Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Turkey to Iraq

And no, I'm not talking about the Turkeys in the US Congress who wanted to instigate members of the country Turkey. I'm talking about Turks who are headed to Iraq.

Can someone explain the US reaction here? I try to keep up with world affairs. I try and keep informed about what's going on (because I know it might affect me, even if it shouldn't). But I don't understand what the US is so upset about. I think they should be happy and excited!

Turkey is being attacked by terrorists from Iraq. Turkey wants to go into Iraq and kill the terrorists. How is this any different from what the US did? Why would the US want to stop them, other than just to be the only world's policeman? Turkey has soldiers that have been kidnapped by people in Iraq. I think Turkey should go get them back, post haste, no matter what the US says.

Update: Now Turkey says:

"Cease-fires is possible between states and regular forces," Babacan said. "The problem here is that we're dealing with a terrorist organization."

The PKK has called on Turkey not to attack Iraq, claiming that a unilateral rebel cease-fire declared in June was still in place although it did not halt fighting.

Hey, anyone want this guy to help our country out? He's really calling it like it is. The terrorists are actually claiming they have already stopped attacking -- despite just killing some Turkish forces! They're terrorists -- go get 'em, Babacan. Go get your soldiers back!

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