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The folks at Jessica's Law Now NC sent along this little tidbit that I thought I'd spread around:

This person works in the General Assembly and cannot reveal his name, but he is a big supporter of Jessica's law. Here are this comments: This is important. The thing will never get to the floor or out of committee unless you can get Rand and Basnight on your side. Make it worth their while. Pressure the heck out of them. (This comment is all OFF THE RECORD).

This is how things REALLY WORK in the Senate. It's not above board, like in the House. That's why this bill keeps passing the house but never gets thru the Senate.

You might want to mention that Senator Berger is the Senate Republican Leader, Senator Brown and Senator Tillman are also supporters. This bill has very little chance of being heard unless you can convince Senator Rand to hear it.

Having explored, in detail, in person, the depths of depravity and stinking cesspool that is the Democrat-Ruled General Assembly, I can assure you, good reader, that this is absolutely true. The General Assembly, especially the Senate (which has been controlled with an iron fist by Democrats for over 100 years) is run by a small group of people. It is NOT a democracy, it's ruler ship by the anointed few there.

Basnight is king of the Senate. What he says goes, period. It is nearly impossible to overrule him. Indeed, he has more power than the governor, because the governor is term-limited, while he has been there TWENTY-FOUR YEARS. Indeed, if you want something in the state of North Carolina, talk to the king. If he's on your side, no one can stop you. Of course, if he's not on your side, there's no chance that your issue will ever see the light of day.

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