Elmwood and Pinewood Cemetery.

We came across several locations where the homeless are staying. Several homeless individuals are using Mausoleum, as shelter. Saw several homeless individuals near the Norfolk track line. On the east side of Elmwood by the old office, two individuals are camping there. There is a large amount of garbage all around the buildings too.

Our cemeteries have been allowed to become a haven for the homeless, assaults at times and gang activity. City officials have not taken a more productive stand help protect and maintain Elmwood and Pinewood Cemetery. We trust that this will change, so Elmwood and Pinewood Cemetery will become a safe haven.

Vandalism is bad enough in Elmwood and Pinewood Cemetery, yet we have to worry about damages done by lawn mowers too. The Lawn Company uses mowers that are too big and set very low for the terrain of the cemetery. This causes scraping, chipping, breaking, and toppling of the headstones and damage occurs. Many of these headstones are works of art the quality, and
workmanship, cannot be replaced. We (the families) cannot stress that enough! Many of the older headstones come from artisans who hand carved these stones; they cannot be replaced with inferior copies. Once they are gone, they are gone, and shame on those who allowed this!

It is nice to see areas that had new trash bins, but it seems that trash bins are not dumped enough. This why a rodent problem has started in the cemeteries and it seems the rats come from the sewers. I know that cities do have these types of problems. However, this particular problem has been brought up in the past to various city officials.

When our city is not providing safety or maintaining up keep, for Elmwood and Pinewood Cemetery. Then city is in violation of North Carolina State Laws. The city is fully responsible for Elmwood and Pinewood Cemetery. Therefore, when we inform you of things that are going on, in the cemetery; we expect these things to be corrected quickly.

We still have numerous dogs running loose through Elmwood and Pinewood Cemetery. Simple, the fourth Ward Neighborhood needs a Dog Park. Many people are not cleaning up after their dogs business. Our headstones are in honor of our love ones not have dog crap on them. Signs are posted in both cemeteries that state the rules and city ordinances. Again, these ordinances are not followed or enforced.

We have spoken with city officials numerous times and nothing has been done stop this. Animal Control told city officials that dogs should not be allowed in the cemetery. Several cemeteries in North Carolina do not allow dogs. By the lack of officials, taking the time to rectify this, it becomes abundantly clear, that City Officials do not have respect for the citizens, who they are elected to serve.

The following links show various pictures regarding these matters.

We have spoken with you and address city council numerous times on the issues, still nothing has changed. Even have reported various criminal activity to authorities and seen no follow up or arrest made. For some reason, the police officers that we saw and spoken with have not enact on any of these past issues.

Various people have shared the same type of frustration too. We are tired of seeing inconsistency, to help stop these issues; one needs diligent people to follow through.

Mr. McCrory, there has been a strong need for a proactive resolution to these problems. Several times over the years, we have offered our support and even shared various resources that would help resolve these problems. As Mayor, the buck stops with you and we have not seen consistent, decisive action from you. Citizens need to see a positive change and direction.

We have spoken with various community leaders and families, one thing that resounds as a theme, is the lack of responsibility that elected officials have shown. Elmwood and Pinewood Cemetery, is all that is left that truly shows the history of Charlotte.

Both cemeteries are intertwined not only with each other, but they directly parallel the City of Charlottes vibrant history and growth. A casual visit to these cemeteries quickly reveals its interments of historical significance just by reading the surnames on existent tombstones. We can only pray that our city and county leaders can remember how they would feel, if was their loved ones and it was their headstones being vandalized.

Elmwood is the final resting place for the relatives of two American Presidents, Andrew Jackson, and James K. Polk. Also buried in this part are Relatives of American Pioneer icons such as: Boone, Crockett, Houston, and Davis. Also interred are local pioneers and their descendants such as: the Polk's, Spratts, Alexanders, Clontzs, Steele's, Whites, Springs, Blacks, Hoods
/ Presley, Orrs.

Pinewood is much older. Not many people know the rich and wondrous history of this section of the Cemetery. Leaders who were the foundations of African-American communities are in Pinewood as well. It is a wealth of history for an entire culture, one that has lost much of its relevant history to the injustices of the past. It should be preserved and protected, as it is it is being destroyed by lawnmowers, vandals, and ignorance.

Mr. McCrory, we like to try again meeting with you personally about these issues. This time like to suggest have your office arrange this, so there is no misunderstandings and lack of communication.

We want a positive plan and direction put in place solve these issues. If we pull all our resources together just think what could be accomplish. We are willing, are you?

The ball is in your court and we hope that another body is not found!


Mark A. Palmer
Historic Preservation of Elmwood and Pinewood Cemetery

Jessica's Law Now NC

The folks at Jessica's Law Now NC sent along this little tidbit that I thought I'd spread around:

This person works in the General Assembly and cannot reveal his name, but he is a big supporter of Jessica's law. Here are this comments: This is important. The thing will never get to the floor or out of committee unless you can get Rand and Basnight on your side. Make it worth their while. Pressure the heck out of them. (This comment is all OFF THE RECORD).

This is how things REALLY WORK in the Senate. It's not above board, like in the House. That's why this bill keeps passing the house but never gets thru the Senate.

You might want to mention that Senator Berger is the Senate Republican Leader, Senator Brown and Senator Tillman are also supporters. This bill has very little chance of being heard unless you can convince Senator Rand to hear it.

