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Why Government Stinks

Wow. I just happened upon a news report for a small town school board race. Voters had to pick one of the following candidates. Using their own words, translated from newspeak, here are your choices:

Candidate #1: Incumbent. Has been board member for 8 years. Was a teacher in the education system for 25 years. Goals: raise test scores, no matter whether kids actually learn anything. Use racist hiring practices to discriminate against people based on the color of their skin. Find more cash to spend on "education." Stop people from having the freedom to build houses on their own land.

Candidate #2: Incumbent. Board member for 10 years. Be nicer to teachers. Spend more taxpayer money on teachers. Spend more "corporate" money on teachers. Will make decisions for everyone else based on what he, personally, wants for his child, no matter what anyone else actually needs.

Candidate #3: College professor since 1982. Wants to shake down private companies and force them to "donate" land to schools. Wants to shake down private companies for "donations" for schools. Also wants to base hiring decisions on the color of someone's skin, rather than on their actual qualifications.

Candidate #4: Clerical assistant at the school. Wants to reduce class sizes even though it does absolutely nothing to increase learning. Wants to increase test scores, no matter the cost or actual learning. Wants to base more decisions on which kids go to school based on their skin color. Wants to "prevent" teachers from leaving the school.

Candidate #5: Former Assistant superintendent. Wants to spend more money on teachers. Wants to spend more on technology, no matter what people need. Wants to force corporations to "give" money to education. Wants to maximize spending opportunities.

Holy crap, what choices, eh? Remember -- the government education system, as can be very clearly seen here by school board candidates -- is about SPENDING MONEY. It has NOTHING to do with educating children, learning, or anything else. They just want more money so they can spend it.

Think I could win this one?

Candidate #6 (Ogre): Thinks the government-run monopoly on education is crap. Will vote against spending any more money for anything related to education. Will not discriminate based on skin color.

Yeah, me neither.

Oh, how I yearn for freedom.

Purpose of Public Schools

A school board in Montana says:

Allowing him to finish school online could have opened the door to allowing other students to take a high number of courses online, reducing the need and benefits of a regular school setting, the board decided.

In other words, their STATED purpose is to put students in a "regular" school setting. They honestly have no interest in education. They don't care about high school diplomas. They honestly do not care if someone learns anything. Instead, their ONLY purpose, according to the school board itself, is to put students in a "regular school setting."

If someone were interested in education and learning, they would have said something along the lines of, "Gee, we'd like this fellow to get an education, and we're willing to work with him and his family to ensure that he gets one." But no, instead they said they ONLY wanted students. They want warm bodies in seats because that's where they get more cash. Nothing else matters to the public school system in America. Seriously.

If your child is in a public school in America, keep in mind those who are "Educating" them are only interested in them as a body to get them cash. The system seriously does not care if they learn one single thing.

School Choice -- in Ghana?

I was send a link to a video about school choice and education issues in Ghana. I haven't had time to view the whole thing yet, but it looks at least reasonable. I did notice, early in the segment, statements about the MASSIVE problems with government-provided education -- that the government system absolutely and completely fails to educate, well, anyone. Does that sound like a system you know?

If you want a list of TV stations that plan on broadcasting the show, that's here. Or, if you like, you can just check out the previews for the segment.

Government "Cost" for non-education?

It's amazing how far away from freedom this country has really moved. How about a study that measures the "cost" to government for public school drop outs? Yes, this group claims that it costs the state of North Carolina $169 million a year due to students that drop out of high school -- because of medicaid costs, less tax income, and prison costs.

How stupid is this? Presumably, based on this report, if the government would just issue kids high school diplomas when they turned 18 (we could just mail them), then the government would "save" $169 million each year. Since it's such a big savings, perhaps we should just include a check for a couple million in each diploma government mails to them.

What crap.

How about we stop paying for Medicare for people? Yes, it IS possible for people to get healthcare without government buying it -- it's happened for hundreds of years. Yes, it's possible for people to earn a living without a (useless) government diploma that says they've learned, well, nothing. It's been going on for thousands of years.

How about a study on how much money the state would "save" if they stopped spending money on a failed education system that simply does not educate anyone? How about a study on how much the government would save if people learned by themselves and at home, where they will learn a great deal MORE than they could ever learn in a government institution? My guess is we'd have a MUCH more educated society AND save tens of billions of dollars a year.

