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Hey, guess what? Lazy government employees are complaining they're not getting more free stuff than people who work and produce things. I'm shocked, I tell you. This time it's government academic employees who are whining about insurance. Are you ready for what they think they "deserve" for "working" for government?

civil servants hired in North Carolina after Oct. 1 will have to work 20 years before qualifying for 100 percent state-paid medical coverage. The length of time was previously a wait period of only five years.

Wow. How many of you who DON'T work for government EVER get 100% free medical coverage? And I don't mean the coverage where the company PAYS for your coverage for you, I mean you don't pay a dime and neither does the company.

Oh, and how many of you get health coverage FOR LIFE like government employees do? You didn't know that? Yes, government employees in North Carolina get free health care for their entire life, even once they stop working for the state, once they've met the requirements.

Government "has to compete" claim those who support free crap for unproductive government employees. My answer to that is that government SHOULD NOT compete. If there's something that government is doing that private industry will do, government shouldn't be doing it. Government should NEVER compete, because they always win (because they have unlimited cash).

Here's a novel idea: how about letting people be free? How about getting the government out of ALL insurance company and health regulations? How about letting people buy whatever insurance THEY WANT instead of forcing them to buy crap they don't need? And don't blame the costs on the insurance companies -- the costs are high because government FORCES people to buy crap they don't want.

For example, I'd like to buy catostropic coverage. This would insure me only in case of serious injury. I don't want doctor visits covered. I don't want insurance against AIDS. I don't want a chiropractor visit covered. I don't want insurance for alternative medicine. I don't want to buy insurance for mental heath coverage and alcohol rehab inpatient services. But know what? I am FORCED by government to buy all that stuff. I simply don't have the option NOT to pay piles of money for all these things I don't want -- because government requires it.

Government should do less, not more -- and we would be a more free, and a more healthy country.

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