Elections 2006

Well, that sure sucked, didn't it?

Freedom really took a hit here. If you don't believe that, you're seriously delusional. Let's look at my predictions for the "First 100 days:"

1. Democrats will raise taxes. That's simply what they do. Sure, they've been pleased with the massive increases in government spending over the last two years, but they literally cannot have enough money to spend. They will absolutely vote to raise taxes. This is their #1 priority. Bush will give token resistence, but don't expect him to actually veto, well, anything. He will whine and complain, but he'll sign the laws and raise taxes.

2. Democrats will attempt to destroy the American citizen. They will vote to allow all criminal aliens to become full citizens. At best, they may require these new citizens to pay a $1 processing fee. They will also likely be exempt from paying taxes and I won't be surprised if they're given the right to vote. Bush will not only support these actions, he will likely lead the charge. He's been trying to legalize criminals for years, and now he's got allies in the Congress.

3. Democrats will do all they can to surrender in Iraq. They will have trouble, because even though they don't understand that they're not in charge of the military, they will still try and get out. They will reduce funding for the military to the point where the military simply cannot do their job. Then Bush will be forced to withdraw the troops.

But wait, all hope is not lost! Seriously, please keep reading if you've read this far.

I would like to extend an invitation. To all those in Mecklenburg County who voted for Jim Puckett; to all those in Virginia that voted for Allen in Virginia; to all those who voted for conservative candidates and lost; to all those who are displeased with the direction this country is headed; to all those who want freedom; I personally invite you to do what the founders intended. I invite you to advance freedom. I invite you to withdraw you support (and money) from the moochers who want to crush you and only want you for your money. I invite you to vote with your feet. Please take a look at The Free State Project.

Are you frustrated at the loss of freedom and responsibility in America, while the growth of government and taxes continues unabated? Do you want to live in strong communities where your rights are respected, and people exercise responsibility for themselves and in their dealings with each other?

If you answered "yes" to those questions, then the Free State Project has a solution for you.

Seriously, folks, this is the only hope for America today. If you honestly love freedom and you are willing to DO SOMETHING about it, I strongly encourage you to go join the Free State Project. This isn't just blogging and complaining, this is action. The people who move to New Hampshire WILL be putting their words into action. This CAN work, but only if you who love freedom are actually willing to DO SOMETHING.

There were over 1,000,000 people who voted for Allen in Virginia. Only 20,000 are needed in New Hampshire to really make a serious change. Come on, Allen supporters, withdraw your support from your Democrat Senator and go to New Hampshire. Over 900,000 voted for Kean in NJ. Head to New Hampshire and let those in New Jersey who dislike freedom fend for themselves without your help.

Don't worry about all the excuses. Go ahead and complain that you can't find a job, that you don't like the weather, that your family won't like it -- I'm sorry, but all that means is that you're not really serious about liberty and freedom. If you honestly want freedom; if you really believe in "Live Free or Die," your only choice now is to join with the Free State Project. Any other option is just surrender.

Why Vote?

Why should I bother to vote? After all, in New York, the dead are voting in record numbers. Chuck Norris says to vote for conservatives. Well there's none on the ballot anywhere near me (including the judges). I'll let you know if I spot one.

Some people that claim to like freedom are voting Democrat to teach those nasty big-government Republicans a lesson -- presumably by attempting to replace them with bigger government Democrats. And heck, according to the media, the Democrats have already won. Maybe the dead are winning with large amounts of "early voting."

Around the world, leftists are winning. Why should the US be any different? Why shouldn't we give up on freedom? Where on this entire planet, is freedom expanding? Where is freedom successful in the 21st century? It works everywhere it's tried, but no one is trying it any more.

The only possible tiny glimmer of hope for freedom left on the planet lies with The Free State Project -- and they can't seem to find 20,000 people on the entire damn planet that are interested in freedom. And oh yes, I've signed up. And I've joined as part of the first 1,000. So where's everyone else who wants freedom?

Cheney's Sense of Humor

If nothing else, this shows that Republicans, and Cheney in particular, certainly have a sense of humor. Dick Cheney is going hunting on election day. After all the tasteless jokes over and over again about the last time he went hunting, in which an associate of his was accidentally shot in the face, the timing on this absolutely has to be intentional.

Either it's for the humor value, or to get the lunatics over at the Democratic Underground something shiny to look at and talk about.

Conservative Redefined

It seems that, like the Democrat Party, the Republican are simply changing their definition of words to fit their own purposes. Many who supported the Democrat Party when they were classic liberals have found the party has left them. Many have not yet realized their party has drastically morphed. Republicans are picking up on that morphing as well to their own party.

Yesterday I got an ad supporting a Republican for Congress in my district. He will win with about 75% of the vote because the district was clearly and obviously drawn to elect a Republican. His ad says: "Re-Elect Patrick McHenry for Congress. Effective. Conservative."

So, let's see what the "new" definition of "Conservative" is:

"Congressman Patrick McHenry voted against CAFTA because it would cost thousands of Western North Carolina jobs"

So now, supporting higher prices and reducing freedom for companies is somehow conservative?
He's fighting to get more money out of the education bureaucracy....

So increasing government spending is now also, apparently, "conservative."

I SO wish there was somewhere for people to go who actually wanted to be free, because this place sure isn't it.

Sue Myrick gets it

I heard a radio ad on the way into work today. Sue Myrick (R-NC9) gets it. I can't find the text of the ad, but it general goes something like this:

Radical muslim jihadists want to kill us. And they are coming across our southern border. I want to stop them. I want to add guards to the southern border and I voted for a border fence.

She gets it, she really does.

Keep in mind when you vote next week, this IS the Republican Congress. Sure, Bush has some serious problems with the border and immigration, but he's not up for election, the Congress is. Vote Republican if you support Sue's position. Vote Democrat if you oppose it.



Folks, this IS your Democrat party, whether you want to admit it or not. Seriously. The official position of the National Democrat Party is that the military is stupid and not needed. No matter what your local candidate says, if you vote to put Democrats in charge, you ARE voting for this position.
Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

I wonder if the concept of treason even exists any more.

Hat Tip to Darleen.

Richard Pombo: For Property Rights

The Radical left is pouring millions into his race in order to defeat him and replace him with a liberal politician who, according to his own statements, wants to raise taxes, repeal the federal death penalty, and give amnesty to illegal aliens. His call for an immediate withdrawl of our troops is a dangerous idea that could leave us vulnerable to domestic terrorist attacks here on American soil.

His name is Richard Pombo. He has probably never asked you for anything before, and he isnt now. We are.

