US to God: Get Lost!

The open campaign to remove God from America continues. This time it's happening at The Washington Monument. We simply cannot, and will not, have any references to God Almighty in the country. It cannot be permitted. Why? Because in order to fully implement socialism, there can be NO higher power than government.

As usual, the government employees fall back on "I'm just doing my job."

I wish there were somewhere I could go that was interested in freedom. I wish there was somewhere I could go where I could worship whatever God I wanted without fear of history being changed against God. I wish there were a country that allowed full freedom of religion. Unfortunately, there's no such place today.

Sure, you can worship on your Sunday mornings (if the government gives you permission to do that in a certain place). And you can have your private thoughts about religion (for now). But any public expression of religion, if it's related to Christianity, simply will not be tolerated. If there is a historical event related to God, it will be censored. I wonder how soon it will be before all references to any higher power will be removed from the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution?

But at least we're not in fear of immediate retribution from God. While Soddom was destroyed because not one believer could be found, America still has a few left who honor and worship God. Those people may soon be in jail, as they have been in Canada and other countries, but for now America isn't jailing you for saying, "Jesus." Well, as long as you do it in the right place.

Oh, how I yearn for truth and freedom.

Catholicism, Christianity Banned in America

Seriously. The time has come. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that these religions will simply not be permitted in America. I know, there's supposed to be some rule that allows people to practice whatever religion they like:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

Sorry, but the Supreme Court, kings of the world, have simply decided that they don't like that portion of the US Constitution, so it just doesn't apply any more.

Sure, you're allowed to SAY you're Catholic or Christian. Heck, you can even think you're Catholic or Christian. But according to the Supreme Court, if you attempt to practice either of those religions, you shall be jailed. The state of New York has passed a law that very clearly says that you cannot practice certain aspects of those religions. And the Supreme Court says that those laws are perfectly okay.

I wish the religious groups involved in this case had the guts and tenacity to actually practice their religion in violation of the law. It would indeed be eye-opening to many people in this country when the government showed up to arrest Christians for practicing their religion. Unfortunately, most large-scale religious groups like this just instead bow down to their worldly masters and will obey the law.

This particular case is in regards to being forced to provide and pay for birth control. For example, if I want to practice my religion and NOT use MY money to pay for someone else's birth control, the state of New York says I'm breaking the law. Instead, the state of New York has determined that my right to practice my religion is somehow less important than someone else's new-found "right" to force me to pay for their pills. How screwed up does one have to be to actually argue that? What sort of view of freedom do you have to have in order to actually believe that forcing one person to PAY for the convenience of another is superior to religious freedom?

I just wonder how soon it will be before I am arrested, jailed, or killed right here in America for having Christian religious beliefs. I'm thinking that it won't be long now.

Christian Advertising Rejected

Morningstar, One of the Largest Financial Information Companies, Rejects Ad that References "Christian"

Anti-Christian bias has become the norm in Hollywood and the media in recent years, and now there is evidence of this bigotry growing in the financial services industry, as well. We have learned that our friends at Faith Financial Planners were denied a paid advertisement on the website of Morningstar unless they removed the "Christian" content from their advertisement. Morningstar -- one of the largest providers of financial information on mutual funds, stocks, and portfolios for individual investors and institutions in the world -- told Faith Financial that the company had to "change the message completely and eliminate the Christian undertones." This is a clear example of bigotry just because Faith Financial represents a Christian message about values and investing. Faith Financial is a company that, through one of its subsidiaries, provides information for Christians to use in reflecting their values in their investments. The information alerts values-based investors to those companies that are involved in pornography, abortion, the homosexual agenda, etc. Faith Financial's website is Faith Financial is based in the Nashville, Tennessee area.

In an unprecedented move, after a contract had been signed by both parties, an ad sales agent for Morningstar informed Faith Financial that Morningstar had reversed its decision to accept the ad and decided that Faith Financial must censor the "Christian undertones" in order for the ad to be acceptable. American Family Association is asking you to let the leadership at Morningstar know that this kind of Christian bigotry is unacceptable.

