Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Scared Criminals = Bad?

Did you know that, according to the LA Times, that criminals scared of breaking the law is bad? Apparently, again, according to the LA Times, criminals should not be scared to break the law. I guess the Times would prefer that criminals and law enforcement just be peaceful. Perhaps in their world, crimes would go like this:

Criminal: Hi, I'm here to rape, rob, and murder you.
Victim: Oh great. I just need to finish up mailing this letter, then I'll be right with you.
Criminal: That's fine, I can wait a couple minutes.
Victim: Okay, I'm done, you can go right ahead with your crime.
Criminal: Thanks for cooperating.

* Criminal the proceeds to rape, rob, and murder the victim. As the criminal finishes, the police show up *

Policeman: Hey, you there, are you committing a crime?
Criminal: (zipping up pants) Who, me? No, not at all. I just found this person here.
Policeman: Really? Are you sure? It sort of looks like you just killed that person. After all, you've got blood all over you, and that's her purse in your hand.
Criminal: Okay, you got me. I'm sorry. I'm the one who did this. I killed her.
Policeman: That's better. I'm glad that you admitted it. Now how do you feel about your crime?
Criminal: I feel really bad, sortof. I just don't know.
Policeman: Well let's sit down and talk about it, m'kay?

Hey LA Times, perhaps you're not aware of it, but there's bad people in the world. There's people who break the law. And there's people, who if they're not stopped, will continue to break the law and do violent and bad things to other people. I'm sorry that the LA Times cannot understand something so simple.

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