NC Education: For the Diploma

Well, at least they're being honest. A new government bureaucratic legislative panel has been formed to "increase high school graduation rates" in North Carolina. But hey, they'll be spending $7 million to "encourage" successful initiatives.

Please note what the "panel" is not concerned with: education. They honestly do not care about education or learning. The public schools are NOT interested in how much anyone learns, seriously. Once again, some within the system (the teachers) may be concerned with that, but the public school system DOES NOT CARE.

If you want to know why the education system exists today, please read this book. Again, it's long and detailed, but it's scarily honest:

In 1840, the literacy rate in America was between 93 and ONE HUNDRED percent.
By 1940 the literacy rate for whites was 96%, for blacks, 80%.

Six decades later, at the end of the twentieth century, the National Adult Literacy Survey and the National Assessment of Educational Progress say 40 percent of blacks and 17 percent of whites cant read at all. Put another way, black illiteracy doubled, white illiteracy quadrupled. Before you think of anything else in regard to these numbers, think of this: we spend three to four times as much real money on schooling as we did sixty years ago, but sixty years ago virtually everyone, black or white, could read.

Christian = You're Fired

In most businesses, if you lie, you get fired. They expect you to tell the truth. But in government, if you tell the truth, or even have someone visit who's telling the truth (even when you counter-balance that by inviting someone who lies), you get fired. Well, that is if the ACLU and CAIR dislike the truth.

At issue in Raleigh is Robert Escamilla, who dared to invite a Christian in school to talk about the Bible IN BIBLE HISTORY CLASS. He will be on Hannity and Colmes tonight at 9pm. He's got a web page up listing a chronology of events -- facts. And the school board, by releasing confidential personnel records, has boosted his case -- that's he's basically been fired for disagreeing with Islam.

This is blatant and open religious discrimination. The man has simply been fired because he disagrees with Islam. It's not even because he's a Christian, but because someone WHO DID NOT HEAR his guest was "offended" and called the ACLU and CAIR. And everyone knows that government only supports those two religions (atheism and Islam) -- if you disagree with those religions, you cannot work for government, plain and simple.

According to the government, Mr. Escamilla was a near-perfect teacher for EIGHTEEN years. But suddenly, in the period of one week, he went from near-perfect to being "unfit" to teach in public schools. What's the difference? He invited a Christian to speak at the school. Keep in mind -- he also invited TWO Muslims to speak to the same students as well. Yes, if you now even TALK to Christians, you're "unfit" to be in a public school.

I keep telling you that public schools are the cesspool and garbage pits of America today. KEEP YOUR CHILDREN AWAY. Unless you're atheist or Muslim, the public school system honestly hates you.

Education Facts

From 1942 to 1944, 18 million men were tested on basic literacy to enter military service. 17,280,000 were judged to have minimum competency to read basic roads signs and directions. This is a 96 percent literacy rate (and a drop off of 2% of WWI applicants). These men were educated in the 1930s

From 1951, for the Korean war, several million more were tested and 600,000 failed basic literacy tests. The basic literacy rate had dropped to 81%. These men were educated in the 1940s, and had more years in school with more professionally trained personnel and more scientifically selected textbooks than the WWII men, yet it could not read, write, count, speak, or think as well as the earlier, less-schooled contingent.

From the mid 1960s to 1973, more men were tested for military service. The basic literacy rate was down to 73%. These men were educated in the 1950s and 1960s, an era when Public schooling was expanding rapidly and expenses on government education was increasing exponentially.

The more money we spend on education, the less literate we become. I know some who read here suggest that the "poor" won't get educated if there's not a public education system. I would suggest that NO ONE is getting educated since there is a public education system, and somehow we all managed to learn A LOT more and were MUCH more educated before the government started public education.

Public Schools = Horrible Evil

Those who read here regularly (thank you!) know my position on public schools (aka government monopoly schools). They stink. I mean, they really, really stink. They're garbage. I know, YOUR schools is okay, the rest are bad. No, I'm sorry, but YOUR public school is crap, too. If you want a very long read about the actual history of schools, check this one out. It's LONG, but it's accurate.

I know some of you are school teachers, or know school teachers, and you're quite sure that they are doing all they can. Well, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig. "Our problem in understanding forced schooling stems from an inconvenient fact: that the wrong it does from a human perspective is right from a systems perspective." In other words, schools are about the SYSTEM, not people -- and therefore it destroys people.

