Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: American Legion vs. Government

I like the American Legion. I suppose that's why I'm a member. And when they do things like this, it just makes me glad I'm a member (even if not a member of that post, nor even any California post).

You see, there's something called "tradition." This country was, whether you like it or not, founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs. And these beliefs include a sense a right and wrong. Now I realize that there are a lot of people (especially in California) that simply do not believe in right and wrong. There are a lot of people that believe there is no absolute truth. Well, they're wrong.

In fact, it was George Washington that said a nation cannot survive without morals and religious principles. If you completely remove all things that are associated with Christianity from the country, you will end up with a lawless land full of evil and destruction. Literally, survival of the fittest will rule -- and I will be able to kill anyone that I want because it wouldn't be wrong.

There's nothing wrong with reciting "In the eyes of a Christian citizen, represents an emblem of eternity and glorifies, in their eyes, God the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost." Did you get that? It doesn't say anything about the person being buried, JUST in the eyes of a Christian citizen. There's NOTHING there that any sane person could possibly consider government endorsement of any religion.

So American Legion, keep up the good work -- the only way today to retain values, morals, and traditions is going to be to ignore the government no matter the cost.

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