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Hey, want to read a brand-new shiny blog?

Go check out Periodically Correct:

I've always been politically minded but I do my best not to fall into any one camp. Walking lock-step behind anyone reminds me of lemmings running off a cliff. While I have no fear of heights I'm not too fond of the sudden stop at the bottom. So I choose to make my own mind up about things. Sometimes they're left, other times their right, frequently they'll make you think, "What orifice did he pull that idea out of?"

What else did you have to do today? :)

New Neighbor #47

Welcome again, good readers, to this week's New Neighbor. For those who haven't seen this feature before, this is a weekly post that appears each Sunday afternoon. Each week Ogre reads through some new blogs from the massive blogroll on the right side of the main page, right now the Evangelical Blogroll, and finds a new blog to highlight and introduce to you, my kind reader. This week, it's


This blog is about
Life Apologetics Sports Poker How Beautiful My Wife Is Whatever

And, well, other than telling you the author is "JivinJ," I can't tell you much more about the blog itself -- there's no typical "About" tag in the corner. And yes, I am well aware that the kettle is calling the pot black. One day I might get around to putting one up...

The latest post from Friday is one that I had considered writing last week, but I ran out of time. In that post, JivinJ asks when storing of umbilical cord cells became "controversial?" I'm not sure I've heard anyone complain about that until, well, this person started storing them and the news generated a fake controversy.

He's got another post up that shows Democrats in Iowa working on redefining the English language to fit their own usage now. Apparently now in Iowa, "stem cell" means "cloning." Yes, only in Democratic Iowa are those two things synonyms.

There's also a post that helps debunk abortion lies from the pro-death group. And he does it without even mentioning the 40 million babies that have been killed in the United States since 1973.

The blog layout is rather plain and simple, but that makes it easy to read with lots of flashy things vying for your eyeballs' attention. So, on this wonderful Sunday afternoon, why not head on over and have a read. See if you like what you see. You might find a new blog to read every day.

New Neighbor #46

Welcome again, good readers, to this week's New Neighbor. For those who haven't seen this feature before, this is a weekly post that appears each Sunday afternoon. Usually this is the only post for Sundays, but this week the Tarheel Tavern will also appear. Each week Ogre reads through some new blogs from the massive blogroll on the right side of the main page, right now the Evangelical Blogroll, and finds a new blog to highlight and introduce to you, my kind reader. This week, it's

Beauty and the Bull

I have to say, this blog almost didn't make the cut for this week's "Neighbor" feature. I looked at the blog, glanced at a couple articles and decided that I'd feature it. Then I noticed the picture at the top of the blog. Poor, deluded, Bull. I'm thinking he should put a picture up of "The Swamp..."

Anyway, back to the blog. The latest entry is neat. I'm not sure, but I think Bull is really hoping to obtain some wolf-like super powers. And I'm not sure "Wolf Lord" is quite enough of a superhero name. Feel free to add other choices in his comments.

He's also got up a post about the latest American Idol. To be honest, I've never seen the show. Really. I have absolutely no desire to watch other people make fools of themselves. Well, I guess I do, I just see it all day long just by watching the Democrats and other politicians. But if you like that sort of thing, he'll give away the whole season in one post.

Now the blog does promise to be about "Bull and Ashley," but you might notice a slight lack of posts from this mysterious Ashley. However, about a week ago, she did make an appearance explaining her absence. She speaks of these "social engagements." Wow, that sounds painful. Well, to me, anyway.

So hey, the blog's been around since March of 2006, so I guess that makes it almost old, eh? It's a clean layout, pretty much just personal stuff, but why not head over and have a read this Sunday afternoon? What else did you have to do? And I'm not posting anything else until you get over there and read (well, at least not until tomorrow morning, and the Tavern this will be here later this afternoon).

New Neighbor #45

This week's new neighbor is

Martha's Distraction

Martha (actually Kristie) is
a 40 something woman who is always trying to figure out how to be a Christian while living within American Evangelicalism.

She also homeschools her two youngest boys. That is certainly admirable! The blog tagline is
"Now Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus."--John 11:5 "But the Lord said to her, 'Martha, Martha you are anxious and troubled about many things...' --Luke 10:41

The blog has been around since at least 2005, based on the archives links! Also impressive. However, I'm guessing the categories listing hasn't been around that long -- there's only around 100 entries in the categories list. I suppose that could be all the posts from over a year...

The latest post claims to explain her "beef with American Evangelicalism." But reading it, I can't tell what her beef actually IS. I mean, I think she's complaining about false teachings, but is that a condemnation of everyone who tries to spread the Word? Can anyone else tell what that's about?

And if she started what she promised to start last week, well, she's ahead of me and I need to invite her over to start me going in that direction, too. I need the (my) money!

She's also got some suggestions on getting the Bible read in a year, including links with other suggestions. I did that once -- actually did it while I was on an aircraft carrier. For some reason, I found that I had plenty of time...

So hey, on this wonderful Sunday afternoon, while you're sitting around reading blogs (perhaps while watching some football), why not head on over and take a peek. You might meet someone new and find you like them. You can go now, there will be no more posts here until tomorrow morning!