You know Richard as a rancher and Member of Congress from Tracy, California. He authored a book called This Land is Your Land in 1996, outlining the litany of abuses we private property owners have endured at the hands of left-wing bureaucrats armed with over-zealous environmental regulations.

Over the course of his 14 year tenure in the House of Representatives, he has raised the awareness of private property rights battles in Congress. Year by year, fight by fight, Richard has led the charge for us.

That is exactly why private property rights advocates across the country exalted when Congressman Richard Pombo became Chairman Richard Pombo of the House Resources Committee in 2003. Finally, we the few defenders of this constitutionally guaranteed right had one of our own in the most powerful chairmanships in the Congress.

And fight he did. Just days into his first term as chairman, he took on the radical left and changed misguided and overzealous forest management policy with the Healthy Forest Initiative for the first time in decades.

From there he moved on to the Endangered Species Act (ESA), long considered the Holy Grail by environmentalists. And for the first time in its 34 year existence, Richard led the House of Representatives to successful passage of a complete ESA overhaul.

Not only did his reform bill repeal the ESAs worthless critical habitat provision, it actually contained private property rights protections with federal compensation requirements for takings!

The radical environmental left has taken notice of Richards ability to fight and win, ladies and gentleman, and they are pouring everything they have into defeating him on November 7th. Thats just 18 days from today. We cannot, and must not let this happen.

Richard needs our help, right now. A look at what hes up against:

Defenders of Wildlife has spent $410,000 against Richard to date, and just
filed an Independent Expenditure report yesterday with another $500,000
for television attack ads.

The Democrat National Campaign Committee (DCCC) just sent $250,000 to the
11th District to help Jerry McNerney, Richards liberal opponent. And
intelligence informs us that more is on the way.

The Sierra Club has already spent more than $94,000 against Richard, and
more is on the way for the final two weeks of the campaign.

The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) has already spent $143,000 smearing
Richard, with more on the way for the home stretch.

And liberal billionare George Soros Moveon.org has sent blank checks and
armies of activists to Richards district to get out the vote.

And Environmental Action PAC just put-up $20,000 for anti-Pombo phone banking.

This is it, folks. We cannot afford to lose everything we have gained or the man you help us achieve great things in the last decade. We must act.

I cannot overstate the urgency of this call to arms. PLEASE visit Richards campaign website and make a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $500 or $2100 - the maximum allowed by law per individual.

Every dollar helps, and Richard needs a lot of them to beat back this final push to defeat him. Even is all you can do is to send $15 dollars, please do so. Everyone needs to send something to defend the one person who has been defending us.

Make no mistake: this attack on Richard is retribution for his work on behalf of every defender of private property rights, on behalf of the Constitution as the framers envisioned it, and against the radical liberals who have no respect for either one.

Please click here: Richard Pombo for Congress RIGHT NOW and help us win this fight.

Again, visit www.RichardPombo.com to contribute now.

Democrats Select (not elect)

Just to help illustrate how utterly broken the political system is in North Carolina, just look at the latest "election." Dan Blue has just been appointed to a 2-year, 2-month term in the General Assembly, where it is very likely he will seek, and may win, the speaker's seat. And he did it without one single vote from anyone in his district. Instead, he was appointed by "Democrat leaders."

So, just to make this crystal clear: the next speaker of the North Carolina House may have gotten to the seat of speaker without one single vote from a taxpayer in his district.

Explain to me again why I'm supposed to care about elections. Tell me again how my vote is supposed to matter. Tell me again how we're a representative republic where the people who pay the taxes get to elect people to represent them. Oh how I yearn for freedom!


If you want your yearly Halloween scare, click here.

(H/T to VW Bug).

Stupid Poll Results

"Democrats winning!" Or so say the "poll results." They claim that

Today Democrats have an 11-percentage point advantage in the Congressional election (49-38 percent), up from a 9-point edge over Republicans two weeks ago.

Almost all Democrats would vote for their partys candidate (92 percent), and most Republicans would vote Republican (85 percent). Independents are more likely to back the Democrat in their district by 14 points (43 percent to 29 percent).

However, in this type of election, that number is absolutely meaningless. Let me explain why:

In my Congressional District, the Republican will win. The Republican will get about 75-80% of the vote, because this is a vast Republican district. However, if 100% of the Democrats vote Democrat, the Republican might only get 74% of the vote. If only 50% of the Republicans vote, he might get 72% of the vote. And the independents? The vast majority of them (at least in NC) are Democrats who don't want to admit they're Democrats.

The same can be said for the vast wastelands that are Democrat districts (Mel Watt, D-NC). 100% of the Republicans could vote Republican in that district, but when they're outnumbered 2:1, it really doesn't matter.

Due to MASSIVE gerrymandering around the country, there are literally only a few of the 435 seats that might change hands. The only poll that's worth anything is a poll that polls ONLY in those districts.

Vote Democrat!


Support Jim Talent

This week Wictory Wednesday presents Jim Talent for re-election to the United States Senate.

Control of the Senate will come down to three races, Missouri, Tennessee, and Virginia. Jim Talent is fighting the hard fight in Missouri and he's a solid conservative. It's one thing to lose a seat because the sitting Republican has no conservative credentials, defending a solid conservative however is a must.

Immigration is a hot issue with conservatives wondering why no one in the government seems to recognize a problem with an open border. Sure, many people come here to work and do contribute to the economy and their communities, however with an insecure border, even terrorists and criminals can walk in with complete ease. The current system also all but ensures that illegal immigrants are exiled to the fringe of society and left to be abused by human traffickers and malicious employers. The border needs to be shut so we can control who comes in and let in only those who are here for a better life.

Energy independence is another hot issue, and Jim Talent believes there are only a few ways to get that done. Either we need to research alternative fuels (which Talent supports) or drill for oil in land we control like ANWR (which Talent also supports). This race is also overshadowed by the ballot proposition on stem cell research and cloning, which was so disgustingly politicized by Michael J. Fox.

Please consider donating or assisting Jim Talent's campaign.

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This week Wictory Wednesday presents Jim Talent for re-election to the United States Senate.

Democrat Candidate Lies

Rep. William Delahunt (D-MA). Do you know him? Do you know of him? According to Kit Jarrell, he's a liar. But I did already say he's an elected official, so you really already knew that, didn't you?

Oh, and he's using the fraudulent information to appear on the ballot as a veteran. Sure, Democrats respect our military veterans...as long as it will get them money and/or power.

A politician lies and says anything to get elected or to get money to spend. A stateman says the truth, no matter who will be "offended" or what the result will be. We need statesmen, NOT politicians.

Vote Democrat!


