New Advertisers

Both these advertisers deserve your attention, so please do visit them at least once this week!

First up is Nick Queen, advertising in the Rented Blog spot at the top left corner of the page. I thought Nick had gone the way of the Dodo bird, but apparently he's like most species, and had only ceased to exist for awhile, then came back to life! I used to visit there regularly, and advertising can only mean he's back and ready to go! Take a peek.

Second is a really neat site that I can't link to in the post. Instead, check the ad strip at the bottom of this post and look for "Republican Bumper Sticker." Oh, they've got some great ones over there! I think my favorite so far is this one:

With all the fuss, you'd think Ann Coulter killed somebody. No wait, that was Ted Kennedy.

Really, go look, they're great!

New Advertiser

I'm proud to announce a new advertiser for this week -- but this isn't your usual, run-of the mill advertiser or advertisement. This week is the third time that this advertiser has chosen to spend his advertising dollars here at Ogre's -- and that should tell you something about the results you can get from advertising here!

But even better, I really like this advertiser. This week, it's once again New York Nitty Gritty that is advertising here. They'll be here all week at the top of the left column, and scattered throughout the blog.

This blog is a photoblog from New York City. It's not even the subject that attracts me to this blog, it's the quality of the pictures. The framing, the subjects, and the technical details of the pictures is just incredible. Head on over and take a peek -- you'll see what I mean. Really, this is a great photo blog that you should visit at least once a week.

A New Blog

Have you seen Tired of all the Liberal Rhetoric Out There? Well, why not thead on over and take a peek? What's it about?

I have this blog to show the discrepancies between the Republicans and The Democrats!

Well, there you go. Apparently someone still thinks there's some difference between the two ruling noble parties. Huh. But hey, there's Ronald Reagan quotes there, and that's always a good thing! Go take a look!

New Advertiser

Say hello to this week's new renter, The Screaming Pages. The link will remain up all week, over on the top of the left side of the main page. Look for the little brown square if you don't have time today to head on over. Then again, what else did you really have to do?

The blog is about world exploration, I think. There's lots of personal information about the author's travels, including current travels to Manila and India. So head on over and see what's going on in one person's world.

50% Advertising Rates!

Here and everywhere else on the ReviewMe Network of advertisements. It's a neat idea because your advertisements actually show up in a blog post instead of in the sidebar or somewhere else that might get ignored. Take a peek at how it works.

To encourage new advertisers they are offering a special coupon code that will give advertisers 50% off any review they purchase this month. For advertisers to use the 50% off coupon they simply have to enter: "trial" (without quotes) into the coupon code at checkout. This special promotion will be good for the rest of the month.

New Advertiser

This week we have a repeat advertiser in NY Nitty Gritty. This is an absolutely GREAT photoblog. If you like pictures at all, you absolutely must head on over and check this blog out. This is what I'd have if I had a photoblog. And if I were a better photographer. And if I had more time. And if, well, you get the idea. And he's rented here before, so we must have done good last time! Really, head over and take a peek, I promise it will be worth your while.

New Advertiser

This week's new advertiser is Skin Flicks. No, not that kind. It's an Irish blog by a very, very angry fellow. Go on over, take a peek. Neat stuff there.

New Advertisers

This week we've got a new advertiser here at Ogre's, Arthur's Hall of Viking Manliness. Now how can you turn down a chance to visit a place with a name like that? And it just gets better!

When you visit, you'll see pictures of a Viking, Reagan, a sword, an eagle, and yes, AHnold (in his prime, not in his liberal-weenie-like self as governor).

It's got great posts about seriously manly stuff. Women, you might want to sit down before you click the link, because it's really manly over there. :) Men, if you're not strong in your manliness, prepare to feel weak and wimpy. Now go visit!

New Advertiser

Why not check out a new blog this week? This week, New York Nitty Gritty has graciously contributed to Ogre and has the top advertising slot over there on the left side (on the top of the main page).

It's an EXCELLENT photo blog. If you like quality pictures, you really should head on over and take a peek...

New Advertisers

Have you seen this week's blog renter? It's Celebrity Smack. This site may not be safe for work, but if you want to read about the latest exploits of morons in Hollywood, it's not a bad place to check out. Head on over and take a peek.

New Renter

Have you had a chance yet to visit the new blog that's been advertising here the last few days? For 7 days, Dorene M. Lorenz has been advertising here. You might have noticed the little square box on the top of the left side of the main page, or you might have seen it between some posts further down the page. Either way, you should go take a peek.

