More Comment Whining

My resident pet troll, who posts under all sorts of names for some reason (any strange name that you see over and over again is likely the troll -- usually some attempt at relating to the post, but sometimes not), is doing more whining. On a post about SCHIP, the troll (posting on that thread as John Daley) claims to be God of America.

This is a position that the left often takes. It's one thing to think that you know better than everyone else, but you have truly descended into the den of evil when you ask

How does the couple with $22,800 spendable income afford a private health insurance plan?

especially when your answer is "with government help."

He also keeps pestering me about how much I pay for insurance. You see, there's one answer to that question in a free country (which America is not):


The government of a free country should never ask or care about how much anything costs. The implication is that if something costs "too much," then government should make it cheaper. That's the story behind SCHIP -- people cannot "afford" insurance, so government should buy it for them.

Keep in mind: government can buy NOTHING without first taking from someone else.

Well gee, can people afford cell phones? Maybe they're "too expensive" so government should buy some of those. Oh, people don't "need" those? How about cars? Are they "too expensive?" If so, government better get to buying some for people. Oh, and we better get some more people like John Daley paying more attention so they can tell everyone else the EXACT price that things should cost. After all, how are we to determine how much is "too much" if we don't have someone who knows better to tell us? And hey, houses are kind of expensive, and everyone "needs" a house, too, right? Better get government to buy some more of those.

Hey, what about food? People absolutely really need food right? Well, how much, exactly, should a can of baked beans cost? Is 33 cents "too much?" I think John Daley needs to tell us. Should government show up and force everyone to only charge 31 cents? Should we fine people and throw them in jail for charging 37 cents for a can of beans? In John Daley's world, apparently we should.

But this is the world of liberals today. They honestly believe that they are gods in America. They believe they know exactly how much people should pay for everything because they're smarter than everyone else. And they hate freedom (even if they won't admit it). How much "should" health insurance cost? Whatever two people agree it should cost. If I can get someone to give it to me for 2 chickens a week, we should be able to trade. But in the fantasy-land that is liberalism, that's not "fair."

In a free country, people are free to come to an agreement about trading for goods and services. We are not free to do that in this country for many things -- health insurance is just one of them. I cannot buy the health insurance I want today -- not because of the "evil" companies, but because the government of North Carolina WILL NOT LET ME. They have made it illegal and will fine anyone who dares sell me the insurance I want.

Liberals like this idea. Liberals believe that "rights" extend to anything they deem people should have. And they don't care who they have to punish, jail, or enslave to get what they want. No, they won't use their money to buy things for people that they want them to have -- but they're more than willing to use the force of government to take from YOU so they can buy things THEY decide others "should" have. And that's just incredibly selfish and pure evil.

Chinese Olympics


Another Product of Hillary Care

Want to know what government health care looks like. take a peek.

Just think about it, seriously. When you go to a government office, ANY government office, to deal with a bureaucrat, when is the last time you thought they had ANY feelings? Have you heard them say, "Gee, I'm sorry, I'm just doing my job?" Or perhaps you've heard, "Well, we just have to do it that way." Put government even more in charge of health care and you WILL have doctors and nurse bureaucrats saying the exact same things. Go ahead, elect Hillary. You WILL see more of this sort of thing.

(H/T to Kender)

Free S-x in MD

So, all you horny teenage boys who want to see naked women, you can now do so in the Montgomery County locker rooms. Well, technically not yet, but the county there is considering allowing any and all genders in the women's locker room. If you're a pervert or a pedophile, you are welcome in Montgomery County. If you like gawking at naked women, move to Maryland, land of open sex.

Of course, you might not actually see any naked women or girls in those locker rooms, because any one female with the tiniest bit of sense will simply avoid those locker rooms at all costs. Don't worry, though, I'm sure this government will soon pass a law allowing perverts and teenage boys in your home bathroom, too. After all, otherwise it would be "discrimination."

American Legion vs. Government

I like the American Legion. I suppose that's why I'm a member. And when they do things like this, it just makes me glad I'm a member (even if not a member of that post, nor even any California post).

You see, there's something called "tradition." This country was, whether you like it or not, founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs. And these beliefs include a sense a right and wrong. Now I realize that there are a lot of people (especially in California) that simply do not believe in right and wrong. There are a lot of people that believe there is no absolute truth. Well, they're wrong.

In fact, it was George Washington that said a nation cannot survive without morals and religious principles. If you completely remove all things that are associated with Christianity from the country, you will end up with a lawless land full of evil and destruction. Literally, survival of the fittest will rule -- and I will be able to kill anyone that I want because it wouldn't be wrong.

