Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Fred on Immigration

Well, it seems that Fred Thompson has released his immigration plans. They sound good. Then again, most of the people running for president right now are saying all sorts of things they don't really mean, support, or have ever done before. I don't know enough yet about Thompson to support him. Of course, I don't know enough about him yet to oppose him, either.

Then again, if immigration is your single issue, Tom Tancredo is the only way to go. Seriously. No one can beat Tom on immigration. Duncan Hunter is right there with Tancredo. Ron Paul's got great long-term solutions to immigration. Rudy McRomney all support amnesty and no international borders at all. Take your pick.

ABC News (D) has up a quiz to "help" you decide your candidate. It's pretty bad. Admittedly, you can only have so many options in a multiple choice test, but still, the questions are VERY slanted. For example, one says, "What is the best way the federal government can get more people covered by health insurance?" There's no answer for "The federal government should shut up and get out of all associations with health insurance, including any and all regulation of insurance at all."

I still ended up with Ron Paul #1, Tom Tancredo #2, and Duncan Hunter #3. Well, those are the three I certainly support the most at this time (even if I did disagree with them on this quiz a whole bunch).

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