International Carnival of Pozitivities

Welcome back! And welcome to Edition 2.4 of the International Carnival of Pozitivities! "The What," I hear you ask? Well this carnival is

to provide an international forum for interaction among those of us who are living with HIV/AIDS and for their caregivers, family and/or friends or those who are involved in the fight to end this Worldwide pandemic.

In addition, this
is not intended to provide a forum for debate over the current model of HIV as a cause of AIDS. If you wish to pursue this topic, please find another forum of like-minded bloggers.

Instead, this is about those who are living with this disease, no matter why they have it. No, Ogre doesn't have this disease, but he does know someone who does.

I've known Ron via the "blogosphere" for, geez, I guess it's a few years now. We are pretty far apart on many political issues -- but we can talk to one another about them, without attacking one another and calling each other names (even is he is wrong most of the time ;) ). I've never met Ron in person. He lives more than a couple hours from me, but perhaps one day we'll get a chance to meet in person. In the meantime, we've conversed various times via email about different topics.

Last year Ron started this carnival. He's really done a good job, trying to open up dialog and talk about actually living with this disease. He's kept the carnival up and going once a month for over a year. That's pretty good for a carnival. As you can imagine, many of those who host the carnival are already close to someone, or are someone who has this disease. For this month's carnival, Ron asked me if I'd be willing to host it, to try and spread this far and wide. I agreed.

Again, this isn't about why someone has the disease or how they got it. This is about people who are having to live every day, trying to understand what's going on and why their bodies are reacting the way they are. That's what this carnival is about. So thank you, Ron, for asking me to host. I'm honored to do so. Without further ado, I give you this month's carnival:

First up is Ron himself with an introduction to this week's carnival. Go check that out before you read the rest of this, really. It will help you put a lot in perspective.

As I was reading through all these entires, I decided to put them in random groups because I'm a logical person and must label everything ;) First, there's a glossary of terms related to AIDS, in case you want to know what some of those terms and things mean.

Here's a category I named "detection and prevention:"

Joe sends along news about an early detection system that's being tried in various clinics in NYC. So if you're not sure, but think you might have HIV, this would be a good post to check out, especially if you're in or near NYC.

From The Nata Village (in Africa), they want to know why women are tested for HIV, but men are not, even when it is highly likely that the men have and are spreading the disease. WHO, are you listening? Perhaps you should be...

Slimconomy talks about HIV and "branding." No, not the branding you do to horses and cattle, but the branding you do to products -- hence the term "brand-name" -- which makes me wonder when they have "awareness" days for various things if there's people who actually haven't heard of HIV. Slimconomy sends up a double-dip this month, also sending along HIV and the Bubonic plague. Hey, they could be related, right? Follow the money. Always follow the money.

Masimba Biriwasha sends along a comparison between the spread of TB and HIV in Africa -- and the fact that certain portions of this quick-spreading epidemic are just being ignored by various agencies. Anyone have WHO on speed dial?

Next, there's the poems category:

Poem #1 comes from Marc. He's posted a poem about "Identity." Who are you, anyway? And the poem even manages to work in a truly classic line, "I am not a number!" Thanks for posting it and sending it along, Marc!

Poem #2 is from Marc Olmsted. The poem is called "Curtain Up" and it's about life and hope. According to the author, it's an old poem that was written long ago. Well thanks for digging it out and sharing it!

Here's the video category:

Comprehensive Sex Ed vs Abstinence Only. Well, if the posts are going to go into the political arena, shouldn't the host? I won't -- other than to say that I disagree with portions of this video and question it's factual honesty.

BlueHorse made a video for his English class outlining the AIDS crisis in Zimbabwe. Does it matter to you? Does this crisis affect you?

How about an Italian PSA from the 1990s? Not good enough? How about a second one?

Stephen Mead sends in Weightless. It contains some disturbing pictures and images as well about victims of this ravaging disease.

There were a few posts about addictions (mostly recovery):

Item #1 is from Warrior Scout (he's the one who encouraged Marc from Poem #1 to send in his posting). He's got a mostly serious post about trauma and his suggestions for dealing with trauma -- including that brought on by HIV.

Item #2 is titled, "How to Quit Alcohol." For those who are in that category, the author says, "It's Easy." Don't believe me? Go read how easy it is.

Royce Harden writes about Personal power -- while joining together with other similar people. Once again, you'll have to read that one to make the connection between those two ideas.

Then there's the open commentary category:

Item #1 (possibly NSFW image) is by The Dreamer. He's writing on a rather morbid topic -- death. And he's pointing out that it's coming, whether anyone wants to admit it or not. But the writing has a happy and hopeful ending, so go check it out! Nicely done, Dreamer.

Jack Hampster & Company send along a very short note -- ending with some wonderful advice.

Joe Wright, MD, provides an insiders view into the world of medicine and money. He's only been a doctor a short time, so he's not completely entrenched in the system. He's still asking, "Why are we doing that" instead of simply accepting "that's how it's done here." But it sounds like he's being absorbed into the world of "Big Medicine..."

Dragonette provides us with violently happy. It's a post in which she wonders, out loud, about what is going on. I think she's trying, violently, to come to grips with her diagnosis. I cannot imagine how hard that must be.

Then there's the post about anger -- and it's innocence? To make sense of the connection between those two states, you're going to have to go read that nicely done article.

Aurora Rayne sends along an update to "what was going on in the wonderful virus filled wonderland that is my blood." Gah (Strong Language Warning).

Zoriah has a news report about the current condition of AIDS in Asia. We hear a lot about AIDS in America, and AIDS in Africa, but AIDS in Asia doesn't get much coverage, does it? Oh, this is a photojournalist, so the pictures may be rather disturbing to you.

Anirudha Alam gives us something. The title is "En-gendering AIDS Prevention Gateway to Sustainable Development." Sorry, I don't get that one. I just don't understand. He's from Bangladesh, so perhaps they just have very different issues going on there right now that I can't comprehend. Thanks for sending it along, anyway, Anirudha.

Finally, the Life Group in LA needs translators. Imagine how bad it must be to have this horrible disease and not be able to communicate with anyone about it.

Thank you again, Ron, for inviting me to host this. And thank you one and and all, each who contributed an entry to this carnival. I cannot imagine what it is like to live with this disease. And thank you good readers, each and every one, for reading this far and hopefully exploring at least one of those links. If you did read this, I implore each one of you to follow at least one link and leave a comment on that post to let the people know you've been there and read what they had to say.

Any misspellings or broken links are my own fault, not the carnival participant's. Please do comment and let me know about them so I can fix them if you see any.

Oh, I almost forgot! Last month's edition was posted at Living Mindfully with HIV/AIDS, and next month will appear at Slimconomy!

Canival of Homeschooling

I thought carnivals were dying down. Boy was I wrong! Look at all the entries in this week's carnival of Homeschooling!

Wow. Even if you don't homeschool, you ought to wander over there and take a peek. Lots of really interesting and neat stuff there.

Politics and Religion

I was reading a generally libertarian leaning forum the other day when I happened upon a poll. Yes, I understand this is an internet poll and it's mostly libertarians that were responding to the poll -- but still the results seemed rather odd to me. The poll question was:

Are Faith-Based Religions Needed Anymore?

Straightforward question, but without defining "need," you could go lots of ways with this one. The author of the poll did, giving you the following options as answers:
Yes, faith-based religions have uses that are applicable to modern society (and can be mostly helpful to the cause of liberty)

Yes, faith-based religions have uses that are applicable to modern society (but can be mostly destructive to the cause of liberty)

No, faith based religions are outdated and not needed in an age of science and reason (and can be mostly destructive to the cause of liberty)

No, faith based religions are outdated and not needed in an age of science and reason (but can be mostly helpful to the cause of liberty)

Now the answer options themselves seemed to show a very strong bias in the poll-writer's mind. I might note it's the same bias that seems to pervade much of society today, even showing up in things like Sid Meier's Civilization game -- that science is superior to religion.

I certainly know and understand science and their feelings on religion. Many scientists today honestly believe that they are God. They do not believe in anything they cannot see and touch with their own hands. They believe that they can define the entire world around us and that anyone who dares to disagree with them is just a simpleton and a moron. I just don't understand why more people don't simply point out the Flat-Earth scientists to quickly dispel any rumors that science is utterly infallible -- as they seem to think. But that's not my point of this post.

Instead, I looked at the results of the poll. Again, there's only a few people who have answered it, and most self-identify as libertarians, anarchists, or at the least, people who support freedom. The #1 selected answer, with just short of 60% of the people favoring it, was "No, faith based religions are outdated and not needed in an age of science and reason (and can be mostly destructive to the cause of liberty)."

I'm rather surprised. I could understand many of this type of person who selected the last option (that religion was not needed, but can help liberty), but I did not expect that option. I think that viewpoint of many in the libertarian movement is one reason the movement is not making any progress these days. Most libertarians appear to be taking the position that not only is religion nothing but stupid people who are too dumb to comprehend science, but they're also people who don't like freedom! They couldn't be more wrong.

The author of the poll uses rather strange logic to claim that religions aren't needed any more. He basically says that since all religions conflict with one another that they're all wrong. And he makes today's current moral equivalence argument to claim that the teachings of Jesus Christ are identical to legends of the earth being carried on a turtle's back. The author is clearly VERY closed-minded on such things and will not soon be convinced to open his mind to other possibilities.

Next, the author declares that all religion is destructive to freedom because Jewish law is strict and the Catholic church once defended the divine right of kings. Then he really goes off the deep end:

Think about the mindset of religious people. Most Christians and Muslims believe if you don't follow their religion or their morality that you will burn in hell for eternity or a long time. It would be rather selfish to not force your fellow man to follow "God's laws", wouldn't it?

Did anyone else notice that GIANT leap of faith he took there (despite him hating any sort of faith in a previous paragraph)? He went from having the mindset of one religious person following God's commands to that person forcing others to follow God's commands. I don't know a single Christian that wants to force anyone else to follow God's commands. Of course, I cannot say the same for the Muslim religion.

Again, the author makes another huge leap that simply does not make sense:

The whole idea of faith is anti-liberty to begin with. Faith is a very statist concept. Most people have faith in their politicians and look what that has done!

WHAT? Apparently, in this writer's mind, having faith in God and having faith in a lying politician are equal. Well maybe that's why the author of this poll doesn't understand religion and doesn't understand faith. I have faith in God, but I don't trust my elected officials as far as I can throw them!

Next, the author misunderstands history:

The US is a perfect example. This country used to be far closer to libertarianism, minus the racist laws. Now because of religious fundamentalists we have

Yes, we had more freedom in the past. But we have less now because of the removal of religion, rather than because of it. As a long I like once said, "Chewing gum and talking used to be the biggest problems we had in schools. Now that we've taken the Bible out, murder and pregnancy are rampant."

Throughout the thread for the poll, there are various statements, of course, bashing Christianity. Some even call for violence against "this God, if it exists." Certainly there is a great deal of open hostility towards Christianity (though strangely none towards Islam) -- while at the same time, most posts have a general thought of "Well, other people can do what they want, I won't tell them what to believe, but they're all stupid idiot morons that better not tell me what to do or I'll kill them."

But I simply do not understand the mindset that claims that religion is dangerous to liberty -- especially the dominant religion of the US, Christianity. Sure, Islam is dangerous to liberty, because the religion openly wants to destroy freedom. The positions of Islam don't say, "let people alone," it says, "force people to do these things or kill them." But that's not in the Bible.

