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Wow. How is this not bigger news? Ron Paul, Republican candidate for president, just raised more money in one day than ANY OTHER REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE. He raised more than Rudy, Mitt, or Thompson. He raised more than Hunter, McCain, or Huckabee. And while the story is in a few news reports, it's really not showing up much.

Even more amazing is HOW he raised this money. He didn't have a big dinner in New York to gather lobbyists. He didn't charge $1000 a plate for corporate donations and soft money. He didn't invite Chinese businessmen to a downtown party. He didn't even wander to Hollywood and have a party. So what did Ron Paul do to raise all this money in one day? Absolutely nothing. And that's the real story there.

This money came from people. With over $3.8 million raised from 35,000 people, that's an average of just over $100 a person. A few people just got together and said, "Hey, let's all raise a pile of cash on one day." They told their friends. Eventually, around 35,000 people, completely on their own, without any help or organization from any campaign, just donated $3.8 million in 24 hours. That's just unreal.

No matter what you think about Ron Paul, this is really huge. NO other candidate can claim anything even close to these numbers with ZERO campaign coordination. You might think the Ron Paul Revolution is just a few college kids, but this event shows it's at least 35,000 people around the country who are willing to put their money where their mouth is (in just 24 hours). Ron Paul could win this thing.

Even more amazing, imagine if Paul won the Republican nomination. I think he'd cream any Democrat on the ticket. Think about it -- do you think many Republicans would cross over and vote for Hillary just because they think Paul's a nut? Sure, some might, but not huge numbers. And then Paul would pick up a lot of the Democrat vote because he'd get all the billions or so (according to the media) anti-war voters. I really think he'd win in a landslide.

Of course, he'd have to get past the Republican nomination, and there's a lot of Republicans vehemently opposed to him because of his position on the Iraq war (primarily). Also, those fat cats in Washington oppose him because he doesn't like giving away billions in taxpayer money to people, just because they want it. The establishment honestly hates him because he WILL upset the apple cart and stop billions flowing to private individuals and corporations.

So think about it -- if you like freedom, you should vote Paul. If you're anti-war, you should vote Paul. If you hate the rich and insider Washington deals, vote Paul. If you hate high taxes, vote Paul. If you support less government regulation, yes, vote Paul. If you are pro-gun, vote Paul. If you don't want government controlling insurance and want health care freedom, vote Paul. Heck, if you're anti-establishment, again, Paul is your man.

He's raised over $7 million from individuals with no soft money included since October 1st. That's more than just a few college kids who are supporting him. He could actually win this thing.

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