There's one post there called "Misty fishes with face painting." That post is just really, really cool. And don't worry, those of you who don't like to read (what are you doing here?) -- that post is all pictures. And it's pictures of fish. Painted on faces. And it's really neat. Seriously. Go peek.

New Advertiser

I'd like to take a quick moment to point out this week's new advertiser and renter. This week it's YouTube Karaoke. This site is

a collection of YouTube music videos and lyrics. The idea is that you press play, scroll to the lyrics, sing and be merry. Alcohol and audience are optional!

So if you want to do some singing at your computer, head on over and check this site out. It will be there all week -- the little square at the top of the left sidebar here.

New Advertiser

Have you seen my new advertiser over there at the top of the left sidebar? If you haven't why not take a quick peek? I know you're always looking around for extra blogs to read and check out. You never know when you'll find one you really like and start reading it every day, do you?

This week it's DC Mr Anthrope. That thing you see in the thumbnail picture over there is a snake wrapped around an apple. I'll let you decide what meaning that has for you. In the meantime, head on over and see what he's got in store for you. Some interesting stuff and some excellent writing to boot!

Advertisers Plug

Have you see the new ads up there on the left side? At the top of the left column is the space rented out to my BlogExplosion tenant. This week it's Soapbox Jury. This is an interesting blog, as it appears to be all review-based:

Random reviews relevant to you! No nonsense views on different websites, products, services and ideas.

So if you need some randomness, take a peek.

Oh, and if you've got a product or service that you want reviewed by professionals (and that's NOT a dig at Soapbox Jury); check out

Below that ad there's a couple more. There's the ad for The Free State Project and another for ProAnagen. Why not click on them? You know you want to read more...

And if you want YOUR ad to appear in any of those locations (or others, like the bar ad on the permalink page); just check out each one of the ads -- each has a link that says something like "your ad here."


(This is a paid advertisement)
Harvey pointed out yet another site that's geared towards generating cash for you as a blogger (has that word made it to the official Webster's dictionary yet?) -- ReviewMe.Com. Now I really like to write (hello, NaNoWriMo at 29,402 words this month) and I clearly like to blog (been doing this crazy thing nearly every day for, geez, 3 years?), so this place seemed to be a natural fit for me.

ReviewMe.Com is a site that's dedicated to helping companies and people get some marketing going and get some exposure for their products. They do this by getting bloggers to sign up and agree to write reviews of the products, whatever they might be. Seems like a good idea to me!

They don't require anyone who signs up to write a positive review. In fact, about the only requirement I can find about the reviews is that they want the reviews to be at least 200 words. Guess that leaves out those who would just write, "Man, that thing is great" -- and expect to get paid.

The site itself seems rather well-designed. It's very readable and there's clear links throughout the site to make navigation easy. And, as Harvey points out, the concept seems good -- get the advertisements out in the actual body of the blog, instead of over there on the sides where no one is reading, anyway.

If you're interested in writing, this place seems to be on the up-and-up. Sure, they ask for your SSN when you sign up, but you know, that's the one time when an organization is actually ALLOWED to ask for it -- when they're paying you for a service. Keep in mind that they're not going to be witholding taxes, so you're going to have to pay those (if you earn more than $600 in your tax year), but isn't it worth it to track and pay a few taxes if you can earn money for writing?

In addition, this site, if it becomes successful, could be a gateway for you, the blogger. There's millions and millions of blogs. That means there's a huge target marketplace. This company is working on tapping that huge market. Now once you get paid to write a review, you ARE a professional writer. Those of you (including me) that hope one day to be published as a writer now have something to put in that section on your resume regarding actual, paying, writing experience!

So hey, if you're a blogger who's interested in writing reviews of products that people might think you're interested in, or if you're in sales and you're trying to sell something and want more exposure on blogs by authors and readers, head on over and check out I think you might like it. I did.

New Advertisers

In case you haven't noticed, there's a couple new advertisers here at Ogre's Politics and Views. If you've got a few moments, both I, and the wonderful sponsors, would be very glad if you could click on over there and see what they've got to offer.

At the top is Tom Jackson Online. All sorts of interesting stuff there -- and for you guys, there's a nice picture up near the top. Don't believe me? Go take a peek!

