Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Blame for Fires

Well, I'm glad we've finally figured out the solution to all the fires in California. You see, while Barbara Boxer blames Bush, it appears that she was wrong all along. Instead, according to liberal, unelected bureaucrats (who are never, ever, ever, wrong), it was just lack of money. All we have to do is give up MORE money that we earn, and there will be no fires in California. Isn't that great news?

Therefore, all you liberals must immediately agree to send 80% of your earnings to California. It's for the "public good" and will "benefit everyone." And if you do, according to the bureaucrats, there will be no fires (or at least none that cause any damage). Isn't utopia wonderful?

Oh, and if, after you send them 80% of what you earn there are still fires, it only shows that you didn't give them enough money or the wrong people were in charge. A "new plan" will fix that (with a few more dollars, of course).

Liberals (Democrats/Socialists/etc) -- is there anything they can't do (with your money)?

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