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There are a number of web sites that chronicle abuse by the police. And sure, there's always the "bad apples." But it seems to me that there's more and more reports like this one -- where police abuse and brutality is met with "the department supports the actions of the policeman" and "no charges have been filed."

In the first case, I have to say -- the policeman is lucky to be alive. There are a lot of people I know that would have shot him. Imagine what you would do, men, if at night you walked into a hallway and found an unidentified man on top of your wife, pinning her to the ground, with two of his unidentified pals standing in the doorway. I'm afraid to say that the two in the doorway may have been shot first. And I'd bet that if that happened, the man would be portrayed as a cop killer instead of a home defender.

On a forum I read, someone who read this story posted, "Wait, they can't do that." And the response, sad as it is, was, "In fact, yes they can. And there is no one to stop them." I lose more faith in this country and freedom with each passing day.

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