Next down, The Free State Project is sponsoring an ad here. I've mentioned before the idea of the Free State -- gather all people who want freedom in one place, and they can be free. Please do go check that one out.

Finally, there's Proanagen. Yes, that's right, a hair-loss product. You people who need it know who you are -- and you don't have to admit it here in public in the comments, you can just click the ad over there to read all about it!

Thank you all for stopping by today.

New Advertisers

Good reader, do please take a moment to patronize those who kindly support this blog. Two new advertisers are supporters this week:

Observing Hermann. He doesn't have an "about" page, so I can't tell you much about the person who writes this blog. However, it's got lots of interesting stuff about Germany and German politics. Go on, take a peek, you know you're curious.

Also this week, there's a new BlogAd over at the top of the left column: Mine Your Own Business. This is a must-read blog -- it chronicles enviro-lunatics around the globe and the damage they do (despite their claims to the contrary). Please do follow that link and read a little bit.

As always, thanks for stopping along!

New Advertisers

A couple advertisers to point out, in case you missed them on the top of the left sidebar over there.

First up, The Grocery List from Hell. This is, well, an interesting site.

The Grocery List From Hell is is a mix of rant and eBay auctions, including info on at least one featured auction per day.

If you're looking for things just a bit off, you should head over there. Heck, you might even have a laugh at some of the stuff there.

Next up is 123Beta. This is a blog that is

Fighting Liberalism One Post At A Time... The Politcal Rants of Butch Morgan

Now that's an admirable goal. Any time liberalism (as defined by today's liberals/Democrats) takes a defeat, that's a gain for liberty and freedom.

Finally, there's I Love Do you love mountains? And not in a long, warm shower way, but in a more manly way. The site is focused on some weird sort of strip mining, primarily in the east (VW, TN). Well, if you like the outdoors, do go take a peek, would you?

New Advertisers

In case you missed it, I'd like to point out a couple new advertisers that you can find at the top of the left sidebar there.

First up is 123 Beta. This blog is

Fighting Liberalism One Post At A Time... The Politcal Rants of Butch Morgan

There's some good stuff there about what to do about liberalism: the disease. Take a peek.

Next up, End Mountaintop Removal Action and Resource Center. This one is an interesting site, dedicated to the preservation of mountaintops and protecting them from a strange form of strip mining. There's a lot of good informatino there, and I'm all for stopping total destruction of the environment, so take a peek and see what you think.

New Advertiser

This week's new renter is up! In the upper left corner of the left column, you should see a square that will lead you to MInTheGap. The site is:

Ezekiel 22:30-31 paints a bleak picture of God pouring out His wrath on the children of Israel because there was no “man … in the gap”. That’s where this blog gets its name Man, or M, InTheGap. Those that post here seek to be ones that would stand in the Gap between God and man, being a beacon and light along the lines of Matthew 5:16 — letting our light shine.

Head on over and take a peek!

IIQ illusions and allusions

Have you seen IIQ illusions and allusions? It's a lovely blog that's decided to advertise here at Ogre's. You can see the link in the upper left side there -- it's the mostly white square. The blog is

Idle feed of thought on politics, sport, technology and those topics of complete inconsequentiality...

So if you've got some time to waste, why not head over and have a read?

New Renter!

In case you missed it, I'd like to point out the new renter (over there at the very top of the left sidebar), Morning Coffee. It is

Just a simple blog with my opinion on current events. I have no Special Qualifications nor a unique insight, just an opinion that I choose to publish here. Feel free to make your own comments.

And if you want to know what you will find there,
Most of what I blog about concerns the War on Terror, the Media, Politics, Corruption, Immigration and Illegal Immigration. Though I consider myself a conservative, and generally side with Republicans on most political issues, I am registered as an Independent. My refusal to align myself and register as a Republican is not because of any one issue but rather because I refuse to associate myself with crooked politicians regardless of their party affiliation, or how much I agree with them on any specific issue.

And no, that's not just the Ogre running another blog, although it sounds a lot like me, doesn't it?

So if you like it here, you might just like it over there. Why not take a peek now and say "Hello?"

New Renter!

The renter is about to leave, but not before I get a chance to mention him! This week, Full Metal Photography has been linked to in the upper left corner. Now there's some REALLY great pictures over there, so if you've got a few moments, head on over and take a peek.

There's also a story about a "confrontation" regarding taking photos of allegedly "banned" things. He very eloquently makes the point about freedom of speech and provides advice for other photographers of "sensitive" items.