The Bible gives rules and directions to people -- but it does not say that anyone should force anyone else to do anything. This country really was founded on Christianity, no matter what you've been told in the government-run schools. Look at the darn Declaration of Independence:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. --That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Endowed by their Creator. That's not anti-religion. That's certainly "faith." But this document CLEARLY outlines that people should be FREE. They should have liberty -- BECAUSE of their creator.

Christians still make up a large portion of this country. Libertarians, by alienating them, are making a horrible mistake. Are there Christians who are statists? Most certainly. Is the religion overall destructive to liberty? Not only is it not destructive, it's conducive. The religion of Christianity talks about people being responsible for their own actions -- a thorn in the side to liberals and big-government supporters.

Some will talk about the Jerry Falwell-types who try to get government to pass laws regarding pornography, gambling, abortion, and gay marriage. All of those are issues that can be discussed in different terms. What's the freedom-based position? The position that generates the most freedom -- which is often one that protects some people from others. I'm not going to go into each of the issues above, but in most cases, the religious position is about protecting the innocent, rather than interfering with freedom.

I'm sorry, but those of you who think the spread of Christianity will reduce liberty and freedom simply do not understand much about the religion itself -- and that is hurting the cause of liberty.

Tarheel Tavern #110

The Tarheel Tavern is a carnival round-up of posts from and about North Carolina. This week Scrutiny Hooligans is the host for the 110th edition of the Tarheel Tavern. So head on over if you want to read the latest news and views from a North Carolina point of view!

Carnival of Homeschooling

Government is incapable of education. The current education system in America is honestly not interested in educating anyone. Instead, the current system is 100% about cash -- getting it and spending it. Anyone who claims different is either uninformed or lying. I seriously believe that the entire government education system should be shut down -- starting with the federal department of education.

However, that would require people to work. That would require people to actually DO things. It would require people to raise their children, instead of handing that task over to the nanny state. So I guess that's not going to happen -- despite the absolutely HUGE economic impact that would happen if all government education shut down today. Instead, for now, I'll have to settle with the next best thing: homeschooling. It works, and it is good. If you want your child to be educated with your values (and you're not a liberal), you have almost no other choice. Sure, private schools are an option, but they can be expensive.

So, in further support of homeschooling, I present this week's Carnival of Homeschooling. Well, actually I'm not presenting it, Principled Discovery is -- I'm just giving you the link so you can go check it out. So what are you waiting for?

Tarheel Tavern #100

Welcome to the 100th edition of the Tarheel Tavern!

What a great honor it is to be the host of this, the 100th edition of this carnival. Now I know this isn't one of the biggest or well-known carnivals, but it's one of my personal favorites. Why? Because it's more local. It's more personal. It's posts from people who live in, or blog about North Carolina.

The very first Tarheel Tavern was way back in February of 2005. It was hosted at Science and Politics. Now there's a WIDE range of political views in North Carolina, so to attempt to moderate those strong emotions, the first few carnivals were not allowed to have political posts. Instead, it was to be a focus on how bloggers are people and how the bloggers of North Carolina appreciate North Carolina.

Over the years, that "temporary" theme seemed to continue, for the most part. Sure, people were free to submit political posts, but the majority of submissions seemed to focus more on goodness and happiness in North Carolina. That helped make the carnival more of a nice place to visit and read, rather than a contentious place where NC bloggers fought over political viewpoints.

Now, almost two years later, the carnival continues. It's on it's last legs, as last week had no host. If you're interested, please do volunteer to host this and keep it going. Then again, the internet moves pretty fast -- carnivals may be a thing of the past. Only time will tell. In the meantime, onwards to Carnival #100!

This week the Tavern will be served up as a full 7-course meal. Did you know that you can have up to 21 courses in a formal dinner? I think I might have to try that some time before I die. 21 courses, wow. But we've got seven here today.

appetizer.jpg1st course - Appetizer:

The Tarheel Banker from ephemera: a tribute to the long history of Banking in Charlotte. Ephemera asks,

Was Charlotte even on the map in 1967?

Now that's a question you don't want to ask today's city leaders, because they're all about making Charlotte known worldwide. What as? Well, that part isn't all that clear, but they certainly feed the need to be popular. And yes, banking has been a huge part of Charlotte for quite a long time.

appetizer2.jpgNext up, according to my official meal guide, is the 2nd course - sit-down, seated Appetizer:

Final notes on the Science Blogging Conference and Anthology over at A Blog Around the Clock. This post is a great description of what they hope will be an annual event: a North Carolina Science Blogging conference. And it wasn't just for bloggers:

to mix science bloggers with others who are interested in science communication - scientists and students, science teachers, librarians, writers and journalists, journal editors and local elected officials, software developers and science museum staff.

I hope that it turned out well this weekend!

gSalad.jpgNext up, the 3rd course - Gourmet Salad:

Assert A Surge Iraqi submitted by Scrutiny Hooligans.

Now Screwy Hoolie, the author of that post, promises drinking at Asheville Brewing Company, in Asheville, EVERY Thursday. That's about 2 hours from my house, but I might have to make the drive one Thursday, just to hear him recite the poetry like this week's submission. I'm just not sure how I'll make it back for work on Friday after "drinking liberally."

sorbet.jpgAfter that is the 4th course - Sorbet, for a palate cleanser:

I Shot The Sheriff But I Didn't Shoot Deputy Dog by the one and only Billy the Blogging Poet.

This entry couldn't fit any better into our seven course meal here, as you might have guessed -- it's a poem by Billy. And it's light and silly, I think. Well, it might be dark and depressing, depending on how you read it. I won't try and explain, just head on over and see what you think about it! And well, if you don't like that poem, check out the rest of his site, I'm sure you'll find something you like there.

primerib.jpgFinally we get to the 5th course - The Main Course:

Slowly She Turned provides the main course with Erring on the side of caution -- a post that actually went along with the "suggested topic" of this week's tavern (and yes, it was only a suggestion, so it's fine that other didn't follow the "theme").

This week in North Carolina, some areas saw a bit of nasty weather. No, nothing compared to what the folks in the west were dealing with a few weeks ago, but in North Carolina, we don't have thousands of plows and salt trucks, so it doesn't take much to completely immobilize entire counties.

Slowly She Turned offers a little bit of quite good advice regarding the weather, especially for those of us in North Carolina who don't see hazardous weather very often.

DESSERT01.jpgOnce you're done digesting that main course, we're proud to deliver the 6th course - Gourmet Dessert:

Now this is no light dessert to laugh and converse over. No, this one is a rather heavy, strong dessert that will stay with you for quite awhile. Colonel Corn's Camera tells up about Raw Emotion -- and it's not a calm, easy emotion. But it might make you think a little more before you complain about sitting in the next traffic jam.

Everyone will have to deal with some strong emotions at some time in their life, usually when they're least prepared for it. But without any emotions, life would be a rather slow and boring existence. Without the lows, there wouldn't be any highs, would there?

choclatte.jpgFinally, today, as you digest your wonderful meal, we have the 7th course - Lattes:

And while you sip, read about Business Advice for Artists and Sensitive People, presented by Christine Kane.

Just read that title again, and think about how much something like that might be needed. Quite often, those who are gifted in the areas of arts aren't as gifted in the areas of logic and business. So it seems only logical that they're going to need help in areas of business. I know I sure need help in the area of arts!

And as an added bonus, there's already a lot of comments and discussion going on over there on this topic, so grab your drink, sit back, and join in the conversation!

Well, that's all for this week's carnival. I hope you enjoyed your stay and had time to wander around and visit all those who were kind enough to add their submissions for this week. Remember, if you're blogging in or about North Carolina, you can submit your own blog posts each and every week. Also, the carnival is in need of future hosts -- if you'd like to host and enjoy the tavern, submit and volunteer to host!

100th Tarheel Tavern

In case you needed reminding, if you're blogging from or about North Carolina, the deadline to submit carnival entries for the 100th edition of the Tarheel Tavern is tonight! It should be posted either Sunday or Monday! Come on North Carolina Bloggers, send in your entries!

Tarheel Tavern

Wow. For the first time in the long history of the Tarheel Tavern, it was closed this week! Well, all things run their course, so perhaps the Tarheel Tavern is on it's last legs. Especially on the web, things move quickly and change even faster. But despite this last week, it's not over yet!

In fact, this very week The Tarheel Tavern will be hosted right here! The Tavern first appeared way back in February, 2005 and has been going every week since then. The Tavern is a Blog Carnival round-up of blog posts from or about North Carolina. It's a great place to go if you want to read what North Carolina Bloggers are writing about.

Sometimes there's political entries, sometimes there aren't. Some weeks there's a "theme," but most often it's just wide open. This next edition will be number 100! And it's here! Cool, huh?

Well, if you're blogging from North Carolina, or even blogging ABOUT North Carolina, you can submit an entry. My contact email is all the way at the bottom of the main page (I guess I need to add it here on the post pages, too, huh?). And if you're so inclined and need an idea for your writing this week, I'll suggest a theme of "winter."

This theme could be very interesting in North Carolina, as today it was just about 70 degrees and sunny most of the day. Sure, it was 25 degrees a few days ago, and might snow and ice this week, but it's 70 degrees now. So if you're in North Carolina, or even just write about North Carolina this week, please submit your entry to me!

Tarheel Tavern #98

The Tarheel Tavern has continued on without weekly submissions from yours truly (fortunately). In fact, this week marks the 98th edition of the Tarheel Tavern! Now that's impressive that this little carnival has managed to stay around that long. Thanks to everyone who's worked to keep it going.

For those who have no idea about this carnival, the Tarheel Tavern is a carnival from and about North Carolina bloggers and blogging. Sometimes there's a theme to the carnival, more often it's a whole mixed bag of posts. The primary rule is that the blogs who submit must either be blogging in North Carolina or blogging about North Carolina. So if you want to read about what bloggers in North Carolina are writing about; the Tarheel Tavern is the place to be.

This week, 2sides2ron volunteered to be the host for the 98th Tarheel Tavern. So if you need some reading, why not head on over and see what's happening on North Carolina blogs?

Tarheel Tavern

This week's Tarheel Tavern is up at Slowly She Turned! Head on over and see what's new in North Carolina blogging!

Tarheel Tavern is up!

This week's Tarheel Tavern (#90, I think) is up at Billy The Blogging Poet. It's another good one from the poet, too.

For those who have never seen it, this carnival is a weekly round-up of blog posts from and about North Carolina. If you want to know what various people in North Carolina are writing about, head on over and check it out!

Tar Heel Tavern & Second Amendment

This week's Tarheel Tavern is up at Terra Sig Illata. Head on over and take a peek.

In case you've never seen it before, the Tarheel Tavern is a weekly carnival of posts from blogs in and about North Carolina. There's some new folks each week, and there's regulars who manage to have a post in there each and every week. So if you're from or interested in North Carolina, have a look.

Also, this week's Second Amendment Carnival is posted as well. Do I even need to suggest you visit that one?

American Cat

Wandering over at this foreign blog, I stumbled upon a picture captioned american cat:


Somehow, that just seems to fit all too well. Maybe the cat should be a little fatter and lying down more...

Carnival of Artic Cats?

Does this count as an entry into the carnival of cats?


Yeah, I'm looking for winter.

Tarheel Tavern is up!

This week's Tarheel Tavern is up at Poetic Acceptance! This is a weekly carnival of blog post from and about North Carolina. If you live in NC or want to read more about what people from NC are writing, head on over and take a peek!

Tarheel Tavern

Yes, it's that time once again. This week's Tarheel Tavern has been posted at Poetic Acceptance.

The Tarheel Tavern is a weekly round up of blog posts from and about North Carolina. Good stuff. You can read it now!

