Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Christian = You're Fired

In most businesses, if you lie, you get fired. They expect you to tell the truth. But in government, if you tell the truth, or even have someone visit who's telling the truth (even when you counter-balance that by inviting someone who lies), you get fired. Well, that is if the ACLU and CAIR dislike the truth.

At issue in Raleigh is Robert Escamilla, who dared to invite a Christian in school to talk about the Bible IN BIBLE HISTORY CLASS. He will be on Hannity and Colmes tonight at 9pm. He's got a web page up listing a chronology of events -- facts. And the school board, by releasing confidential personnel records, has boosted his case -- that's he's basically been fired for disagreeing with Islam.

This is blatant and open religious discrimination. The man has simply been fired because he disagrees with Islam. It's not even because he's a Christian, but because someone WHO DID NOT HEAR his guest was "offended" and called the ACLU and CAIR. And everyone knows that government only supports those two religions (atheism and Islam) -- if you disagree with those religions, you cannot work for government, plain and simple.

According to the government, Mr. Escamilla was a near-perfect teacher for EIGHTEEN years. But suddenly, in the period of one week, he went from near-perfect to being "unfit" to teach in public schools. What's the difference? He invited a Christian to speak at the school. Keep in mind -- he also invited TWO Muslims to speak to the same students as well. Yes, if you now even TALK to Christians, you're "unfit" to be in a public school.

I keep telling you that public schools are the cesspool and garbage pits of America today. KEEP YOUR CHILDREN AWAY. Unless you're atheist or Muslim, the public school system honestly hates you.

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