New Neighbor #44

Thanks for stopping by and reading about this week's neighbor:

Life Under the Sun

This blog is written and maintained by Michele from New Jersey who is either 45, 19, or 80 years old, depending on the day (and time) that you ask. I can relate to the first two, but I don't think I've ever felt 80 years old. In fact, I'm not sure that when I'm 80 that I'll feel like I'm 80. And you know what? I bet I won't admit it, even if I do. ;)

So, what's the blog about? I'm not really sure. In the sidebar there's a section for "Blog Description." Here's what it says:

"What has a man from all the toil and striving of heart with which he toils beneath the sun? For all his days are full of sorrow, and his work is a vexation...There is nothing better for a person than that he should eat and drink and find enjoyment in his toil. This also, I saw, is from the hand of God, for apart from him who can eat or who can have enjoyment?" (Ecclesiastes 2:22-25)

So...I guess the blog could be a labor and toil for Michele. Or maybe it's a reflection of that labor and toil. It's certainly not something she eats or drinks (at least I don't think so). But if the blog's enjoyable to Michele, then it must be work and toil, right? So maybe she doesn't enjoy the blog but instead works at it? But if she worked at it, then she would find it enjoyable... so maybe she enjoys the blog and doesn't work at it? I'm so confused.


One post highlights a "Chunkster Challenge." This is one challenge I'm not sure that I'm up to. In it, "You read as many very large books (over 400 pages) that you can in a six month period." Now it's not that I don't like to read, but still -- that sounds like a lot of work somehow. I was perfectly willing to write tens of thousands of words in a month, but I'm not sure I have time to read that many books. Then again, I guess that's the point of the challenge, isn't it? Stop on over if you want to join up.

She has another post up that I really, really wish I would have read before I had my laptop stolen. In it she suggests using an online service to store your bookmarks. For some reason, technological me never thought of such a thing. That would SO simplify things for me in so many ways. On a daily basis I often use as many as 5 different computers -- and each has it's own collection of bookmarks. I have GOT to try this.

And in yet another post, she points out a Bible Map. This combined a Bible with Google Maps with active hyperlinks. Now that's just neat. For anyone who wants to SEE places that they read about in the Bible, this is just cool. Go ahead, take a peek!

So, thanks for stopping by today and for reading about my neighbor. Feel free to head on over there this afternoon and drop by and say hello. I think this is going to have to be a regular stop for me, what with such useful and interesting posts!

New Neighbor #42

A year or more ago, I had started a Sunday feature called "New Neighbors." Each Sunday I would go down the blogroll over on the right (on the main page) started by Joe Carter of The Evangelical Outpost listed as "Evangelicals". In one of his posts, he suggested that those of us on the blogroll get to know one another. In that vein, I started reading and following various blogs, and added each one as I read it to my own blogroll (also on the right side of the main page) called "Introduced Neighbors."

I kept this up for almost a year -- from Neighbor #1 to #41. However, if you check that blogroll now, you will find that there's only 28 neighbors on the list. That's because when I did my blogroll cleaning last week, I found a lot of them had stopped posting for one reason or another. I had stopped doing the neighbors feature on Sundays because I had started putting a different value on Sundays and had other plans.

With the new layout and the new year come changes. And one of those changes will be to re-start the neighbor feature on Sundays. I won't be going in any particular order, nor will I only highlight "big" blogs. Instead, each week I'll just pick a random blog from that list and check it out and highlight it here. Those of you looking for some Sunday afternoon easy reading can be sure to check in here each week, as the posts will go up between noon and 1pm EST each week starting, well, now!

New Neighbor #42 is:

All Things 2 All

This blog is located in N.Z. (Narnia Zone, aka New Zealand) and run by Catez Stevens. She has a wide variety of interests, from poetry to molecular biology to surfing to Sudan. And she lists one of the best all-time movies as one of her favorites: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

Now this blog isn't one of those like Ogre's that is updated many times a day. Instead, All Things 2 All appears to be updated about once a week (sometimes less often). But the posts that do appear seem to be rather interesting and informative.

There is one post that looks at the life of Leslie Van Houten. Do you recognize that name? I know I knew the name, but couldn't remember why. As soon as I started reading the post, I remembered why that name was familiar. I bet you will, too.

To show the wide variety of posts, the next post after Ms. Van Houten's was a rather long and detailed review of The Nativity Story move. I hadn't seen the movie and if you haven't, this review might help make you decide if you want to see it or not.

And while many blogs have "tip jars" or other ways that you can contribute to the author, this blog is a bit more interesting. Instead of having a "tip jar" for the author of the blog, she instead asks you to send your donations to help the people of Darfur, Sudan.

That's a neat idea, I think I shall have to add something like that. But I think I will direct my donations to either the Samaritan's Purse, a group I know does extremely good works; or to a charity suggested by good friend, Heifer International. I did most of my Christmas shopping there this year.

So if you've got some time this lazy Sunday afternoon, why not head over to All Things 2 All and say hello?

New Neighbor #40

Wow! I have been remiss in my introductions! I had been running a new neighbor feature each Sunday, to give my readers a glimpse into another blog. However, I just realized I've missed this wonderful feature the past two weeks! No more! It shall continue, well, now.

The New Neighbor Feature is based on an idea from Joe Carter at The Evangelical Outpost -- The Church Directory. It's a monstrous blogroll (you can see it over there on the right of this site) of people associated with Christianity.

One of it's purposes is get people to meet one another. With that in mind, I started doing this New Neighbor feature. Each week I pick a blog from that list at random, go read about the blog and the person running it, and then post about it here. So, without further ado, here is this week's new neighbor:



I can't find anything on the site explaining the name...but I guess I can attribute it to the tag line:

A reformational renaissance redneck who likes football, dirt car racing, and photography tries to figure out what it means to follow after the path of Jesus in this post-Christian world we find ourselves in.

Well, that sure is a mouthful! It's not often you'll find "renaissance" and "redneck" even in the same paragraph, must less right next to one another. I think I'd get along well with Mr Oyler -- I can't find his first name, but his last name does show up on the blog -- because we appear to have a number of similar interested.

He likes Nascar, but appears to not be completely consumed by it; he likes Pittsburgh in tonight's game (and has a great picture up for it); and Powerlifting -- well, his brother is a champion, so I presume he likes it!

He also appears to do professional photography (perhaps on the side?), and web design. Except for the passion for dirt racing, he could be my twin (I prefer making mud pies).

He's also got a quiz up (go for it, Smokey) that shows his theological worldview. He comes up Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan -- the quiz shows me as a fundamentalist, which I'm sure comes as little surprise to regular readers here...

So hey, head on over and say hello! What else did you have to do while waiting for the game tonight? And don't you DARE say "What game?" ;)

New Neighbor #39

It's time again for the weekly New Neighbor feature here at Ogre's Politics and Views. Each week Ogre randomly selects a blog from the large Evangelical Blogroll over there on the right side. This week's Neighbor is:


Cowboyology is written by Clint, a resident of the Great White North, in Toronto and Ontario. I was in Ontario once, a long, long time ago -- for a band competition...

The blog's purpose is to "SPUR one another on toward love and good deeds." Nicely done, Clint!

The blog layout is a standard blogger, but hey, black text on a white background works just fine, and has for a very long time. And throughout the text, there's various different pictures, including those of a barn owl. The blog appears to be updated pretty regularly -- at least a few times a week.

There's also a long post about UVA UVAM VIDENDO VARIA FIT. It's Cowboy Proverb #11, but you'll have to head over there to read what it means if you don't read Latin.

So go over there and have a read. Perhaps you'll find a new blog to add to your Blogroll -- I've added him to my list of Neighbors. And don't forget to leave a comment letting him know what you think about the place!

New Neighbor #38

It's Sunday, so it must be time to meet a new neighbor here at Ogre's Politics and Views. For those who haven't seen this feature before, each Sunday I pick one blog from the gigantic Evangelical blogroll over there on the right side (left side if you have a narrow screen) and introduce it here.

This week's neighbor is

Jay Adkins

Apparently this is a rather popular blog that I've just never found before (just one reason I like my neighbor feature) -- as Jay looks to have grabbed second place in the Wizbang Weblog awards in the Best Religious Blog category. Nice job, Jay, it's nothing to shake a stick at losing to Evangelical Outpost!

To start out, I'll tell you that in case you couldn't tell by the above paragraph, Jay's blog is openly religious. He's got a tagline at the top that says, "As for me and my blog, we will serve the Lord." If that offends you...well, you might want to look a little closer at yourself...but on to the posts!

beer_glass_1.jpgOne of Jay's most recent posts talks about drinking! Ok, maybe I didn't need an exclamation point on the end of that sentence, but if you've been reading here long, you know I happen to like a wee bit o' the old fermented grains from time to time.

However, in his post, Jay talks about drinking in the Bible and mentions a nice quote: "The acts of sinful nature are obvious." And while he (and the Bible) support drinking, he mentions that getting drunk (and the related problems and issues) are where and when the problems start.

He's got another post where he talks about current events (banning of dancing for Jesus in public) and relates them back to the Bible.

hmiser.jpgThere's also mention of the Christmas witch. Now, I remember Santa, Rudolph, Frosty, even the heat-miser, but I don't recall a Christmas Witch anywhere. Jay tells us where you can find this new Christmas holiday feature.

The blog is good, clean, easy to read, and fast-loading. So, if you've got some time today, head on over and take a peek -- there's some really good stuff there, and it appears to be updated regularly. Go read what Jay has to say.

New Neighbor #37

Welcome back to this week's New Neighbor feature. For those who haven't seen it before, this is the place where each Sunday I select one blog from the giant blogroll of Evangelicals (found over on the right side), view it, and introduce it here. This week:

Freedom of...

The subtitle continues with "...expression, speech, and religion. Hey ACLU! That means I can pray if I want to!" Nice. It's hard to add to that sentiment, isn't it?

Freedom of... has been around for some unknown period of time. I don't see a link showing anything from the past on the main page (but then again, how many people really browse a blog's archives?). The counter has been in place since January, 2005, and I found a few old posts via the categories link, so the blog is at least near a year old.

The blog author is a family man with lots of responsibilities, so the blog looks to get updated at least a few times a week. There's news updates with some opinion, and Bible verses of "the day."