Tarheel Tavern

Come along and see this week's Tarheel Tavern! It's up at Mel's kitchen.

In case you've not seen it before, the Tarheel Tavern is a blog carnival of posts from and about North Carolina. Even Harvey joins in the fun this week!

Tarheel Tavern

This week's Tarheel Tavern has been posted! Another excellent job by Billy the Blogging Poet. His are always unique and different.

For those who haven't seen it before, the Tarheel Tavern is a conglomeration of posts from and about North Carolina. Go have a read!

Carnival, carnival!

This week's Tarheel Tavern has been posted at 2 Sides 2 Ron. Head on over and have a read. For those not familiar with this carnival, it's a round up of posts from and about North Carolina and by Bloggers in North Carolina. It's fun! Go read!

Also posted now is this week's Carnival of Liberty. If you only read one carnival a week, this one should be it. This is a bunch of posts with one common theme: liberty and the loss of it. Very good reading each and every week.


This week's Carnival of Liberty has been posted. This is a weekly carnival highlighting freedom and the loss of freedom in the world today.

This week it's at Socratic Rhythm Method, and the format is GREAT! Seriously, I've never seen a carnival done this way -- jeopardy style. You need to go check it out, even if you're not interested in freedom!


It's time! Time for the weekly Tarheel Tavern. In case you've never heard of it, it's a compilation of blog posts from and about North Carolina. Head on over and have a read!

Places to Visit

A couple nice carnivals for your reading pleasure today:

First up, the Tarheel Tavern is up at Scrutiny Hooligans. This is the weekly blog carnival from and about North Carolina bloggers. Take a peek!

Also up is this week's Showcase Carnival! This is a weekly highlight of new blogs. Please do take a moment to head on over and visit at least one. Don't you remember when you had a brand-new shiny blog and no one came for a visit? Go ahead, the blog owners will certainly appreciate the visit and the comment.

Tar Heel Tavern

This week's Tarheel Tavern has been posted! It's over at My Blue Puzzle Piece. For those who haven't seen it before, it's a carnival from and about North Carolina bloggers. Head on over and take a peek.

Carnival of Liberty

If you only read one blog carnival a week, it should be the carnival of liberty. This is where you will find posts about liberty -- usually about the LOSS of liberty in America. This week it's even got a soundtrack! Head on over to Socratic Rhythm Method for this week's installment.

Tar Heel Tavern

This week's carnival for, from, and about North Carolina, the Tarheel Tavern, has been posted over at Billy the Blogging Poet. If you want to read the latest posts from and about North Carolina, head on over!

Cold Dive

Once again, it's time to create the all-important entry for the weekly Tarheel Tavern. This is a carnival about, for, and by bloggers in North Carolina. Of course, if you're not IN North Carolina, you can still join in by blogging ABOUT North Carolina!

This week the host is Billy the Blogging Poet. Many weeks, the host chooses a suggested topic or theme for the tavern. This week I was told that Billy chose "a free for all, so just dive (or parachute) on in!"

ted_nugent_free_for_all.jpgMy first reaction was, as should be everyone's, is Ted Nugent's Free for All. If that wasn't your first reaction, too, perhaps you should go listen to some serious rock because everyone should immediately think of The Motor City Madman when such words are uttered. But anyway, back to the topic at hand: diving in.

In the spirit of the lovely warm summer we're having, once again we'll see if the image can cool you, the good reader, off a little bit. Try staring at the picture a lot and see if that helps. If not, try to imagine that it's YOU in the picture, right now...


Carnival of Liberty

Ogre's most favorite carnival, the Carnival of Liberty is posted at Homeland Stupidity. It's a GREAT round-up of liberty-related posts, and should be a must-read for everyone in America each week.

Tarheel Tavern #75

This week's Tarheel Tavern is up at Poetic Acceptance. Go have a read what bloggers from North Carolina are talking about. And if you're blogging from or about NC, please be sure to join in next week at Billy the Blogging Poet.

Carnival of Liberty LIV

Yay! The Carnival of Liberty is HERE, NOW. This is my most favorite carnival. It highlights and points out freedom and liberty around the world -- usually highlighting where it's been lost more often than not. There's lots of good articles and reading here, so please do sit down and follow these links.

All that's needed for evil (lack of freedom) to succeed is for good men to do nothing.

smokingjail.jpgThe London Fog presents Bigotry and Hatred in Action. Ogre's category: Police State.
Highlighted is another news story that really makes me wonder how in the world such things can happen in America -- followed quickly by the reminder that America is clearly NOT a free country any more:

the chief of police in North Platte, Nebraska has decided that he wants to instruct his officers to arrest parents who smoke in cars when children are present under Nebraska’s child abuse statute.

How do you explain that one? Does the police chief honestly think that children with parents in jail for one year are better off than children who get exposed to second hand smoke? He does, and that's scary -- because he is using the monopoly on force that government has to advance his own personal agenda. I wonder why we retain the right to keep and bear arms if we won't use them in instances like this?

keyhole.jpgShuggy at The Sharpener presents Privacy? What privacy?. Ogre's category: Do As I Say, Not As I Do.
This long and thoughtful post includes such rantings as

I don’t give a rat’s-*** whether David Cameron had a few lines of cocaine when he was at university.

As Shuggy addresses the position that politicians seem to take -- that since they feel the need to expose themselves and have no privacy, they seem to have the right to ensure that no one else has any privacy, either. He goes on the explain how all politicians seem to have lost any concept of privacy for anyone, at any place. Well gee, Shuggy, if you're not doing anything wrong... right? ;)

gay_marriage.jpgPeter Porcupine at Peter Porcupine presents High Noon for Gay Marriage. Ogre's category: People vs. Government
As an advocate for freedom in occupied Massachusetts, Peter Porcupine gets attacked by big-government types all the time. This post is no exception. The post is about the history and decisions of the legislature and the manuverings of the courts and the legislature in trying to supress the people and the people's opinions:

If a Legislator votes to refuse to allow a vote by the electorate, what is he saying about the judgment of the electorate that saw fit to place him in office?

Of course, once the issue is raised (gay marriage), most of the commenters could see fit to only personally attack and insult, never once responding to the actual issue about the people and the state consitution vs. judges and the legislature. Why not head on over and add a little to the conversation that's NOT name calling? Peter has a nice chronology of what's been going on in the state and where it might be headed.

papercliphouse.jpgLeslie Carbone at LeslieCarbone presents One Red Paper Clip and the Power of the Market. Ogre's category: Capitalism rules.
This is the story of capitalism. It describes and analyzes the story of trading a red paper clip for a house and why it's possible. It also relates this story and action to the Bible, showing how the Bible actually supports such capitalism -- and points out how government can only reduce and crush capitalism and freedom. And Leslie points out a key issue that's quickly disappearing in America today:

But for trade to take place, two key conditions must be present.

First, there must be private property.

I'm not so sure there IS private property in America today, in any form. And that's a lose-lose situation for everyone, even government.

planet.jpgTom Wright at The Wrightwing presents What Planet Do My Senators Represent?. Ogre's category: Lords vs. Peasants.
In this one, Tom takes issue with his moronic Senators in Washington. Both of his have the very dubious honor of being on the list of Senators who oppose the second amendment -- oh, but only in time of extreme emergency, as determined by the royally appointed elected representatives of the peasants people. As he points out:

After all, aristocrats and royalists throughout the ages have objected to the arming of the peasantry, and always oppress the right to arms of those they deem potential threats to their power.

However, as I previously mentioned, do We, as armed people, actually have the will to use such arms? Sure, those of us who are armed are often willing to use them when threatened with physical bodily harm. Some of us would be willing to use them when others are threatened with felonious attacks. But how many are willing to use them when threatened by the ultimate in force, the government? Then again, since government is always right, whyever would we?

policeman.jpgMike at The London Fog presents Stand around, try to look tough, don't make waves, collect overtime. Ogre's category: Crime? What Crime?
In this post, Mike points out what happens when there's too many laws: lawlessness. Actually, he's pointing out where policemen are intentionally ignoring crimes because of who is committing them, while watching people who are NOT committing any crimes. Interestingly enough, this is happening in Canada, where I'm not sure there's actually a provision in their laws that claims that all people are equal under the law. Of course, here in America, just because the law says that, doesn't mean it means that.

patrick_henry5.jpgBrad Warbiany at The Liberty Papers presents Patrick Henry on the Constitution. Ogre's category: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.
In this one, Brad provides a good portion of a speech made by Patrick Henry. It is, as with many things still quoted of Mr. Henry's, a quite good speech. It starts out with a key point:

You are not to inquire how your trade may be increased, nor how you are to become a great and powerful people, but how your liberties can be secured; for liberty ought to be the direct end of your Government.

Indeed. That IS the point of government. Government doesn't exist to generate income, to help people, or to protect people from themselves. It is supposed to be there to protect liberty, and nothing else. But as Mr. Henry has predicted, and Brad points out, that's not what it's doing. Indeed, Patrick Henry appears to have been quite the prophet on this issue.

Peter Kua presents Stop living in denial for the sake of Malaysia posted at I'm not sure what this one is about -- a complaint that the government of Malaysia won't crack down on people being rude in the country because it's "bad" for the country? To me, that sounds like government expansion and intrusion rather than freedom.

A few last entries (sorry I don't have time to properly comment on them -- please, readers, feel free to read them and then provide good summaries and details in my comments -- I'm sure they're excellent reads, we're just having a gas leak emergency and I'm supposed to evacuate or something):

Doug Mataconis presents The Ninny State posted at Below The Beltway.
Doug Mataconis presents The Nanny State vs. The Family posted at The Liberty Papers.
Doug Mataconis presents Zoning Laws And Property Rights posted at The Liberty Papers.

Next week this wonderful carnival will be hosted at Indian Cowboy.


This week's Tarheel Tavern is up! It's a weekly carnival of posts from and about North Carolina -- often a nice break for me from various political news. This week's host is A Sort of Notebook. Next week's host is Moomin' Light. I can't wait for the next topic...

Oh, and this week my most favorite carnival of all, the carnival of liberty, will be hosted RIGHT HERE! Be sure and get your submissions in now, as the carnival goes up tomorrow! This carnival is to

Promote blogging and thinking about liberty and freedom. How to advance the cause, where there are problems, what we can do, who's saying what, historical trends and ideas, liberty in the news, and much more.

If you want to submit your post, just use the carnival submit form.


I've not been entering in any carnivals, nor have I posted about them -- well, I wasn't here! But I would like to point out that this week's Tarheel Tavern has is posted at Writing for Nonprofits. Take a peek!

Oh, and this week, yours truly is the host for the most esteemed Carnival of Liberty! Be impressed, then sent me your posts about LIBERTY!

Carnival, Carnival

Another excellent Tarheel Tavern carnival at 2sides2Ron. And the Ogre gets a special mention -- thanks very much, Ron. Go check out this carnival of happenings and things from and about North Carolina Bloggers. This week's theme was "belonging."

Carnival, carnival!

A couple nicely done carnivals for your reading pleasure today:

The Showcase Carnival highlights the newest blogs -- only blogs 3 months old or less are allowed to participate. Please do stop by and visit them -- don't you remember how much you wanted visitors when you first started up? This week it's hosted at Dave's Not Here.

Next up is the lovely Carnival of Liberty. It's the only carnival dedicated solely to life, liberty, and property, our inalienable rights. This week Indian Cowboy is the host. Stop on by!

Also this week's Tarheel Tavern, the only carnival to feature people and bloggers from; and the state of North Carolina, is posted over at Anonymoses.

