Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Fred Smith for Governor?

Fred Smith, Republican candidate for governor, recently held a BBQ fundraiser. Now if you want Ogre to show up somewhere, food is a sure way to get him there. And BBQ will do it nearly every time. His campaign sent me a nice invitation, and I was getting excited about going to the rally (and eating BBQ) and meeting Mr. Smith, asking him questions, and perhaps taking some pictures to post here.

Then I read the date and time on the invitation. It was Wednesday, October 17, from 6:30-8:30 in Statesville. Then I looked at the clock/calendar on the computer. It was Wednesday, October 17, 7:45 pm. Oops. I had just received the invitation in the mail that day. Mr. Smith, you need to talk to your campaign people, because I bet I'm not the only one who missed the rally because of not getting the invitation!

Well, he also sent a copy of his book, "A Little Extra Effort." I'll take a read and post some updates and quotes from the book over the next week or so as I learn more about this fellow who wants my vote.

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