There's nothing wrong with reciting "In the eyes of a Christian citizen, represents an emblem of eternity and glorifies, in their eyes, God the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost." Did you get that? It doesn't say anything about the person being buried, JUST in the eyes of a Christian citizen. There's NOTHING there that any sane person could possibly consider government endorsement of any religion.

So American Legion, keep up the good work -- the only way today to retain values, morals, and traditions is going to be to ignore the government no matter the cost.

The Golden Compass

In case you hadn't heard, The Golden Compass is a movie that will be released in November. It's a "kids" movie. It's purpose is to actively tear down children and religion. It is designed to drag your children away from any semblance of religion and dash any hope they have in their life. It used to be that movies lifted people up. This one is designed to bring you down.

Oh sure, they claim that's not true, but again, the story is about a girl on a quest to kill God. And the author open says that he hates God.

So atheists, celebrate and rejoice. Go and see this movie that was written by some who writes about killing God. But be warned, it is designed to destroy hope in your children. It's designed to make kids think that life is worthless. So of course, the critics love it. How sad.

Jessica's Law Now NC

The folks at Jessica's Law Now NC sent along this little tidbit that I thought I'd spread around:

This person works in the General Assembly and cannot reveal his name, but he is a big supporter of Jessica's law. Here are this comments: This is important. The thing will never get to the floor or out of committee unless you can get Rand and Basnight on your side. Make it worth their while. Pressure the heck out of them. (This comment is all OFF THE RECORD).

This is how things REALLY WORK in the Senate. It's not above board, like in the House. That's why this bill keeps passing the house but never gets thru the Senate.

You might want to mention that Senator Berger is the Senate Republican Leader, Senator Brown and Senator Tillman are also supporters. This bill has very little chance of being heard unless you can convince Senator Rand to hear it.

Having explored, in detail, in person, the depths of depravity and stinking cesspool that is the Democrat-Ruled General Assembly, I can assure you, good reader, that this is absolutely true. The General Assembly, especially the Senate (which has been controlled with an iron fist by Democrats for over 100 years) is run by a small group of people. It is NOT a democracy, it's ruler ship by the anointed few there.

Basnight is king of the Senate. What he says goes, period. It is nearly impossible to overrule him. Indeed, he has more power than the governor, because the governor is term-limited, while he has been there TWENTY-FOUR YEARS. Indeed, if you want something in the state of North Carolina, talk to the king. If he's on your side, no one can stop you. Of course, if he's not on your side, there's no chance that your issue will ever see the light of day.

Schip. Again.


Well, it's coming back again. Folks, we ARE going to have socialized medicine. It doesn't matter that it doesn't work. It doesn't matter that it will hurt and kill people, just like socialism does every single place on the planet it's ever been tried. You see, socialism works for two reasons: because it's for the "greater good" (even if it kills some people, others will be better off) and because, at least in America, there's many good people.

You see, there's a lot of people in America still left that just won't give up. There's a lot of people who still see the value in hard work, so they're going to work hard, no matter what. There's people who, even if the income tax rises to 75%, are still going to work hard. Of course, that number continues to shrink as more people find out that if they don't work, government will provide, well, everything for them.

But there's still that mass of people who just ignore government, ignore politics, and continue working. There's the mass that doesn't realize that 20-50% of their earnings are being taken from them -- they just don't care because they're going to work hard. As long as there is this mass, socialism and socialist medicine will continue to expand, and will continue to work in America.

Of course, once more students from public schools graduate -- who have not been taught that hard work is good -- and more people retire and simply give up -- it will be harder to sustain the socialist system. The next generation is in serious trouble -- but no one cares about them. And after all, socialized medicine will "help" some people.

So socialism continues. Socialist medicine (SCHIP) will be implemented. And good people will continue to work hard -- at least as long as they can. And freedom will continue to decline until it just simply doesn't exist -- but you won't know, because you'll be working too hard.

Raven has more gory details.

More Victims of Homosexuals

Hey look, more children have been sacrificed by the homosexual lobby. These people do not care who gets hurt or damaged as they reach towards their goal of absolute and total approval of their lifestyle. Any hint of criticism of any homosexual act will be met with destruction.

In this case, an untold number of children who need help, who need foster homes, will now not be allowed a kind, loving home. Some unknown number of children will instead live without a family because of the homosexual agenda. And it's not because someone decided they wanted to say homosexuals were wrong. They didn't even want to say that homosexuals were bad. What did this couple do that was SO EVIL that they're now unfit to be foster parents?