You can send a message to Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Joe Mansueto.
Click here to Take Action!

Virtue Beats Vice on Wall Street

New York Times Story Gets It Wrong

By Warren Cole Smith

According to the "New York Times," vice is a virtue - at least when it comes to the stock market.

A Sept. 14, 2007, "New York Times" article titled "At Least on Wall Street, Wages of Sin Beat Those of Virtue" said the Dallas-based Vice Fund, which targets only "sin" stocks such as those involved in gambling, alcohol, and tobacco, has outperformed the S&P 500 over the five years of its existence.

But Rusty Leonard, of Stewardship Partners, believes the "New York Times" got it wrong. His Global Concentrated BRI Equity portfolio did even better than the Vice Fund. Leonard picks stocks for his portfolio after screening out many of the companies that the Vice Fund focuses on. Leonard also eliminates companies involved in pornography, homosexuality, abortion, and other activities Christians consider immoral. It's an increasingly common approach called "Biblically Responsible Investing," or BRI.

"The Vice Fund has done well," Leonard said. "But our Global Concentrated BRI Equity portfolio has done quite a bit better. Our results indicate that there may be no need to sacrifice your heartfelt values, or worse yet, actually embrace sin, in the pursuit of attractive returns."

Specifically, from Sept. 30, 2002, thru Sept. 30, 2007, the Vice Fund rose 160.2 percent. However, Stewardship Partners' Global Concentrated BRI equity portfolio trounced the Vice Fund's returns by rising 226.3 percent over the same time period. Both funds can invest globally using American Depository Receipts.

"For many years, conventional wisdom has held that you had to sacrifice returns if you invested according to your Christian values," Leonard said. "Unfortunately, the New York Times reporter, Janet Morrissey, succumbed to this myth. Not only is it possible to 'do well by doing good,' we believe it is a common-sense method to achieve good performance over the long term. Christians understand and history often confirms that bad behavior has a way of catching up with both people and companies."

In fact, according to the "Times" story, the Vice Fund's management company itself has had its share of ethical troubles. The fund's founder, Richard A. Sapio, was accused of fraud in 2003 and 2004. The cases are still pending. Sapio and other executives associated with the cases have since left Mutual Capital Alliance, which owns the Vice Fund.

"Christians believe that we are not owners, but stewards, of God's resources," Leonard said. "To be the best possible stewards, we diligently work to obtain high returns on the wealth the Lord has entrusted to our care. That's a goal we share with all investors, even those invested in the Vice Fund."

Leonard says that where he differs from the Vice Fund is that he wants "to earn those returns in a manner that honors our Lord and is a blessing to our fellow man. It has been exciting to be able to accomplish both goals in the past, although investors should be aware that there can be no assurance that we will be able to repeat this good performance in the future."

Stewardship Partners is just one organization Leonard has founded to help Christians be good stewards of their money. is a web-site with profiles - including detailed financial statements - of the 500 largest Christian ministries in the country.

"We also hope that the abundance we seek to create for our clients will position them to be wise and effective donors to the Lord's work, as well," Leonard said. " helps educate and empower donors to be the best givers they can be, which is another important part of the stewardship process. We desire not only to bless our fellow man by how we make our money but also by how we give it. Helping our clients experience the joy of giving is even more meaningful to us than providing attractive investment returns."

Kathy Griffin and God

So, had you read about Kathy Griffin's "Jesus Comment" at the Emmy awards program? In case you missed it and want to read exactly what was said, here you go:

I guess hell froze over. A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this. He had nothing to do with this. ... Suck it, Jesus! This award is my god now.

Some people complained that the networks refused to air the comment and instead censored it. They wrongly claimed that it was a violation of the first amendment for a company to decide what they would broadcast. Others complained that it was incredibly offensive (yet no one burned anything).

Bill Donohue of the Catholic League rightly said:

It is [a] sure bet that if Griffin had said, 'Suck it, Muhammad,' there would have been a very different reaction from the crowd and from the media who covered this event. To say nothing of the Muslim reaction."