Here's a couple recent news stories that help illustrate how bad public schools have gotten (they're NOT the school you went to years ago):

In California, two-parent families are banned. Seriously. Any person who is sending their child to ANY public school in California is doing a great disservice to that child. And yes, it's EVERY school there now. It's not about "protecting" gays, it's about openly discriminating against heterosexuals and two-parent families. Your children WILL be taught that they might be a different sex, despite what they know. Your children there will share bathrooms and locker rooms, regardless of their gender. And using the words "Mom" and "Dad" is basis for a lawsuit. California is lost.

Keep in mind: it's about the SYSTEM, not people.

And since it's about keeping kids in the system (so the system gets cash from other government agencies), if you DARE to take your child out once they're in the system, your children may be taken from you! I expect to see much more of this in California if people start running from the discriminatory system. I strongly suggest that anyone with children have a "bug out bag" with cash and clothes to flee, should social services EVER show up at your door. These are no longer conspiracy theories, they're happening right now.

In addition, another trend in public schools is the forced medication of your children, without parental permission or knowledge. After all, 11-year olds needs to have sex, right? That's what some schools are claiming.

Oh, and are you ready for the views of those who voted to encourage your 11-year old to have sex?

If my daughter were not able to talk with me about something, if she couldn't reach me for whatever reason, to keep her safe and healthy, I would want to make sure she had access to those resources from trusted adults.

Richard Verrier

Let me interpret what that actually means:

"If I suck so bad as a parent that my child won't talk to me about something as important as sex, I think she should talk to some strange adult who will encourage her to have sex. I'm glad that these strangers, who are government employees, and therefore completely trustworthy, but who might be pedophiles, will encourage my daughter to have sex often, perhaps even with them."

And much, much worse is what's also implied by this statement:

"In addition, not only do I trust complete stranger adults encouraging MY child to have promiscuous sex at age 11, I DEMAND that every other adult in the state of Maine equally trust random, unknown adults to encourage every one of their children to have open sex at age 11, too." Mr. Verrier, you are an evil, horrible person. I don't want ANY 11-year olds having sex, and you are horrible to demand that I allow ALL 11-year old girls to have rampant sex.

At the same time, religion will NOT BE permitted in these horrible institutions called "public schools." You see, if you're a government employee, you're simply not permitted to have ANY religion other than the ACLU and government-approved religion of atheism.

When you subject your child to a government school, you ARE giving up nearly ALL rights to that child. That's not exaggeration. Various courts have ruled that the school is allowed to act as a parent -- and ANY decision the school makes cannot be overridden by any parent.

Public schools are beyond repair. They are beyond hope. I implore you, if you care about your child, you will not let them into such evil places. Again, it's about the SYSTEM, not about your child, education, or ANYTHING else.

Update: The government has "backed down" in attacking the homeschooling parents -- but left them with VERY ominous warnings: "We will be watching you." Anita Nicoli, I suggest you pack up and RUN from that state RIGHT NOW. Social services will not surrender so easily. I suggest you head to New Hampshire as quickly as you can (and so should anyone else looking for freedom).

Van Helsing puts a face on this nightmare.

Hugs = Go To Jail

Well, you know how bad hugs are, right? You know how evil they are and how many people are injured and killed with hugs? Finally a school in Oak Park, IL has had the guts to ban those evil things. That's right, according to the government in Oak Park, if you're in a government school building and hug someone, you're in BIG trouble.

I'm so happy they've banned these things. Now if only more governments would see this progressive attitude and ban more of them. After all, I'm so offended when I see someone hugging someone else. I'm often late because I have to walk all the way around those people. And they waste so much time. See, students were late for classes because they were hugging and now that it's been banned, no one will be late any more. Isn't that wonderful? If only we had more government banning more things, utopia truly would exist here on earth.

School and Summer


So why do you parents keep sending them back to this penal institution known as "public school?"

The History of American Education

Have you ever read "The Underground History of American Education?" If you want to know how and why the "public" education system in America works, you might want to. It's not a couple minutes' read, but it is quite enlightening. It starts out:

Our problem in understanding forced schooling stems from an inconvenient fact: that the wrong it does from a human perspective is right from a systems perspective.

