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Well it seems like everyone else is making endorsements, so I suppose I should make one as well.

I'm a registered Republican. I've been a Republican for as long as I can remember. I've run for election as a Republican. I helped get other Republicans elected. I'm even a life member of the Republican National Committee.

I like freedom more than any other aspect or issue in politics. I think abortion is murder. I'm pro-gun and vociferously pro-freedom. So what sort of candidate should I support?

Mitt Romney just got an endorsement from Moral Majority co-founder Paul Weyrich and conservative Bob Jones III. Romney supports same-sex marriage (sometimes). Romney supports government forcing people to buy health insurance. Romney's campaign is spending more money than they're taking in. Romney wants to increase the war in the Middle East and spend more money. Romney wants more immigrants in America (legal or illegal). Romney wants to spend more money on "education."

I'm not sure I agree with Mitt Romney on ANYTHING. And I'm not sure he supports freedom anywhere. But hey, if you like government and you like government getting bigger, more controlling, and spending more, it appears that Romney is your guy.

Rudy Giuliani just got an endorsement from Pat Robertson. Mr. Robertson loves Rudy because Rudy "is the best candidate to handle the War on Terror." Well, Rudy LOVES illegal immigrants, spending, abortion, and same-sex marriage. He hates guns. He wants to increase power and control of government. In fact, when asked to name a difference, ANY difference between his positions and those of Hillary Clinton in a recent debate, Rudy COULD NOT NAME ONE.

So hey, if you're a single-issue voter that thinks sending more troops to Iraq and Iran is the way to go, I would say that Rudy is your guy. But if you like freedom, you cannot possibly argue that Rudy supports freedom.

John McCain just got the endorsement of Sen. Sam Brownback, a former candidate for president. McCain wants a bigger, stronger military and wants to fight more terrorists in more places around the world. McCain despises freedom of speech. In fact, if McCain had his way, I would literally not even be able to post these words on the Internet. McCain wants government to control all insurance to ensure that everyone gets "fair" insurance. McCain thinks we should have no southern border at all and anyone who wants to get free stuff from the American government should be able to, even if they're not citizens.

If you're a big supporter of government regulation of speech, McCain is your man. Oh, and he's a war hero.

Johnny Thompson -- or whatever his name is. He was a Senator. And in a TV show. Yeah, that's about all he's got so far. So I guess if movie stars are your thing, Thompson's your guy.

Duncan Hunter is the first candidate to agree with me on immigration. He wants a damn fence. I'm with Hunter on abortion and a few other issues. I like a lot of what Hunter wants to do. In fact, there's not much I can actually disagree with Hunter on -- except he does think we should keep fighting in Iraq. He's got a few ideas that make federal government intrusive, but for the most part, he does support freedom and states rights.

Mike Huckabee is a destructive force. He's loved by some, but he really is a true big-government type. He might say the right things for some people, but he supports wacko ideas like a federal government ban on smoking everywhere. He wants enormous piles of new money to be spent on education. He wants to force people to be healthy, rather than "permit" them to be free to make bad choices. He is just outright dangerous to freedom, if you ask me.

Ron Paul, however, likes freedom. He has consistently voted for freedom for decades. He thinks that we've spent enough time and money in killing in Iraq and that we should just come home. I don't know if that idea will work, but I'm sure willing to give it a try. Paul is also anti-abortion. He's pro-gun. And he really, really supports freedom -- both socially and financially. He absolutely terrifies the establishment because he will get rid of those thousands of people who are becoming the richest in the country by living off government contracts. And Paul recently got the endorsement of over 38,000 citizens who all put up around $100 for him.

So, since my primary issue is freedom, I find that I simply will not be able to vote for Rudy, Mitt, Thompson, Huckabee, or McCain. That leaves me with a choice of Ron Paul or Duncan Hunter. Since I think Paul will do more to advance freedom, I'm going to throw my support (and my money) behind Ron Paul. I think he would be GREAT for freedom and WONDERFUL for this country. I think he would advance freedom and we'd have an economic boom the likes of which have never been seen (after the government employees actually find productive work).

But don't worry, hard-core big-government, pro-war Republicans -- I live in North Carolina and unlike some Democrats, I believe in playing by the rules -- so my vote won't make any difference as it will all be over long before our presidential primary (but I'm still sending campaign donations to Paul).

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