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My resident pet troll, who posts under all sorts of names for some reason (any strange name that you see over and over again is likely the troll -- usually some attempt at relating to the post, but sometimes not), is doing more whining. On a post about SCHIP, the troll (posting on that thread as John Daley) claims to be God of America.

This is a position that the left often takes. It's one thing to think that you know better than everyone else, but you have truly descended into the den of evil when you ask

How does the couple with $22,800 spendable income afford a private health insurance plan?

especially when your answer is "with government help."

He also keeps pestering me about how much I pay for insurance. You see, there's one answer to that question in a free country (which America is not):


The government of a free country should never ask or care about how much anything costs. The implication is that if something costs "too much," then government should make it cheaper. That's the story behind SCHIP -- people cannot "afford" insurance, so government should buy it for them.

Keep in mind: government can buy NOTHING without first taking from someone else.

Well gee, can people afford cell phones? Maybe they're "too expensive" so government should buy some of those. Oh, people don't "need" those? How about cars? Are they "too expensive?" If so, government better get to buying some for people. Oh, and we better get some more people like John Daley paying more attention so they can tell everyone else the EXACT price that things should cost. After all, how are we to determine how much is "too much" if we don't have someone who knows better to tell us? And hey, houses are kind of expensive, and everyone "needs" a house, too, right? Better get government to buy some more of those.

Hey, what about food? People absolutely really need food right? Well, how much, exactly, should a can of baked beans cost? Is 33 cents "too much?" I think John Daley needs to tell us. Should government show up and force everyone to only charge 31 cents? Should we fine people and throw them in jail for charging 37 cents for a can of beans? In John Daley's world, apparently we should.

But this is the world of liberals today. They honestly believe that they are gods in America. They believe they know exactly how much people should pay for everything because they're smarter than everyone else. And they hate freedom (even if they won't admit it). How much "should" health insurance cost? Whatever two people agree it should cost. If I can get someone to give it to me for 2 chickens a week, we should be able to trade. But in the fantasy-land that is liberalism, that's not "fair."

In a free country, people are free to come to an agreement about trading for goods and services. We are not free to do that in this country for many things -- health insurance is just one of them. I cannot buy the health insurance I want today -- not because of the "evil" companies, but because the government of North Carolina WILL NOT LET ME. They have made it illegal and will fine anyone who dares sell me the insurance I want.

Liberals like this idea. Liberals believe that "rights" extend to anything they deem people should have. And they don't care who they have to punish, jail, or enslave to get what they want. No, they won't use their money to buy things for people that they want them to have -- but they're more than willing to use the force of government to take from YOU so they can buy things THEY decide others "should" have. And that's just incredibly selfish and pure evil.

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