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A school board in Montana says:

Allowing him to finish school online could have opened the door to allowing other students to take a high number of courses online, reducing the need and benefits of a regular school setting, the board decided.

In other words, their STATED purpose is to put students in a "regular" school setting. They honestly have no interest in education. They don't care about high school diplomas. They honestly do not care if someone learns anything. Instead, their ONLY purpose, according to the school board itself, is to put students in a "regular school setting."

If someone were interested in education and learning, they would have said something along the lines of, "Gee, we'd like this fellow to get an education, and we're willing to work with him and his family to ensure that he gets one." But no, instead they said they ONLY wanted students. They want warm bodies in seats because that's where they get more cash. Nothing else matters to the public school system in America. Seriously.

If your child is in a public school in America, keep in mind those who are "Educating" them are only interested in them as a body to get them cash. The system seriously does not care if they learn one single thing.

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