Having explored, in detail, in person, the depths of depravity and stinking cesspool that is the Democrat-Ruled General Assembly, I can assure you, good reader, that this is absolutely true. The General Assembly, especially the Senate (which has been controlled with an iron fist by Democrats for over 100 years) is run by a small group of people. It is NOT a democracy, it's ruler ship by the anointed few there.

Basnight is king of the Senate. What he says goes, period. It is nearly impossible to overrule him. Indeed, he has more power than the governor, because the governor is term-limited, while he has been there TWENTY-FOUR YEARS. Indeed, if you want something in the state of North Carolina, talk to the king. If he's on your side, no one can stop you. Of course, if he's not on your side, there's no chance that your issue will ever see the light of day.

Government Employee Whining

Hey, guess what? Lazy government employees are complaining they're not getting more free stuff than people who work and produce things. I'm shocked, I tell you. This time it's government academic employees who are whining about insurance. Are you ready for what they think they "deserve" for "working" for government?

civil servants hired in North Carolina after Oct. 1 will have to work 20 years before qualifying for 100 percent state-paid medical coverage. The length of time was previously a wait period of only five years.

Wow. How many of you who DON'T work for government EVER get 100% free medical coverage? And I don't mean the coverage where the company PAYS for your coverage for you, I mean you don't pay a dime and neither does the company.

Oh, and how many of you get health coverage FOR LIFE like government employees do? You didn't know that? Yes, government employees in North Carolina get free health care for their entire life, even once they stop working for the state, once they've met the requirements.

Government "has to compete" claim those who support free crap for unproductive government employees. My answer to that is that government SHOULD NOT compete. If there's something that government is doing that private industry will do, government shouldn't be doing it. Government should NEVER compete, because they always win (because they have unlimited cash).

Here's a novel idea: how about letting people be free? How about getting the government out of ALL insurance company and health regulations? How about letting people buy whatever insurance THEY WANT instead of forcing them to buy crap they don't need? And don't blame the costs on the insurance companies -- the costs are high because government FORCES people to buy crap they don't want.

For example, I'd like to buy catostropic coverage. This would insure me only in case of serious injury. I don't want doctor visits covered. I don't want insurance against AIDS. I don't want a chiropractor visit covered. I don't want insurance for alternative medicine. I don't want to buy insurance for mental heath coverage and alcohol rehab inpatient services. But know what? I am FORCED by government to buy all that stuff. I simply don't have the option NOT to pay piles of money for all these things I don't want -- because government requires it.

Government should do less, not more -- and we would be a more free, and a more healthy country.

NC GOP Tailgate Contest

Planning on attending a sporting event this fall? Why not make it a political event? The NC Young Republicans Club is against sponsoring a Tailgate Contest -- you could win $500 for supporting a Republican candidate this year.

Government "Cost" for non-education?

It's amazing how far away from freedom this country has really moved. How about a study that measures the "cost" to government for public school drop outs? Yes, this group claims that it costs the state of North Carolina $169 million a year due to students that drop out of high school -- because of medicaid costs, less tax income, and prison costs.

How stupid is this? Presumably, based on this report, if the government would just issue kids high school diplomas when they turned 18 (we could just mail them), then the government would "save" $169 million each year. Since it's such a big savings, perhaps we should just include a check for a couple million in each diploma government mails to them.

What crap.

How about we stop paying for Medicare for people? Yes, it IS possible for people to get healthcare without government buying it -- it's happened for hundreds of years. Yes, it's possible for people to earn a living without a (useless) government diploma that says they've learned, well, nothing. It's been going on for thousands of years.

How about a study on how much money the state would "save" if they stopped spending money on a failed education system that simply does not educate anyone? How about a study on how much the government would save if people learned by themselves and at home, where they will learn a great deal MORE than they could ever learn in a government institution? My guess is we'd have a MUCH more educated society AND save tens of billions of dollars a year.

Road Taxes for Roads?

What a absolutely radical idea! According to this report, Fred Smith, if elected governor of North Carolina, will actually use money that is collected via taxes for building roads to -- wait for it -- BUILD ROADS! This man is clearly a serious radical.

For decades now, the Democrats (who have controlled the North Carolina state government for LITERALLY over 100 years -- the Republicans have NEVER, ever, in all recorded history had a majority in the Senate) have been collecting money from things like gas taxes and motor vehicles taxes. When these laws were passed, the reason the taxes were placed on those vehicles was to pay for roads. However, the Democrats just didn't want to build roads. Instead, they decided they wanted to, well, basically just give the money to their friends. They have been taking billions from the highway and roads funds and putting it in the "general" budget. If you've driven on any roads in North Carolina in the past 10 years, you can see the effect this has.

Fred Smith, who is running for governor, says that he's had enough. He says that money collected from taxes to build roads should be used to build roads. I just can't grasp the concept. Here in North Carolina, we just don't need roads. After all, according to mayor Pat McCrory, building a big train set will solve all the world's problems.

But hey, maybe if you support building roads (and repairing the pothole ridden things we have now), perhaps you should think about supporting Fred Smith for governor.

