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More greedy, selfish, miserable bums are out for free cash. This time it's the victims of the VA Tech shooting spree. And they want your money. Yes, YOU reading this. They've now filed an intent to file a lawsuit. No, they haven't filed it yet, but they're either going to get a "settlement" or they will file it.

Once again, this is about nothing but piles of free cash. That's it, absolutely nothing more. Anything else you read about these lawsuits is just lies. There's NOTHING to be gained by the people filing these lawsuits other than piles of cash -- preferably (to them) large piles.

Oh, they might claim they want to "punish those responsible." Yes, they know the evil person who did this is dead. And they might even believe that they can "punish" the government. But that's total crap, too.

You see, in a lawsuit against a person, you can punish them financially. Against a corporation, that only works a little bit, because the corporation just raises their prices to offset the loss. However, against government, it has absolutely ZERO effect. You see, members of government DO NOT CARE how much money they pay out! If they have to pay out $1 million in lawsuits, they'll just get another million from the taxpayers! They're NOT CAPABLE OF BEING FINANCIALLY PUNISHED.

But hey, these miserable, selfish, greedy people are so shallow and self-centered that if you give them enough money, they'll just forget about their loved ones who were shot that day. They'll just claim it's "punishment" so people won't call them greedy bastards.

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