A Few Great Carnivals

A few great carnivals to point out for this week:

Pet's Garden has an absolutely awesome Memorial Day Showcase Carnival. You simply must stop by and read that post. And in case you're not familiar with the Showcase Carnival, it's a place to find all the newest blogs in the world. Be sure to head on over and read at least one this week.

Also, one of my most favorite carnivals is the Tarheel Tavern. It's a carnival from and about North Carolina and North Carolina bloggers. This week's carnival is hosted by Poetic Acceptance, and Erin does a great job, as usual, spreading out to include those who forgot this week!

And another of the carnivals I really like is the Carnival of Liberty. This one highlights the causes of liberty and freedom in America. New World Man has this week's carnival up for your reading pleasure.

Carnival, carnival!

A quick pointer to a great weekly blog carnival, the Carnival of Liberty. Many posts about freedom and liberty, and especially the lack thereof, in America. This week's carnival is at Left Brain Female. Go read this one.

This week's Showcase Carnival (that's for the new blogs) is to be at Random Yak. I'm not seeing it there yet...Yak? Coming soon? It's a good place to see the newest blogs out there and the new blogs always appreciate the comments they get!

Update: It's Here!

Tarheel Tavern #65

Welcome to The Tarheel Tavern, number sixty-five.

Wow. Has it really been that long? Indeed, it has. The very first Tavern was February 27, 2005 at Science and Politics. It's been kept going every week since then.

abe2.gifAs has been noted by others in discussions, the idea of the carnival does seem to be fading a bit these days. When carnivals were new, they were "IT," so everyone wanted to join, participate, and host. I used to be With IT. But then they changed what IT was. Now what I'm with isn't IT, and what's IT seems scary and wierd. It'll happen to YOU! So there are more carnivals and less people playing...but no matter, we will continue this carnival as long as there's even ONE entry...even if there's only two like this week...except for coturnix who sent a whole pile... :)

comics.jpgSo, Bora, of Science and Politics, who, like the Ogre, is trying to write a Ph.D. thesis, sends along the latest reason to delay the actual writing, book reviewing! Yes, I am well-aware that it doesn't take much to come up with an excuse NOT to write the thesis. Beware of once you start submitting articles for publication -- then you get added to the list of "reviewers" for OTHER people's articles -- even if you don't get published the first time.

mozartpiano.jpgThe next entry is from Moomin Light. Moomin highlights a song with a rather unusual title: England 2 Columbia 0. That's quite a title, so I'm sure if you've heard it before, you'd remember it. But since you haven't, I suggest you head on over there and see what it's all about!

simpsons-family.jpgLast up, I get my own entry in the carnival. Why? Well, because I'm the host and I want to, so nyyeh. My entry is about a wonderful festival in the mountains that is now an annual event. This year was the third year, and they certainly plan on doing it again -- and I plan on showing up next year for the second time. If you're nearby, you really should stop by.

Usually this is where I head to other usual entries and "find" some entries for this lovely carnival. However, I've got some company over this fine evening and am quite limited for time. Next time submit your own entries, you bums! ;)

Carnival of Liberty & Showcase

A couple nice carnivals to point out this week.

First up, my current all-time favorite, the Carnival of Liberty. This carnival has posts about liberty (or the lack thereof) and freedom. There's always good reading on this one, so head over to Below the Beltway and read this week's Carnival.

Also this week, there's the Showcase Carnival. This is the place to find all the newest blogs that have appeared on the Internets. Remember when you first started out and didn't know if anyone was reading your blog? Remember how much you wanted someone, ANYONE to comment? Well this carnival highlights the new blogs so you can go read and talk to the newest people. This week My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is the host. Go read!

Oh, and don't forget, this week Ogre will be hosting The Tarheel Tavern, so be sure and get your submissions in!

Tar Heel Tavern

Hey, this week the host of the Tarheel Tavern is yours truly! Last week was at The Magic Schoolbus and next week it will be at Poetic Acceptance, but this week it's HERE.

The Tarheel Tavern is a blog carnival of posts from and about North Carolina. If you're blogging in North Carolina, or even about North Carolina, you can participate. All you need to do is send me an email (see email link to the left on the main page) with the url and title of your post, and you're in! Posts need to be received by Saturday night at midnight (NC time) and the carnival will be posted sometime Sunday!

Come on, join in the fun.

New Blog Showcase Carnival

This week's New Blog Showcase Carnival (or new showcase blog carnival, if you prefer) is now up over at Customer Servant. Head on over and see what's new!

This is a weekly carnival that showcases new blogs that have appeared in the last week. Remember when you first started blogging and wondered if anyone was reading your blog at all? Can you remember those first few readers and commenters? New blogs really do appreciate the readership and the comments -- please head on over and welcome the new writers to the blogosphere.

And if you're a new blog, feel free to submit yourself (or your blog) to the Showcase -- or submit any other new blog you find (must be less than 3 months old to play).

Carnival of Liberty

This week's Carnival of Liberty is up! Go read it -- it's a compilation of posts about Liberty from across the blogosphere. Good reading each and every week (even when I forget to submit an entry myself).

New Tarheel Tavern

The new Tarheel Tavern has been posted at arse poetica.

This one is a weekly carnival with posts from and about the Old North State: North Carolina. If you want to see what's on the minds of people in North Carolina (and no, it's not just Nascar) be sure to head on over and have a read.

Carnival of Liberty

Have you seen this week's Carnival of Liberty? It's good, as it usually is. Thanks for hosting, Left Brain Female.

The idea of a blog carnival is for one post to contain links to writings of many other people on a given subject (usually). The Carnival of Liberty provides weekly links to writings of wonderful and thoughtful people regarding, well, liberty. If you're interested in liberty, this is THE carnival you should be reading. Head on over and take a peek!

Tar Heel Tavern

This week's Tarheel Tavern is up at The View from the Cheap Seats.

The Tarheel Tavern is a blog carnival of posts from and about North Carolina. There's no central topic, just posts from blogs in North Carolina. Head on over and read.

Carnival of Liberty

Speaking of freedom...this week's Carnival of Liberty is up at Below the Beltway. Go read!

Tarheel Tavern #58

This week's Tarheel Tavern has been posted at Moomin Light -- and it's a good showing. If you want to read some ramblings from all sorts of points of view from around the state of North Carolina, head on over!

Ads and Links

Hello, everybody! (Hello, Dr. Nick!)

A couple places for you to visit today (right now!):

First, my new renter from Blog Explosion: Rob in China. I can already hear you -- "What?" Well, "Rob in China" is a blog by Rob. And yes, he's in China. That's pretty much it! He says: "I write this blog as an American Entrepreneur that is on the ground in China, making contacts, making mistakes and hopefully soon, making some money!" There's some neat stuff, and lots of silly stuff -- so head on over and read a little bit.

For carnivals, there's always good ones. This week's Tarheel Tavern is up at Billy the Blogging Poet. The theme this week was "Because I can!" So be sure to check that out and see just a few of the things people in North Carolina are doing (that's why it's called the Tarheel Tavern) just because they can!

There's a blogad over there on the left from the people at Jim Black Must Go. Read about one of the most powerful elected officials in North Carolina -- who is still currently in his position -- and why he should immediately resign before he gets arrested. You can add YOUR ad that will appear there right here -- why not?

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The Carnival of Liberty

Have you ever read the Carnival of Liberty? It's a really great carnival. For those who aren't sure about this whole blogging thing -- a blog carnival is when a group of people get together and post on a specific topic, idea, physical location, animal, or SOMETHING that can be related. Then one person makes one big post with links (sometimes with descriptions, details, or commentary) to all those other posts. This way there's one big page with a whole pile of information about one thing.

This week's carnival of Liberty is posted at Owlish Mutterings. Folks, this carnival's topic is LIBERTY. Now I know there are those reading this that honestly don't like liberty and freedom (The Democrat Party comes to mind...) -- this carnival is not for you. But if you like freedom, you should read this carnival.

Now I'll warn you -- very often this carnival is full of reporting on the current erosion and outright destruction of liberties -- that's part of the carnival. But hopefully each week there's at least a little bit of hope and good news for liberty -- even if it is harder and harder to find these days...

Ads and Links

A couple items to point out this fine afternoon. First, one of my personal favorite carnivals -- the Tarheel Tavern. This week's host is Gingerivers. She's done a beautiful job this week with posts from and about North Carolina. If you've got a moment, go have a read.

Next I'd like to point out some fine advertisers who, along with me, want you to click on their links on my page here. Over on the top left side, you should see a little square that links to Full Metal Photographer. This is a really neat photoblog. And every day I've been over there, there's a new picture up on the front page. Go take a peek and see what you might get! And you can follow the links to see pictures from other days. Neat stuff, really.

The blogads this week are a little light -- feel free to add you own ad for a very reasonable price, really! Right now you can visit Jim Black Must Go, a group trying to get the corrupt speaker of the North Carolina House to resign.

Or, if you want more targeted marketing across a number of North Carolina specific blogs, check out Alt Media 101 -- that ad shows up in the giant white block on the right side, and it will also get at least one post plug!


Hey, did you know that the Tarheel Tavern has been posted? Well, it has -- over at Captivated by Mandie. Go take a peek -- it's got a neat layout this week!

And another excellent layout for Valentine's Day can be found at the Carnival of Liberty. GREAT stuff there, as always.

New Blog Showcase Carnival

The New Carnival is here! The New Carnival is here!


Welcome to the sort-of anniversary edition of the New Blog Showcase Carnival (or New Blog Carnival Showcase, if you prefer)!

First, a brief history -- the New Blog Showcase Carnival (or New Blog Carnival Showcase, if you prefer) was started a long time ago. When? I don't know. It was before this here blog was born, that's for sure.

It was initially started by the well-known NZ Bear. At some point in time, NZ Bear became too busy to keep the carnivals going, so Simon took it over. That was about Feb 14th, 2005.

Simon kept the carnival going until around June of 2005, then realized he couldn't do the carnival justice. Since that time, yours truly has been keeping the carnival going, including a cool new design to the main Showcase site (to make it even more carnival-like!)

The New Blog Showcase Carnival (or New Blog Carnival Showcase, if you prefer) is designed to highlight new blogs. That's pretty much it. Feel free to head over to that main page and read all about the carnival.

Perhaps you can remember some time in the past when you started your blog. Perhaps you remember making your first post and wondering why the entire internet was not in awe, reading your blog, and writing comments that proclaimed your greatness. And then, perhaps you can remember it was because not only was no one reading your blog, no one even knew about it!

The New Blog Showcase Carnival (or New Blog Carnival Showcase, if you prefer) hopes to alleviate those painful days. Each week the carnival showcases blogs that are new (less than 3 months old). Then, the carnival is promoted far and wide (you DO promote it, right?) so the new blogs can get exposure.

So, if you're a new blog, be sure and read about how to submit your blog (over on the main page). If you KNOW a new blog, be sure to get it submitted as well (anyone can submit a new blog). And if you're NOT a new blog, then each week you should check the main page and visit the new blogs. It only takes a minute and you might find a really great blog to start reading every week.

So, without further discussion, this week's New Blog Showcase Carnival (or New Blog Carnival Showcase, if you prefer):

Living the Scientific Life.

Well, that's it! No, really, no other new blogs were submitted this week.

Therefore, you have NO EXCUSE not to quickly head on over there and visit. If nothing else, you can go waste some time Playing Geography games!

And another entry: Big Heads, Little Helmets, and Plagiocephaly from Mom.

(This carnival also linked to The Ubercarnival).

Tarheel Tavern Coming up!

Last week, Ogre had the honor of hosting the Tarheel Tavern, the weekly blog carnival of NC Bloggers. This coming week it will be at Capitvated by Mandie, and it will be a VISUAL carnival about winter!

