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Dear Immigration Activists:

I would like to invite each of you to view two screenings of the movie "Border" here in NC that our organization ALIPAC is bringing to the state. We need as many lawmakers, citizen activists, and members of the media to attend as possible.

Many of you may have heard about this movie on CNN, Fox, and CBS or in the New York Times.

This film will be of interest to people that favor enforcement and those that favor amnesty.

The two showing are also being supported by Bill Lumaye of WPTF radio's Bill Lumaye Show and by Jeff Katz of WBT Radio in Charlotte, NC.

You can view a trailer for the film and order advance tickets online at

I will be speaking briefly at these showings and the film's creator, Chris Burgard, is coming to NC on his national tour with the film and will be glad to answer questions after each showing.

These show times are for 6:30pm EST, but an 8:30 showing will be added if the first sells out. That is why advance tickets are important.

This movie shows you what is really happening at the border in graphic detail. This movie shows you what North Carolina will be dealing with soon. People are planning to come from across the state and from SC and VA to see this film here with us.

Hope to see you there.

William Gheen
Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

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