CMS and the Law

A little local news to Charlotte -- did you know that the lords attorneys for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg fiefdom have decided that laws just don't apply to the rulers board members? The law says no state employee shall:

(1) Take any active part in managing a campaign, or campaign for political office or otherwise engage in political activity while on duty or within any period of time during which he is expected to perform services for which he receives compensation from the State;

(2) Otherwise use the authority of his position, or utilize State funds, supplies or vehicles to secure support for or oppose any candidate, party, or issue in an election involving candidates for office or party nominations, or affect the results thereof.

However, the board says that the superintendent of schools "may advocate for passage of the bonds using taxpayer dollars." Apparently, according to the kings of the county county board, even though he's paid by taxpayers, he's not a state employee. Well, that is what Democrats do -- make up any meaning for any word that they like.

Oh, but the better part is that the board continued to vote to withhold from the public any and all memos that showed that the board didn't care what the law was. The board continued to attempt to cover up their attempts to blatantly use taxpayer cash, in clear violation of the law, to lobby for passage of bonds so they could get more cash. I wonder if they did a cost-benefit analysis (at taxpayer expense) to determine how much taxpayer money they should spend in order to get more taxpayer money.

A portion of the memo:


The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the growing needs of the bureaucracy. Keep that in mind -- the school system exists to spend money and expand -- NOT to educate anyone, anytime, or anywhere.

Have I mentioned that public schools are just plain evil before? Oh, and since all this is in support of more taxes and expanding government; and since the state of North Carolina is ruled with an iron fist by Democrats, there's no need to expect any more from this. It's only illegal if Democrats don't like it; and it's never illegal if it helps Democrats. Laws are for suckers.

NC Education: For the Diploma

Well, at least they're being honest. A new government bureaucratic legislative panel has been formed to "increase high school graduation rates" in North Carolina. But hey, they'll be spending $7 million to "encourage" successful initiatives.

Please note what the "panel" is not concerned with: education. They honestly do not care about education or learning. The public schools are NOT interested in how much anyone learns, seriously. Once again, some within the system (the teachers) may be concerned with that, but the public school system DOES NOT CARE.

If you want to know why the education system exists today, please read this book. Again, it's long and detailed, but it's scarily honest:

In 1840, the literacy rate in America was between 93 and ONE HUNDRED percent.
By 1940 the literacy rate for whites was 96%, for blacks, 80%.

Six decades later, at the end of the twentieth century, the National Adult Literacy Survey and the National Assessment of Educational Progress say 40 percent of blacks and 17 percent of whites cant read at all. Put another way, black illiteracy doubled, white illiteracy quadrupled. Before you think of anything else in regard to these numbers, think of this: we spend three to four times as much real money on schooling as we did sixty years ago, but sixty years ago virtually everyone, black or white, could read.

Henderson County NEEDS cash

So says their board of county commissioners and school board. And predictably, the very first thing they use to support the tax increase is "For The Children:"

Our schools depend on it.


These people are incompetent. They're irresponsible with money. They have no fiscal common sense. And they're not above using and saying ANYTHING to get more cash to spend. For example, they're complaining it's the end of the world because they NEED $31 million to build two schools. And they've NEEDED this money for ELEVEN YEARS! Yes, the entire school system will fail if they don't get a dump truck load of cash ELEVEN YEARS AGO. And we're supposed to take them seriously.

And they lie about the purpose and who will be affected by the "land transfer tax." They claim that it will "spread that burden to those who are creating the growth in our county." That's simply a lie. Know who has to pay that tax, primarily? Anyone who wants to LEAVE the "community." ANYONE who sells their house, no matter if they make a profit, will pay the tax. That's not "those who are creating growth," it's the people who don't want to live there any more.

Of course, they'll also use threats to get their money:

These projects must be funded, so if this referendum fails, the property taxes will have to be increased.

In other words,
We're government and you're not. We DEMAND that you give us a whole pile of cash because we want to spend it. You have no say in the matter, we're going to spend the money. However, if you vote for this new tax, we will claim that you wanted to give us the money to spend. And if you vote down this new tax, we'll just take the money anyway and spend it.

You're not government and we are. You're too stupid to know how to spend money you work for and earn (and we're incapable of actually earning money or creating ANYTHING), so we, the anointed, will spend the money you earn for you. Now shut up and give us this money or we will tax you even more.

What bastards. I wonder what it would be like to live in a country where the government was run by the people and for the people instead of by the bureaucrats FOR the bureaucrats.

Christian = You're Fired

In most businesses, if you lie, you get fired. They expect you to tell the truth. But in government, if you tell the truth, or even have someone visit who's telling the truth (even when you counter-balance that by inviting someone who lies), you get fired. Well, that is if the ACLU and CAIR dislike the truth.

At issue in Raleigh is Robert Escamilla, who dared to invite a Christian in school to talk about the Bible IN BIBLE HISTORY CLASS. He will be on Hannity and Colmes tonight at 9pm. He's got a web page up listing a chronology of events -- facts. And the school board, by releasing confidential personnel records, has boosted his case -- that's he's basically been fired for disagreeing with Islam.

This is blatant and open religious discrimination. The man has simply been fired because he disagrees with Islam. It's not even because he's a Christian, but because someone WHO DID NOT HEAR his guest was "offended" and called the ACLU and CAIR. And everyone knows that government only supports those two religions (atheism and Islam) -- if you disagree with those religions, you cannot work for government, plain and simple.

