Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Muslim Terrorists Win

So, if we lose this war on terror, what will happen? What will America look like if we lose? Seriously, I'm wondering.

Many people are supporting Rudy Guiliani for president because he was mayor of New York during the 9/11 attacks he is the one who can best lead and win in this war on terror. It has even been proposed that he is getting support JUST because he can win this war. It was suggested that evangelical Christian leaders are supporting him solely because they believe winning this war is more important than any other issue: including abortion, taxes, and same-sex marriage.

But what would happen if we "lost?"

Now even I have posted what the Muslim terrorists desire. They want to take over the world. They want everyone to bow down to their religion. They want their religion to be the law of the land, enforced with violence. And certainly, using our own government, they are making inroads in that direction. But what would happen if we didn't fight them now and instead embraced freedom?

Would they be able to force all America women to wear burkas? Not damn likely. I know a LOT of women who would just refuse. They'd take the head-chopping off. How many would they have to kill before all women submitted? I'm thinking pretty much ALL of them.

Would they be able to make it a capital crime to utter "Mohammed?" I suppose they could -- but if you think you've seen civil disobedience, you haven't seen anything yet. I, again, know lots of people who would just arm themselves and walk down main street crying out, "Mo stinks!" -- and just daring the police to arrest them. Again, how many would you have to kill before people would fall in line?

Maybe Islam would be enshrined as the nation's official religion. Well, even if that happened, so what? We already have a national religion (atheism) and most people just ignore it for the crap it is.

So what am I missing? With so many people and bloggers running around saying "I will not submit," what would "losing" this war actually look like? Maybe there's some other wars we should "lose" -- like the one on poverty and the one on drugs.

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