I want to open up concealed aspects of modern schooling such as the deterioration it forces in the morality of parenting. You have no say at all in choosing your teachers. You know nothing about their backgrounds or families. And the state knows little more than you do. This is as radical a piece of social engineering as the human imagination can conceive. What does it mean?
What exactly is public about public schools? Thats a question to take seriously. If schools were public as libraries, parks, and swimming pools are public, as highways and sidewalks are public, then the public would be satisfied with them most of the time. Instead, a situation of constant dissatisfaction has spanned many decades. Only in Orwells Newspeak, as perfected by legendary spin doctors of the twentieth century such as Ed Bernays or Ivy Lee or great advertising combines, is there anything public about public schools.

Go read the entire thing if you truly want to understand why I, and many others, feel there is absolutely nothing redeeming about the entire government-run school system. But be prepared to be shocked and amazed. If information is power, this reading is an atom bomb.

Government Education

Government education is horrible. I haven't written much about the government education system recently because I simply don't have words to describe it. If you think the current "public" education system is even remotely interested in educating your children, you're deeply confused. The government education system exists to support itself, and has absolutely NO other purpose.

Have you seen the "evil" sketch that got a student suspended in Arizona? The silly thing doesn't even look like a gun. But worse, the government bureaucrats (teachers and administrators) are actually defending their actions. At this point, I'm now beyond saying that it's just the bureaucrats -- the teachers are just as bad these days.

Why do I say that? Because in order for this event to happen, a teacher had to see the drawing. The teacher had to look at the picture and either think, "Oh, I'm scared;" or "That's against the rules." The TEACHER then had to report the student. Then the moron that is the principal then had to agree, "Oh, this is dangerous." Then the idiots that are the district administrators had to look at this and say, "This is absolutely a threat."

Every last person in that chain of events is a stupid moron. I don't say that lightly. You people who look at a poorly drawn imaginary "gun" (it's even a LASER gun that doesn't exist!) and are threatened should be locked up in an insane asylum. You're fools. You're the worst type of government employee. And with this many people involved that are total idiots shows that the entire system is utterly and completely infected by morons.

No, there's NO way to compare this to Columbine, as the idiot administrators actually did! There was NO THREAT. It was an imaginary drawing of an imaginary object. There was no blood. There was no one dying. There was nothing even remotely threatening. This would be exactly the same as a person drawing a monster and people being "threatened" by that.

The government education system, from the administrators on down to the teachers, are completely and totally hopeless. They are useless. They serve NO purpose other than to consume your tax dollars, literally. They do not educate. They do not teach. They have no value. The government education system is completely and totally beyond repair and has nothing worth saving.

Education Needs Cash

What a shocker. The Charlotte Observer strongly supports throwing enormous piles of federal cash (taken from working taxpayers) at the government education system (which has nothing to do with educating people). This time it's called the "Graduation Promise Act" -- and costs $2.5 billion. Like everything else associated with government education, it has absolutely no value and will help no one except bureaucrats.

This one claims to help "reduce dramatically the number of high school dropouts." If they really want to increase the graduation rate, just start printing diplomas for anyone who reaches the age of 18. Seriously. Then they can claim much higher graduation rates and everyone will be happy -- and it would cost a LOT less.

These socialists and bureaucrats who literally want nothing but more money taken from those who work are playing on your emotions. After all, don't you WANT to help the poor and underprivileged? If you don't support this, you're heartless! Of course, this is in direct opposition to the fact that some people simply are not capable of learning enough to be considered educated. But don't worry, government can solve that problem, too -- with just a little more money.

What are they crying about and trying to get you to support massive new taxation?

More class time, immediate intervention and targeted help for each student who fails or falls behind, intensive focus on language and math, plus more challenging and inviting learning environments make a difference for struggling students.

And the most ironic thing about this?
Most of these strategies are already a part of N.C. Gov. Mike Easley's New Schools Project that aims to help transform conventional high schools into ones that are relevant and effective.

In other words, North Carolina is already doing this -- but we still need BILLIONS more in taxes to pay for it -- and the results from doing this now in North Carolina? A 68% graduation rate.

But gee, if we'd just spend a few billion more, all the problems would be solved.

Actually, if the entire government system of schools and "education" -- from age 3 to graduate schools -- would shut down overnight, EVERYONE would be SUBSTANTIALLY better off. Well, everyone except the government bureaucrat employees who live off other people's hard work.