According to the government, Mr. Escamilla was a near-perfect teacher for EIGHTEEN years. But suddenly, in the period of one week, he went from near-perfect to being "unfit" to teach in public schools. What's the difference? He invited a Christian to speak at the school. Keep in mind -- he also invited TWO Muslims to speak to the same students as well. Yes, if you now even TALK to Christians, you're "unfit" to be in a public school.

I keep telling you that public schools are the cesspool and garbage pits of America today. KEEP YOUR CHILDREN AWAY. Unless you're atheist or Muslim, the public school system honestly hates you.

NC Democrats on Borrowing

Are you ready for your elected officials' position on borrow against YOUR income?

Somebody will tell us when its too much

Wow. I'm almost speechless. These are the people in charge of spending tens of billions of dollars of money that's not even their own. This is the position of people entrusted with public cash. And they literally will continue spending more and more until they are forced to stop. Wow.

The position of the Democrats in Raleigh is that they can continue spending without any restraint, regardless of the amount of taxes or income to the state until a bond agency reduces their Triple A bond rating. Seriously, that's what they are saying. No wonder North Carolina doesn't fix roads or spend money on things government should be doing -- these lunatics have zero fiscal responsibility.

But don't worry, they'll still be elected, because they've gerrymandered the state to ensure they can continue spending. I guess the only way to control spending now in North Carolina is to give campaign donations to bond rating agencies in the hope they can be bribed to reduce North Carolina's bond rating. Wow.

Fred Smith for Governor?

Fred Smith, Republican candidate for governor, recently held a BBQ fundraiser. Now if you want Ogre to show up somewhere, food is a sure way to get him there. And BBQ will do it nearly every time. His campaign sent me a nice invitation, and I was getting excited about going to the rally (and eating BBQ) and meeting Mr. Smith, asking him questions, and perhaps taking some pictures to post here.

Then I read the date and time on the invitation. It was Wednesday, October 17, from 6:30-8:30 in Statesville. Then I looked at the clock/calendar on the computer. It was Wednesday, October 17, 7:45 pm. Oops. I had just received the invitation in the mail that day. Mr. Smith, you need to talk to your campaign people, because I bet I'm not the only one who missed the rally because of not getting the invitation!

Well, he also sent a copy of his book, "A Little Extra Effort." I'll take a read and post some updates and quotes from the book over the next week or so as I learn more about this fellow who wants my vote.

People Want More Government

I think those of us who want freedom will continue to have trouble -- because so many people (most educated by the system) really want government to do stuff for them. Maybe they're just lazy, but again and again I read about people demanding "more" from government -- no matter the cost to freedom. And that just stinks. Take a look at this news release:

The Civitas Institute has been involved in conducting surveys in North Carolina for more than two years. Every month the voters are asked to pick the issue or program that needs the most attention from state government. During the past two years lower health care costs has always been in the top three and usually the top choice.

According to the October DecisionMaker Poll, 21 percent of voters said that lower health care cost is the most important issue facing the state. Within the margin of error is to improve public education at 20 percent, followed by 17 percent who want to control immigration. These three issues have consistently been the top three issues; controlling immigration has grown over the two-year period.

In a series of questions on health care, the study found that North Carolina voters are satisfied with the quality of health care they receive by a 76 percent to 23 percent margin. The cost of health insurance is voters major concern (43 percent) with 31 percent concerned about the number of poor without health insurance. These two major concerns are followed by 16 percent who are concerned about the availability or access to quality care and 5 percent about the inability to qualify for health insurance.

The working poor in need of government provided health care is strongly tied to the poverty level. Forty-two percent of those surveyed believe the income level for the working poor to receive government insurance should be $21,000 per year. Another 29 percent would cap the income level for the working poor at $41,000, and only 6 percent believe the coverage should extend to families making $62,000. A small-minority of voters (4 percent) believe coverage for the working poor should include families of four making in excess of $62,000 per year.

When voters say they are concerned about lower health care costs they are really concerned about the cost of health insurance, according to Civitas President Jack Hawke. And when it comes to government providing health insurance for the working poor more than 70 percent would cap the income level at $41,000. It is obvious that voters do not favor providing health coverage for families with incomes more than $41,000 per year, as many of our legislators support.

Tel Opinion Research of Alexandria, Va. conducted the poll on October 9-14 with 800 registered voters who voted in the 2002 and 2004 general elections, were first time voters in the 2006 general election, or voted in 2004 and 2006 as newly registered voters. It has a margin of error of +-3.7 percent.

In other words, a majority of people support government using force to take money from some people who earn it and freely give it to people who do NOT earn it. That's not freedom. AND they want government to interfere MORE with business to "reduce" health care costs. Folks, government CAUSED the high insurance prices, especially in North Carolina!

One of the primary reasons health insurance is so expensive in NC is that the state forces insurers to cover things you may not want. For example, I want just catastrophic coverage (only pay when I'm seriously injured, don't cover doctor visits, etc). I also do NOT want to pay for chiropractic coverage, AIDS coverage, mental health "treatments" and outpatient counseling. However, the state will NOT PERMIT me to buy that coverage. I am forced to buy all that coverage I DO NOT WANT. That's the #1 reason insurance is expensive.

