Place Your Bets

Is this even a fair fight?


I've seen some impressive cats...but still...

Computer Cats

Oh, there's not much you can add to this kind of silliness...


Funny Cats

Some silliness of the feline type this afternoon:

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American Cat

Wandering over at this foreign blog, I stumbled upon a picture captioned american cat:


Somehow, that just seems to fit all too well. Maybe the cat should be a little fatter and lying down more...

Carnival of Artic Cats?

Does this count as an entry into the carnival of cats?


Yeah, I'm looking for winter.

Happy Friday

Hey, it's Friday. Smile!


Pirate Cat

Here at Ogre's Politics and views, each morning is filled with posts about the lack of freedom in North Carolina; and each day has political commentary. However, Fridays are for more realaxing silly stuff, and for cat blogging. This week, in honor of William Teach's Pirate Cove getting banned by India because of flushing the Koran, I present the Pirate Cat:


Treed by a Cat

I haven't done any cat blogging in a while, but this picture from Trench really made me smile:


Yes, that cat CHASED the bear all the way up the tree. Read the whole story at Trench's.

Reason #2,541 why cats are cooler than dogs.

Friday Cat Blogging


I'm not sure this one really needs a caption...but feel free to add your own!

Cat Blogging

Hmmm...For those who don't know, Fridays are often reserved for much lighter fare than the rest of the week, on this blog and on others. One trend that evolved was the much-celebrated, or much-dreaded (depending on your point of view) cat-blogging. The idea behind this was to show the blogger's lighter side by showing cats.

Some people have taken oaths to never cat-blog. Some religiously cat-blog every Friday and beyond. The Ogre takes the middle ground (no, really!) -- sometimes there's some cat blogging and sometimes there's not. I've got 3 cats, so there's plenty of picture opportunities...but I'm not sure if this actually counts as cat blogging:


What do you think?

Hunting Season

It must be hunting season...although I'm not sure how many targets are going to come out of the swamp. Can you spot both cats on the prowl?

click to enlarge

Look, a Llama!

smokey-barney.jpg long after this picture was taken do you suppose it was before the cat gave the llama a new nostril?

Cat Crinkle Ear

As promised, a close-up picture of Ogre's cat's crinkle ear:


(Linked to the Modulator).

Crinkle Ear

Does you cat have crinkle ear?


Mine does. But no, that picture is not my cat. I'm still trying to get a good picture of his crinkle ear.

It's a weird thing -- apparently, according to the vet, if a cat shakes it's head too hard, the ear might slap against the skull too hard, causing a blood vessel in the ear to break. This causes a flow of blood into the ear, which twists the ear all out of shape.

Even after the blood is removed (naturally, by the body), the ear remains strecthed and twisted out of shape. Weird. Very weird.

So, anyone else ever seen crinkle ear? (I'll try and get some better pictures of my cat's ear later this evening for those who REALLY want to see it...)

LLamas and Cats

Know what you almost never see in a picture together? Llamas and cats. I wonder why that is...


(Linked the Friday Ark #64).

Flame-Point Siamese

This is often referred to as a "flame-point" Siamese cat. I have heard that term used often, and I have owed a couple that people, including Humane Societies, have called flame-point Siamese. I really like the Siamese temperament and usually the colors (but not the really skinny ones, ewe).

However, there really is no such breed. According to the Cat Fanciers' Association, the coloring of a Siamese should not be that way, and it's really a mix of different breeds.

Well that's fine, because I always get my pets from the shelters and the human societies (and Cat Houses), so I don't really care they're official, I just like them.

I just thought you might like to know.

Hot Cat

Well, it's Friday afternoon and time for some cat blogging!

It's hot here. So hot that I thought the cat had just passed out while I was walking past. He seemed rather annoyed at the flash:


Cat Names?

Now I'm all for caring about domesticated animals, but having a database of five THOUSAND names? That's what this person's set up. Well, if you really can't decide what to name fluffy, have at it.

Cat in a Cat

This week, like every week, we (and yes, that is the Royal "We") try to take things a little more relaxed on Fridays. As my previous post might have indicated, it's a little tough with the world being what it is -- and that's not even considering all the folks down in Florida that are about to take another unwanted bath.

So I headed out today for some weekly cat blogging, hoping to find a cat in a cat. No, Harvey, get your mind of the the gutter. I meant a cat (an animal of the feline persuasion) in a Cat (Caterpillar, a manufacturer of really big trucks and heavy equipment). Alas, I could not find one. But I found this one:


That just looks like fun.

And for some of the lovely ladies of the Bad Example Family (especially Machelle, Tammi, and Sissy, I happened upon this fellow while searching for Cat images, and thought you might be interested:



The Carolina Panthers used to have one of these things hanging around, I'm sure of it:


But these days I can't find any evidence of anything but a silly stuffed mascot thing that hugs people. Only 2 months until football season.

White Tiger

This past week I've been exploring and enjoying some of Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA. I love the pubs, the fresh beer, and the excellent shows. However, the one thing I loved about the Busch park in Tampa, FL, is the animals. When waiting in line for something down there, last time I was there, you could look over the railing of the queue line and watch a couple of these guys just strolling around:


Mountain Lion

Have you ever seen one of these fellows up close?


They are quite impressive. The small zoo on Grandfather Mountain in Linville, NC always has a few on hand. You can get pretty close to them -- and by "pretty close," I mean about 20 feet above them. You can see their massive claws pretty well, and the ones at Grandfather Mountain are quite playful.

It's very entertaining to see them playing with a giant ball, but I'll tell you, those zoo handlers INSIDE the enclosed area sure look nervous...

Llama + Cat = ?

Provide your own caption. I think everyone, including you, know who's in charge in this picture: