Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: I Surrender

I give up.

I've spent over 7 hours now in the past 4 days deleting spam. I'm done. Until I find another platform or another way to deal with spam, I'm simply done blogging here (or maybe I'll just post sans comments). It's not worth the time and trouble. When I find another way, I'll post here again. Until then, have fun!

Update: Thanks for all the kind emails of support. Please realize, I'm not completely giving up -- I'm just stopping until I find somewhere to blog where I'm not spending hours a day dealing with spam. It might be here, it might be somewhere else, but I'm not stopping. I just really don't want to change urls, if there's any other options.

Update #2: Hundreds more spam each day, even after manually closing and programatically closing posts. Gah. In the meantime, I'm playing over here.

Note: Due to spammers, comments are typically closed after 3 days, or, if a post is active, after some time of inactivity. Feel free to email Ogre if you want to comment on an older post.