The #2 reason is the lack of tort reform, but that's a topic for another post...

GOVERNMENT is completely incapable of solving just about ANY problem. They simply cannot do it.

NC Appeals Court: NC Communist

The North Carolina Court of Appeals has ruled that North Carolina is a communist state. They have ruled that the government is to control the means of production. They have decreed that government, and only government, will determine which companies will exist in North Carolina and which companies will be driven out of North Carolina. They have ruled that if a government uses cash to bribe companies to do things, that is allowed (but have not made it legal for citizens to do so).

The decision may be appealed to the North Carolina Supreme Court, who is also expected to rule that the government in North Carolina is absolutely permitted to control all means of production -- because who has the guts to stop them?

1898 Riot Wounds

Apparently some people are still suffering "injuries" from 1898. So walking will heal those open sores, somehow. And as usual, the reporters about historical facts simply choose to ignore facts.

The 1898 riots in Wilmington were not about race. Instead, the riots were a political action. Most reports today about those riots forget to publish the truth -- that it was Democrats who moved in and killed Republicans because the Republicans were in control of government. Democrats said that they were putting down the "black devil" Republicans in attacking, killing, and driving them out of their homes and businesses. Democrats, with deadly force, overthrew a Republican government because the Democrats hate competition.

The color of people's skin was a secondary trait in this battle. And yes, the news reports continue to omit that the Republicans were black and the Democrats were white. So it continues today, with blacks typically identifying with Democrats -- the ones who attacked and killed blacks for disagreeing with them.

But hey, November 10th people will walk, and all will be forgiven. I wonder if blacks will be allowed by Democrats to be Republican again after the walk -- or if they'll continue to be told to vote Democrat or be killed again.

Bob Orr: For People?

Republican candidate for North Carolina governor Bob Orr wants to end corporate welfare. I'll pause a bit to let that sink in.

As you might imagine, according to the press, he's a long shot. What a surprise. But he is taking a radical position: that the government of North Carolina should not give away cash to businesses that they prefer and not give cash to businesses they don't like.

I'm not sure how people can honestly stand up and defend corporate welfare. It is, literally, government favoring one business instead of another. It's deciding which businesses will be successful. And yes, it's inherently corrupt, because after the legislators take cash from working people and give it to businesses, the business can "thank" the legislator by giving them campaign donations. So, quite literally, this is legislators lining their own pockets by using force to take earnings from people.

In a free society, that would be called "theft" and those who are taking the money would be punished. In America today, that's called "politics." Oh, how I yearn for freedom.

Government Wants MORE

But of course. How many elected government officials have you ever heard say that they actually have enough money? Have you EVER, in fact, heard an elected official say, "Gee, we've got too much money. We need to give some back." This is the basic problem with government today.

In a country founded on freedom and liberty, the purposes of government are very limited. As outlined in the various Constitutions, they have a limited and specific purpose. However, under today's government system (which has absolutely nothing to do with the Constitutions set up years ago), the primary purpose of government is to spend money. Seriously.

Look at how the politicians run government. Watch what they do. They're proud of "bringing home money" to the district. The more money they "bring home" and spend, the "more efficient" they are. The vast, vast majority of elected officials today view more spending, on ANYTHING, as good.

This government official says

the revenue from that new sales tax is essential to funding our obligations and the significant capital projects to which the county is committed.

That's absolutely and completely untrue. A factually correct statement would read: "We want to spend lots of money, so the only way we can continue spending lots of money on crap that we're not supposed to be doing is to raise the sales tax." Today's North Carolina government simply cannot stop spending under any circumstances. So elected officials actually believe statements like "we NEED to increase taxes" -- even when it's simply not true.

Oh, how I yearn for freedom...and honesty.

But if you look for truthfulness
You might just as well be blind
It always seems to be so hard to give

Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard

People Like Socialism

I like freedom. I really do. And I believe in freedom. But not everyone else does. There are many people who would rather give up freedom in exchange for, well different things: perceived safety, free housing, charity, and other things. So when people use the freedom they have to vote to reduce freedom, what's to be done?

Recent election results in North Carolina suggest people simply do not want freedom -- because they're voting against it.

Cary Mayor Ernie McAlister, who supports property rights and freedom was recently beat by Harold Weinbrecht, someone who believes he, personally, should determine what, when, and where you should build things on property that you claim to own. And he won with 58% of the vote. That's pretty strong support for serious socialism in Cary.

Wake County voters, by huge margins, strongly supporting government using guns and threats of force to take things that people earn from them to buy land to build nothing on. By 2:1 margins, people actually voted to take land away from people by force and do nothing with it (and prevent anyone else from doing anything with it, either). That's more massive socialism at work.

Recent statewide polls also show that people simply do not support freedom. People were asked whether individual property owners should be able to build things on their land, or if government should come in and dictate where, when, and how people should be permitted to build things in the name of transportation. 68% of the people said that they didn't trust people and instead that only government is capable of determining all use of property.

Next month Charlotte voters will decide whether to raise taxes to give government more cash to waste on transportation and heavy handed regulation of property rights. The supporters of the tax increase are using threats and intimidation to get their tax increase in place and to increase socialism.

So what's a person to do who actually wants freedom? Isn't our country founded on freedom? Doesn't the Constitution, the foundation of law in the land, ensure that we are permitted freedom? But when a majority of people honestly do not want freedom, what options are left for the minority of us who actually want freedom?

