Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: More Victims of Homosexuals

Hey look, more children have been sacrificed by the homosexual lobby. These people do not care who gets hurt or damaged as they reach towards their goal of absolute and total approval of their lifestyle. Any hint of criticism of any homosexual act will be met with destruction.

In this case, an untold number of children who need help, who need foster homes, will now not be allowed a kind, loving home. Some unknown number of children will instead live without a family because of the homosexual agenda. And it's not because someone decided they wanted to say homosexuals were wrong. They didn't even want to say that homosexuals were bad. What did this couple do that was SO EVIL that they're now unfit to be foster parents?

They refused to teach their children that homosexuality was normal, acceptable, and they approved of it. That's the situation in England now. If you do not ACTIVELY PROMOTE and open approve of men putting their **** in another man's ****, then you are an unfit parent.

I only wonder how long it will be before people are jailed simply for NOT speaking "Gay is great."

This is not about acceptance or approval. In case you missed it, these people, and dozens of children, are being punished because they refused to stand up and tell 11-year old children that homosexuality is good. They didn't even have the option to teach nothing -- they are not permitted to remain silent. They HAD to explain to 11 year old children that putting your **** in another man's **** was a good thing.

Wow. What a completely and totally screwed up country. But don't worry, I'm sure we're close to that here in America. Anyone want to start a country with me where people have freedom to have religious beliefs and rights to say whatever they believe?

(H/T to Raven).

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