So if you are blogging in or about NC, you need to participate this week! I'm talking to you, Teach...

Carnival, carnival!

This week's New Blog Showcase Carnival has been posted at Dave's Not Here. Be sure and stop by and visit all the new blogs -- new blogs ALWAYS appreciate the comments, and you might find a lifelong read.

Next week, the Carnival will be hosted HERE! So, if you've got a new blog, or know any German girls or other new people that have a new blog (less than3 months old), be sure and get them to submit it at the carnival submission page.

This week's Carnival of Liberty is up, too -- lots of GREAT liberty-related stuff there. Please read it.

Tarheel Tavern #50

Wow! It really is #50! Neat. Just two weeks from the one-year anniversary (at Science and Politics). This one sure is fun, isn't it? Well, I really like it because it really does bring together a quite diverse group of bloggers based on geographic location.

I know it's not the only geographically-centered carnival, but it's the first I got to play with. And I know I forget to give my submissions WAY too often, but I still feel like part of the mob group. So here it is, (now that Blogspot is working), the 50th edition of the Tarheel Tavern:

This week I didn't suggest a theme, as I sometimes do, so who knows what will show up. Please note that all additional commentary is mine alone. It's not meant to offend, only provide a little humor in these serious and dangerous times. If there's a silly comment about your post that annoys you, drop me a line, and I'll remove it. Otherwise, just enjoy the silliness and laugh with me.

As you enter the lovely tavern in the Turpentine State, first you would notice someone dressed in flannel just inside the door. Who is it? It's The Flannel Avenger! You might not notice his cape, as it's also flannel-colored (is flannel a color?), so it blends in well with his clothes and the darkness.

So, what is he avenging this week? Well, he points out the church burnings in Alabama this past week -- and very quickly compares the reactions of those to what would have happened if they were a different kind of church burning...I have to agree with his premise there.

Stepping past the avenger, the next site to greet you in the Tavern is a lovely woman, quite buried in a huge stack of printed emails. It's Zha K, who is serving up A Fine Dish (that's the blog name) in the way of communicating with an educrat.

Now, if you had sent 96 emails to someone, and you knew they received and read them (because they replied), and then you were told that you were "not communicating" with that person, how do you think your day would go after that? Welcome to the largest, most powerful, most inefficient bureaucracy in the world, government education.

Sitting over at the end of the bar, typing on his laptop, writing the world's next great screenplay, you'll notice Anonymoses. This past week, he apparently took a break from his excellent writing to do some graphical works -- and you can see his results with How to make Alec Baldwin out of Claude Akins and Roy Blunt.

Well, you see, there's a reason he's sitting over there in the corner by himself...but he claims that the women keep asking him how to make Alec Baldwin, but when he throws up on his hands, well...there's that back in the corner thing again...

Over there in the middle of the bar, yes, the one surrounded by all the empty beer bottles, is Scrutiny Hooligans. And yes, that is Samuel Adams he is quoting while drinking Sam Adams beer. That's just his way.

You might overhear him talking there, he's talking about Britney Spears (not a pickle...spears? get it?) and her prime-time special appearance on the struggling NBC network. I'm wondering if they had to pay her, or if she paid them.

Seated right next to Mr. Hooligans, you'll notice the fellow with the goatee, shaking his head at every word, while trying to read his book (The Lord of the Rings). Sticking out his back pocket you'll see a paper with the heading, "Mecklenburg Libertarians Meeting Notes."

Of course, in the other pocket you might see a few tickets from the gestapo NC Board of elections for attempting to participate in an election as a member of a banned political party...

And sitting at a table over to the left, amongst a pile of books, notes, maps, and other such things, you'll observe the ever-quiet Moomin Light, reading from her notes and writing, longhand (remember when you used to do that?). She's transcribing her notes from the latest Harry Potter movie.

Now, if the internet is good for anything, it's good for finding movie reviews, isn't it? I'm not sure what movies are these days, as I personally haven't been to a moving picture show in a number of years, but hey, those people selling popcorn need to make a living, too, right?

Standing over to the side, there with the small crowd gathered around to hear his orations, you will notice Marcus. This week his philosophical meanderings are about Lifestyles. He is talking about all sorts of lifestyles and from whence they come.

And yes, that is a secret informer in the brown shirt over there in the shadows, watching Marcus closely -- Marcus said something about "exposure to toxins and infections," and they've been following him ever since.

So, that's our week around the Tavern here in the Old North State. I hope you enjoyed your stay and will come back and visit often.

As usual, if I've missed you (because you were well-hidden in the shadows), or any of the links are incorrect, please do drop me a line. And next week, be sure to head over to Captivated by Mandie, who will be your gracious host.

Tarheel Tavern #??

I'm trying to post this week's Tarheel Tavern, but it seems Blogspot is down. Therefore, this Tavern will be the meantime, feel free to browse the list of blogs over there on the right.

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Tarheel Tavern So Far


McFly? McFly?

Is anyone out there? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

Here is the Tarheel Tavern for this week so far:

*crickets chirping*

What's going on with you people? Don't you want some great exposure? Don't you want to have your entry highlighted by the Ogre with witty, exciting, humorous commentary? Err...well, highlighted, anyway?

Time is running out for this week! I'm not going to be around this afternoon, so send your submissions now so I can post the Tavern this evening. If you don't send them, I'm going to search in the corners and under the rugs of the Tavern to find some posts!

Email link is over there on the left.

Tarheel Tavern!

Are you a North Carolina blogger? Have YOU made your submission this week? The Tavern is going to be hosted HERE, so come on! Surely you posted SOMETHING worthy of the great Tarheel Tavern carnival?

Heck, even if you're not IN North Carolina, but you're blogging about something that happened in North Carolina, you can submit!

Saturday afternoon, I've got some plans, so the carnival won't be posted until late Saturday or early Sunday, but it's coming, and it will be here. If you're from or about North Carolina, you need to send your post to me (click the email link over there on the left).

Tar Heel Tavern

This week's Tarheel Tavern is posted at BlueNC. Head on over and have a read.

The Tarheel Tavern is a weekly blog carnival of posts from and about North Carolina bloggers. And this week (February 4th), yours truly is the host! So if you're blogging in North Carolina, or even ABOUT North Carolina, feel free to participate! Just send your posts on to me (hit the email link over to the left).

Carnival, carnival!

Two excellent carnivals for your reading pleasure, as always:

The Tarheel Tavern has been posted at Scrutiny Hooligans

The Carnival of Liberty has also been posted at Below the Beltway.

Excellent reads, both of them!


The New Blog Showcase is up at Dave's Not Here. This is where you can read about new blogs in the world. Be sure to head there, visit a few, and comment on at least one of them -- new blogs really do appreciate being found!

This week's Tarheel Tavern, a weekly Tavern of blogs from North Carolina, is up over at Nothing Could be Finer. Head on over and read, people!

Around the 'sphere

Starting to get back into the regular swing of things, and I'm out reading what everyone else is writing about (and heck, if you want to trackback to this post to let others know what you're writing, feel free to). Here's a few highlights:

GM Roper has a post about diagnosing the left. He's a mental health professional, and this is a long, detailed post describing a serious mental problem.

Always on Watch has a nice piece about celebrations to attend in 2006. I might have to take a trip by Jamestown. Again.

Cao has an interesting post up that describes another example of NBCs utter and total hatred for anything Christian. No, that's not an extreme statement, it's a statement of truth.

CatHouse Chat is absent while I'm sure completely enjoying the holidays. Meanwhile, she's been playing with Photoshop. One day I'll get that good -- well, when days have about 28 hours so I have enough time...

Choose Life describes how one state has managed to work how an independent coalition of states is suppose to work -- allowing the people of the state to decide issues for themselves. What a concept.

Daisy Cutter has a new Senate candidate. I think there's serious potential there.

Not enough yet? Okay! (Is it me, or is this post starting to look like NIF? Nah, I can't compete with that kind of awesome round-ups!)

Dr. Sanity has the Carnival of the Insanities posted! Yikes!

Euphoric Reality has a brand-new shiny blog design. I like blogs and blog layouts, so I'm always interested when someone has something new. Take a peek.

Blogging Out Loud has some REALLY, really bad puns and jokes. Do NOT go read them. Ugh.

Freedom Folks has a post up that proposes corporal punishment for legislators. Oh yeah, like that's going to work. Well, it sure would be fun trying...

The Mary Hunter gives more details about the media's utter hatred for President Bush. That's not news to anyone who has eyes, but still...

Swap Blog has a great post about The War On Christmas. Yes, another post about that, but this one is quite a different view!

Stop the ACLU has a GREAT post up today describing the utter and total hypocrisy of the ACLU. It points out exactly that the ACLU is not pro-anything and only exists to oppose the United States and freedom at ALL costs.

Rottweiler Puppy has a post from England where their media, like that in the US, is overjoyed at the releasing of terrorists from jail. I'm not sure "morons" is strong enough a word for them...

Peter Porcupine comes up with some 2006 predictions. Pay attention if you're in the Soviet States of Massachusetts.

Part-time Pundit talks about the loons on the left writing more articles of impeachment for Bush. The crime? Thoughts. I kid you not.

Kender's Musings has a nice long post about the current world war. And we are winning.

Well, that's all for now. Go read one or two of these great posts. And again, if I've missed you, trackback here and link away!

Carnival, carnival!

I got a little behind in updating the New Blog Showcase Carnival site, but the folks who have signed up for hosting have been doing a great job getting the message out!

On Dec 12, Cyberbassals put the carnival up, followed by Dane Bramage on Dec 19th. This week, Where are My Socks should have the post up by the time you read this. Head on over and take a peek. Next week, Random Yak is the host.

If you're interested in hosting, check out the main site for details. It's fun and easy!

Also, the Tarheel Tavern has been posted over at Pratie's Place. Another good read!

Carnival of Christmas

I'm sort of out of whack this week with the regular schedule (and will be next week as well), but I just found out that there's a Carnival of Christmas! So, if you need some Christmas blog reading, head on over and read!

Tarheel Tavern!

The new phone book's here! The new phone book's here!

Oh wait. That's not it. It's the Tarheel Tavern! Hooray, that's even better!

The Tarheel Tavern is a weekly round up of posts from and about North Carolina. Nearly all participants are blogging from within North Carolina, but anyone who blogs about North Carolina can play, too.

If you missed this week's submission, be sure to submit, play, and read Pratie's Place next week -- where you'll find the Tavern. And if you missed last week, the Tavern was at Anonymoses.

They're just good reading each and every week, so be sure and check them out -- it's not one narrow topic, you find posts about all sorts of different things in there -- as you're about to see:

First up is Melinama posting at Pratie's Place with free music! Yes, there's no need to head to napster, frapster, kazoo, or anywhere else to try and steal your music, there's a whole series over there completely free!

And don't forget to go back often, as she says she's going to post an entire series of good music from now until Christmas Day!

Next, a Scientific Individual from Moomin Light is way too busy to be spending time blogging. So she provides us with Buy Local/Buy Independent -- a post that's particularly timely since she's off shopping at the moment!

Ron, who never seems to miss a week, provides Happy Holidays, Dammit! for your reading pleasure. This post gives a slightly different view on the yearly battle on what words are the "correct" words to say, come December.

If you get a chance, head on over there and read Ron. I don't always agree with him, and I never get over there and visit NEAR enough, but there's some darn good writing going on there! Why are you still here and not there reading?