In NC, Unions support Socialism

In North Carolina, the Socialist Unions who absolutely despise freedom are throwing around a lot of money to elect Democrats, at least according to the news report. However, that's not quite accurate. You see, Democrats have already gerrymandered the state to the point where it is absolutely impossible (barring a major event, like a civil war) for the Republicans to win. Everyone knows that, even the unions. So why would they be spending lots of money?

Because they're trying to buy votes. They know the Democrats will win in the state, so they are currently making a push to buy things like higher minimum wages and easier access to stupid workers.

If we had freedom, these unions wouldn't be able to lobby and give tons of cash to the state. Know where that money comes from? The state. The majority of union members in North Carolina WORK FOR THE STATE. So they're taking their money and using it to lobby the state for more government and more money. In a free republic, the government would be the absolute SMALLEST employer in the state, not the largest. Instead, we have a self-propagating system where they work for the state and take their money to bribe politicians to give them more money so they can give more money to the politicians.

Oh, how I yearn for freedom.

Vote Democrat!

Where's your sign?

H/T to Pirate's Cove.

Republican Judicial Candidates

In case you're in North Carolina and needed to know which judges are Republicans (and not bleeding heart liberals), here's the list for Mecklenburg County:

You need to have these names before going into the voting booth, as they will not have "Republican" by their names (because the Democrats realized that people were voting for Republican judges too much, so they took the party affiliation off the ballot).

The Republican Judicial candidates are:

* Rusty Duke
* Ann Marie Calabria
* Eric Levinson
* Mark Martin
* Kris Bailey
* Donna Stroud
* Richard Boner
* Lisa Bell
* Martha Curran (Clerk of Mecklenburg Superior Court)

Greensboro News: Liberal is Conservative

The Greensboro Paper weighs in on the Chief Justice election. As you might expect from the vast majority of North Carolina print newspapers, they endorse the Democrat. And in doing so, they expose their strong bias. The editorial actually says

This is a moderate-conservative court, and Parker fits comfortably into its centrist core

After saying a few paragraphs earlier that governor Easley appointed this person. Now I know that Easley actually claims to be conservative, but that's only because if he admitted his actual positions on the issues, he wouldn't win again. Then again, that's the strategy of the Democrat Party in North Carolina. If they actually admit what they stand for (higher and higher taxes, less education, medicine free to everyone except those who work, etc.), they would lose every election held. So they have to lie.

This editorial is more of the same. If you want someone who will actually enforce the laws that are on the books (even though they're written by socialists), then you should vote for Judge Rusty Duke for Chief Justice.

Vote Judge Rusty Duke

Why Judge Duke?

Judge Rusty Duke is a conservative who as Chief Justice of our Supreme Court will uphold the Constitution of our state and protect the safety and property rights of our families.

Judge Rusty Duke has served as a trial judge for seventeen years, working with Clerks of Court, Sheriffs, and other law enforcement officers, lawyers and prosecutors.

Judge Rusty Duke opposes judicial activism that seeks to change social policy by judicial interpretation.

Judge Rusty Duke will work to keep the judiciary independent of the legislative and executive branches of government, as contemplated by the North Carolina State Constitution, and to make the courts more efficient.

Married for 33 years with three children, Judge Rusty Duke knows firsthand the stresses modern families face - and believes the traditional family is the foundation of our culture.

Learn more at www.rustyduke.com

This posting is neither paid for, supported by, nor coordinated with the Rusty Duke Campaign. It's just a semi-free citizen trying to exercise what's left of freedom of speech in North Carolina.

Max Burns for Congress

This week Wictory Wednesday presents Max Burns for the US Congress for the 12th District of Georgia. He is running a tight race against Democratic incumbent John Barrow.

The Israeli war in Lebanon has shown what will happen if we pull out of Iraq… the terrorists will claim victory and emerge even stronger and more emboldened. Max Burns understands this and supports the troops to complete their mission. We should live in a society that respects and supports those who risk their lives for our benefit. Sadly, we don't live in that society.

Max Burns understands that immigration doesn't require reform; it requires actually enforcing the laws on the books. Not enforcing the law has led to lawlessness and before any question of guest workers can be introduced, law and order needs to return to that segment of society.

The infamous "Bridge to Nowhere" has shown us that even a GOP lead Congress can still waste money. That is why earmark reform and a line item veto is all the more necessary. When pork can be put into budgets without debate (earmarks), the line item veto allows voters to put the heat on the President to bring sense back to Congressional spending. The GOP has gotten half of the equation right in lowering taxes… now they need to cut spending. Max Burns supports this in the form of a balanced budget.

Families waste days and weeks each year trying to figure out their "fair share" of taxes. Not even the IRS can figure out the tax code… a book that is over 12 times larger than the Bible! Max Burns supports cleaning up the tax code so that families can clearly understand what the owe… and the IRS can even figure it out too.

Please consider donating or volunteering to the Max Burns campaign. Help turn this blue seat red!

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Victory Wednesday

This week, Wictory Wednesday is highlighting the candidacy of Jacob Turk for the United States House of Representatives for the 5th District of Missouri. He is running against incumbent Emanuel Cleaver, a career politician and far left extremist. Jacob Turk is a veteran of the US Marines and understands the difficulties and pressures faced by a military at war abroad and denigrated at home.

Turk understands that the problem with the health care system is not because we don't have socialized health care. The problem is that the patient is far removed from the decision-making process regarding the care they receive. HMOs, created by Senator Ted Kennedy (D), have largely removed the patient from the decision-making loop. HMOs decide what doctors we see, what procedures we get, and often make getting claims impossible for both doctors and patients. The result is a health care system that doesn't serve the patient. The solution is not to remove the patient even farther, but to put the patient back in control of their own health care.

Jacob Turk understands that a nation cannot sustain its economy by leaving its borders and ports open to whoever can sneak in. The discussion on immigration reform is rather meaningless. The current laws are sufficient, they just go unenforced. The result is that illegal immigrants are abused because they are cut off from society. The borders must be secured. No one will argue that terrorists should be able to sneak into the country unimpeded. We have already agreed on the laws, it's time to enforce them.

Jacob Turk understands that children should not be molested and the evidence concealed. Parental notification makes good sense. Children are not considered legally able to make decisions in any other respect except abortion because parents are considered to have their best interests in mind (until proven otherwise). With abortion, parents are considered as abusive to their children categorically and it leaves the rapist able to sneak little girls off to Planned Parenthood to cover up their crimes with abortion or birth control. That is the real sex abuse cover-up, tens of thousands of girls each year are raped and Planned Parenthood helps the rapists get away with it. Our greatest asset is our children and they deserve to be protected.