Just imagine that one, if you will. There is a double standard, whether anyone wants to admit it or not. And no, unlike Mel Gibson, Imus, and various others who have "offended" other religions, no apology has been offered or appears to be forthcoming -- from her or the academy. Clearly it is indeed politically correct to attack and insult Christians today.

Some have responded with comments, advertising, and petitions. Various Christian entertainers are standing up to tell Hollywood that they've simply had enough with Christian bashing. They're angry and they're not taking this lying down.

But the emotion I feel most from this is pity. Did you really read what she said? She actually said that the award she received was her god. I cannot imagine how empty her life must actually be. And yes, I believe that she was completely honest and was not trying to be funny -- that award really is her god.

Now I don't know if she's put it up on her mantle where she faces it five times a day to pray -- but from her words, it appears that she has dedicated her life to earning that award. But now that she's got her god, what's left for her in her life? Think about it -- if you dedicate your life to the pursuit of some physical item like an award and you spend every waking moment working to earn it, what do you do when you finally get it? There's nothing left.

I don't know much about this Kathy Griffin. In fact, I don't even know what she does for a living, honestly. But I do know that anyone who puts their life and faith in inanimate objects really has got an empty spot in their life. They've got to really be hurting and needing something more. Christians already know how to fill that hole in their life. I just hope Ms. Griffin finds out how good Jesus really is.

Values Voter Debate

There was a debate last night -- did you notice? All Republican candidates for president were invited. Not everyone showed up. Well, it was put on by values voters -- so those who disagreed with their positions, for the most part, didn't show up. Absent, but invited, were: all Democrat candidates and Rudy McRomny-Thompson.

Many questions did circle around Christian values. They asked questions that would have been quite tough for many of those people to answer. I watched part of the debate, but my internet connection got funny towards the second half, so I missed parts.

In short, basically all the candidates agreed with just about all the positions of the Values Voters group. The one exception was Ron Paul -- who was solid and outstanding. Mr. Paul was incredibly consistent -- he supported freedom at all times. When asked who would use government to correct behavior like prostitution, all agreed they would except Paul. When asked about expanding government to do, well, anything, most agreed -- except Paul.

And when it came to the discussion about the Iraq war, everyone agreed that the US needed to stay "until victory is won" -- except Ron Paul. At the same time, Mr. Paul agreed with all the positions of the values voters. Keep that in mind: Ron Paul agreed with all the values of the Christian Values Voters. And Ron Paul can beat Hillary Clinton.

A new entrant was in the race and appeared at this debate -- Alan Keyes. Wow. This guy can talk. I absolutely love to listen to him speak about issues that he's passionate about. I have a couple recordings of his speeches from back in 2000. I even managed to vote for him back in 2000 in the presidential primary (I still have the T-Shirt!) He is powerful and passionate -- I really don't understand why he has so much trouble getting votes. And Keyes really understands the war on terror:

The Islamic fascists are evil, and it is right to defend ourselves against them. But we do not fight them because they are Islamic, or even because they are fascists. We fight them because, by their practice of terror, they prove themselves to be people who have no regard for the fundamental tenets of decent conscience that we believe must be respected when human beings deal with one another, even in war.

If you missed that debate, you did miss some really exciting candidates. Now if we can just find a way to ensure that Rudy McRomney-Thompson don't get elected, things could really improve...

Update: Stop the ACLU isn't so inclined to favor Ron Paul after this debate.

Life Walk

Just one last note about the upcoming fund raiser for the Mooresville Community Pregnancy Center. In case you missed my notice last time, there's a walk for a fund raiser for this great organization. They really help people. I've talked to people this organization help -- it really is changing lives.

Ogre will be walking on September 22 -- two miles in Mooresville starting at the center. If you'd like to support this group, you can get Ogre to wear or walk whatever way you like -- for any amount of a donation. Photos will be taken and provided. There's already been one donor who wants a picture of Ogre wearing their name! Feel free to get official photos of Ogre endorsing your blog -- but act quickly as this offer expires Wednesday (all pledges are due at that time).