Update: Reader Wuptdo, from Cary, suggests the Cary race was more about politicians who were in the pocket of developers than it was about property rights. That's bad because it appears that property rights STILL go out the window, but it's good because perhaps the rights are going away as a side effect, not an intentional destruction.

Government Takes Money

How about this story? A government agency took money illegally. The government agency clearly admits that they took the money illegally and should not have taken the money. However, they are NOT going to give back the money. Why? Because the people who paid the money weren't forced with guns (at the moment) to pay the money.

Go ahead, try and convince me we have freedom anywhere in North Carolina.

Can you see the absolute unmitigated gall of these bastard "public" officials? They told people that if you want to build something on your land, you must pay this cash to the government, or the government would stop you from building. The people who owned the land submitted to this extortion because they wanted to build on their privately-owned land. Then, when it was revealed that it was illegal to extort that money from the private landowners, the government says, "Too bad, we already have the money, and we're not giving it back."

I don't care how you try and sell this one -- it's government gone WAY beyond it's boundaries. $3 million dollars illegally taken from people and the government will not give it back. How can the people of Cary simply sit back and take this crap? An immediate violent overthrow of that government would be well within the boundaries of the Constitution of this country.

Vote Purdue for Governor

Beverly Purdue has decided to run for NC Governor. She made the formal announcement of her campaign (that has been running for months) on Monday. As with most formal announcements, the speech was filled with reasons people should vote for her.

#1: She's female. Yup, that's right, right out of the gate she's playing the sex card. She says that you should vote for her simply because of her gender.

#2: She can spend your money. She highlighted how much money she spent. She measures "progress" in dollars spent over time. Oh, and she can spend money "For The Children."

#3: She will make NC the "best educated" and "healthiest" state in America. Oh sure, it might take billions of dollars of tax increases, but she's okay with you paying lots and lots more in taxes. And no, she's not going to repair roads that Democrats have neglected for decades, instead she's going to take money YOU earn and give it to other people.

#4: She's a leader. And she can lead -- by spending money to give presents to senior citizens. That's her definition of leadership -- taking cash that people earn at gunpoint and bribing senior citizens for their votes.

Don't you want to run out and vote for her right now? This is what you get when you vote Democrat.

New NC State Laws

New laws in North Carolina went into effect yesterday. Do you feel safer yet? All these laws were passed by the Democrat legislature.

They created new forms for "end of life choices." Yes, more paperwork for doctors and medical staff that you can sign. No, you don't have to read them, just sign them. But hey, it's "more comprehensive," so that means it's good, right? And if the medical staff doesn't fill out these forms, they'll get in trouble. Isn't it good to have more paperwork when you're lying in a sick bed?

North Carolina also has new laws interfering with freedom of medical choice. The North Carolina government doesn't want you to be free to choose any insurance provider you want. In addition, they don't want any insurance company to be able to offer whatever coverage they want. Instead, the state will not only determine what insurance you may purchase, but how much the insurance companies will charge for that insurance. They just made a micro-managed change to the amount the state will "permit" insurance companies to charge for chiropractors. Freedom? NC Democrats never heard of it.

And to stop all those billions of people getting killed by renegade laser hair-removal procedures, the state's going to require you to get their permission before you actually use one of those. Because after all, I'm sure you've read of all the reports of injuries and deaths from renegade laser remove technicians, right? Democrats cannot STAND for anyone in North Carolina to do ANYTHING without asking their permission. Freedom will simply NOT be permitted in North Carolina.

Finally, to really prove that the Democrats are on the job, they've made it a crime to drop Oreo cookies in certain specified locations. You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. If you drop any "processed food" in a state-protected location, you're going to jail. Don't you feel safer?

North Carolina Democrats: destroying freedom anywhere they see it. Oh, how I yearn for freedom.

Borrowing from Peter

Remember the North Carolina government? They're the ones that have been literally dominated by Democrats for OVER 100 years. This is the government that has presided over the worst roads in the country. This is the same state government that can find money to bribe companies to donate to politicians, but is 20 years behind in road construction. These are the same Democrats who manage to give billions to "non-profits" but have so little money that they steal from the highway fund to find more money.

So the roads stink. The Democrats have dug a giant 20-year hole. They have been taking gas tax money and giving it away and NOT building roads. Now there's a "crisis." So what is their solution? borrow money. Yes, that's right -- since they are completely and totally fiscally irresponsible, they're going to borrow future ANTICIPATED money. In other words, the money doesn't even exist, they just HOPE it will exist. And they're spending it now. And yes, they're required to pay interest on that "loan."

Do you really need any more examples of the total irresponsibility of Democrats? You cannot blame Republicans for any of these problems because the Democrats have ruled this state with an iron fist for over 100 years -- despite the people electing and voting for Republicans. Democrats are irresponsible. Democrats cannot spend money in a responsible manner AT ALL. I'm not saying Republicans are the saviors, but surely they can't do any worse.

Light Rail Art

The big news in Charlotte is the current government scam to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for "art" for the transit stations (that don't quite exist yet). Tara Servatius broke that story and Jeff Taylor reported on it as well.