Please consider donating to Turk's campaign or volunteering to help.

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Starling Wins Again!

For the second time this year, Willie Ray Starling won election for the NC House. After there were claims of "irregularities" in the initial primary, the Democrat-controlled NC Board of Elections ordered a new election. Yesterday a few people voted and Willie Ray Starling won again.

As Jim Rouse said,

we now have a true conservative Republican to stand behind as we move toward the general election.

Now he just has to beat Democrat Van Braster in November. In 2004, this district voted Republican 14,529 (57%) to 10,793 -- and the Republican was the man that Willie Ray Starling just defeated.

Doug Lamborn for Congress

This week Wictory Wednesday presents Doug Lamborn for Congress for the 5th District of Colorado.

Doug Lamborn is a solid conservative with a history of fiscal restraint. He supports reforming education to give more choices to parents instead of dumping more money into a bloated bureaucracy. He believes there should be little to no federal role in education as those decision should be best left up to local areas to determine their own needs. Education is the absolute key to continued economic development and sustainability and it is clear that school choice will once again produce schools and students who are representative of the greatness of this nation.

Senator Lamborn understands that the problem with health care in the United States is not because the government isn't in charge, but because the government has skewed the incentive system away from consumers. The solution isn't to remove the consumer even farther from the equation, but to put the consumer square in the middle and allow them to make flexible choices for their own health care.

The use of eminent domain to take property from the disenfranchised and give it to the enfranchised has left those on all parts of the political spectrum a sense of fear. It was only a matter of time when the Court gave local governments the right to kick people out of their homes that those governments would stop paying fair market value for the properties they seized. Senator Lamborn understands private property rights as a foundational aspect of our society, government, and nation. Our freedoms are not something granted by the government out if its magnimity, but these are rights inherent in our society that the government is not free to intrude upon.

Senator Lamborn has won endorsements from the NRA, the National Pro-Life Alliance, and the Club for Growth as well as many other conservative endorsements. Please consider helping Doug Lamborn win in November by contributing or volunteering for his campaign.
This has been a production of the Wictory Wednesday blogburst. If you would like to join Wictory Wednesday, please see this post or contact John Bambenek at jcb (dot) blog [at] gmail {dot} com. The following sites are members of the Wictory Wednesday team:

Congressman Vernon Robinson?

So, would you vote for this guy?

Karen Ray = Bill Clinton?

Everyone remembers the infamous words of Bill Clinton when he claimed, "It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is." It appears that Karen Ray, candidate for the North Carolina House in District 95 may have been taking lessons from old slick Willy.

She has created a last-minute television ad that says:

When Democrat Jim Black needed a Republican vote for speaker, it was Robert Brawley who said yes.

When she was called on it and it was shown that Robert Brawley never actually voted for Jim Black (although Karen Ray strongly supported Black and received CASH from him and his cabal), her response was:

it doesn't say Brawley actually voted for Black for speaker

The complaint is "frivolous" and an attempt by Brawley to evade responsibility for his actions

Right out of the National Democrat Party campaign handbook -- make up lies, explain them away, and if someone points out you're lying, complain about it and deny it at the same time.

I don't know about you, but I really would prefer to have a representative who is not a bold-faced liar in the North Carolina House.

Vote Brawley Tomorrow

Dear Concerned Voter,

Many Republicans and Independents have recently received the juvenile mailers Karen Ray has sent. Robert Brawley has attempted to confront Karen Ray on the issues important to this community, but has only been met with a misinformation campaign. Ray’s untruthful accusations are a disservice to voters because they ignore real issues and consume public attention with distorted evidence.

In 2002 when Karen Ray was spreading the same deceit, voters came out to vote against Robert Brawley, so it is important that the truth be brought to light. Karen Ray is relying on voter ignorance, hoping that you won’t verify the record. I did the checking, and I encourage you to double check my research.

1. Karen Ray Accusation “Opposed tax cuts on gasoline, and opposed tax breaks strengthening our regional economy, protecting jobs, and stimulating new job growth.” Mooresville Tribune 3/31/2006. House Bill 105, 2005.
Karen Ray is referring to legislation she sponsored to give tax breaks on aviation fuel to race team owners for their private jets. Quoted from the same article, Mr. Brawley said, “The sales tax has been going up for most of the rest of our citizens while this action gives refunds to the wealthy.” When Karen Ray favors the industry with the deepest pockets while ignoring our infrastructure and other business, it doesn’t make for good representation.

2. Karen Ray Accusation “Betrayed his own party as the only Republican failing to oppose Democrat Speaker Dan Blue’s reckless budget, squandering the entire $1 billion tax surplus.” Mooresville Tribune 3/31/2006.
Karen Ray is referring to her own quote as evidence to support her accusation. Brawley has a consistently conservative fiscal record. By her own admission in the same article, Robert Brawley did not vote for Dan Blue’s budget.

3. Karen Ray Accusation “As reported, Brawley, an insurance agent, opposed ‘providing insurance for a minimum 48-hour hospital stay after mothers give birth. He said it would free women to shirk their duties.’” Charlotte Observer, 8/8/1995.
This liberal piece of legislation, sponsored by Democrats, requires insurance companies to pay for a minimum 48-hours hospital stay. This legislation gives the incentive for hospitals to encourage all mothers to stay 48-hours, which continues to drive up health care costs, a typical socialist solution. Robert Brawley advocated that the doctor determine the length of stay on a case by case basis, so that mothers with traumatic births get the care they need.

4. Karen Ray Accusation “Admits to cutting a deal with Democrat Speaker Jim Black in an underhanded attempt to make himself Speaker Pro-Tem and increase his own legislative pension by $8,000.” News & Observer, 2/7/1997.
Karen Ray is taking the admitted speculations of a liberal reporter and stating them as fact. Robert Brawley did not cut a deal with Jim Black. Robert Brawley voted for Republican Speaker Brubaker.

5. Karen Ray Accusation “Stated Campaign Finance Reform leads to communism, and wrote his campaign donors a letter encouraging them to violate campaign ethics laws.”
Again, Karen Ray is defacing Robert Brawley for opposing the socialist solution. This liberal idea of Campaign Finance Reform was to use our tax dollars to finance campaigns. It is not government’s responsibility to finance campaigns, that’s the job of supporters.
Furthermore, Robert Brawley did not encourage voters to violate Campaign Finance Laws. In his 2004 race against incumbent Democrat Insurance Commissioner Jim Long, Robert Brawley encountered those in the insurance industry who feared retribution from the current commissioner if they were to support a Republican. Brawley attempted to find a legal way he could receive yearly contributions from these supporters while protecting them from Jim Long’s retribution. There was no legal solution so he abandoned the pursuit.

