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Those who read here regularly (thank you!) know my position on public schools (aka government monopoly schools). They stink. I mean, they really, really stink. They're garbage. I know, YOUR schools is okay, the rest are bad. No, I'm sorry, but YOUR public school is crap, too. If you want a very long read about the actual history of schools, check this one out. It's LONG, but it's accurate.

I know some of you are school teachers, or know school teachers, and you're quite sure that they are doing all they can. Well, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig. "Our problem in understanding forced schooling stems from an inconvenient fact: that the wrong it does from a human perspective is right from a systems perspective." In other words, schools are about the SYSTEM, not people -- and therefore it destroys people.

Here's a couple recent news stories that help illustrate how bad public schools have gotten (they're NOT the school you went to years ago):

In California, two-parent families are banned. Seriously. Any person who is sending their child to ANY public school in California is doing a great disservice to that child. And yes, it's EVERY school there now. It's not about "protecting" gays, it's about openly discriminating against heterosexuals and two-parent families. Your children WILL be taught that they might be a different sex, despite what they know. Your children there will share bathrooms and locker rooms, regardless of their gender. And using the words "Mom" and "Dad" is basis for a lawsuit. California is lost.

Keep in mind: it's about the SYSTEM, not people.

And since it's about keeping kids in the system (so the system gets cash from other government agencies), if you DARE to take your child out once they're in the system, your children may be taken from you! I expect to see much more of this in California if people start running from the discriminatory system. I strongly suggest that anyone with children have a "bug out bag" with cash and clothes to flee, should social services EVER show up at your door. These are no longer conspiracy theories, they're happening right now.

In addition, another trend in public schools is the forced medication of your children, without parental permission or knowledge. After all, 11-year olds needs to have sex, right? That's what some schools are claiming.

Oh, and are you ready for the views of those who voted to encourage your 11-year old to have sex?

If my daughter were not able to talk with me about something, if she couldn't reach me for whatever reason, to keep her safe and healthy, I would want to make sure she had access to those resources from trusted adults.

Richard Verrier

Let me interpret what that actually means:

"If I suck so bad as a parent that my child won't talk to me about something as important as sex, I think she should talk to some strange adult who will encourage her to have sex. I'm glad that these strangers, who are government employees, and therefore completely trustworthy, but who might be pedophiles, will encourage my daughter to have sex often, perhaps even with them."

And much, much worse is what's also implied by this statement:

"In addition, not only do I trust complete stranger adults encouraging MY child to have promiscuous sex at age 11, I DEMAND that every other adult in the state of Maine equally trust random, unknown adults to encourage every one of their children to have open sex at age 11, too." Mr. Verrier, you are an evil, horrible person. I don't want ANY 11-year olds having sex, and you are horrible to demand that I allow ALL 11-year old girls to have rampant sex.

At the same time, religion will NOT BE permitted in these horrible institutions called "public schools." You see, if you're a government employee, you're simply not permitted to have ANY religion other than the ACLU and government-approved religion of atheism.

When you subject your child to a government school, you ARE giving up nearly ALL rights to that child. That's not exaggeration. Various courts have ruled that the school is allowed to act as a parent -- and ANY decision the school makes cannot be overridden by any parent.

Public schools are beyond repair. They are beyond hope. I implore you, if you care about your child, you will not let them into such evil places. Again, it's about the SYSTEM, not about your child, education, or ANYTHING else.

Update: The government has "backed down" in attacking the homeschooling parents -- but left them with VERY ominous warnings: "We will be watching you." Anita Nicoli, I suggest you pack up and RUN from that state RIGHT NOW. Social services will not surrender so easily. I suggest you head to New Hampshire as quickly as you can (and so should anyone else looking for freedom).

Van Helsing puts a face on this nightmare.

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