Jude has been very, very busy with some quite serious real-life issues (don't you hate when that gets in the way of blogging?). But she still finds time to provide O Come, O Come Emmanuel . It's a nice, long, thoughtful, powerful post about the Holiday season. Read it.

Colonel Corn gives us an awesome photo series about the weather in Boone, NC. If you're anywhere else in the world and you want to see what these so-called "ice storms" look like up close, take a peek. It's nothing like snowstorms.

Next up, local pirate William Teach, talks about a very hot topic these days, including here in North Carolina -- The Death Penalty. Good, factual information there if you're interested. If that's too depressing for you, he's also working on his own series -- The Pirate's 12 Days of Christmas.

Our last entry this week is provided by Bora, the primary driving power behind this whole Tarheel Tavern thingy. This week Bora couldn't decide what to send, and he asked me to pick one. When I headed over to the page, it was immediately clear which post should be linked.

This one. How could you not end a TAVERN with cow-tipping -- mathematically!!

So, that's it for this week's Tavern. If I included you and have a broken link, email me and I'll fix it asap. If I missed your post, send it along and I'll add it -- it wasn't intentional, I assure you. Hope you go read every single one of those posts because they're all good (and the writers want to you read them!)

Tarheel Tavern Here!

Folks, this week the Tarheel Tavern will be HERE at Ogre's place!

Yay and Hooray!

Now I just have to think of a new, neat, and different way to format it...I should have the time, right? ;)

Anyway, the Tarheel Tavern is a weekly carnival that I always read and always link to, and this week I get to host it! It's a carnival of posts from and about North Carolina, but it's for anyone who wants to read it. Usually it's not very political in nature and always has some REALLY good posts in it.

This week, if you're blogging in/from North Carolina and need a topic idea, you can go with "The Pre-Holiday Rush," or "All I want for Christmas." Be sure to get all your posts in to me (see email link over there at the top of the left column) by Saturday.

I just found out that I'll be at a party Saturday evening, so the Tavern will likely be posted either early Saturday night or Sunday morning. Be sure to get your posts in -- I know where you all live!

Carnivals Galore!

More carnivals for your weekly reading pleasure, in completely random order:

The Carnival of True Liberties is designed to help expose the destruction of liberty in the U.S., primarily by the communist ACLU.

The Carnival of Education has been posted and has lots and lots of entries addressing education in various directions and themes.

This week's New Blog Showcase Carnival has been posted. This is a good one, as each week there's new entries of new blogs. If you only visit one carnival a week, make it this one, and let people know they're welcome in the blogosphere!

Finally, the Carnival of Liberty is up. Some of the best reading in the blogosphere can be found there, be sure to check it out!

Carnival, carnival!

This week I'd like to introduce a brand-new carnival! Yes, I know there's carnivals sprouting up like weeds, and no, I have no idea how many there are. I just know this is a new, interesting carnival, and I thought some of my readers might be interested. The carnival is the Carnival of German-American Relations.

The carnival is "a carnival to help the peoples of two great countries better understand each other." Lots of posts there, some in English, some in German. They provide links to translators, so you can read the German posts in English (more or less) if you like. Head on over and take a peek!


A couple nice, shiny carnivals for you to check out this week (look, something shiny!)

First up, the always popular (at least in my mind) Showcase Carnival. This week it appears at Dave's Not Here. This one shows the latest and newest in blogs. See what all the new people are doing!

Next, the growing Carnival of Liberty. This is a carnival of, well, Liberty. If you're not sure what liberty is (and if you learned in the gub'mint schools, you weren't taught it), be sure to head over to Below the Beltway and read all about it. This one really shows where and how government destroys liberty.

Finally, don't forget this week's Tarheel Tavern. This week it's at Colonel Corn's Camera. What? That's some craaazy alliteration there. Anyway, Colonel Corn hosts the Tavern and adds a couple really cool pictures that show how I imagine the Tarheel Tavern Carnival to be! Go read for the latest from the Turpentine State (that's NC).

Carnival, carnival!

Time for more reading fun!

I'd like to point my readers first to the Tarheel Tavern, hosted by Slowly She Turned (man, I crack up every time I read or type that blog name. See here for why).

The Tarheel Tavern is a blog for and about North Carolina bloggers. Even if you're not from (or near) North Carolina, head on over and read, if you've the time -- plenty of good stuff there all about the Turpentine State.

The Carnival of Liberty is up as well. This is a collection of blog posts that are all concerned with and about liberty. Absolutely excellent stuff on this one, as usual.

This week's New Blog Showcase Carnival is... well, I don't know where it is... oh wait, there it is! Only a day late :)

That's always a fun carnival because it highlights new blogs that have appeared. Do head on over and read the latest entrants into the blog world!


A few carnivals for your reading pleasure, if you're not already on Thanksgiving vacation -- or, even if you are and just are looking for some good reading!

First up this time is the New Blog Showcase Carnival. This is the blog carnival that showcases new blogs (blogs that are less than 3 months old). This week's host is Bloggin' Out Loud.

The new blog showcase really is a neat one. This week Bloggin' Out Loud does a great job introducing a number of new blogs. Go read them -- remember when you were brand-new and dying for comments?

Next up this week is the growing Carnival of Liberty, this week hosted at Left Brain Female in a Right Brain World.

This carnival is really getting large, but it's always a good read. If you want to read about growing or shrinking liberties in America today, this is the carnival that you want to read. Lots and lots of good stuff is there for you to read now.

I've saved the best for last in this post -- my favorite carnival, The Tarheel Tavern. This is a carnival for and about North Carolina blogging, so feel free to jump right in.

This one is usually quite light on the political views and anger and nearly always has a very wide variety of posts on all sorts of topics. If you want some lighter reading, be sure to head that way! This week, Pratie's Place is the Tavern host this week. Grab a drink and head on over!

More Carnivals

And there's more carnivals this week for your reading pleasure while visiting your relatives!

The Carnival of the Clueless, brought to you by Right Wing NutHouse highlights all sorts of people who are, well, really clueless. Most of them have found a home in government.

The Conservative Cat has some Funny Stuff. Need a laugh? Head there.

Carnival of Liberty & Showcase

It's time again!

This week's New Blog Showcase Carnival is up!

And the always wonderful Tarheel Tavern has been posted!

Carnival of Liberty & Showcase

This week's Carnival of Liberty is up. Much discussion and posting about freedom -- go read now.

And be sure to visit this week's New Blog Showcase Carnival, too! New blogs!

Carnival, carnival!

A couple of carnivals for your reading pleasure on this Monday evening:

First up, the Tarheel Tavern. This is a carnival of North Carolina bloggers blogging in and about the turpentine state (North Carolina). This week the tavern appears at Slowly she Turned.

Next is the Carnival of True Liberties, spotlighting the loss of liberties and enemies of liberty in America. Check it out.

Carnival, carnival!

Time to point out a couple carnivals that include good reading for this week!

First up, a really good carnival that you should commit some time to reading -- and it won't take long at all. This is the New Blog Carnival Showcase. This carnival is designed to give some exposure to new blogs. Perhaps you remember when you wanted someone, ANYONE to read and comment on your blog?

If you do (heck, even if you don't), this week you can head over to Everyman Chronicles and see the new entries. The new people really appreciate comments, so just take a minute and say hello!

The second carnival is one that I link to every week, even if I don't have time to submit an entry or even read the whole thing. It's a great carnival that highlights some of the best and worst that's going on in America today concerning freedom.

Of course, I'm talking about the Carnival of Liberty up this week at Searchlight Crusade (not to be confused with the Carnival of True Liberties). Both these carnivals highlight the loss (or retention) of various freedoms in this country. Take a look, they're good.

Carnival of Liberty

It's up at Combs Spouts Off. This is my current absolute favorite of all carnivals because it highlights freedom and liberty from all over the blogosphere. If you only read one carnival a week, this is the one you really should be reading if you like freedom (and not just because I finally remembered to enter).

Carnival of Liberty #15

Carnival, carnival!

Time for more carnival links on this wonderful (rainy) Columbus Day.

First up, the wonderful and always exciting Tarheel Tavern. This week the host is Nothing Could Be Finer and he posts the 33rd Carnival with the "special days" theme quite well.

The Tarheel Tavern is a weekly blog carnival simply from people in North Carolina. It's really different from most carnivals, as most carnivals center around one topic. This one is based on physical location, so you read all sorts of different topics and ideas. Head on over.

Next up is the New Blog Showcase Carnival. This week's host is Dave's Not Here. He brings us the carnival and provides new blogs that didn't even submit themselves. Now that's how to host a carnival.

Keep in mind the New Blog Showcase Carnival is there to show you and introduce you to the newest blogs. Read it and visit -- these are new blogs that might be waiting for YOUR comment! (And do you like the new, silly, layout of the main site?)

Finally, there's a new carnival that might interest you, the Carnival of True Liberties. There's a big pile of links there to various blogs that point out the losses of liberties in this country today. Head on over and read that one, too.

Carnival, carnival!

Have you seen this week's Carnival of Liberty? It's up at Eric's, and it's good. Sure, it's long, but if you want news and views that are freedom and liberty-based, this is THE place to go in the Blogosphere.

Seriously, there's tons of good stuff there. You should be reading it every single week.

Oh, and the late New Blog Showcase did finally show up at Steve The Pirate's. Something about computer trouble or something, I wasn't really paying attention... ;)

Carnival, carnival!

Pointing out a few carnivals:

The Tarheel Tavern is up at Captivated by Mandie this week. Short and sweet.

The New Blog Showcase Carnival is supposed to be up at Steve the Pirate. Hey Steve, wherefore art thou?

Finally, a new carnival this week, the Carnival of True Liberties is up. It's brand new, so head on over and take a peek.

Carnivals and Hosts

First, let me point you once again to the weekly Carnival of Liberty. It's a great carnival that really highlights some true ideas of life, liberty, and property. If you only read one carnival a week, that one should be it. Seriously.

Unfortunately this week I once again forgot to submit my own entry. I used to send out all my carnival posts on Friday night or Saturday morning, but these days there's apparently too many things going on during those times for me to remember. I guess I just need to find a new day to send them out so I can play, too!

On a related note, there's other interesting carnival news. First is the now-old Showcase Carnival. This is the carnival that highlights new blogs -- those less than 3 months old. It needs hosts! It's very simple to host and gives you the entertainment of reading, seeing, and linking to the newest blogs. It's also got a really wild new layout -- go take a peek.

Don't you remember when you had a new blog that no one knew about? I bet you remember who your first commenter was, don't you? New blogs need a little help getting going, and the New Blog Showcase Carnival is where it's done. Head on over, check the open dates, and volunteer to host if you're so inclined.

Finally, there's a new carnival that's starting up, the Carnival of True Civil Liberties. The primary purpose of this carnival is to highlight

our civil liberties that are being stripped away via judicial activism.

Head on over and read all about it and see if you've got something to post for it.

Carnival, carnival!

New carnivals posted for your reading pleasure:

I always love to read The Tarheel Tavern. This carnival is posts about and from people in North Carolina. It's posts and information from all across the spectrum -- sometimes there's political stuff, there's almost always some poetry, and sometimes really good personal thoughts.

This week the tavern is hosted by Pratie Place. Head on over there and see all the different things and ideas that come out of North Carolina (in spite of it's oppressive political atmosphere).

The New Blog Carnival Showcase is up at Striving for Average. This is a weekly traveling carnival that highlights the newest blogs that appear on the internet. If you've got a blog that's 3 months old or less, feel free to join in!

The details are on the brand-spanking new Showcase Carnival Page. Go take a look -- really. Feel free to leave a comment on the new site design -- it's rather... bright...

Carnival, carnival!