Indeed, it's very interesting in light of the current threats to senior citizens and others -- right now if you, as a citizen, DARE to oppose the sales tax increase (which is on the ballot this fall), the power that be have declared that the city will be nearly broke. If that sales tax repeal fails, they are threatening to reduce city bus service massively AND increase property taxes to make up for the shortfall. Beyond the obvious stupidity in doing both of those things (one would clearly cancel out the other), they're now paying hundreds of thousands for "art."

Nice use of government money -- money which they claim they simply don't have enough of. How about paying a local artist who is struggling to make ends meet a few thousand? I bet you get better art and you support the community that government claims to want to support with light rail.

Easley Gives More Bribes

Apparently not satisfied with his recent bribes and cash giveaways to corporations, Governor Easley has proposed giving away even more cash that people work and earn to other companies who do absolutely nothing except perhaps give donations to Easley's campaign.

It appears Governor Easley has been bouyed by his recent success with the Tire company giveaway. Easley recently vetoed a $40 million cash present to Goodyear so that he could get the Democrat-led NC Legislature to meet and give away $60 million to Goodyear AND other tire companies. Seeing how easy it was to get the Legislature to give away that much taxpayer cash, he's going for even more this time.

His proposal, intentionally misleadingly named "The American Productivity and Competitiveness Act of North Carolina," would give "substantial" cash to companies that Easley personally likes (or, apparently, have donated large amounts to Easley or Democrats). And since $40 to $60 million was NOT "substantial," you can look for hundreds of millions in cash giveaways for companies if Easley passes this "Act."

A more accurate title for the act might be "The Take More Cash From Working People To Give To State-Favored Companies Act." ANY time the government gives any cash or tax benefit to ANY company, they are simply taking cash that people have earned and are giving it to a company. Remember: government has NO money other than what they take away from people who actually worked to earn it.

Once again, Democrats in North Carolina prove without a doubt -- they are NOT the party of working people, but instead are the party of big money, big giveaways (not to the poor), and big business. They do not care about the working man, only about their coporate friends.

Racists to Gather in Wilmington

North Carolina racists have announced their plans to join together and gather in Wilmington in October to celebrate looking at people only by the color of their skin. I imagine they will celebrate that they can view people by skin color, but others do not.

In addition, the racists of the NC NAACP (who vote Democrat around 95% of the time) will talk about the 1898 race riots -- a time when white Democrats attacked and ran black Republicans out of town. I wonder how often the fact that those who were attacking and killing blacks because of the color of their skin were Democrats will be mentioned. It was not just a race riot in 1898 -- it was a political overthrow by Democrats.

The racist gathering will also be discussing the Duke Lacrosse case. A case where once again a Democrat supported open lies and apparently slandered people and lied in order to win a political election -- no matter what effect that had on race relations in the area. I wonder how often the fact that this was caused by a Democrat will be mentioned.

Oh, but their "theme" for the gathering is "fighting for our children, not just ourselves." Well, since it's For The Children, literally anything they do will be perfectly okay. Any guesses on how much money they will demand from the Democrats in the NC legislature? It will be For The Children, so they'll likely get every dime they want -- even if it's based on giving away taxpayer cash based on the color of one's skin.

NC Train Thugs

More harassment from the train system in North Carolina. The news report is about how the NC Railroad Company is bullying small businesses (taxpayers) -- showing up and demanding that the business owners give them cash or else. At one time, it was a crime to show up at a person's place of business and demand cash. Apparently in North Carolina, that's no longer a crime.

The Railroad company is claiming they own property that they haven't owned for over a hundred years. But now they're claiming it and want cash. And no, they don't care who they uproot or upset, including threatening business owners in front of their children.

So, why does the Railroad company -- oh wait, who is this company? It's the state government. Officially, it's a "private company," but it's 100% owned by the state government. Therefore it IS the state demanding these cash payments and making threats if they're not paid. By why now? Because rail travel is a losing business! Trains are a 19th century invention -- they're not feasible now! I don't care how much you like them, they're simply NOT part of the 21st century economy. The ONLY way these things can continue to run is because people are forced at gunpoint to pay for them, even when they don't want them.

Want to see how bad it really is? The North Carolina Railroad company last year spend $8.37 million in operating expenses. They brought in less than $1.67 million from operations. ANY business that had expenses FIVE TIMES income would collapse -- only a state-sponsored, worthless, useless business could continue to exist under such circumstances.

MORE NC Cash for "Arts"

Remember the Democrats in the General Assembly who simply cannot find enough cash to repair the sorry roads in North Carolina? Remember the ones who claim there's not enough money to widen roads that are full of traffic? Remember the ones who just have cut the budget to the bone? They're the same ones giving away $10,000 to anyone who wants to take pictures.

Oh, but you can rest assured that it doesn't just cost the working man $10,000. An "arts council" will oversee the applicants -- and gee, they're not going to do that for free. So what's the money for? Whatever you want. Seriously. If you win this cash (and heck, I might apply just to see if I can get it), you can spend it on whatever you want related to film. I could buy a new camera, buy studio equipment, market myself, whatever -- it's free cash.

Aren't you glad you worked hard to earn money so that the Democrats in the North Carolina General Assembly could take it and give it to people who want to take pictures?