6. Karen Ray Accusation “Siding with the lobbyists and special interests, Brawley voted to kill a bill requiring lobbyists to disclose money spent on wining and dining members of the General Assembly.”
According to the article Karen Ray references, Robert Brawley voted to send the bill back to committee. Again this was a Democrat sponsored piece of legislation that promoted the liberal agenda. Robert Brawley has always been for honesty in politics and during his service has voted for the interests of the community he represented.
In denouncing Robert Brawley for his Republican voting record, I think that Karen Ray has forgotten the primary in which she is participating. Robert Brawley’s record of accomplishments for his community are numerous, including: helping to establish the South Iredell industrial park, widen Hwy 150, and acquire grants for water and sewer for exit 36 development and Race Park development. For further information Robert Brawley may be contacted at 704-664-1502.

On May 2nd vote for mature, conservative leadership in our community, vote for honest representation, and a track record of accomplishment. Vote for Robert Brawley for 95th NC House.

(Not printed, published, paid for, or coordinated with any campaign or candidate -- simply a posting of free speech by a citizen).

NC House District 95

There has been a lot of discussion on this blog about the Republican primary race for North Carolina House district 95. The race is between incumbent Karen Ray and challenger Robert Brawley. I have been trying to investigate the race and provide information to any readers of this blog regarding the race.

As a note: this is the blog of a private citizen who is in no way affiliated with, nor working for, nor paid by any candidate or political party. This is simple freedom of speech by a citizen.

Recently I've been handed a few of the campaign brochures for both campaigns. Interestingly enough, both campaigns heavily emphasize that the candidate is a conservative. In fact, Karen Ray's ad says that Karen Ray is

Recognized as one of the General Assembly's most fiscally conservative representatives

(Emphasis NOT added by me -- it was on the ad.) Well, I know the North Carolina General Assembly is relatively transparent in some issues -- such as how members vote and what bills they support -- so I went and had a peek.

Looking at the bills that Karen Ray sponsored her last year (51 of them), I just checked the ones that dealt with spending. Here's what I found:

H1794 Supported spending more than $10 TRILLION passenger trains.
H1724 Give $5,000,000 to Nascar Museum
H1718 Give $1,125,000 (new money) to Nursing Schools
H1717 Give $4,000,000 to "Arts"
H1614 Spend $50,000 on "Study committee" to study the Dept of Public Instruction
H662 Takes $1,019,336 FROM THE HIGHWAY FUNDS and authorizes their use TO CATCH TAX EVADERS
H575 Give $51,740,554 (new money) to Community Colleges
H574 Give $11,000,000 to Community Colleges as RESERVE funds
H573 Give $42,000,000 to Community Colleges for new health systems

What? That's called "one of the most fiscally conservative?" Holy spending spree, Batman. That's over $115 million dollars of MY tax money being spent on seriously questionable (to me) issues (AND a resolution supporting $10 TRILLION of my tax money on damn passenger trains! Hello?!? Can we join the 21st century now?)

The WORST one of the bunch is H662 -- taking money OUT OF the gas tax revenue, that is supposed to be used for BUILDING ROADS that we very sorely need, and using it to catch tax cheats! That's unconsitutional because money raised for one purpose is supposed to be used for that purpose.

I'm sorry, that is NOT fiscally conservative -- that's spending money like it's going out of style.

NC-13 Congressional Race

A week ago I sent a couple questions to the candidates for the 13th Congressional District in North Carolina (However, I have no email contact information for Charlie Southerland -- if anyone has that, please send it along). I've only received ONE reply so far from one candidate. We'll see if the others will bother to respond. The questions are:

Illegal immigration is something that many of my readers are concerned with. As a candidate to the United States House of Representatives, it is an issue that you will have to face.

1. Do you think that illegal immigration is a problem today? If so, how much of a problem?
2. What specific, concrete laws would you support or introduce regarding immigration?

Stay tuned for the candidate responses.

NC 95th House District

I received a rather long comment on a post I had covering the "debate" between candidates for the 95th House district in North Carolina: Robert Brawley and Karen Ray. This comment is from a supporter of Mr. Brawley (obviously), and I reproduce it here for all to judge.

It's a bit long, so I placed it in the extended entry. If there's anyone reading who can question any of the assertions put forward here, or any supporters of Karen Ray who want to weigh in on the issue, I'd be glad to post your responses as well.

Next time someone starts making wild claims about Robert Brawley or Karen Ray. Ask them one question. Do you have evidence to support this claim? In this way, you can discover the truth for yourself and learn about the character of each candidate. Make an informed decision when you vote on May 2nd because the winner in the primary will be your representative and will have a large impact on the future of our community.

I have spent a great deal of time over the past several weeks speaking with Karen Ray supporters and with Robert Brawley supporters. I have realized that Karen Ray's biggest strength is misinformation. It is truly disturbing that her campaign relies so heavily on deceit and rumor. It is nothing that can be tied directly back to Ray, but it is the kind of lies that people love to repeat.

Claim #1: “Brawley served 18 years in the House and didn’t accomplish anything. Brawley doesn’t have a plan for the community.”

This claim is founded purely on ignorance of historical fact. Brawley was President of the National Republican Legislators Association and National Legislator of the Year in 1995. You don’t attain national recognitions like these for twiddling your thumbs. Brawley helped get Hwy 150 widened, he got the Mooresville and Statesville School systems working together, he acquire grants for water and sewer for exit 36 commercial and office development and the South Iredell Industrial Park, worked to pave numerous roads in Iredell County, and he worked to establish and pave much of the industrial park where many race teams are located.

When he left office, roads like Brawley School Rd and many others were scheduled for widening and paving. Since he left, many of these projects have died through negligence.

Robert Brawley’s plan is to get our infrastructure back on track so we can grow without extreme congestion and overcrowding. See for yourself at www.RobertBrawley.com Robert Brawley helped lay the foundation for the economic prosperity we now have and he needs to go back to office to get our infrastructure and our community back on track.

Claim #2: “Brawley doesn’t respect women. He thinks they should be at home in the kitchen.”

This is a claim that Ray’s campaign promoted at the end of the 2002 race. A mailer was sent out just several days before election-day. One indication of the invalidity of this claim is the timing. If you don’t want to give your opponent the chance to respond then your claim is probably false. But, Karen Ray supporters continue to communicate this myth so I will bring some facts to the exchange.