There's also a big pile of photo albums, including a squishy new little baby.

He's also got a whole category called ACLU watch, and posts that help illustrate the ACLU and it's real purposes.

The blog layout looks pretty standard, but it's clear and easy to read. So if you've got some time this afternoon, why not head on over and have a read? You might find a new blog that you like.

New Neighbor #36

Once again, it's time to introduce a new neighbor. Each week I pick a blog at random from the large Evangelical Blogroll over there on the right and introduce it to you good readers. This week:

Rob's Place aka Orangejack Blog

Rob has moved to a new blog recently, just a couple months ago, from a blogspot blog. He's got a new blog, but I'm not positive what system is running it (wordpress?). Sure looks nice, though.

He's done something that seems to be a trend in blogs these days -- putting menus across the top to allow even more content on the blog (gee, much like I did here, but a bit different). He tells all about his move here.

Recently with all the activity in the College Football world, orangejack is quite focused on the bowl activities. He's also got a new bowl system. Me, I'd just go with a darn playoff system.

He's got lots of neat photos, including a brontosaurus photo.

So head on over and take a look -- lots of neat stuff and regular updates. Heck, he's got a whole category just for blog and RSS tips!

New Neighbor...

It's time for the weekly new neighbor feature...

But at the moment I'm writing this, the blogroll that I use to find new neighbors is broken and showing me nothing -- so I can't pick a new neighbor.

I'll wait until later tonight and see if I can get to the blogroll. If I can, the new neighbor feature will return this evening (or early tomorrow am). If not, well, I'll just make up something else. ;)

New Neighbor #35

Hello, good Sunday morning to you, and welcome to this week's New Neighbor!

Each Sunday I randomly select a blog from the enormous Evangelical blogroll over there on the left side (scroll down, it's over there somewhere) and introduce it -- as suggested by the owner of the blogroll, Joe Carter.

This week's neighbor is

Happy Mills

The Happy Mills blog is a blog by Brad and Carrie Mills. It appears Brad started an about page, but really leaves us hanging. That page ends with
When we first came back to Fresno…

I'm wondering if that sentence ends with something good or something bad...

The blog appears to have been around since November 2004 with a recent switch from Blogspot to Wordpress, in about September of this year. The blog looks like it's updated close to daily, so there's always new stuff to read and see there. The layout is neat, clean, readable, and has a neat picture at the top of the blog.

A post from Friday gives rules for a two-year old. I'm thinking someone needs to sent that list of rules to the US Congress, especially #7 ("you are not the boss of Lauren or mommy") and definitely #5 ("Stop playing in the toilet!").

Brad has also started a series on how to blog -- hopefully that series will have a happier ending than their "about" page...

And there's posts about life and vacation, so you know they're real people over there at Happy meals Mills.

So go on, head on over and visit. What else did you have to do this Sunday afternoon during breaks in the football games?

New Neighbor #34

I've been a little slack in my weekly New Neighbor posts. For those people who enjoyed these Sunday posts, I'm sorry. The Carolina Renaissance Festival occupied most of my Sunday afternoons for the past 6 weeks or so, and I just never got ahead with much of anything.

Hopefully, with this week's neighbor, I'll get back in the swing of the Neighbor posts. For those who haven't seen them before, I'll explain the New Neighbor posts -- they're based on an idea by Joe of The Evangelical Outpost.

He put together a blogroll called the Evangelical Blogroll, which has since be renamed the Church Directory. It's a giant list of evangelical blogs. You can find it over there on the left side of this blog.

As part of setting up that blogroll, Joe suggested that members of that blogroll get to know one another. That's what started my New Neighbor series. Each Sunday I pick one blog from that list and introduce them here. Interested readers can head on over and read that blog, sometimes finding someone new.

This week's new neighbor is...

La Shawn Barber's Corner

Now I know to many of my readers, La Shawn Barber is quite a well-known blog. In the ecosystem, she's a mortal human -- which means an awful lot of people know about her and link to her. But she is on the Church Directory list, so she's eligible to be introduced as a new neighbor!

For those who don't know La Shawn, I'll mention a few points from her About Page.

She's a follower of Jesus Christ first. Next, she's an independent conservative, not a member of either major party. I'm telling you, there is no home for true conservatives in either major political party today! I think she agrees with me on that point.

La Shawn seems rather happy in her new profession as a writer -- and a real published writer, unlike the majority of us with blogs who just dream of writing for actual money!

She's made appearances on MSNBC as a "blog reporter," although I'm not entirely sure that's something to actually be proud of (no offense intended, La Shawn).

On her blog, she's always got current commentary and information. She posts about Wal-Mart's employment of illegal aliens (and also doesn't mention anything about any punishment for the EMPLOYER). She's also closely following the story about the black college student who quit because of racism -- from other blacks.

I think she might also agree with my current right-left political chart, since she posts about her dislike for RINOs and non-extremists.

The site design is clean, clear, and easy-to-read, but it is noticeably lacking in llamas and links to Ogre's Politics and Views.

So if you've never seen La Shawn's Blog, or even if you have, head on over this Sunday and take a peek. And welcome Ogre's newest neighbor!

