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The open campaign to remove God from America continues. This time it's happening at The Washington Monument. We simply cannot, and will not, have any references to God Almighty in the country. It cannot be permitted. Why? Because in order to fully implement socialism, there can be NO higher power than government.

As usual, the government employees fall back on "I'm just doing my job."

I wish there were somewhere I could go that was interested in freedom. I wish there was somewhere I could go where I could worship whatever God I wanted without fear of history being changed against God. I wish there were a country that allowed full freedom of religion. Unfortunately, there's no such place today.

Sure, you can worship on your Sunday mornings (if the government gives you permission to do that in a certain place). And you can have your private thoughts about religion (for now). But any public expression of religion, if it's related to Christianity, simply will not be tolerated. If there is a historical event related to God, it will be censored. I wonder how soon it will be before all references to any higher power will be removed from the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution?

But at least we're not in fear of immediate retribution from God. While Soddom was destroyed because not one believer could be found, America still has a few left who honor and worship God. Those people may soon be in jail, as they have been in Canada and other countries, but for now America isn't jailing you for saying, "Jesus." Well, as long as you do it in the right place.

Oh, how I yearn for truth and freedom.

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