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Great news! The North Carolina Biotechnology Center is expanding! Hooray. So what is this center? It's called "a private, non-profit corporation." Of course in today's newspeak, what that really means is that it's a government front group. Seriously.

Here's how it works: the Democrats in the North Carolina Legislature create a "corporation." They register it as "non-profit." They make it "private." Then they appoint their friends (or even themselves) on the board that runs the corporation. Since it's "private," no one is allowed to see the records of the "corporation." Then they pass laws providing the funding for the "private non-profit corporation." And yes, they often draw personal salaries from these "corporations."

So in North Carolina, when you see "private, non-profit corporation" what that really means is "a company that the Democrats in the Legislature use to launder taxpayer cash to their personal pocketbooks." And again, since they're private, no one is allowed to see their records. And since they're "non-profit," they can just exist to pay out cash to their board of directors.

If I did anything like that, I'd be arrested. But this is the Democrat Legislature of North Carolina, and they answer to no one. Just keep paying your taxes, these legislators just need more money to spend on themselves.

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