New Neighbor #33

Once again, it's time for the weekly New Neighbor feature here at Ogre's Politics and Views. This week's featured neighbor is:

Worship Naked

Quite a nice place Tracey has over there -- I invite you to take a peek. The blog appears to have been there for about a year with the first post having been made on October 1, 2004. Posting seems relatively consistent at a rate of about 1 post every 2 days for the last year (with the exception of March, 2005 -- something about a "medical procedure?")

There's varied topics that you can find at "Worship Naked." Some are quite personal, including the announcement of Tracey's first book. Others are quite annoying (because of the time they force me to waste time) like the post about Sudoku (but fun!)

Oh -- and before you head over there looking for more about the "naked" part in the title, I'll warn you -- the site focuses more on the "worship" part than the "naked" part. But I'll let Tracey explain...

New Neighbor #32

Time again for the weekly new neighbor. For those who haven't seen this feature before, here's how it works: Each week I search through the Evangelical Blogroll that's found down the left sidebar. I find a nice looking blog that's been updated recently and visit it, then tell you all about it here. This week's neighbor is:

Be Bold, Be Gentle

This blog is about
Christian encouragement for men -- an evangelical perspective on current events, Scripture, and coming up the husband and father learning curve.

It's written by Glenn Brooke (not evil Glennn) -- and that's all I can tell you about the author -- there's no "about me" page or anything like that. There's an email address if you'd like to contact him, but that's it.

The blog is a pretty much standard layout with just a couple minor modifications, however it works just fine. It's clean and easy to read. The blog has been around since July 2003 and continues to today updating at least once a week; usually with more than one post when an update occurs.

The blog has a number of varied posts about numerous topics. The most recent post talks about the total insanity of unconstitutional federal spending. Specifically, he mentions both federal disaster bailouts and "health and human services." I agree 100%. Did you know we could cut federal spending by more than 50% if we got rid of "health and human services?"

There's another post I like about politics -- It's a PJ O'Rourke quote that starts out perfectly: "Politics is evil." It pretty much sums up why I'm not sure if I want to actually get too involved in politics -- those who lie down with dogs are sure to get fleas.

He's also got a number of comments about the hurricane and great thoughts and ideas about being a man in today's world. So head on over, read this evening, and say hello to a new neighbor!

New Neighbor #31

Time again to introduce yet another new neighbor! This week, please welcome

Dunker Journal

Dunker Journal is "An ongoing commentary from a faithful, evangelical perspective within the Church of the Brethren." What's the Church of the Brethern? They'll tell you. One of their first concerns is that the Bible is true. I agree.

Much of the blog site appears to be focused on the Church of the Brethern. However, there's plenty more on current issues commentary, including Hurricane Katrina that points out how stupid the people who are blaming Bush will soon look.

The weekly archives go all the way back to June, 2002 -- that's nearly eternity in the blogosphere, isn't it? There's also other current events articles dealing with global warming, weather-related deaths, and school prayer. Head on over and take a look.

The blog has a very clean design layout and design and is easy on the eyes. Stop by and say hello, why don't you?

New Neighbor #30

Here we are again on a wonderful Sunday afternoon. It's time for me to introduce a new neighbor. For those who aren't familiar with this feature, I'll describe it. It's a concept introduced to me by Joe Carter of The Evangelical Outpost. He put together a rather long blogroll of Evangelicals (it can be found in my list of blogrolls), and suggested somehow that we all get to know one another.

To do that, each Sunday I find one of the blogs on that blogroll and feature it here, introducing you, my good reader, to that blog. So, since it's Sunday, here is the blog I've selected from that list this week:

Rebecca Writes

I have to admit, the first thing that attracted me to this blog is that when I viewed it, the picture from this post was at the top. The first picture is an absolutely beautiful bridge over a river, and other pictures show other parts of trail. I want to come visit.

Then I noticed where the writer is from: WhiteHorse, Yukon, Canada. I checked with mapquest -- it's 3,695 miles from me -- only 62 hours, 34 minutes by car. I don't think I'll make the weekend trip to see the nice country.

But that's not all she writes about. Rebecca Writes is written by, well, Rebecca -- who likes The Princess Bride!

She's also got a great series written about Hebrews 11. If you'd like to learn a bit more about the happenings in Biblical times and Hebrews, you should go and read it. It's well-written and easy to read, and very interesting, too.

The site appears to have been around since January, 2004, and appears to be updated daily or close to it. So, if you're out web surfing this Sunday afternoon, please be sure and head on over and visit a neighbor, Rebecca Writes.

New Neighbor #29

It's time once again for a new neighbor from the Evangelical blogroll. This week's neighbor is


Who writes Cadmusings? Cadmus. Who is Cadmus? I have no idea. There's a form to email the author, but I can find no "about me" page. Near as I can tell, the blog was started in July 2004, with a post about "panning for gold." The blog is a large mammal, so apparently everyone ELSE is reading there...

The blog layout is great. It's fast loading and very clean -- just the right amount of color. It's very well-organized with a good focus on the main content in the middle. Head on over, if for no other reason, to see a good layout and design (Credit for the design and layout are given to Mike Little.)