Robert Brawley believes that each family should decide who goes to work and who stays home. Or if both parents need to work, that is up to them. Brawley has three daughters (Shelley, Sarah, and Susan), all of which he paid for their college education. Speak with them yourself and they will tell you that their father has always encouraged them to get an education and to pursue their dreams. Brawley also helped his wife start a business on Main St in Mooresville. Not the actions of a male chauvinist.

Perhaps Ray’s idea of equality would be for Brawley to lay down and let her win the election. I think it’s just a ploy, because she as a woman herself can attempt to capitalize on voter’s sentiments of chauvinism by characterizing Brawley as a sexist. Personally, I think that says something about her character.

Claim #3: Ray’s reckless letter to the Mooresville Tribune. I have reproduced Ray’s accusations followed by Brawley’s responses.

Ray’s Accusation 1. "Brawley voted to kill a bill that would require lobbyists to report their entertainment expenses for money spent on wining and dining members of the General Assembly. In voting against ethics reform legislation, Robert Brawley stated, 'We can make a statement to the people of North Carolina by saying we trust each other.' (May 9, 1991, Charlotte Observer). Brawley's statement clearly represents his close and personal relationship with lobbyists.")

Brawley’s Response- Ray received $72,000 from motorsports after supporting $5,000,000 for the racing hall of fame and has the audacity to question me on campaign finance ethics? This was a democrat’s bill (with a deceptive title) that promoted the democrat’s agenda.___

Ray’s Accusation 2. "...At a time when Republicans were trying to reform campaign finance laws, Brawley took it upon himself to write the Raleigh News & Observer to advance the idea that campaign finance reform was wrong for North Carolina. In his letter, he stated that, 'Reforming the current system of campaign financing would lead to socialism, conformity and communism.' (News & Observer Editorial, July 20, 1997) ... Brawley's attempts to block real reform have lead to the scandal surrounding Speaker Jim Black." )

Brawley’s Response - Ray’s haphazard accusation comes from a liberal editorial that says the typical Republican attitude toward campaign finance reform is founded in “farcical notions.” Both Ray and the liberal editorial have taken the quote out of context. I wrote this letter against the public financing of campaigns because I don’t want our tax dollars to be allocated to candidates which we do not support. ___

Ray’s Accusation 3. "...Just last year, (Brawley) announced his intentions of running for Insurance Commissioner in 2008. This announcement came as part of a fundraising scheme to hide the identity of donors to his 2008 campaign. It took a reporter to inform him in an interview that his scheme would not shield the identity of his donors (News & Observer, Feb. 3, 2005). "This article reveals two troubling facts about Robert Brawley. One, he was condoning the shielding of political donors from the public, a position consistent with his past record; and secondly, he demonstrated a clear lack of knowledge about our election laws." )

Brawley’s Response - ( quoted ""The $100 comes from so many people telling me they would like to contribute , but fear backlash from the current (Democratic*) commissioner if he finds out.") The newspaper knew about it, so obviously there was no behind the scenes scheme. My goal was to protect Republican supporters from a Democrat who forces dissenters into submission with realistic threats against their livelihood, a clear abuse of power. After conferring with the election board I realized this strategy was not feasible. It doesn’t surprise me that my opponent is attempting to distort my decent intentions; however there is no merit to her claim. We need to focus on solutions, not waste time on unfounded accusations. Do we want representation from someone who has worked more as a lobbyist for her industry than as a champion for our community?____
*Democratic added to original quote from article

I cannot reproduce the actual articles Ray refers to, but in the interest of refuting fiction with fact I will provide the following links where you can purchase the article from the paper. In these articles you can see that Ray has had to align herself with liberal viewpoints to find attacks against Brawley. If anything, these accusations prove that Brawley is a solid conservative.

News and Observer articles – search tip, search customized by date using Brawley as search term

Charlotte Observer article – search tip, search customized by date using Brawley as search term

NC 98th House District

I just now found out that there's an election in the 98th House District! This is a district that was drawn to place a large number of Republicans in one place so that the Democrats can retain power in the legislature. This means there's more than the average number of people in the district, and it reliably votes Republican. There is no Democrat filed in this district, so the winner on May 2nd wins the seat.

The seat is currently occupied by John Rhodes. That's the same John Rhodes who was attending the North Carolina Conservative Leadership Conference last weekend. The challenger is Thom Tillis. I found out about this race from an article where the candidates were disagreeing on whether or not the government should tell people what to eat.

Apparently Mr. Tillis thinks that the government SHOULD tell people what to eat, because It's For The Children (TM). Mr. Rhodes, however, was the ONLY legislator to vote against setting "child nutrition standards." I say, "Good job, Mr. Rhodes!" Ok, 1 point for Rhodes, 0 for Tillis.

Looking around, I see Mr. Tillis complains that Mr. Rhodes is "out of touch" with the Republican leadership in the House. Well, the "Republican Leadership" is the people who are voting with the Democrats. They're incredibly wrong, and their attitude is "go along to get along." In other words, no conservative principles, just vote with Democrats to avoid arguments. If you agree with them, you're not only advocating bad government, but you're dishonest and have no principles. Another point for Rhodes.

Checking Mr. Tillis' web site, he says it was a hard decision to run against another Republican. However, he's better fit for the job because he's got the endorsements of 10 of 15 public officials Cornelius and Huntersville. I'm not sure why he thinks that's a good thing. House Representatives should be more interested in the views of the PEOPLE that elect them than other governments. Yet another point for Rhodes.

I also see that Sue Myrick, Congresswoman from the 9th district endorsed Rhodes. Despite the previous statement about government official support, this one is a good thing because I know Ms. Myrick personally, and she works hard for conservative ideas and supporting PEOPLE over government. Another point for Rhodes.

I also have personally followed John Rhodes' time in the House. He's not afraid to tell things like they are. I don't always agree with every decision he makes (I still think that whole speed camera thing is just wrong, John), but he's almost always on the conservative side, no matter what the consequences are. He also gave us the honor of visiting with the Iredell County Republican club a few months back. Another point for Rhodes.

So, what was the score? Oh, right: Rhodes 5, Tillis 0. Sorry, Mr. Tillis, I've never met you, but based on what I've seen and read, the endorsement of the Ogre has to go with John Rhodes.

Republican Strategy: 2006

Ben Shapiro, a writer whose writings I usually enjoy, has suggested the Republican strategy for winning elections this year:

Vote for us -- we're not as bad as the other guy.

Unfortunately, that appears to be the national strategy. Vox Popoli points out the capitulation of the Republicans as well. Right now we have two parties in Washington that are both arguing that the other wants to be tough on illegal immigration while they, in turn, do not!