New Renter!

Hey! Did you see the new renter picture over there at the top of the left sidebar? It leads to The Outlaw Republican. Go ahead, click it and visit. You know you want to.

The author of the site is Little Orange Fox. She was last seen "stealing bongs from hippies." And if you look carefully at the right post, she's even posted a picture of herself in a bikini! Have you decided to click over and visit yet?

Go on, stop reading here and visit over there.


This is over now.

There's nothing more to read here.

Why are you still reading this?

Go on, go away.

Go over there now.


Some people just won't follow instructions, will they?

Look, if I stop typing, will you promise to stop reading and go over there?

Fine, then I'll stop.

You're still here, aren't you?

You just HAD to keep reading, didn't you?

Well that's it. I am absolutely NOT writing any more here so you can go visit over there.


I give up.

You're simply not going to stop.

Fine, then, I'll just start telling you a story about a Moose.

My sister was bit by a moose once.

Have you heard this one?

You have? Good, then go visit!

Alright, alight, I'm stopping now.

This time I'm really done.




New Renter!

Another new renter now occupies that place over at the top of the left sidebar. This week it's Scooter McGavin Takes Pictures. If you've got some free time, why not take a click on that link and see what you get. The blog is about

Scooter McGavin proves he shouldn't quit his day job, or his night one for that matter as he shows off his pictures from the set of Veronica Mars

It's, well, it's got a lot of pictures! Take a peek!

New Renter!

Hey folks! If you hadn't noticed yet, there's a new blog featured over there at the top of the left column. This week it's Drivin' Barefoot. This blog is about:

Drivin' Barefoot with the only Red~Headed, Blue Eyed, Freckle~Faced, Left~Handed, Colorblind, Guitar Pickin', Harpoon Blowin', LDS, Wisconsin Army National Guard Retired, U.S. Army (Airborne), Disabled Vet, On the Net

Now how can you go wrong with that one? Go ahead, head on over and say hello!

New Advertiser

Well folks, over there at the top of the left column, you'll find this week's "renter," Blog 4 Bloggers. It's a site that has a number of different posts that include tips about things to write on your blog -- not topics, but how to write them so that search engines and advertising might work. Take a peek, you might learn something new about how the algore-created internets work. :)

New Renter

In case you missed it, over there at the top of the left column, there's a new link to a new renter here -- #!/usr/bin/mom. It's a blog that's been running for SIX YEARS. I'm pretty darn sure that I've never seen a blog that's been around that long. Does anyone know any that's been around longer?

Even weirder, I've never heard of it. It's a nice, clean, and fun layout. There's all sorts of posts about all sorts of topics -- there'd have to be to last that long! So has everyone else heard of this blog and I'm the last to know?

So head on over and read some of what's been going on for the last 6 years over there.

New Advertiser

This week there's a new blog listed over there on the top left column, The Kibitzer. This blog is about:

The Kibitzer analyzes current events, politics and social issues among other newsworthy topics!

Regular posting rate, clean and easy-to read. Posts include basic geography for youts; the evils of the English language; and print media.

Go on over and see what else The Kibitzer has to offer -- maybe you'll find a new daily read.

New Advertiser

Folks, time to introduce a new renter here at Ogre's. Over at the top of the left side, you'll see a square link to Howl @ The Moon. The blog has the tagline:

Politically Correct and Randomly Insane

But hey, the very first post I read starts with "I’M IRISH, AND PROUD OF IT," so it sounds pretty darn good to me! Head on over and have a read -- maybe you'll find a regular place to visit.


Take a moment, good reader, if you will, and visit some of the folks who support this site (besides yourself, of course):

In the top left position, you'll see the renter of the week, AubreyJ. Below that you can find Jim Black Must Go. And over on the right side, you'll find Larry Kissell for Congress (and I'm still not sure if I'm violating campaign finance laws by posting any comments about him here...)

New Advertiser

Time, once again, to introduce a new advertiser here. This time it's Here's the tagline from the site:

No matter what your political views might be... One thing is for certain. In these days of fast news and even faster life styles... We all seem to have forgotten those moments in history that so abruptly and tragically changed this beloved Country of ours............ 911- How soon we forget......

AubreyJ identifies as:
I'm just a standard old Republican who cares. It’s not by my fault. Have you seen the Democratic Party lately?

