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Well, at least they're being honest. A new government bureaucratic legislative panel has been formed to "increase high school graduation rates" in North Carolina. But hey, they'll be spending $7 million to "encourage" successful initiatives.

Please note what the "panel" is not concerned with: education. They honestly do not care about education or learning. The public schools are NOT interested in how much anyone learns, seriously. Once again, some within the system (the teachers) may be concerned with that, but the public school system DOES NOT CARE.

If you want to know why the education system exists today, please read this book. Again, it's long and detailed, but it's scarily honest:

In 1840, the literacy rate in America was between 93 and ONE HUNDRED percent.
By 1940 the literacy rate for whites was 96%, for blacks, 80%.

Six decades later, at the end of the twentieth century, the National Adult Literacy Survey and the National Assessment of Educational Progress say 40 percent of blacks and 17 percent of whites canít read at all. Put another way, black illiteracy doubled, white illiteracy quadrupled. Before you think of anything else in regard to these numbers, think of this: we spend three to four times as much real money on schooling as we did sixty years ago, but sixty years ago virtually everyone, black or white, could read.

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