Hey, Republicans might be spending money like crazy and avoiding doing the right thing on various issues, but gee, the Democrats are even worse. Oh, but the Democrats have an even better reason: "Vote for us because we're not Bush." Yeah, that really makes me want to go vote. Hey "The Body," are you availiable for an independent presidential run?

NC Senate District 31

I just spotted an article that compares the three candidates for the NC Senate in District 31. These three candidates are all Republicans, and there's no Democrat running in that race, so whoever wins the primary (May 2nd) will be the winner of the seat.

Two of the candidates, I do not know: Gloria Whisenhunt and Pete Brunstetter. The third, however, I am familiar with: Nathan Tabor. He's been a visitor and even bought some ads here, so I'm already biased towards him -- oh, and he was also in attendance at the NCCLC this past weekend (see his link in the upper left), so that's two points for him as far as the Ogre is concerned.

Looking at some of the details in the article, Brunstetter's right out, as far as the Ogre is concerned. He supports welfare for businesses (called "incentive" programs). Sorry, I'm for SMALLER government, not larger, so I can't possibly support him.

Tabor also supports tort reform -- stopping all those lottery lawsuits that people use to suck money from anyone who has any. AND he came down big on the second amendment, mentioning that he'd oppose the various gun restrictions that DO show up every year.

That seals it for me. The Ogre officially endorses Nathan Tabor for Senate in the 31st District (for whatever that's worth).

Brawley vs. Ray (NC 95th House)

I recently attended a scheduled debate between the two candidates for the 95th House District of North Carolina. The candidates are Robert Brawley and Karen Ray. I described my view of the debate here. Someone just stopped by and added their opinion to the mix:

Karen Ray is a very upstanding citizen who works very hard for everyone in her district. Keeping jobs here and creating new ones are of foremost concern to her. Robert Brawley has tried and will continue to try and distort the facts that he can not back up himself. Robert Brawley has a very shady past in his history in the House of Representatives. If Robert Brawley had done so much for our area as far as roads and infrastructure why are we still in this situation we are. He was there for 18 years and has nothing to show for it besides being disloyal to the Republican Party. People in the 95th district should keep posted to the local press and other media and really see what type of politician Robert Brawley is.

Thanks for adding your opinion!

I also noticed a local news article where the two candidates really let one another have it. They're both running from any association with Jim Black -- Karen Ray apparently actually campaigned for the disgraced Democrat Speaker of the House, apparently got a cash reward for doing so.

Karen Ray claims that Robert Brawley tried to support Black back in 1997 for cash, too. Guess that just shows how much cash Black was spreading around over the years, bribing anyone and everyone, doesn't it?

Hey, if you've got an opinion on the Brawley-Ray race, feel free to weigh in here!

John Ross Hendrix v. Vernon Robinson

Well now. A short time ago, I posted about Vernon Robinson, who is running for election to the 12th 13th Congressional District. That post just generated a comment (apparently) from John Ross Hendrix, his opponent (I have to say apparently because this IS the internet, and anyone COULD have posted that).

Mr. Hendrix says

a Republican WILL win the 13th district race for the Congress

I bet that's news to the current incumbent, Brad Miller (D) -- but hey, anything that moves away from the socialist/democrat platform is an improvement to me.

John Ross Hendrix does have a website. On it, he apparently sets himself up as a "moderate," with this statement:

Feed the hungry. House the homeless. Educate the jobless. Secure our borders. Protect the earth. Explore the universe. Establish complete justice. Preserve our freedoms. Protect the Constitution from the extremists, to left and the Right. Bring that rare commodity, common sense, to government.

I can't say I agree with all that -- I absolutely do NOT think that government should have anything to do with feeding ANYONE or providing housing for ANYONE -- it's just not government's job. But hey, right now my biggest issue is borders. Please do check out both websites, and I'm going to attempt to contact both candidates and see if I can get their positions on the current border PROBLEMS...

And if either candidate is at the John William Pope Institute North Carolina Conservative Leadership Conference this weekend, I'll be sure and get some more from them.

John Rhodes understands the Lottery

John Rhodes is a Republican representative in the North Carolina General Assembly, in the House. He is vehemently hated by the "leadership" of the House because he sees through the lies and he's not afraid to tell the truth. He'll vote for the right thing (most of the time), and when Black & Company ask him to lie, he ignores them.

In return, he gets punished. He's made to sit in the back row. He won't be called on when he asks for a turn to speak. He gets the worst offices and the least funding for office staff. His phones might not work on some days. Either you get along with Jim Black, and do as he says, or you get punished by him.

But John Rhodes doesn't let that bother him. He'll still tell it like it is. His position on the lottery is to simply state the truth:

"It's another revenue stream and that's one of the biggest oppositions I've had to it. Government has taken enough of our hard-earned tax dollars and we don't need to be providing another revenue stream.

Anyone who claims it's for the children, education, or anything else is just simply lying. The Democrats in the legislature want more money, and they'll do whatever it takes to get that money -- just so they can spend it. Calling this lottery the "education" lottery is a complete and total lie, designed to get people to say (and I've already heard many saying it), "Well, at least if I lose the money goes for education."

That's simply a lie. But the Democrats don't care, because they're getting more money to spend.

North Carolina House District 95 Debate

Ah, those who didn't make it to the show, you did miss a good time.

Tonight was the debate between two Republicans who are facing off in the primary for North Carolina House District 95. There is no Democrat registered, so the winner of the primary on May 2nd will be elected to the North Carolina House of Representatives.

As I figured, I could not get any internet at the actual restaurant. So I took notes and pictures and here's the report. It was good food, and you could have met Ogre in person, so you really missed out!

Dateline: March 16, 2006, Fat Boy’s Restaurant, Mooresville, NC.

Event: Iredell County Men’s Club sponsoring debate between two Republican candidates for North Carolina House, District 95: Karen Ray (Incumbent) and Robert Brawley.

There were about 50-60 people in attendance. There appeared be about 4 or 5 members of press there including representatives from the Statesville Record and Landmark (Danny Goldberg) and a free-lance writer. I arrived early and got a chance to speak with Mr. Brawley before the meeting got under way.

The food was good, old-style country cooking on a buffet. The room was plenty large enough, but there was a children’s birthday party being held in the other half of the room (separated by a retractable wall), so it was extremely loud the entire night. As we were talking and eating, people were asking for Karen Ray. No one had seen her yet, but I was told she had been sent a letter, emails, and Bear had personally called her. She said she would call him back twice, but he never received a call from her.

The meeting started with a blessing and a prayer for our military, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. All current politicians were invited to introduce themselves – the following were in attendance: Mooresville Commissioners Johnson, Norman, Williams, and Robertson; Kelly from the Iredell School Board; and Senator Jim Forrester. Anyone who was a candidate was then introduced – Brad Howard for the County Commission, Frank Mitchell, running for the House in district 79, and Robert Brawley.

