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So, did you know that you have a "civil right" to force other people to speak any language you want? No, really. If you speak to someone in a language, any language at all, and they do not speak to you in that very same language, they are violating your civil rights. At least that's what immigrant advocacy groups are claiming in New York.

Among the list of slimy, scummy, bastards who are claiming this (not in small part to get free cash, of course) are:
Nisha Agarwal, a bottom-feeder lawyer.
Andrew Friedman, an executive director of "Make the Road New York (crappier)".
New York Lawyers for the Public Interest (that's "public" as in "not you").
New York Immigration Coalition (lawyers opposed to laws).

Oh, and by the way? These pharmacies already produce labels in 14 or more languages and have interpreters who speak 150 languages. But according the the slimy bastards (lawyers) that's just not good enough.

Two poster children whined that they were scared because they couldn't read the labels on medicine. Learn English you miserable S.O.B! If you can't speak English in America, I do feel sorry for you. But when you claim that everyone else in the country should adapt to YOU and spend hundreds of billions because YOU don't want to learn the language of the country, it's YOU that are the problem. YOU are the miserable, selfish bastard, not anyone else.

And any judge that lets complete BS lawsuits like this continue based on "civil rights" deserves to be disbarred and fired on the spot. I'm not holding my breath, because to do that would require some sort of freedom -- like the freedom to speak any language I want. Apparently I no longer have that freedom in America, either.

(H/T to Raven).

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