The blog topic is "Thoughts and ruminations about religion, politics, books, writing, entertainment, technology, family and our culture." Lots of different stuff there. Like most in the world, recent posts focus on Katrina including church relief, survivor information, and news and information.

There's also a song meme that shows the author is so NOT pop-culture. Also, like a previous neighbor, the author really likes coffee.

The blog is updated mostly daily, so you're assured fresh content quite often. Head on over and see what CadMusings is all about!

New Neighbor #28

I'm a little late today with my New Neighbor post. But it's here! This is the weekly feature where I link to and describe one of my neighbors from the Evangelical Blogroll (way down there on the left side). Be sure to head on over and visit -- what else did you have to do right now?

This week's neighbor is

Defiant Lamb

This week's neighbor is a little different -- usually each week I search for only current blogs that are updated daily. The Professor Steve from the Defiant Lamb just recently posted (Friday), not having posted since July 14th! But he posts that he IS coming back to post more often. So, Professor Steve, let's see some posting!

There's not much on Dr. Steve's About Me Page, but he's married with 4 boys (WOW!) and appears to be a professor in the Arts. His posts are far from regular at the moment, but perhaps we'll see more soon. He does have some really good posts about the war in Iraq. And many other excellent posts about fatherhood.

So, good readers, head on over to visit him and encourage him to continue blogging! He's been blogging on and off for over a year now, so get him to continue in this madness!

New Neighbor #27

It's time again! This is the time each week that I search through the Evangelical Blogroll and introduce someone from the blogroll to you, my good reader. This week's new neighbor is

Cerulean Sanctum

Cerulean Sanctum is run by Dan Edelen from Ohio. He's also apparently working on writing a novel (I keep meaning to, also...). The blog appears to have been started way back in September, 2003 with a post that simply contains:
It begins...

I wonder if that one made it to the Bonfire of the Vanities...

The blog gets entries every day, for the most part, and they're long, detailed entries as well. His most recent entry talks about the horrible trend in society today where everyone complains about everything that's not their fault and the idea that almost no know takes responsibility for anything:

I'm convinced that the next time I actually hear a person say, "I messed up," I'm going to hand him $20 and say, "Thank you for taking responsibility for the problem."

Honestly, it's that bad.

I agree completely with that sentiment. People, stand up and take responsibility! He's also got extensive book reviews and nice historical corrections.

The site's very clean and easy to read, with good content and a clean layout. So head on over and meet a new neighbor this Sunday afternoon.

New Neighbor #26

This week's new neighbor is a special one. This week I'd like to introduce a neighbor who is quite well-known. If you've been blogging for more than a few days, and if you've ever looked at the Ecosystem, I'm sure you've heard or seen this neighbor.

This blog often flirts with top-ten status, and is never far from the top 10. It currently averages 935 daily visits and has almost 2,000 unique links to the blog. This week's neighbor is the source of this neighbor feature and the maintainer of that Evangelical Blogroll over in the sidebar. Please say hello to

The Evangelical Outpost

The Evangelical Outpost is run by Joe Carter. He's from Texas and a former Marine. That's good enough for me, but there's more -- he currently works in computers for the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity. Neato.

The blog is updated daily and has good stuff all the time. He's got a neat, regular feature called "Yak Shaving Razor," where there's all sort of odd and fun tips on... well, all sorts of different things from Google and Firefox hacks to rules for arguments.

I think one of his favorite types of posts are the "Outtakes." These are well-thought out details, facts, and opinions on items of the day. There's tons of links for important data and information.

If you have heard of this blog, but never been there, head on over and have a read this afternoon. You should be reading this one daily!

New Neighbor #25

It's time again for the weekly "New Neighbor" feature. In this weekly post, I select one blog at random from the Evangelical Blogroll over there on the left and introduce the blog to you, my good reader, as best I can.

However, it may be time that Joe (from Evangelical Outpost) does an update. I know the blogroll shows up in a random order every time, and I like that -- however, it's getting harder and harder to find current blogs listed. For example, when I started browsing the blogs today, the first 28 on the list did not have a post in August. I know not everyone can update daily, but if you're not updating your blog at least once a week, you've got stale content, and, in my opinion, you're missing the point of blogging.

Well, that is what it is. Without further complaining, here's this week's New Neighbor:


(where faith and inquiry meet)

This blog is more in tune for the Sunday version of the new neighbor feature. It's stated purpose is

Discussion of the theological direction in which the church is moving.

Which exact church that is, I'm not exactly sure. I guess it's the church in general, in the US. The blog author, Diane, is blogging from Southern California, so there's certainly an argument to be made that she's not actually in America these days...

The blog is clean, fast, and well-designed. There's very little in the tons of add-ons that so many blogs (myself included) seem to find and plaster all over their front pages, slowing the page loads. But it's quality reading and the content is clearly the primary and sole focus there.

The biggest single recent feature of the blog (it's been running since June 2004), is a 22-part series on revival history. Each post is a long one, so this one will give you a lot of quality reading if you're interested in the history of revivals from 1610 to the present day. No, I'm not done reading it, but I will finish it this week.

