Blog War Anniversary

It's the anniversary of the declaration of blog war by IMAO and The Alliance.

If you're not familiar with The Alliance, you can read this. If you want to know more about the war, head over here. If you want to know about Harvey, go here (tip: you don't want to know about Harvey).

So there will be no truthful stories lies about evil Glennn this week, as we honor a moment of silence (yes, we're honoring a moment, what's wrong with that?) and the anniversary of the blog war.

Puppy Launch

Everyone who's been around a bit in the Blogosphere knows the definition of "instalanch." Now, however, after Evil Glennn's takeover at NASA, we can now expect numerous puppylaunches:



Word at The Alliance is that Evil Glennn wrote a book. Our regular readers know that when a rumor appears, Ogre's Politics and Views likes to send out our research team to see which rumors are true and which ones are false.

The team reported back that they hacked into the Amazon site where they found databases showing images of books that were yet to be released. After they sorted through all the various pictures of the latest Harry Potter books (with different potential covers), they finally found this image:


I don't think there's anything else that can be added to that.

Frank J.?

This week The Alliance has quite a different question. Usually they ask about the goings-on of one evil Glennn Reynolds (oh, he IS evil). We here at Ogre's View often send our staff on crack crack staff out to dig up some dirt. However, this week, they are more curious about some person named "Frank J." Seeing as the staff really didn't have anything else to do since the pot plants haven't finished growing.

The staff stumbled out into the light of day, some after quite a night. They quickly ran back for the cover of darkness. However, as soon as they returned to their computers, the found clear and convincing evidence that one Frank J. had been sabotaging Harvey's Computer. Is it possible that this Frank J. of IMAO fame could actually be in league with the one and only evil Glennn?

Then the staff uncovered some really damming evidence of some collusion between the evil One and this Frank J.. It's pretty serious, and posted at evil Glennn's site by evil Glennn! You should see this one.

Update: It seems that the link above has mysteriously been removed from the evil Glennn site. Look, after finding evidence that suddenly disappears and watching evil Glennn start hacking Alliance sites, I'm scared. The staff is running for Friendlies and some Fribbles...

Thief, thief!

Evil Glennn stole my evil glennn quote! No, really!

I made my changes at the beginning of the month, just like normal. I put the new layout in place, made some minor adjustments, then sat back to admire my handiwork before I moved all the blogrolls code. Then I noticed it -- my Evil Glennn quote was gone. Missing. Absolutely no sign of it.

So, I did what all computer geek web designers do, I simply cursed, finished my pop-tart, popped another can of Mountain Dew, and went back to the code. I thought for a moment, then came up with a brilliant, brand-new evil Glennn quote. I posted it on the source, saved it, and republished it. As I finished off the Mountain Dew, I watched the page load with expectation. The quote appeared!

I went to the fridge and got another Mountain Dew and tried to up my hit count by hitting the "refresh" button (my mind blocking out the 1/2-hour limit for hits to count) -- the quote was gone! I refreshed AGAIN, and it was still missing. Well, maybe I had not saved or rebuilt the site correctly. Back to the site, check the quote -- nope, it's missing. Put it back in, save again, republish, throw away empty Mountain Dew, then back to previewing the site. Bam -- quote is there, everything is OK.

I got up to pee, came back and hit refresh (after grabbing another Mountain Dew). The quote was gone again! I checked the access logs and found this interesting entry:

Domain Name: INSTAPUNDIT.COM Registrar: NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC. Whois Server: Referral URL: Name Server: NS.HMDNS.NET Name Server: NS2.HMDNS.NET Status: REGISTRAR-LOCK Updated Date: 08-apr-2004 Creation Date: 23-may-2001 Expiration Date: 23-may-2006

So evil Glennn is now apparently expanding his empire, attempting to assimilate and steal all the miscellaneous Alliance evil Glennn quotes! Alliance members, keep a close eye on YOUR quote -- the war has just escalated!

Evil Glennn and Father's Day

The Alliance wants to know, "What will Evil Glenn be doing for Father's Day?."

I have to wonder about the question itself this week. I wonder what The Alliance could have been thinking. Why would Father's Day be any different at all to an evil genius like Evil Glennn? He's EVIL!

So what he be doing? The same thing he does every day:

Meeting with pure evil, re-living his past war exploits, designing software, planning television shows, visiting the zoo, and, of course, with Evil Glennn, no day would be completely with some puppy blending.

Evil Glennn

This week, The Alliance discovered some pictures of Evil Glennn, and was wondering what the REAL story was behind the pictures.

I examined one of the pictures and found that it had been altered, so our crack team went to work to determine the original picture. We found it and posted it here. I don't think there needs to be any story to go with it, the picture speaks for itself:


And yes, those ARE puppies.