Site Meter Ogre's Politics & Views: Giuliani vs Hillary

This post is for those who support Giuliani because "he can beat Hillary."

I've heard, many times, the argument of selecting someone because they can win the election, even if they're the best candidate. I've heard it a lot in the Republican primary, and it really is one of the #1 reasons I've heard people give for supporting Giuliani. However, take a look at this poll.

It shows that the Giuliani CANNOT beat Hillary. All other issues and discussions aside, this poll (I know, it's a poll) clearly shows that Giuliani will not beat Hillary. I know the election is a long ways away. I know there's lots of other factors. But based on this poll (and other anecdotal evidence), the argument that Giuliani can beat Hillary is no longer valid.

Giuliani CANNOT beat Hillary. Numerous groups have mentioned that they will support and run a 3rd-party candidate should Giuliani win the Republican nomination. This situation is very real. Again, to those who support Giuliani just because he can "win," please note these results. He cannot win. I know I won't vote for him if he's the only name on the ballot. And there's clearly a lot of others like me.

Know what would be a true dream ticket for me? And would have a VERY strong chance of beating Hillary? Ron Paul and Alan Keyes. Holy crap. Both strong on the Constitution and freedom and Keyes with very strong foreign policy experience. Wow.

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