Th' 30th Tarheel Tavern ha' been posted o'er at Poetic Acceptance. Th' Tarheel Tavern be a weekly blog carnival showcasing bloggers in and from the Tarheel State, North Carolina. If'n you be bloggin' from there, be right and join in the next one next week!

This moon's New Blog Showcase has set sail here at Ogre's Ship. Be sure an' visit some o' those other new blogs and let 'em know you stopped by. You remember when you had a new ship an' wanted other sea dogs to notice, aye? Read and visit.

New Blog Carnival Showcase

Arrr. It be time once a'gin fer the Showin' of the newest Blogs, by way o' this here carnival.

The first internet-lubber up be one Chronicles of the Knights Simplar. This here captain o' his blog, one Tad Babbert, be highlightin' one post about some lubber named Sean Penn. 'Ol cap'n Babbert be setting sail a'searchin' for "Looking for Logic on the Liberal Left...this may take awhile," leastways accordin' to his masthead.

It be a new ship, this Chronicles, but then all those ships that be appearin' here in the showcase be virgin. Thar be plenty more where that one come from -- The good cap'n also be takin' note of Talk Like a Pirate Day, too. Set sail with a new destination and visit that thar ship now.

The next virgin ship that be departin' this week is one Letters from the Bostonian Exile. Bein' a pirate (at least for today), I know a might bit about exiles. I be not sure if this cap'n be exiled with or without his ship. Either way, this cap'n attempts to find an explanation for just what a federal district judge in Sacramento was thinking when ruling unconstitutional the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Yarrr. This here cap'n be interested in current tides and matters of the court -- he's got evidence of fighting in Germany, complains about the royalty in the US Senate, and even keeps a lookout for RINOs. Take a look before he sails with the next tide.

Last to be setting sail this week be cap'n Reaganite, setting sail from Fort Smith, Arkansas in Reaganites Unite! This here cap'n provides some more readin' 'bout the royalty in N'awlins. He even provides us w' quotes from the "plan" for abadonin' the ship of N'awlins.

This here cap'n also be postin' pictures of his favorite lassies. This here pirate ain't been at sea near long enough to be enticed there. He be having quite a nice ship there, be sure and board her to see what else that thar cap'n has in store for you land lubbers.

Yar. For more on this here carnival, also being how to join up or host at the next tide, read the main post.

Summer Vacation

This week's host of the Tarheel Tavern is Poetic Acceptance. If you haven't heard me mention it before, that's a very nicely designed layout on that blog. Go on over and just take a glance, it's just plain nice.

Our host, Erin suggested a topic for this week's Tarheel Tavern: "What I Did Over Summer Vacation" Well, okay, you asked:


I was driving through Sloatsburg, NY -- how did I get there? Driving up the NJ turnpike towards NH from NC, there were dozens of notices about the Geo. Washington Bridge being closed, so I got off and drove around. After driving around NJ for an hour, trying to follow roads that weren't on the map, I wandered in New York.

I drove around New York, completely lost, for awhile. After about two hours of being lost, I spotted the entrance to I-87 -- I could get where I wanted via I-87. I even drove under the interstate while attempting to get to it. Then I turned left, attempting to reach the entrance ramp. I never made it.

Some young girl came flying around a turn at quite a high rate of speed and ensured that I didn't make it to the entrance ramp. Damn those airbags are nasty. The Dodge van did it's job -- no real severe injuries, despite a 55mph+ hit on the right front (she was driving a Chrysler Convertible). Some air bag burns and some minor cracked bones and that's it.

Then the fun began. Both vehicles were completely destroyed. The woman's relatives were there within a few minutes, but I was hundreds of miles from anyone I knew, without transportation, on a Friday night. Ugh. The vehicle was towed and I didn't get out of the hospital until about midnight. The wrecking yard wouldn't be open until Monday.

To make a long story short -- I ended up in a hotel, did a lot of walking, almost got arrested for climbing the fence to get in the wrecking yard to get medicine from the van, but eventually I hitched a ride to Newburgh where I finally rented a car and slept in it until Monday when I got back to the van, got my stuff, and continued on to New Hampshire.

So, what exciting adventures did you have?

New Carnivals

A few carnivals to alert you to, in case you missed them this week:

First up, the Tarheel Tavern. This one is a personal favorite of mine, simply because it's a carnival of posts from and about the Tarheel State (North Carolina). The host this week, Bora, from Science And Politics graciously included me, even though I forgot to submit an entry. Thank you Bora!

Next, The Carnival of Liberty XI. This carnival really highlights some of the best you'll read out there. Seriously. If you're not concerned about property rights, you should be. The majority of the people that participate in this carnival really, truly love liberty. READ THIS CARNIVAL. There's 18 entires this week, and yet again I forgot to submit my entry.

Just look at the titles of some of the entries: Liberty Is The Right Policy. A Crisis They Cried. On Constitutional Interpretation. Are Progressive Taxes a Good Thing?. These are good. Really good. READ!

Finally, don't forget the New Blog Showcase Carnival (or was that new blog carnival showcase? or new carnival blog showcase? I forget). There's just one participant, so take a moment and go visit! It's fun! It's free!

New Blog Showcase Carnival

It's time for the New Blog Showcase Carnival! This carnival is a weekly (traveling) carnival of new blogs that have appeared in the last week or 12. It highlights blogs that are less than 3 months old. If YOUR blog is less than 3 months old, be sure to submit it through the multi-carnival submission form, and it will be included next week.

In addition, the Carnival is looking for hosts. We need exposure and hosts. The last few weeks have been very light -- very few blogs appearing and very few different hosts. Heck, even if you're a NEW blog, you can still host the carnival! All you have to do is make a single post that highlights new blogs -- in whatever format you like.

Even if you don't host it, it you happen upon a new blog (blog-sister, blog-son, etc.), be SURE to get them to submit a post of their new blog to the Showcase Carnival. Also, feel free to link to this post to tell others about the carnival. Now, on to the show:

This week there is ONE submission. That's all, just one. Well, that beats the other week when there were zero...

This week's entry is Hitting the Books. This blog is written by a "new mom living in the Northern Neck of Virginia who loves to read/inhale/devour a wide variety of books."

For the carnival, she submits a post regarding increasing readership of blogs! Go on over there and leave her a comment to show her how much traffic the New Blog Carnival Showcase can get you! Yes, do it now! Go ahead, I'll wait.

Seriously, if you're a blogger, you might remember when you were new and didn't have people commenting. You remember hitting "refresh" over and over again, hoping to see a comment appear. I know that wasn't just me. So go over to the new blog and leave a comment -- just say "Hello" if that's all you've got!

(Linked to TTLB's Ubercarnival).

Carnival, carnival!

This week's wonderful carnival of liberty is up over at Mover Mike's. I keep forgetting to submit my posts to that carnival, but I never forget to read it. In my opinion, that's one of the best carnivals running these days.

Next week it will be at Target Centermass.

In addition, another of my most favorite carnivals is the Tarheel Tavern, which has been posted over at Slowly She Turned. If the title of that blog seems familiar to some old comedy fans, it should...
And if you're wondering what this carnival is all about:

The Carnival of Liberty seeks to promote promote blogging and thinking about liberty and freedom: how to advance the cause, where there are problems, what we can do, who’s saying what, historical trends and ideas, liberty in the news, and more. There are no isms, just a love of human freedom.

New Blog Carnival Showcase

Yay! The New Blog Carnival Showcase is here again! Well, actually, it's not HERE here. It's really over there at Bad Example.

This is the traveling blog carnival that highlights new blogs on the internet (or is that IN the internet?). Head on over and read the newest blogs -- can you remember how much you appreciated comments on your blog when you were brand new? Head on over, read, then comment. It only takes a minute, and it will be much appreciated.

Also, if you're interested in being a host for the carnival, drop me a line (email in the upper right corner of this page).

Carnival of Liberty

This week's Carnival of Liberty is up at Resistance is futile. Go read it, this is a really good carnival that has posts about freedom.

Tarheel Tavern #27

Here it is! The long-awaited and anticipated Tarheel Tavern #27 is here!

This is the blog carnival of North Carolina bloggers -- it features posts by or about the Tarheel state. This week's "theme" was Memories. So let's see where our memories take us for this week:

First up is a rather current memory, Justin Thibault at The View From the Cheap Seats. He brings us Politics
in an Odd-Numbered Year XVI: The Musical
-- a post including great song lyrics that highlight North Carolina bureaucracy in action. A sample (sung to the tune of Y.M.C.A.):

They build across the state, projects are always late
But you can work your magic hard...

You gotta call
You gotta call

Good stuff, there!

Next up is Phin of Phin's Blog (Phin is in NC? Geez, I need to pay more attention). He submits A new level of geekness. He describes some encounters with O/S 2 Warp (Is that an actual O/S still?). I'm not sure how that fits in with the "Memories" theme, but that's okay. Are there people who really don't know what O/S Warp is? Oh yeah, I *AM* a geek.

Another entry is from one of my favorite blog layouts, Poetic Acceptance. Erin submits I remember... do you?.

Her entry talks about a naked 2-year old watching TV. She remembers a time lost (read her entry for more), but as a matter of fact, I'm watching TV in the buff right now. Oh wait, was that TMI? Sorry. :)

Next up in the Tavern is Lenslinger at Viewfinder Blues with Bad Boys, Bad Boys. He's got a great story of a time in the past when he was, like most of us have at one time or another, surviving on Ramen Noodles.

If you have never lived off Ramen Noodles, you have really missed an experience. Seriously. Heck, I STILL like to eat them now and then -- they really are good, if you ask me!

Finally, Bora Zivkovic of Science and Politics, the primary driver behind this wonderful Tarheel Tavern, provides us with the back room of the Tavern with a spin around North Carolina and even MORE NC Bloggers and what they're doing!

Yes, there really ARE more people than just me blogging from North Carolina, quite a few doing a MUCH better job at writing than I am. I bet I've had more writings rejected by publishers than anyone else in North Carolina -- including professional journals. Maybe I should ask Bora for tips on getting published there...

So thanks for stopping along! Head over and read some of these wonderful submissions from around North Carolina -- you will NOT regret it.

Also appearing in TTLB's Ubercarnival page.

Tarheel Tavern Coming Soon...

If you're here today looking for the Tarheel Tavern, you're going to have to come back later! Yes, I am hosting the wonderful Tavern this week, but I'm at the North Carolina Beach (Holden Beach, near Southport) today, so the tavern won't be posted until Monday mid-morning. Of course, this means you still have time to make submissions to the carnival -- the email is in the upper right corner.

Tarheel Tavern

Have I mentioned yet that I'll be hosting the blog carnival for North Carolina bloggers, The Tarheel Tavern? Well, I am.

If you're blogging in, from, or about North Carolina, be sure and send your carnival posts along to me (email in upper right corner there) this week! This week's suggested topic (if you don't have one of your own) is "Memories." Please feel free to join in if you meet those conditions above.

A note: I just decided to head to the beaches of North Carolina for the weekend, so the actual Tavern will be posted either Sunday night or Monday morning -- I'm leaning towards Monday morning for the greater exposure potential, but we'll see.

More Carnivals

I've been pretty slack these last couple weeks at submitting my entires to different blog carnivals -- but that doesn't mean you can't go read them (even if they are lessened by my lack of presence).

This week's Carnival of Kids is up. Head on over for some laughs and some kids that you will wonder how they will ever live long enough to become adults.

My own (second) most favorite carnival is also up: Henry the VIIth...errr... I mean Carnival of Liberty, the 8th. If you like freedom, you absolutely have to read the articles in this carnival. It's growing every week, but it always highlights the latest in freedom or the lack thereof. I think about half my posts qualify for that carnival.

