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This story is for those people who think the people of North Carolina have any freedom at all. It's just beyond comprehension to someone who wants a country that is based on freedom. Apparently, at least in North Carolina, if someone milks a cow, you're not allow to buy that milk from them. Yes, the North Carolina government actually had discussions about your right to buy milk from someone. Wow.

But to show even more insanity, did you know there are "Raw milk activists?" Holy crap. I just seriously cannot imagine what planet these Democrats live on. They actually believe it is dangerous and that it's their job to STOP people from buying milk from a cow. I'm speechless. Just holy crap.

Even worse, there's actually an underground economy for milk! Seriously, if you want to buy raw milk, you have to act like a drug dealer and make secret deals in the night! How incredibly insane is this?

Un-freakin-believable. I wonder how soon before they make it illegal to even DRINK milk in North Carolina. Go ahead, try and convince me you have any freedom in this state. Give it a shot.

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