Charlotte Baggy Pants Ban

Yes, Charlotte, the city that wants to be a "big city" wants to join the "big boys" -- and is considering the baggy pants ban. As of the time I'm writing this, the internet poll is showing people support this type of ban by a 2:1 margin.

Oh, please, let them ban these things. However, as soon as the ban goes into place, I'm going to need to get one of you to come with me to Charlotte and man the camera. I'm going to hang out on the steps of various police departments and city hall with my underwear pulled up to my chest. I really want them to attempt to give me a ticket for that. Oh, and I won't be carrying ID. And you can bet I'll exercise my right to remain silent. I really want to see how far they'll go to enforce this sort of ban. I bet if they pass it that I go to jail for wearing improper undergarments. Hey, Oddy, need a new client?

Charlotte School Depopulation

Liberals in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system are trumpeting their needs -- for your cash. Despite their wild guess of projected enrollments, the increase in school enrollment was much, much less than they had anticipated. Of course, that doesn't mean they don't "need" more of your money. They're very upset that they might have to return millions of dollars to state (so they need more of your tax money locally). I expect that a "recount" of enrollment numbers will net some more students (guess they forgot to count all of 'em).

What's even more interesting is how the educrats who live off taxpayers' backs continue to explain that despite having 40% less students than they thought, they continue to claim that there's more so they need more -- and all "projections" into the future continue to be based on wild guesses -- all with high estimates, of course (because they need your money).

Even more interesting is that those who support massive schools, expansive government, socialist systems, light rail, smart growth, and other left liberal ideas for Charlotte, love to compare themselves to Portland, OR as their utopia. Making Charlotte exactly like Portland is an open, stated goal of these socialists. Of course, any problems in Portland won't be duplicated because the "right" people haven't been in charge.

But compare the reality of Portland vs. Charlotte and schools:

The Coming Depopulation of Charlotte's Schools

By Warren Smith

COMMENTARY--Timothy Egan caused a stir with his recent profile of Portland in the "New York Times." Portland, you may know, is a city that Charlotte's leaders have visited and sometimes say they want to imitate - especially when it comes to urban planning, "smart growth," and rapid transit. It's a city that has been successful at attracting what the cognoscenti are now calling the "creative class." Supposedly, these are the folk Charlotte needs to attract if we are to remain a vibrant, economically thriving city.

Egan's article highlighted Portland's attractions for the beautiful people. "The Pearl District in the heart of this perpetually self-improving city," Egan wrote, "seems to have everything in new urban design and comfort, from the Whole Foods store where fresh-buffed bell peppers are displayed like runway models to the converted lofts that face sidewalk gardens."

Everything, Egan concedes, "except children."

"Crime is down. New homes and businesses are sprouting everywhere. But in what may be Portland's trendiest and fastest-growing neighborhood, the number of school-age children grew by only three between the census counts in 1990 and 2000, according to demographers at Portland State University," he wrote.

Egan then comes to a conclusion that Charlotte should heed: "Portland is one of the nation's top draws for the kind of educated, self-starting urbanites that midsize cities are competing to attract. But as these cities are remodeled to match the tastes of people living well in neighborhoods that were nearly abandoned a generation ago, they are struggling to hold on to enough children to keep schools running and parks alive with young voices."

One of the main reasons for this childless Utopia is the price of housing. According to Egan, San Francisco, with its Silicon Valley chic, is the very poster child of the New Economy to which Charlotte aspires. But it has a median house price of about $700,000 - and the lowest percentage of people under 18 of any large city in the nation, 14.5 percent. That compares to 25.7 percent nationwide, according to the 2000 census.

Could this happen to Charlotte? Not only could it happen, it probably will. Nationally, the birthrate has dropped to the point that our current birth rate is barely above what demographers call the "replacement rate." America's population has shown modest growth over the past few decades, but almost all of that growth has been because of longer life spans, not more children. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of school-aged children in America is expected to fall significantly over the next 10 years, and possibly precipitously over the next 30 years.

And now, our leaders want us to spend more than $400-million on new schools, claiming that Charlotte's school population will grow by 50,000 over the next decade. Of course, it's possible that the population of Charlotte's school-aged children could grow while the rest of the nation's population goes down, but only in the dreams of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools officials could growth be this much. Indeed, even if the Charlotte region does grow, it is much more likely that most of the families with children will be moving to Cabarrus, Union, York, Iredell, and Gaston counties - where both land prices and taxes are significantly lower.

In Portland, not only are they not building schools, they're shutting them down. Egan closed his article with the story of Kenton Elementary School, which for 91 years had been an integral part of the city's north side. Egan penned a poignant requiem for this school. "But now the school will be shuttered," he wrote, "and improvements from Portland's beloved light rail line have contributed to rising real estate prices, defeating the broad goals of the mayor's effort to bring and keep young families in the city."

Could it happen here? It is happening here. Indeed, the next time you hear a proponent of light rail, the "creative class," or "smart growth" say we should look at Portland, don't argue with them. Just make sure that when they tell the story of Portland, they tell the whole story.

Warren Smith is the publisher of The Charlotte World. He can be reached at

Me, I love "shrinking" schools -- because if they cost less, then I have to pay less taxes, right? I know, I'm dreaming. If socialists/Democrats would even consider reality for a minute, they'd see they're headed down a path to destruction. Socialism fails every single time it's tried. Why can't they understand?