Next up, she's started a new series about outsourcing, planning to follow the latest editorials in the New York Times. Good luck, I can't stand that filth from such people who hate God and America.

So, if you've got some time, why not head on over and read a new blog today?

New Neighbor #24

Time once again to introduce a New Neighbor. This week I present for your reading pleasure,

A Ticking Time Blog

All sorts of interesting stuff over there. Now, I'm not exactly sure how often the site is updated, because the posts have no dates. Instead, it's a riot, because each post for a time/date stamp has something like "Posted by Byron when it was time for the after-dinner nap" or "Posted by Byron during the afternoon snack break." Fun stuff.

The blog is run by one Byron Harvey. Why is it named "A Ticking Time Blog?" Well, for that answer you'll have to read the site. However, numerous references on the front page to the "No Kool-Aid Zone" might give you a hint.

There's a nice list of books and videos down the right side, and you know the author of a blog is alright when the FIRST listed "Favorite Flick" is The Princess Bride. I mean, come on!

His most recent post is "Christian Hype," which include his first recipient of the first "Hypie" award -- an award given for individuals, groups, or organizations that go overboard in selling something in the name of Christianity -- usually to make a buck.

There's also an excellent fisking of Bob Stern's Documentary; a nice blasting of Trent Lott (deservedly so); and yet another example of the FMSM (Formerly MainStream Media) bias. Good reading all around.

So it's Sunday, and you've got some time on your hands. Why not head over to A Ticking Time Blog, have a read, and leave a comment or two?

New Neighbor #23

Once again, it's that weekly time to introduce a new neighbor. Each week I scan the Evangelical blogroll (over there on the left, a ways down) and try to find someone new to introduce to you, my good reader. If you're surfing around this Sunday evening, you've got one more place to visit. This week I'd like to introduce:

Ales Rarus

(Posting as Funky Dung)

As for the name of the blog, you'll have to let him explain it. I know some Latin, so I had at least a clue what it means -- if you don't know Latin, you're not going to have much chance of guessing it.

Next, the name. In case you were wondering, the author of the blog is not REALLY named Funky Dung. Once again, you'll have to read his description to get that answer.

The blog has been around since April 2002 -- that's ancient in Blog time, if you ask me. It appears to be updated quite regularly, but perhaps not quite daily. He's got a view on the recent actions in London that only briefly crossed my mind -- I wonder who else is thinking that way today. He's also got a post up for something called "Operation Cleansweep." This is an idea to completely replace ALL current members of the PA General Assembly. I think we need that operation in North Carolina in a BAD way, too.

The site is well-organized and easy to read. There's tons of links and link buttons down the sides, some I've never seen before. And check down the right side where he provides an image to his blogrolls -- it seems quite appropriate, somehow...

So head on over and have a read this Sunday evening.

New Neighbor #22

Last weekend I missed the new neighbor feature. Sorry about that! The weather has been great here recently on the weekends, so I've been rather busy outside enjoying it. The same happened this weekend, but we'll still have the new neighbor feature. Without further ado, I'd like to present:

Expresso Roast

Expresso Roast is a blog by David Price that is "reflections and commentary on life issues involving culture, politics, religion, current events, and trends."

The title of the blog comes from David's obsession with enjoyment of coffee. Personally, I never have liked the taste of coffee, much less the smell of it. Heck, I don't even like coffee ice cream. But if you do like coffee, you might want to go discuss coffee with David!

On his about page he also says something that I really wish more people would understand: "truth is not, in fact, relative." I cannot understand those who claim that everyone gets to make their own truth. David did just earn a degree in Theology, so that might explain a little bit about why he's got such a view on life.

He's got lots of posts on current news, including pointing out silly news and serious news. There appears to be consistent regular posting, and the site has been around since October of 2004 at least.

The site design is good, it loads quickly, and it's easy to read. He's even got a whole page on book reviews. Need summer reading material?

So, if you've got a little time and want a new read, take a peek at Expresso Roast today!

New Neighbor #21

Time again to introduce a new neighbor. This week I present for your approval:

The Dawn Treader

When I first read that, I kept seeing the Dawn TRADER. It doesn't say trader, it says TREADER. In short, this place is:

A site for discussing any and all issues related to worldview, philosophy, ethics, religion, and culture. The title is taken from C.S. Lewis' classic book in the Chronicles of Narnia.

I have read that book, and I do remember that ship and that voyage quite well. Very nice.

The author is a "Husband, father, writer, teacher, and life long learner" who homeschools his 4 children. He says "My favorite blogs are those that promote good thinking and have thoughtful, edifying content. My goal is to make The Dawn Treader such a blog."

Mr. Dawn Treader, I believe you have been a success.

The blog appears to only have been around since January 2005. It's updated daily and has information on all sorts of different topics. He talks about golf courses, Nashville, church, and plenty more.

So once again on this Sunday afternoon, I ask you to take some time, head on over, and read some news, information, and talk from my neighbor.

New Neighbor #20

Time again for the lovely weekly Sunday afternoon feature: The New Neighbor. Once again I present to you a blog I've found during the week from the Evangelical Blogroll. I have to admit that many times the appearance of the blog, the first glance, gets me to reading it or turns me off quickly. This week's neighbor made me want it to be good, just because of the appearance of the blog.