After the introductions, a woman over in the corner stood up and said angrily, “Excuse ME” a number of times. When the emcee could hear her (remember the noise level?), he asked who she was. She introduced herself as Kristine Wood, here on behalf of Karen Ray. No one seemed to know she was coming instead of Representative Ray.

David Boone, of the Boone Report, stood up to introduce the candidates. He said that each candidate would have 6 minutes to make a statement, then the floor would be opened for questions for both or either candidate. Upon agreement of both candidates, Mr. Brawley would go first.

Robert Brawley said that his focus would be on roads, schools, and jobs. He talked a lot about setting priorities, and setting them together with people and other levels of government. He said that he supported setting priorities on where new roads would be built and where new schools would be built.

He also mentioned that although a separation of church and state was needed, you had to get your values from somewhere. If you didn’t have Christian values, you still have to have a source for your own personal values that guide your decisions in the political arena. He said clearly that he had Christian values.

He wanted to focus on a positive future of cooperation between Republicans in all levels of government. He mentioned that the current Republicans in the House were spending most of their time fighting one another – leaving them no time to effectively work together and get things done.

He mentioned that he would vote against $5 million as a gift to the North Carolina Racing Hall of Fame – which Karen Ray voted for. He said that he would vote against giving racing executives a rebate on their gas tax – meaning that racing executives in North Carolina get to pay zero gas tax while everyone else is forced to pay more – while Karen Ray voted for that. He said that he would vote against giving criminal aliens free tax money for school; and that Karen Ray initially supported that law.

His slogan for his campaign is the same as it was when he ran in 1980, 1982, 1984, 1986, 1988, 1990, 1992, 1994, 1996, and 1998 – “Together We Can.”

Next up was Kristine Wood. She introduced herself as a representative of Karen Ray. She said that Representative Ray could not attend because of her schedule. She complained that no alternative date was provided to her, and her schedule would not allow her to attend. The next words out of her mouth were that Karen Ray was disappointed in Republicans who “Cast this race in a bad light.” She then thanked the Iredell County Republican Men’s Club. She then stormed off and out the door, not responding to requests to stay for questions.

The floor was then opened for questions. Again, it was rather difficult to hear in the room with all the noise from the kid’s party next door.

Mr. Brawley was specifically asked about Richard Morgan, the Republican who actively works with and supports the Democrats so he can get extra cash and perks – basically a traitor to Republicans – so much so that the North Carolina Republican Party voted to censure him and literally want nothing to do with him. Mr. Brawley focused his answer on getting all Republicans to work together with a united front – he also noted that Karen Ray actively campaigned for Richard Morgan during the last election.

Robert Brawley also said that he thought the light rail boondoggle in Charlotte was a complete and total waste of time – much more benefit for EVERYONE could be had if that same money was spent on roads instead of light rail that would benefit a very small number of people. He also noted that taking such a tiny number of cars off the road (for the people who would use light rail) would have no effect on traffic or pollution.

He was also asked about the lottery – here he showed he really knows what’s going on – he mentioned that he was absolutely opposed to the lottery because every single state that has implemented a lottery has used it to replace general funds – effectively having a zero increase in actual education spending – as North Carolina will certainly do as well.

He was most interested in individual freedom first, then benefits for society. However, he was not openly opposed to toll roads.

In conclusion, there was really no competition here. Robert Brawley came in and was very friendly, nice, and just a good person. He stated his positions clearly and showed the difference between his positions and those of Karen Ray.

Karen Ray sent an angry person to represent her who would not talk about anything other than read her prepared script that complained about Republicans.

Count this “debate” as a big win for Robert Brawley. Karen Ray shouldn’t count on a lot of support from the Republican base in Iredell county after this performance.

Here's Robert Brawley (on the right) afterwards, talking with potential voters:


NC House Debate Thursday

Once again, a reminder -- if you live in NC House District 95, or even anywhere near Mooresville, NC, you can go see the debate for the 95th district House seat Thursday night at 7pm at Fat Boy's, just off Exit 36 on I-77 in Mooresville.

If you're coming from the south, turn right at the end of the off-ramp, then get into the left lane and turn left at the first light. Fat Boy's will be on the left between you and the interstate you just left.

If you're coming from the north, turn left at the end of the I-77 off-ramp, take the overpass over the interstate, then turn left at the second light. Fat Boy's is pretty much the only building on your left (other than the urgent care center).

And if you can't make it there, I will attempt to live-blog from the debate. If I cannot get internect connections, I'll record and write up the debate and publish details right there!

Brawley vs. Ray for NC House

As part of my new, added coverage as a "professional" blogger, I'd like to introduce a new category -- Elections 2006. This category will be used primarily for news, views, and analysis of 2006 elections -- mostly for NC as that's where I am.

One of the first big coverage events will happen this Thursday evening. There is a debate between Karen Ray and Robert Brawley for the district 95 seat in the North Carolina House of "Representatives." I would like to live blog the debate, but the debate is being held at Fat Boy's Restaurant in Mooresville, NC. I'll try and pick up a wireless signal, but if I can't, I'll take notes and report back here after the debate.

District 95 is one of those that the Democrats created for Republicans. This means that the number of voters in district 95 will be larger than in Democrat districts -- often called "packing" the districts. Therefore, there's no Democrat opposition -- whoever wins the Republican primary will win the seat.

Karen Ray is the incumbent. She's been in the office for 2 terms, or 4 years. She's known as an ally of Jim Black -- so yes, she's more liberal than conservative. She is very low-key -- I've been watching for news reports about her, and there is absolutely nothing.

In 2002 these same two candidates faced off. Karen Ray won 2,522 to 1,948. At the time, in my opinion, Robert Brawley didn't run a real aggressive campaign. I saw him at the polling place with dress shoes and no socks -- I'm not sure that helped him, although it's possible that there had been an accident while kissing babies or some such thing.

In 2004, Karen Ray was unopposed as Robert Brawley ran for the statewide office of Commissioner of Insurance. He easily won his home area as it is strongly Republican, but lost, as does nearly every council of state office, to the Democrats.

Robert Brawley, however, served in the NC House from 1981-1998. He was a member of the House Insurance Commission for 16 years. So, what happened to Robert Brawley from 1998 to 2002? I don't know, but I'll be sure to ask him!

So be sure to check back Thursday night (perhaps late) for results of the debate. And if you want to meet Ogre, just come on out to Fat Boy's -- I'll be the one with the Ogre Press badge.