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Well, it's coming back again. Folks, we ARE going to have socialized medicine. It doesn't matter that it doesn't work. It doesn't matter that it will hurt and kill people, just like socialism does every single place on the planet it's ever been tried. You see, socialism works for two reasons: because it's for the "greater good" (even if it kills some people, others will be better off) and because, at least in America, there's many good people.

You see, there's a lot of people in America still left that just won't give up. There's a lot of people who still see the value in hard work, so they're going to work hard, no matter what. There's people who, even if the income tax rises to 75%, are still going to work hard. Of course, that number continues to shrink as more people find out that if they don't work, government will provide, well, everything for them.

But there's still that mass of people who just ignore government, ignore politics, and continue working. There's the mass that doesn't realize that 20-50% of their earnings are being taken from them -- they just don't care because they're going to work hard. As long as there is this mass, socialism and socialist medicine will continue to expand, and will continue to work in America.

Of course, once more students from public schools graduate -- who have not been taught that hard work is good -- and more people retire and simply give up -- it will be harder to sustain the socialist system. The next generation is in serious trouble -- but no one cares about them. And after all, socialized medicine will "help" some people.

So socialism continues. Socialist medicine (SCHIP) will be implemented. And good people will continue to work hard -- at least as long as they can. And freedom will continue to decline until it just simply doesn't exist -- but you won't know, because you'll be working too hard.

Raven has more gory details.

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