Border Movie Today

Dear Immigration Activists:

I would like to invite each of you to view two screenings of the movie "Border" here in NC that our organization ALIPAC is bringing to the state. We need as many lawmakers, citizen activists, and members of the media to attend as possible.

Many of you may have heard about this movie on CNN, Fox, and CBS or in the New York Times.

This film will be of interest to people that favor enforcement and those that favor amnesty.

The two showing are also being supported by Bill Lumaye of WPTF radio's Bill Lumaye Show and by Jeff Katz of WBT Radio in Charlotte, NC.

You can view a trailer for the film and order advance tickets online at

I will be speaking briefly at these showings and the film's creator, Chris Burgard, is coming to NC on his national tour with the film and will be glad to answer questions after each showing.

These show times are for 6:30pm EST, but an 8:30 showing will be added if the first sells out. That is why advance tickets are important.

This movie shows you what is really happening at the border in graphic detail. This movie shows you what North Carolina will be dealing with soon. People are planning to come from across the state and from SC and VA to see this film here with us.

Hope to see you there.

William Gheen
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

Carolina Ren Fest

Ah, the Carolina Renaissance Festival continues to roll on!

I haven't blogged much this year about the wonderful Renaissance Festival. It's not because it hasn't been great, but actually because there's just so much going on right now. One reason I get the season tickets is so I can just run by on some afternoons and spend just a few hours there and not feel bad about paying for a full price ticket. This is what I've been doing a lot of days, especially on Sundays.

I'm rather disappointed that Blackenshear isn't doing a show this year. I talked to Mister Blackenshear himself (he's there, playing instruments), and he's disappointed, too. If you're disappointed too, you can go here and send an email to the Entertainment director. I did.

But the other acts that are there are wonderful. I hope to spend all day this Saturday there with camera so I can post lots of fun stuff. Thom Selectomy is back after a 3-year hiatus. And of course, my all-time favorite, Dextre Tripp is there. And one that is growing on me is Manolete and his fire show -- completely new (and scary if you're the one on stage as I was) this year!

And again, the biggest attraction to me isn't even all the shows -- it's the atmosphere. All week long I see what's happening. I watch the news. I keep track of politics and the evil that is inherent in the entire government system today. And when you get to the fair, everything disappears. There's no politics. There's no judgment. There's just fun and relaxation. This is a place where the people who "work" there seem to be honestly having fun. They're not there because they need to earn money, they're not there because they were told by the government to be there -- they're just doing something they really like and happen to be good enough to earn some money for it. The entire atmosphere is wonderful. I have yet to meet someone at the fair that wasn't just a seemingly good and nice person (even if some of them are escaped hippies).

So if you get a chance, and if you want to relax, come on by the fair. I'd get you in free if I could, but I just have tickets for me, they don't give me spares. Come on out and relax some, won't you?

Nascar and Congress


You can't imagine how true this one really is.

Gone Fishing!


Time again to head off to the North Carolina Mountains for fishing and, well, whatever else I feel like doing while camping until Sunday or Monday. Have fun without me!

Carolina Renaissance Festival Ticket Number

Hey, it's almost that time! The Carolina Renaissance Festival is coming up in just 10 days! Watch the right sidebar here for the hourly countdown, if you like. Now I won't be able to be there on opening day, but I'm going to try and get there Sunday afternoon. And after the first week, I will be there quite a bit. If you've never been, come on out!

It really is a wonderful place. It's a place to really escape from today. There's almost no electricity, and everyone is there to have fun. The performers are really entertaining and they ALL appear happy to be there. If you work around people who just hate to come to work every day, you will be refreshed.

In addition, there's almost no judgment there. People don't look at you and judge you by the way you look or who you voted for last year. There's almost no political discussion of any kind. And you can relax all day long around people who will become your friends. Again, I offer to anyone in the area, if you want to come out and hang around for a day, please do. I'm willing to meet up with about anyone nearly any day (certainly any day I'm there).

Oh, and I got my season pass a little while ago. They appear to be sequentially numbered. Should it bother me that mine is #18?

Dry Forests

It really is that dry here in Western North Carolina.


How's the Weather?

This is SO me right now:


It really isn't supposed to be this hot in North Carolina. Thank you, algore, for inventing man-made global warming so we're not all living on glaciers and hunting wooly mammoths right now.

It's Hot

It's not supposed to be this hot in North Carolina.


Whew. It's hot. Record-breaking heat (over 100).

Did I mention that it's hot?

Ogre's Driving Tips

Once again, time for a few notes on summer driving.

Please realize that many people are driving somewhere on their vacation time during the summer -- even if you're not. If they are on vacation in your city or town, they will not know their way around. Here's a clue -- when you see a license plate that's a different color than yours, there's a good chance they're from out of town.

