Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Philadelphia Continues Intolerance

The city of Philadelphia says "Allow man-boy anal sex or get out of our city." I don't know about you, but I'm thinking I'd choose to run from that city very quickly. But the Boy Scouts there are still fighting.

You see, the Boy Scouts in Philadelphia is an organization that serves over 64,000 children. It teaches these children, many without lots of parental support, how to be good citizens. It teaches them how to create things with their hands. It teaches the children how to learn and gives them experiences that they might never have in their life without the Scouts. The Scouts give inner city kids chances to camp in the outdoors, go fishing, identify tree, and learn about ropes and knots.

But the city council of the City of Philadelphia says that's not enough. The city says that this organization MUST allow men who like sex with boys to go camping with children unsupervised. The city demands that this organization put men who might want to have anal sex with these children in a position of authority over those children. The city does not mention if they are planning to force the Girl Scouts to allow men in unsupervised positions of authority over young girls on camping trips.

What a complete and total cesspool the city of Philadelphia has become. It IS Sodom all over again. The city openly hates Boy Scouts. They openly despite and jail Christians. What a disgusting place. And they continue all their hatred while claiming to be "tolerant."

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