Tulip Girl

A clean, fast-loading, elegant blog that follows all the web design rules (except for the lack of llamas) and is easy on the eyes. And yes, there are tulips. Despite being around since December of 0000 -- yes, that's what the Archives show -- but there aren't any actual entries for December of year zero -- TulipGirl has this to say about herself in the "About Me" section:

TulipGirl is currently what she would like to reveal about herself and what she would rather withhold. This section will contain some real information soon!

I don't know about you, but I'm watching that closely to see what "SOON" means...

The first real entry appears on January 1, 2004. I guess that was some New Year's Resolution, huh? The site appears to be updated pretty much daily with all sorts of different things. There's posts about free giveaways, music, relationships, and reading.

So enjoy your day of rest today (and if you have to work today, I hope you reserve another day for a day of rest), and head on over and read a new blog -- introduce yourself to a new person. Relax and have some fun.

New Neighbor #19

It's Sunday again, and once again it's time to introduce a new neighbor. Now I don't want you to think I just pick a name out of a hat and slap a link up here -- I read through a number of the blogs over there on the Evangelical until I find one that I really like. This week it's

Coffee Swirls

Coffee Swirls is...

the minty fresh blog of Doug McHone, which snaps back wash after wash!

The blog has been around since...well, I can't really tell how long. Oddly enough, despite an excellent design and clean layout, I can't find any links to any archives -- just links to recent posts (note to self: add archive links to own site layout). Aha - the archive links can be found on individual post pages. The earliest of those goes all the way back to January, 2002.

The blog has varied topics and is generally quite silly. There's a post that shows the absolute need for a coffee press. Not being a coffee drinker, I don't think I've ever even heard of one of those things. If you do drink coffee, however, you apparently have to have one of these nifty things.

He's got some entries regarding Daily Bible Reading, which is always a good place to start your day (Note to self: neat way he put the category for each post in the header section for each post without losing the Title or being too cluttered), and book reviews and silly stuff.

So, on this Day of Rest, head on over and have a read!

New Neighbor #18

Once again, for your Sunday reading pleasure, a new neighbor. This week it is

Double Toothpicks

This is a group blog that didn't start out as a group blog, but it is one now. The blog started to answer the burning question, "Are we going to H-E-double toothpicks in a handbasket?" The blog's primary author, Steve, says that

some mission creep has happened, but probably the most descriptive phrase for the blog is our catchphrase: "Worldviews BEHIND The News." What the Mainstream Media often doesn't tell you is the worldviews of the players involved. You'll get that here, and hopefully a lot more.

There's a great about page that tells you what the purpose of the blog is and gives good quotes from the authors to really give you an idea of what you're reading there.

The blog appears to be updated multiple times daily, especially during the weekdays. There's lots of news about news there, like the recent post talking about the press in the Michael Jackson case and Dean and Christianity.

There's plenty more good stuff there. The archives go back to May 2004 -- and the second post of all time is a powerful post showing how society tries to equate politics to morality. You should go read now.

New Neighbor #17

I would like to continue my Sunday afternoon tradition. Each Sunday I'll introduce a new neighbor from the massive Evangelicals blogroll. There's often not a lot of things going on Sunday evenings, so take a moment and visit the new neighbor. I'm sure in many cases, it's a blog you've never seen before. This week's new neighbor is

Echo Zoe

I've been reading Echo's site for a long time. I'm not sure if I started reading him before I started blogging myself, but I remember I found him in the comments at Vox Day's.

In case you're wondering what Echo Zoe means, from his site:

έχω (echo) v. - greek "to have" first person singular. Literally "I Have" (Strongs #2192)

ζωη (zoe) n. - greek "life". Life in the absolute sense, life as God has it, that which the Father has in Himself, and which He gave to the Incarnate Son to have in Himself (Strongs #2222)

He posts every day with a daily devotional. I read it every day, and it wouldn't hurt you to read it, too.

He's also got various commentary and thoughts on various topics. His last post asks for your most annoying catch phrase. Without a doubt, I'm going with "My Bad." Ugh.

So head on over, have a read!

New Neighbor #41

This week's new neighbor is

Uncle Sam's Cabin

Go ahead on over and welcome them. You see, Uncle Sam's Cabin is a group blog, with three authors listed. Recent entries all seem to come from one author, Mistress of this here blog cabin. I'm not really sure what to do with that name...it's a female who likes the Lord of the Rings, so sounds good to me!

One of the first things that attracted me to this blog was the entry from Feb 11: Cartoon Rage: Nothing new under the sun. I mentioned something similar over at The Wide Awakes -- these cartoons are just being used as an excuse. However, The Blog Mistress gives a great example from Acts that shows how old this story REALLY is. Powerful stuff there.

She also has some good advice for those in love. Really good. There's actually a series of posts on this vein ("Love is..."). She also clearly subscribes to my exact theory on foods and diets.

There's lots of other good stuff over there, so take a minute this evening and head on over!

The layout is clean (close to default, I think), and easy to read. The blog has archives back to December 2003, so the blog has been around for quite some time, yet I've never seen it. Weird, huh?

What are you waiting for? Go visit!