Take a moment and take a deep breath. We people from out of town really don't know our way around your town. We will be driving a bit slower. We might get in the wrong lane, or realize at the last minute that we're in the wrong lane and will suddenly need to get out of that lane. Honestly, we're sorry, we just don't know.

So take a moment and relax. Calm down. It's summertime, take a break! And if you have to work while we're on vacation, know that we'll be working when you're on vacation, so you can laugh at us then!

This public-service ad not paid for by any useless government taxes, unlike all the other ones.

Illegals Kill Again

William Teach is mad. I say, Mr. Teach, it's about time. Now I know Teach has always been on the right side of this "immigration issue," but this time he, like many others, are finally seeing this up close and personal. So what's got Teach wanting to make some walk the plank?

Eyewitness News has learned the man charged with drunken driving in crash that killed a man Monday morning is in the United States

Indeed. We've had six stories like that in the past year here in Charlotte, so it's not a new thing. Folks, no matter how much you like to claim that illegal criminal invaders from Mexico are coming here to work, many are coming here and are killing people -- from MS-13 gangs to drunk drivers. That's just the facts, whether any pro-illegal immigration supporters and McCain-Kennedy amnesty supporters want to admit it.

Congressional Approval Numbers

Have you seen the latest approval numbers for the Democrat Congress? I'm sure it's been all the headlines all over the country. What? You didn't see them? They are now LOWER than President Bush's numbers, surely that's news! Every time Bush's numbers drop by 1%, that's headlines, so surely a 4-point drop for Congress gets lots of attention, right?

In case you're counting, Congress' approval numbers are down to 29% while Bush remains steady at 33%. So you Democrats who are claiming that you represent "the will of the people" -- well, you're just plain wrong.

Charlotte Knights Baseball

Ah, a nice spring day in the 70s. Nothing but sun and clear Carolina Blue sky. Sounds like a good day to go watch some baseball!

The Knights (AAA affiliate of the White Sox) will be playing the Norfolk Tides (AAA affiliate of the Orioles) this afternoon, so I'm off to watch the game. It's the last game of a 4-game series and the Knights have won all of the first three games.

Yay, baseball!

Ogre's A Terrorist - Are You?

I just recently found out that I'm a terrorist. I wasn't aware of this apparent "fact." I mean, I knew that the FBI considered me a terrorist. I'm not aware if I'm in their TSDB database -- because they won't tell me. National security and all those such claims. But you see, I once read Unintended Consequences and was quite impressed with the book. Then one day I attended a FBI security briefing for technology security and was confronted with an image of the book -- strongly implying those who own or read the book were terrorists.

But now I find I'm considered a terrorist by many other government agencies! Seriously, I wonder when I shall be arrested and "Detained."

The state of PA says that I'm a terrorist. See that flag they show as a "terrorist" flag? I fly it outside my house every day -- just below the American flag. And it's on a big, 25' flagpole so I'm sure it's been spotted. Guess I better stay away from PA.

The FBI says I'm a terrorist because I (and I'm not making this up):

Request authority for a stop
Make numerous references to the US Constitution
Defender of the US Constitution

With all the references I've made to the Constitution on this very web site, I don't know how they allow me to roam free. They seriously, honestly classify me as a domestic terrorist.

The state of Alabama says I'm a terrorist. That link is to an archive of their page because apparently a lot of libertarians complained about the web page, so it just magically disappeared -- without anyone saying the information wasn't true. They claim I'm a terrorist because I believe in gun rights and protest taxes. Because I think the Constitution has been subverted, AL says that I'm a terrorist.

The state of Virginia also says I'm a terrorist. Why there? Because I'm a "property rights advocate." Seriously, in Virginia, you're a TERRORIST if you advocate for property rights. I think they're going to need to build more jails to house us all.

Here in NC, I cannot find anything on line related to the state and homeland security. So while I'm clearly a terrorist (the FBI says so), maybe I won't be arrested by the local folks just yet. But perhaps when they get a couple more taxpayer grants, they'll come visit me and I can start planning my stay at club Gitmo for supporting the Constitution (oops, I mentioned it again).

Incredibly, none of this is in jest. These various government agencies honestly believe *I* am a "domestic terrorist." That is so sad. Indeed, this once-great country has nowhere to go but down.

Okay, I made a quiz. I used the exact words from the various government agencies web pages. Check and see if you, too, are a terrorist:

Are you a terrorist?

Your score is 75%

Congratulations, you are a domestic terrorist. Well, at least you are according to the US government. Consider turning yourself in to your local authorities. There are FBI offices all around they country and they would like to talk to you. Pack your bags for Gitmo because the government doesn't like you.

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