They refused to teach their children that homosexuality was normal, acceptable, and they approved of it. That's the situation in England now. If you do not ACTIVELY PROMOTE and open approve of men putting their **** in another man's ****, then you are an unfit parent.

I only wonder how long it will be before people are jailed simply for NOT speaking "Gay is great."

This is not about acceptance or approval. In case you missed it, these people, and dozens of children, are being punished because they refused to stand up and tell 11-year old children that homosexuality is good. They didn't even have the option to teach nothing -- they are not permitted to remain silent. They HAD to explain to 11 year old children that putting your **** in another man's **** was a good thing.

Wow. What a completely and totally screwed up country. But don't worry, I'm sure we're close to that here in America. Anyone want to start a country with me where people have freedom to have religious beliefs and rights to say whatever they believe?

(H/T to Raven).

World's Strongest Dad

Having kids is supposed to change your life.

Read about them more at Team Hoyt. Wow.

And they did it without government.

A Muslim Doctor?

From this site (the first question):

When the patient saw my name, he refused to be examined by a Muslim doctor. I couldn’t reach his primary physician, and the other physician on call was also Muslim. A physician assistant offered to complete the evaluation, but as the patient was in no immediate danger, I did not allow this. Instead I discharged the patient without a full evaluation. Was I right?

Imagine that. Someone actually refused treatment by a Muslim doctor. And it seems like the NY Times and the doctor are quite offended. Since the doctor is a Muslim, I wonder what he burned to release his "offendedness."

Actually, this is happening a lot more today -- except in reverse. More and more Muslims around the world (especially in England) are demanding they are served by Muslims and Muslims alone. And no one seems to condemn nor care about that when Muslims do it, but if a non-Muslim refuses treatment by a Muslim, suddenly it's "religious bigotry."

But wait -- shouldn't we have freedom of association? Shouldn't we actually be free to be examined by a person who shares our morals and values? What if, during the examination, the Muslim doctor decided that you were an "infidel" and needed to convert to Islam or die? What if you accidentally said "Mohammed" in the wrong way and the Muslim doctor decided he needed to punish you for saying that and he cut your head off? These are not irrational thoughts to those who are radical Muslims. My question is: how do you determine which are the radicals and which are not?

If you can't tell which ones are the radicals and the non-radicals don't speak up, your only safe choice is to assume that any Muslim you're talking to IS a radical. And therefore, it's certainly logical to not want to want a medical exam from a Muslim who may or may not be a radical who will kill you for his religion if you say or do the wrong thing (in their eyes).

(H/T for the story to Raven).

North Korean Nukes
North Korea agreed to provide a "complete and correct declaration" of its nuclear programs and will disable its facilities at its main reactor complex by Dec. 31 under an agreement reached by North Korea and five other countries released Wednesday.
Oh wow, isn't this wonderful? Doesn't this just prove that diplomacy works? Oh, the world can live in peace now, can't it? Details? What details?
...will disable its facilities at its main reactor
In other words, they'll shut down the main one that we know about.
The disablement of the five megawatt experimental reactor at Yongbyon, the reprocessing plant at Yongbyon and the nuclear fuel rod fabrication facility at Yongbyon will be completed
But any other facilities that have been moved underground to avoid satellite detection will NOT be disabled. Any nuclear fuel rods that have already been moved from those above listed facilities will remain in place.
North Korea is required to disable its sole functioning reactor at Yongbyon in exchange for economic aid and political concessions
That should read, "sole KNOWN functioning reactor."

Are there people who actually believe that the lunatic who rules North Korea with an iron fist (not unlike Democrats in North Carolina) would actually surrender all his nuclear material? Are there people who think he really will just hand over his nuclear bombs to America for cash? I don't. Sure, this is a nice start, but I don't trust this fellow as far as I can throw him.

Felonious Food

Did you know that food can get you jailed? I only wish I were kidding. No, today's politically correct society now has devolved to the point where you can absolutely be jailed if you THINK politically incorrect. And I'm not talking left-wing wacko Bill Maher "politically incorrect" -- which is actually VERY politically correct. I'm talking first-amendment freedom of speech politically incorrect.

Two incidents this week that I'm aware of that should be absolutely disgusting to anyone who actually likes freedom. And no, I'm not holding my breath for that communist bastion of protectors of free speech that only they like, the ACLU, to join in and attempt to defend this freedom of speech.