Go! Read!

Tarheel Tavern #26

Yes, the wonderful North Carolina blog carnival, The Tarheel Tavern is now up at Pirate's Cove. Be sure to head on over and read all about blogs posting in North Carolina -- all sorts of varied topics always show up, it's lots of fun.

Next week the Tavern will be...HERE! Hooray! I love hosting the Tavern because I make time to read so many of the different blogs and different people across the Tarheel state. There used to be a rule that there was no political blogging in the Tavern carnival, and it still stays mostly away from vehement politics.

Now there's just the one rule for playing in the carnival -- you must blog in or about North Carolina.

So, if you're blogging in North Carolina, be sure to submit your entries to me at my email way up there in the upper right corner of this blog. I think the official entry deadline is Friday midnight, but I usually put my post together Saturday afternoon or evening, so submit by Saturday and I'll be sure and include you.

Some hosts, in the past, have concocted a theme for the tavern. As usual, anything goes, but if you need some help for a theme, I'll call it "Memory Lane." That would include posts about North Carolina history, your personal history, or just thoughts and ideas of the past, especially in North Carolina.

Be sure to submit your posts and come back and read this weekend!

New Blog Carnival Showcase

The New Blog Carnival Showcase is here! The New Blog Carnival Showcase is here! Well, not actually HERE, but over at Cadmusings. Head on over and read about the newest blogs in the blogosphere.

The New Blog Carnival Showcase is a Traveling carnival. It's a blog post that highlights the newest blogs. To be included in the showcase, you need to have a blog that's less than 3 months old. If you do, just fill out the form at Conservative Cat. If you, while surfing, find a young blog, suggest they submit, or just submit them yourself!

Each week the carnival travels to new locations. YOU, too, can host the New Blog Showcase Carnival. It's simple, easy, and gets you links. Even new blogs can host it -- there's really no requirements. To host, you just compile the list of the new blogs and make a post about them.

You can make the list long and detailed, or you can just provide the links -- remember, links are cash in the blogosphere, so people really like them! If you're interested in helping keep this tradition going (it's been going like this for 25 weeks now), just drop me a line (email is in the upper right corner under the emailbox picture). Check the main page for open dates (as of this writing, they're ALL open).

More Carnivals

A couple more carnivals for your reading pleasure:

The sixth Carnival of Liberty is up at Fearless Philosophy For Free Minds. Absolutely top-notch stuff there if you have any interest in freedom. Seriously. Go read those posts now.

Also there is the Carnival of the Clueless, now appearing at Right Wing Nuthouse. If you want to laugh, then cry because these loonies really believe the fantasies coming out of their mouths, head on over and have a read -- and it's a big one this week!

Carnival, carnival!

Just a couple of carnivals to highlight so far this week.

First is the Tarheel Tavern up at Anonymoses. This one is a featured carnival of bloggers from and in North Carolina. Lots and lots of varied and interesting entries every week there.

Next is the Carnival of Kids. Lots of fun kids pictures and stories every week.

Last today is the New Blog Showcase Carnival, "featured" here...or what there was of it...

New Blog Carnival Showcase

Yay! The New Blog Carnival Showcase is here! The New Blog Showcase Carnival is here!

Ok, so let's show all the new blogs that have been submitted this week to the wonderful Showcase carnival that lets you, the good reader, know about all the new blogs that have been popping up this week:


(chirp, chirp)


Ah. Well.

It seems there were exactly zero blogs to be showcased this week. Well that stinks. Folks, if, in your browsings, you find a blog that is less than 3 months old, please direct them to the new showcase carnival. I guess I need to get some more advertising and such going.

In fact, feel free to use this entry as a free trackback post to help pimp the New Blog Showcase Carnival! Trackback at will! Get the word out! Also, if you're interested in hosting the carnival, drop me a line through the email up at the top right of this page.

Update: Now part of TTLB's Uber-Carnival.

More Carnivals

In case you haven't had enough of the carnivals for this week, here's two more that I like that you should go have a read.

First up is the Carnival of Liberty #5 over at Owlish Mutterings. A good compilation of articles outlining what freedom REALLY is and where it's going.

Next is the Carnival of the Clueless, a collection of articles that really point out total absurdity and people who really, really, really don't know what planet they're on. And yes, most of them are politicians.

Oh, and in case you forgot, head on over and read Humor for Dreaded Wednesday.

Carnival, carnival!

I think I'm going to have to move my weekly carnival notices to Tuesdays or Wednesdays because there's more carnivals now starting to post later in the week.

No matter, I'll post what I've got so far for this week:

Tarheel Tavern #23 is up at Snort a Sprocket (no, really, that's the name of the blog!)

Harvey's got the Carnival of Kids (the Bad Uncle Edition).

Basil's Blog has got this week's New Showcase Carnival. The pickings have been rather slim for this one lately -- folks, if YOU see a blog that you notice is less than 3 months old, let the people know about the New Blog Showcase, or just submit them yourself with The Carnival Submission Form. This is a fun Carnival and we really want to keep it going!

There's more carnivals to come, but they'll be posted later in the week!

Carnival, carnival!

Well, this past week I was busy plotting to take over the world planning some landscaping, so I forgot to put in my entries for the various carnivals of the week. Ah well, there goes my ecosystem ranking, right?

Anyway, I'd still like to point out a few carnivals for you this evening:

The Tarheel Tavern is again excellent. If you've never read this carnival, take a peek -- it's not just a conglomeration of posts, the hosts have really taken this one to an art form with poetry, rhyming, themes, pictures, and other fun stuff. I'm wanting to volunteer, but I don't know my version can compare with the top-notch stuff coming out of this carnival.

The Carnival of Liberty is posted as well. This one features posts from a wide variety of points of view and directions, all with a common focus: Liberty. Take a peek.

The New Blog Showcase is where you can go to find brand-spanking new blogs in the world. This week the showcase was to be found at Steal The Blinds -- however, there were exactly ZERO blogs entered! If you see a new blog, either tell them about the Showcase, or submit them yourself, please!

The Showcase is currently looking for hosts, so drop me an email if you'd like to host. Otherwise, head on over and read the shiny new blogs.

Carnival, carnival!

Time for the Monday evening edition of various carnivals. For those new readers, a blog carnival is simply a bunch of blog posts on different blogs that all share some idea or theme. The carnival posting is one post that lists links to all the other blogs who have posted on that topic.

First up, some laughter with the Carnival of Kids. This one features various kid-related topics, usually with many pictures of kids being kids.

The Tarheel Tavern is supposed to be at Billy the Blogging Poet, but as of Monday evening, I can't find it. Did I miss it? Did no one else participate this week?

UPDATE: Thanks to Slowly She Turned, the Tarheel Tavern has been located! Hooray!

One of the newest carnivals, and quickly becoming one of my personal favorites, is the Carnival of Liberty. This carnival attempts to highlight posts about liberty in all sorts -- from news to progress, to destruction of. A big pile of entries there, too.

The Homespun Bloggers have a weekly carnival highlighting some question of some importance. This week they asked if we were winning the war on terror.

That's all I've got for this week -- a number of carnivals seem to have vanished, or I just can't locate the posts for the week -- education, vanities, and a couple more.

Oh, and I almost forgot -- for the newest entries into the blog world, please do go and see the New Blog Showcase Carnival! These are new people who have new blogs, who really appreciate new readers.

Carnival, carnival!

A pile of carnival links for this week. If you're floundering around with nothing to do this evening, feel free to take a perusal of a pile of links to other people's opinions and just neat areas to play.

A relatively new carnival, the Carnival of Liberty, is up this week with just their second edition. If you like freedom and liberty, you can read lots about it (or the lack of it) there.

Tarheel Tavern #20 is up at Scrutiny Hooligans. He makes it an all-pirate theme, and does an absolutely excellent literary job here. An absolute must read!

For a litter little on the lighter side, take a peek at Carnival of Cats #68. Man, that's a lot of...cats.

More animals for fun viewing at the weekly Friday's Ark of Animals -- not just cats, either.

Another week of the Christian Views Symposium. Come on folks, join up and add your opinion to the pile. You don't have to be a professing Christian or anything like that. Feel free to disagree or just add your own silly opinion.

Another week of the Homespun Blogger Symposium, this week up to number XXVII.

More lighter fare can be found at the Carnival of Kids over at Iowa Geek.

Finally, the New Blog Showcase appears over at Bad Example -- read the newest entries into the Blogosphere!

Carnival, carnival!

It's Monday, and time once again for some excellent carnival of blogs entertainment. If you're not familiar with a blog carnival, it's simply a single topic, idea, or some unifying thing that a number of different people on different blogs post about. Then someone creates a carnival, placing links to all the posts about that topic or idea in one place. So you can read in one place a number of different takes and ideas on one subject.

My two personal favorite weekly carnivals are the Tarheel Tavern -- a carnival of North Carolina bloggers, this week appearing at It's a Pixelated Life...; and the New Blog Showcase Carnival, this week appearing at One Happy Dog Speaks.

Both are lots of fun and interesting, so head on over and read what's going on there. Meanwhile, I'll continue with my plans, today probably heading towards the coast of Maine...

Carnival, carnival!

As some of my good readers know by now, I'm on vacation this week. Only through the magic of computers can you read these post I actually wrote before I went on vacation. oooOOOoooo, scary, eh?

Ok, maybe not.

By today I've gotten the campsite setup and am enjoying Williamsburg, VA. I'm hoping that it's not raining there because that makes things just less fun. I think today I'll be visiting colonial Williamsburg or the tiny, tiny ships (that sailed across the Atlantic Ocean). While I'm gone, why don't you check out some of my favorite carnivals?

The New Blog Showcase Carnival should be up by now at Not Exactly Rocket Science. See the main page for details on how you can participate or host.

The Tarheel Tavern should also be posted. This week it's at Mister Sugar.

So what are you still doing here? Go read!

New Carnival Alert

There's a new carnival up! This week you can view the inaugural edition of the Carnival of the Clueless. This carnival highlights

posts that highlight the total stupidity of a public figure or organization – either left or right – that demonstrates that special kind of cluelessness that only someone’s mother could defend…and maybe not even their mothers!

Everyone knows what I’m talking about. Whether it’s the latest from Bill Maher or the Reverend Dobson, it doesn’t matter. I will post ALL ENTRIES REGARDLESS OF WHETHER I AGREE WITH THE SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED OR NOT.

So head on over and read some silliness!

New Carnival Showcase

The New Blog Showcase is a place where new blogs get showcased -- hence the name. It's a place where people new to the blogosphere can get a little exposure, sometimes in high-profile places and locations. It's fun to host because you get to read those new blogs first and you get to drive traffic to them. Most of the time, those new bloggers really do appreciate the time the host takes to read and link to them.

The New Carnival Showcase needs hosts. Each week I try and find someone to host the showcase, and each week I seem to always get one person to do it. I'm always a willing backup if no one else volunteers.

However, I'm getting ready to go on a well-deserved vacation. During that time I'm going to be drinking camping a lot, and will have little, if any, access to a computer. I will probably never see a computer the entire time I'm gone except at the alcohol grocery store. So I need to line up some hosts.

To host the new blog carnival showcase, you need only to make a post on Monday providing links (and optional commentary) to the blogs that are submitted each week. See the main post for examples of how others have done it in the past.

I need to line hosts up for the next couple weeks early this week to ensure the carnival keeps going! This is a good thing, so please, if you can, volunteer to help out one or two weeks while I'm gone. Just drop me a line at and I'll give you the required information.