Brainwashed Fools

The government-run socialist school system continues to brainwash unsuspecting youth. Note this essay by Danielle England and Kori Nunes. They support complete removal of the Second Amendment. Why? Because they don't trust me. I guess since their god, the US government, claims I'm a terrorist, they believe their god and don't trust me. But they really think the world will be safer without guns. Guess they haven't heard about Japan. Good thing they don't have guns and are only beheading and dismembering people.

But this is a result of the government school system. The government run system is telling your children that all guns are bad all the time. They are being told that you cannot trust anyone with a gun because you will kill people. The government run system is pointing out and teaching this vulnerable kids that anyone with a gun, other than government agents, is a bad person. And the kids believe them.

Arm yourselves now, because when these kids get to voting age, they're going to do all they can to disarm you so that only the government will be armed. Of course, the kids are also not taught that every single time that has happened in all of human history, government then starts killing anyone they don't like.

And once again, government schools illustrate their utter worthlessness to a free country.

Learning Fear

Isn't this nice? Trust your government and your government schools. Why?

It was a 5-minute learning experience.

We got together and discussed what we would have done in a real situation.

We can learn from this.

It will have a positive result of growth for all of us.

They're great teachers.

If (the assistant principal) loses his job, I will break into tears. He's the best assistant principal I've ever had.

Isn't that wonderful? Isn't it great how the teachers are teaching our children? Come on, everyone sing Kumbaya! Awwww....

Oh, but did you want to know what they were doing? Yes, the teachers and administrators were terrorizing the students. 69 sixth-graders were victims of terrorism. They trusted their teachers and the teachers lied to them in order to "teach" the students how to be scared witless.

The children were in that room in the dark, begging for their lives, because they thought there was someone with a gun after them.

But hey, that's okay, because government schools exist to "educate" students, right? Aren't you glad that your tax money is being used to teach children how to cry and hide under desks while they're being terrorized? Well, if the Democrats (and the NEA) have their way, there's going to be a lot more of that in the US, so perhaps it is a valuable skill to learn.

You just go ahead, keep supporting those government schools. Keep telling yourself, "Gee, that might happen over there, but it won't happen in MY government school. MY school is better than that." Sorry. If it's a government run school (aka "public" school), it's no better than the steaming pile left by that brown cow in the field. Government schools have zero interest in education.

ACLU sues government. Again.

The ACLU gets most of it's operating funds from suing government -- claiming punitive damages. Punitive damages should be illegal when suing government -- school boards and other boards DO NOT CARE. It's not their money, so you are NOT punishing them. On to this week's Stop the ACLU blogburst:

April 11, 2007 10:08 PM

A federal judge has granted permission to a group of parents to try to stop a lawsuit filed by the ACLU.

The suit claims Wilson County schools violated constitutional separation of church and state.
It alleges Lakeview Elementary school in Mt. Juliet and the Wilson County school board endorsed and promoted religious activities on campus that led to constitutional violations.

Very short article, lacking much information, but here is an Oct.2006 piece from Alain's Newsletter that gives a bit more detail.

Old Hickory, TN

U.S. Senate candidate Bob Corker today said the Tennessee chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is woefully wrong to have filed what he called a "frivolous liberal lawsuit" against the Wilson County School District alleging a morning prayer endorsed by Lakeview Elementary School officials is a constitutional violation of church-state separation.

"When the President declared September 14, 2001 just two days after the attacks of 9-11 a National Day of Prayer, no one sued him for crossing some arbitrary line between church and state," said Corker. "We just bowed our heads and prayed. When a school in Wilson County or anywhere in our country allows children to do the same on the National Day of Prayer, or at a gathering at the flagpole, the courts ought to stay out of the way."

Corker said he supports the efforts of Mt. Juliet Commissioner Glen Linthicum, who said it was time for the community to take a stand against the ACLU lawsuit recently filed against the Wilson County School District. Linthicum co-sponsored a resolution unanimously approved last Monday night by the Mt. Juliet City Commission that encourages the elementary school and the Wilson School District to fight for their rights to religious expression.

"Like many parents across our state, I pray for my family everyday," Corker stated. "We should never force anyone to believe a certain faith or pray a certain way," Corker continued, "but if a school decides to set aside some time to allow children who wish to pray to do so, we ought to support that school and community. That is precisely what it means to protect our freedom of religious expression and I will fight to do just that in the U.S. Senate if elected."

It appears that the ACLU has set it's sights on this school district...The ACLU Targets Christians

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