The first is in so far left they wouldn't know freedom if it spanked them on their gay rear-ends California -- San Mateo, specifically. Are you ready for this great use of your tax dollars to openly oppress freedom of speech? How about this quote:

Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe says, “We definitely think this is a hate crime,” he said. “This one is pretty offensive.”

To what is he referring?
Pacifica police reported finding asparagus in Adler’s purse at the time of arrest.

Yes, Virginia, there really are vegetable police in San Mateo, CA. Don't you feel safer? And the police didn't find just any vegetable in the evil offender's purse - they found the most evil of all vegetables, the preferred vegetable weapon of hate groups worldwide -- the asparagus! It is rumored that the city council is considering registering and tracking all asparagus, if they can't get away with an outright ban of the evil vegetable in city limits.

But Tiffany Adler is likely going to have to go to jail. Why? Because she dared to speak a word and she was carrying asparagus. The word? Well, I'm sure not if I'm allowed to type the word. I mean, people in San Mateo may read this post and get offended and send the police to search my house and blog for vegetables as well. In fact, the San Mateo Daily Journal actually went and printed the offensive word. Someone call the police and have the editor arrested!

Worse, to show how far this absolutely insane crushing of freedom has gone, the people who were offended are claiming they are gay -- without any proof. And the assailant claims she didn't know they were gay. So that's justice today -- zero proof is required for any claims. The police are allowed to read the minds of any offender they don't like; and they're allowed to accept "sexual orientation" with zero evidence. That's not justice, that's open Nazism with protected, superior, individuals and speech codes. In this travesty of justice system, there is literally no chance of defense against a so-called "hate-crime" -- you are automatically guilty -- it's literally impossible to provide any defense against these sorts of punishments. That shouldn't happen in America.

Second is the food that's even more dangerous than the evil asparagus -- the HAM SANDWICH! Yes, folks, the most offensive food in the world still roams free without and licensing or registration requirements. I'm not sure how this evil piece of meat has been allowed to continue to fester and attack people around this country. Democrats on Capital Hill are likely preparing ham bans as you read this.

This event happened in Lewiston, Maine -- and it's much worse than the San Mateo "asparagus attack." According to published police reports, an unattended ham sandwich was found at Lewiston Middle School. Oh, the horror! Lewiston has requested hundreds of grief counselors to calm their students. The school district is evaluating it's potential liability exposure to lawsuits from those who might have been offended by the unattended sandwich.

However, exposure was limited by a quick-thinking student because the sandwich was in a bag. A student was suspended for leaving the sandwich unattended. And to ensure that no other sandwiches ever are left unattended for a period of more than a few seconds, "The center for the Prevention of Hate Violence is working with the school to devise a response plan."

Again, I only WISH I were making this up. Your tax dollars REALLY are being spend to devise a "response plan" for when students might leave a sandwich unattended on a table while they go to the trash or to get another helping of government cheese. And yes, this is "being investigated as a hate crime."

Remember this if you have an unattended sandwich in your kitchen -- you may be committing a hate crime, even if you are unaware of it. My advice to you, especially if you happen to live in Maine -- do not leave your sandwich unattended for even one second -- you literally might go to jail for it.

Welcome to America, 2007. We had freedom once. You'll have quite the hard time convincing me of that now.

Christians Stand Up

Every now and then, someone public stands up for their beliefs. Today, that person is almost never a member of government -- unfortunately. When the PC crowd comes calling, most government, institutions, and businesses cave in right away. The cry of "intolerance" usually brings most institutions to their knees. But not Bob Jones University.

A group of gays came to this private institution and wanted to force those people to agree with them. They wanted "dialogue" to force the people there to be intolerant of themselves. As usual, the gay agenda includes not allowing anyone to disagree with you.

Most of the time, institutions cave when these people come calling because they're simply afraid of being called "homophobic" -- a made-up word that really doesn't have any more meaning than calling gays "heterophobic." But usually an institution can be counted on to give in rather than "suffer" bad press, etc. Instead, Bob Jones University stood on their own principles:

As Bible-believing Christians, our faith and practice is based on Scripture which speaks consistently on the subject of sexual expression in many passages through both the Old and New Testaments. Therefore, Soulforce's ultimate disagreement is not with BJU or any other institution that holds to the Scriptural position, but with Scripture itself.

We can't grant open forums and discussions to a group whose expressed purpose is to undermine the clear teachings of Jesus Christ.

Nicely done, Bob Jones University. It is indeed refreshing to see someone stand up to these radicals who want to force their opinions on people, whether they want them or not. Keep up the good work.