Just leave a comment or email Ogre if you're interested in supporting them!


It is quite seldom that I ask for money from you, my good readers. Of course, part of that could be that I'm not providing you anything that's worth paying for...

But this one time, I'm just putting this out there. Don't worry, you don't have to participate. You can just continue reading along and I'll continue posting. In fact, I'll probably not post about this again, I just thought I'd put this out there in case you're interested.

On September 22, 2007, I'll be walking to raise money for the Mooresville Community Pregnancy Center. Who are they?

The Mooresville Community Pregnancy Center is an evangelistic ministry which upholds the Sanctity of Life by providing practical assistance, encouragement, and unconditional love to women and families facing crisis pregnancies. We offer alternatives to abortion, promote sexual purity, and provide post-abortion counseling.

And they do all this without a dime from the government. Imagine that.

My goal is to collect $500 in pledges for this walk. I'm planning on matching any contributions that others pledge, so if you pledge $10, the center will get $20. If you want receipts for tax purposes, those can be provided as well. It's a 2-mile walk, rain or shine. And in fact, just for you internet folks, I'll take requests for the walk. If you'd like to sponsor me to walk 0.5 mile with a banana in my ear, I'll do that (and provide photographic evidence, if needed). So give it a thought, I promise you, every dollar you donate will be put to very good use.

And if you don't want to do this over the internet or what not, do consider helping out the pregnancy center near you.

Problems with the Qur'an

There are certainly people who have an irrational reaction to appearances. There are those who unjustly accuse others of things they have not done. But if you want to read an authority on Islam today, be sure to check out Always on Watch. That blog will give you lots of accurate information on the advance of Islam in America and elsewhere in the world.

Meanwhile, I'd like to point out something about the Holy Book of Islam that perhaps you didn't realize. I'm sure even the casual reader knows that Mohammad is the prophet of Islam. He's the one, that if you say his name wrong, or draw a picture of him, many Muslims will literally kill you. Did you know he wrote the Qur'an? Well, not exactly.

The story behind the Qur'an is that Mohammad exiled himself to a cave and the angel Gabriel came to him and had him recite verses. When he was told the verses, he could repeat them at will -- he had them memorized. Mohammad was illiterate, so later on he repeated his memories for scribes, who then wrote them down. Years after Mohammed's death, these verses were compiled into the Qur'an.

No one else ever witnessed these revelations. There was no one else to confirm or deny these visits from an angel. The entire book of the Qur'an was "written" by one man. Compare that to the Bible, which was written over a thousand years by 40 different authors and has been verfied by hundreds of others.

And I'm sure many people have heard about the "Satanic Verses." Do you know what those are? According to the Muslim religion, the Qur'an is the final revelation of God. All it's words are the unchangeable words of God. The "Satanic Verses," however, are a set of four verses that were written one way, then changed to read something completely different. That sort of kills the idea that the Qur'an is the pure, unchangable word of God, doesn't it.

Mohammad was just a man who came up with the Qur'an. It simply is not possible that this book is the word of God.

Kill More Babies

Harvard University decides that lethal injections for newborns is better than risking violating the law. And strangely enough, lethal injections for newborns isn't against the law.

This is in response to the partial birth abortion ban. You see, previously "doctors" would deliver an "unwanted" baby and then kill it. The partial-birth abortion ban is a law that says that doctors are simply not allowed to do that any more. So in order to make sure no doctor is guilty of allowing an "unwanted" baby to see the light of day, they're now using potassium chloride -- the same thing used in lethal injections of criminals -- and injecting babies in the womb.

Yes, the same people who claim that it's "cruel and unusual" to inject mass murderers and rapists with a drug that kills them are now supporting injecting innocent, unborn babies with that very same drug. Wow. And these people are called "doctors." Just, wow.

Well, there's some people who want to do something about this -- likely the only real solution, too. They're going to pray about it -- for 40 days. I think I'll join them.