There appear to be regular, multiple new posts each day. There's lot of posts about casualties in Iraq -- both to remember those who died defending freedom (that's the American troops) and the terrorists who are killed.

There's also commentary on other current events, G.W. Bush, and the weather in Texas. Head on over and take a look!

New Advertisers

So, need somewhere to visit today?

Over on the left side, you can find Jim Black Must Go. That site is often updated with news and information about the clear violations of law by Jim Black and various reactions to them. It now lists ALL the major newspapers in North Carolina -- who have all called for his resignation.

At the top of the left side, you'll find Real Thoughts. He claims to be

a conservative native Californian who is a teacher.

I'm not sure such a thing really exists, but who would make that up? Go have a read, some good stuff there.

On the top of the right sidebar, you'll find a link to Larry Kissell for Congress. I'm still not sure if I'm violating federal law by talking about the ad, but then I think that was the point of the law -- to confuse the masses and allow them to be prosecuted whenever the imperial royals decide to.

So go on, pick a link and click away. And if you're so inclined, you can buy an ad in one of those places, too -- there's plenty of room!

New Advertiser

Did you notice the new tenant over there at the top of the left sidebar? It's Deep Market Advanced Stock Market Analysis. I think that title says it all.

I don't get it, but do click on over and see if you do!

Ads and Links

Hello, everybody! (Hello, Dr. Nick!)

A couple places for you to visit today (right now!):

First, my new renter from Blog Explosion: Rob in China. I can already hear you -- "What?" Well, "Rob in China" is a blog by Rob. And yes, he's in China. That's pretty much it! He says: "I write this blog as an American Entrepreneur that is on the ground in China, making contacts, making mistakes and hopefully soon, making some money!" There's some neat stuff, and lots of silly stuff -- so head on over and read a little bit.

For carnivals, there's always good ones. This week's Tarheel Tavern is up at Billy the Blogging Poet. The theme this week was "Because I can!" So be sure to check that out and see just a few of the things people in North Carolina are doing (that's why it's called the Tarheel Tavern) just because they can!

There's a blogad over there on the left from the people at Jim Black Must Go. Read about one of the most powerful elected officials in North Carolina -- who is still currently in his position -- and why he should immediately resign before he gets arrested. You can add YOUR ad that will appear there right here -- why not?

And finally, over there on the right side, where you see that big blank white space -- it's just waiting for you to put your ad there! That ad space is available for rent through Altmedia 101. They're spreading through the state, so be sure and check them out for all your NC advertising needs.

Visit My Advertisers!

Have you taken a moment to visit the fine folks who have chosen to advertise here? Well why not? It only takes a minute and you might see or learn something new!

This week, Write Wing Blog has chosen to advertise here through Blog Explosion. I'd never seen that blog before, but I'm going to be adding it to my list of "visit daily" blogs -- good stuff from a Homeschool and writing mom, including offensive Clinton pictures. Take a peek!

Over on the right side, you should see the lovely ad for Larry Kissell for Congress. He's got some, well, interesting views on taxes, but that's why he's a Democrat!

Back on the left side, there's a couple of ads from blogads (add your ad cheap!): One for Nathan Tabor, who is running for NC State Senate in district 31, and another for some people who will really give you the truth about Jim Black.

So take a moment, click the links, and read a little more. You should always be trying to learn more, even if you're already overloaded with information!

New Advertiser!

Hey! I almost missed the plug for this wonderful advertiser this week! And it's a GOOD one!

Over there on the left, at the top, you should see a small box that's an ad for I am!. This is a fun blog, let me tell you! And I'm not just saying that because they're advertising here, I assure you.

There's this great picture from Jellystone Yellowstone National Park -- and another picture, this one of Old Faithful. There's also an interesting tidbit about Las Vegas.

Go on over and take a peek! Why not?

New Advertisers

I'd like to introduce a couple of the advertisers here on this site. However, I might need to check with a lawyer or the FEC or something.

Over on the left sidebar, you'll see an ad for Nathan Tabor for NC Senate. He is running for election to the North Carolina Senate in district 31. Go check his site and read what his ideas are to help North Carolina.

Now, I'm pretty safe on that one, as the laws permitting free speech in NC don't prohibit using the internet for free speech. However, I have no idea what the current federal laws are. And, over on the right side, you should see a nice large yellow ad supporting Kissell for Congress.

