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Wow. I just happened upon a news report for a small town school board race. Voters had to pick one of the following candidates. Using their own words, translated from newspeak, here are your choices:

Candidate #1: Incumbent. Has been board member for 8 years. Was a teacher in the education system for 25 years. Goals: raise test scores, no matter whether kids actually learn anything. Use racist hiring practices to discriminate against people based on the color of their skin. Find more cash to spend on "education." Stop people from having the freedom to build houses on their own land.

Candidate #2: Incumbent. Board member for 10 years. Be nicer to teachers. Spend more taxpayer money on teachers. Spend more "corporate" money on teachers. Will make decisions for everyone else based on what he, personally, wants for his child, no matter what anyone else actually needs.

Candidate #3: College professor since 1982. Wants to shake down private companies and force them to "donate" land to schools. Wants to shake down private companies for "donations" for schools. Also wants to base hiring decisions on the color of someone's skin, rather than on their actual qualifications.

Candidate #4: Clerical assistant at the school. Wants to reduce class sizes even though it does absolutely nothing to increase learning. Wants to increase test scores, no matter the cost or actual learning. Wants to base more decisions on which kids go to school based on their skin color. Wants to "prevent" teachers from leaving the school.

Candidate #5: Former Assistant superintendent. Wants to spend more money on teachers. Wants to spend more on technology, no matter what people need. Wants to force corporations to "give" money to education. Wants to maximize spending opportunities.

Holy crap, what choices, eh? Remember -- the government education system, as can be very clearly seen here by school board candidates -- is about SPENDING MONEY. It has NOTHING to do with educating children, learning, or anything else. They just want more money so they can spend it.

Think I could win this one?

Candidate #6 (Ogre): Thinks the government-run monopoly on education is crap. Will vote against spending any more money for anything related to education. Will not discriminate based on skin color.

Yeah, me neither.

Oh, how I yearn for freedom.

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