Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Charlotte Communism Continues

"Election" results in Charlotte continue the communist trend. Go ahead, claim we're free and Democratic, but you're just fooling yourself. Also note I said election "results" not the people voting. As usual in Mecklenburg, there were very late return from some precincts and various people are questioning the results. One very odd result is that over 48,000 people signed a petition to put the sales tax repeal on the ballot, but less than 35,000 votes appeared for the repeal.

So what are the real results of the election? Well, nothing. The transit tax increase passed, so the city will build a train. Well, they were going to build the train whether the tax increase passed or not. While the tax increase was claimed to be for the train, it raised $70 million last year -- most of which was spent on buses. Oh, and the train will cost over a billion dollars -- very little of which will be paid for with the tax. Say hello to property tax increases, anyway.

Results also showed the exact same politicians holding their seats. Three communists who believe the only government that is good is one that spends MORE "retained" their seats (as if there were ever any doubt).

Election results also handed the city and county another $600+ million in "bonds." Hello, property tax increase, again. But you see, you're too stupid to understand that only government knows how to spend money, so you should just shut up and let government tell you how much money you should have.

Again, seriously, this will continue communism in Charlotte. What is communism? It's a system of government where the few control all means of production and every aspect of people's lives. That's what Charlotte is doing. Charlotte, with their "transit plan," is deciding exactly which type of business will exist and where it will exist. You absolutely cannot for a business that disagrees with government. They also will determine exactly which type of housing will be built where. No, there are NO property rights in Charlotte. Instead, they will built soviet-style apartment buildings because THEY want them, not because people want them.

The other part of communism is the election process -- it is closely controlled by government, and if you're not a member of The Party (Republicrats), then you have no power. You get no government contracts. You cannot participate in public debate -- gee, just like Charlotte.

Another aspect of communism is the state threats of force. In order for the government to retain power in such a system, they have to effectively threaten the people. Know why a lot of people voted the way they did? "I was afraid they would raise my property tax if I voted against it [sales tax increase]."

And it will fail, just like communism fails everywhere else. Gee, I wonder what it would be like to live in a free state.

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