Let's see...since his ad is appearing here on my site, do I have to report an "in-kind" contribution to his campaign? But his campaign paid someone else to place that ad on my site, and presumably, I will get a portion of that advertising revenue. Does that revenue to me that was paid by his campaign need to be reported as a campaign contribution from him to the ad company to me to him?

But don't newspapers get to run paid political ads without reporting them? Or does the initial expenditure to purchase the ad count as the reporting? But can a blog be considered anything related to a newspaper? Gee, both are supplying information to those who want it.

Oh, but wait, what if I say something more specific, like "Vote Kissell." Now do I have to report something? Do I have to report that I said it, or is there a cash value associated with it? Does it matter how many times I say it? Should I start reporting a 0.1-cent contribution each time I type "Vote Kissell?" Or should I report it every time someone READS what I typed?

And then, what if I type something bad, like "Don't vote Kissell." Now what? Does it cancel out the contribution from before? Should I keep track of how many times I type "vote" and "don't vote?" Or should the contributions be based on how many people actually READ those lines?

If the FEC decides they want to regulate freedom of speech over the internet, I might just have to print and mail them a report of each time I think someone has read those lines. I think I'll need a bulk mail permit.

OR, should I just have freedom of speech, especially political speech, to say whatever the heck I want to on this blog? I think we all know what the answer should be.

But anyway, please do visit both of those campaigns who have decided to advertise here on this little blog. Thank you both!

New Advertiser

Have you seen So Very Posh? If you haven't, you've missed that link over on the sidebar, right at the top where you are supposed to see it...

It's a blog where

A 20 something television junkie writes about the shows she obsesses over, not to mention the movies and books she consumes.

There's tons and tons of reviews of stuff. Lots of media. Very neat.

And the layout is rather impressive too -- if for no other reason, you really should click on over and look at how that media blog site was set up -- it's very neat. Really. Go now.

New Advertiser

Yes folks, time once again to introduce a new advertiser here at Ogre's Politics and Views. This week, Organized Chaos has seen the wisdom of placing an advertisement here at Ogre's -- now don't let her down, click on the link and go read. And if you want to check back later in the week, the small square over there in the left column will be there all week.

Lisa, the author there is...(deep breath)

a conservative republican with some libertarian tendencies,a sports fan(baseball/college basketball and football), web geek, XM subscriber, talk radio addict, college grad, and a fan of snow (the white, fluffy stuff and the guy who works at FNC). And I think guys in bow ties rule (love ya tucker!).


But there is some really good reading over there. There's a post with henry david thoreau quotes -- that are just excellent. She also talks about the brewing Abramoff scandal that shows it's NOT about campaign finance reform -- it's about scummy people.

There's lots more good stuff over there, so head on over and read a little, especially if you like politics -- you might find yourself a new daily read!

Oh, and if you're interested in adding your own ad here, to get that top box, you need a free BlogExplosion account...or you can buy a BlogAd (they're cheap!).

New Advertisers

Once again I would like to introduce a fine blog that has chosen to advertise here at Ogre's Politics and Views. This week it's

Mystickal Incense & More

What's that about?

It not only features occasional site news and product announcements, but a look into the personal life of the owner, Stephanie Davies. Stephanie hand-makes all of the incense, candles, bath & body products, and other items sold at Mystickal Incense. For this purpose, this is both a personal and business blog. Welcome!

It's very well-designed and easy-to-read with lots of good stuff to read about. And if you like scented soap, you can get over 70 different scented soaps there -- hand made! Neato!

And remember, if you want to rent that space (and get this nifty little plug), you'll have to have a free BlogExplosion account.

Next up, just below that is the BlogAds section. You can add one of these yourself if you like, just like Stop the ACLU did. It's really cheap inexpensive, and once again, you get some "above the fold" advertising and exposure.

Stop the ACLU is a nice place to go when you want some news about the ACLU and what they're doing wrong. And yes, if the ACLU is involved, it probably is wrong. Head on over and see what the latest is -- breaking stories often show up there before many other places in the news or on the web.

And if you're interested in adding your own blogAd, they are only $10 -- just head over there (link also at the bottom of the ad strip) and add your own ad.

New Advertiser

It's that time -- time to announce yet another blog author who has decided that Ogre's Politics and Views is a good place to advertise! This week it's The Flights of Icarus Goodman.

Icarus is blogging from Tampa, Fl (home of the 100+% tax on rental cars if you get them at the airport -- so I will NEVER visit that city again because of that) who is "an optimistic realist." To find out what he means by that, you're going to have to read his blog.

