Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: The Golden Compass

In case you hadn't heard, The Golden Compass is a movie that will be released in November. It's a "kids" movie. It's purpose is to actively tear down children and religion. It is designed to drag your children away from any semblance of religion and dash any hope they have in their life. It used to be that movies lifted people up. This one is designed to bring you down.

Oh sure, they claim that's not true, but again, the story is about a girl on a quest to kill God. And the author open says that he hates God.

So atheists, celebrate and rejoice. Go and see this movie that was written by some who writes about killing God. But be warned, it is designed to destroy hope in your children. It's designed to make kids think that life is worthless. So of course, the critics love it. How sad.

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