Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Henderson County NEEDS cash

So says their board of county commissioners and school board. And predictably, the very first thing they use to support the tax increase is "For The Children:"

Our schools depend on it.


These people are incompetent. They're irresponsible with money. They have no fiscal common sense. And they're not above using and saying ANYTHING to get more cash to spend. For example, they're complaining it's the end of the world because they NEED $31 million to build two schools. And they've NEEDED this money for ELEVEN YEARS! Yes, the entire school system will fail if they don't get a dump truck load of cash ELEVEN YEARS AGO. And we're supposed to take them seriously.

And they lie about the purpose and who will be affected by the "land transfer tax." They claim that it will "spread that burden to those who are creating the growth in our county." That's simply a lie. Know who has to pay that tax, primarily? Anyone who wants to LEAVE the "community." ANYONE who sells their house, no matter if they make a profit, will pay the tax. That's not "those who are creating growth," it's the people who don't want to live there any more.

Of course, they'll also use threats to get their money:

These projects must be funded, so if this referendum fails, the property taxes will have to be increased.

In other words,
We're government and you're not. We DEMAND that you give us a whole pile of cash because we want to spend it. You have no say in the matter, we're going to spend the money. However, if you vote for this new tax, we will claim that you wanted to give us the money to spend. And if you vote down this new tax, we'll just take the money anyway and spend it.

You're not government and we are. You're too stupid to know how to spend money you work for and earn (and we're incapable of actually earning money or creating ANYTHING), so we, the anointed, will spend the money you earn for you. Now shut up and give us this money or we will tax you even more.

What bastards. I wonder what it would be like to live in a country where the government was run by the people and for the people instead of by the bureaucrats FOR the bureaucrats.

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