A recent post of his is a year-end top ten list -- only this one is a top ten list for the end of 2006! He's also got a nice post that supports my idea of abolishing government education -- complete with numbers and massive savings to EVERYONE.

So head on over and take a peek. The little box there over to the left will be up all week (with a link to his blog). And if you'd like to get in on the advertising here at Ogre's, you can use that spot, but you have to have a BlogExplosion account -- or you can just buy a BlogAd.

New Advertiser

Time to introduce another advertiser in that prime space on the left column. Once again, we have a repeat advertiser (must be some good space, huh?) in the form of

Haunted House Dressing

In case you missed this advertiser last time, go ahead and check that site out (the link in the box will stay there all week, so if you don't have time today, get there tomorrow). The site encourages you to "have some weird fun," and I think a large number of my readers would just at that chance...

That blog is also hosting a "Blogger Secret Santa" program that I just found out about. It looks pretty neat, I'm trying to think of a good non-llama gift that I might be able to give so I can join up. Info about the Blogger Secret Santa program is right there on the front page, on the left side.

He's also giving away a bunch of stuff for free -- head on over for details...

New Advertisers

Today I'd like to introduce two new advertisers that have shown their confidence in Ogre's Politics and Views and are advertising here in hopes of obtaining a few new readers.

Don't let them down -- take a quick look at these folks and see what they've got -- even if you've already seen their blogs, why not head back one more time and see if there's something new, different, or just something you missed last time.

First up, at the top of the left column, you'll find the "Rent My Blog" space occupied once again by Scooter McGavin's 9th Green. This is Scooter's second time renting space on this little blog, so that should tell you he either really likes the folks that visited from here or he's just plain nuts.

Besides, you sort of have to go visit there because his tag line says:

Your one-stop place for music, TV, sports, politics and anything else I deem worthy. So make sure you come back everyday or you'll pay, listen to what I say.

So if you don't visit, you'll pay. I haven't found yet exactly WHAT you'll pay, but we'll keep looking...

And remember, if you want to rent that space (and get this nifty little plug), you'll have to have a free BlogExplosion account.

Next up, just below that is the BlogAds section. You can add one of these yourself if you like, just like Stop the ACLU did. It's really cheap inexpensive, and once again, you get some "above the fold" advertising and exposure.

Stop the ACLU is a nice place to go when you want some news about the ACLU and what they're doing wrong. And yes, if the ACLU is involved, it probably is wrong. Head on over and see what the latest is -- breaking stories often show up there before many other places in the news or on the web.

And if you're interested in adding your own blogAd, they are only $10 -- just head over there (link also at the bottom of the ad strip) and add your own ad.

New Advertiser

I'd like all you good readers to welcome a new advertiser here at Ogre's View. The ad only runs for one week and it started over the Thanksgiving holiday, so let's try and make it worth their time by checking them out.

These ads appear in the upper left corner there in a little rectangle. However, these are not just massive marketing ads, they're just other everyday people who have blogs who are looking for some exposure. In each case, they have taken a look at this little blog and wanted to place an ad and appear on it.

This week it's Sanity's Bluff who's bought some space on this blog.

And look at that darn ad box! Yes, that IS a pig with wings! How can you resist going to read what that's all about? Go on, click away and see what stories and posts await you there!

Oh, and if you are interested in renting that space way up there at the top of the left column here, all you need is a Blog Explosion account (it's free!).

New Advertiser

Once again this week, Ogre's Politics and Views is proud to introduce a new sponsor to the site. Up in the left corner of the left column, you'll see a screen shot and a link to Scooter McGavin's 9th Green.

Scooter blogs from Ohio, and he blogs about "music, TV, sports, politics and anything else [he] deem[s] worthy." That ad will be up there for a week, so if you don't visit today, be sure and check that blog out later on in the week -- but it's only there for a week!

New Advertiser

If you take a peek over there at the top of the left column, you'll see a square with a screen capture of a blog. Click on it. No, go ahead, I'll wait...




Now how can you argue with that? He's a regular commenter here and posts pretty regularly over at his blog. Head on over and have a read!

And if you're interested in getting top billing here for your blog, you'll have to join Blog Explosion and then you, too, can rent Ogre's Blog!

Another Blog Traffic Exchange

If you're looking for another blog traffic exchange, here's one for you (free traffic if you surf using their site):