Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Social Services is Limited?

I honestly cannot believe this story. It claims that a judge actually ruled that social services employees actually have to obey the law. Well, he didn't actually rule that, instead he allowed a lawsuit to go forward that is against social services. I expect the lawsuit to fail.

In this case, social services did what social services does -- they used force of government to break various laws because "It's For The Children." They used an anonymous tip to clearly and openly violate Constitutionally protected rights. They used threats of unstoppable, unquestionable government force to bully people into doing what they wanted to. They threatened violence against people who had committed no crime -- backed up by FOUR men with guns.

Basically, social services showed up at someone's house. The people had committed no crime. NO ONE had any evidence or suspicion that anyone had committed a crime. Even after openly breaking the law, the government STILL found no evidence that any sort of crime had ever been committed by the people. But none of that matters. Social Services wanted in that house, and they were going in, or they were going to kill someone (literally).

They brought a pile of armed government thugs with them (sheriffs). They continued to threaten violence against the homeowners unless the homeowners let them in to search their premises for, well, any damn thing they wanted -- they are social services, and they have guns. These government goons said that they were going to inspect the house -- and if the people refused, these thugs were going to arrest them, use violence against them AND take their children away from them by force.

Now if I were to do that to someone, I'd go to jail for a VERY long time. But these were government goons, so they're literally allowed to do anything they want because no one can stop them.

So far, the lawsuit has been allowed to proceed -- only after the government actually filed a motion claiming that since they're government, they're literally above the law! Yes, government actually filed a motion in court that says they don't have to obey the law because they're government employees. That's the position of social services departments around the world. But the lawsuit has not been won yet, it's just proceeding. I honestly hope these people do win the lawsuit to show at least a few government employees that they do have to obey the law.

In the meantime, I strongly suggest that if you have children that you have a plan to escape. I suggest a small pile of cash, a bag with clothes and supplies, and a plan of a place to head OUT OF STATE in case social services ever shows up at your doorstep. This is, in my opinion, the most evil of the government services: social services. They are not bound by any laws and they will take your children and THEN let you try and prove your innocence. Your current best defense is to flee, hide the children, and then fight them.

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